The Interview

#1.) He's pretty evil, amirite?

A) :3

#2.)If you had to replace one of his powers with something else, what would it be and why?

A)Ehhh, blood manipulation? His main goal is to continue on living longer by stealing people's "time," but I feel he could get away with gaining strength from blood (that's what one of my other characters does, at least).

#3.)Does he regret killing his family?

A) There's a bit of remorse for killing his wife (though it "needed to be done" if he didn't want to get caught), but not his son. On the other hand, he got to use his new abilities for the first time.

#4.)On a scale of circle to decagon, how edgy is Clockwork?

A)I'd say a solid hexagon.

#5.)How many times has he died and what his most gruesome death?

A)At least over...a couple thousand times? The worst has probably come from a different one of my characters, Flynn. The fight was pretty one sided.

#6.)Where did you come up with the idea for Clockwork?

A)Clockwork actually comes from a compilation of various ideas, just like a good majority of my newer characters. If any new, noteworthy traits come to mind, I tend to write them down and look back on them when I have a foundation to work with.

#7.)Paper or plastic?

A)Plastic. Because he's pretty evil, amirite?
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