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Clive the Jackal
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Cquote1.png I live for the thrill of the hunt, 'n' no prey has ever escaped from claiming my ultimate prize... Cquote2.png
Clive the Jackal

One of the most dangerous and feared bounty hunters ever existed on Mobius, Clive the Jackal is a Mobian jackal that lives to hunt for the biggest game there is, be it creatures or even other Mobians that are considered of the highest value, especially if the price is right. A ruthless hunter, Clive is considered to be feared by many, including other villains, yet other, equally stronger villains, including villain organizations, highly respect him. Lesser villains know when to steer clear of this intimidating individual.

Physical Description

A rather tall and toned jackal, he seems to tower other Mobians in tems of height, though not by much. He has a dark-brown, ten-gallon hat around his head, along with a brown vest and matching brown boots, resembling as a cowboy of the sort; or more fittingly, an outlaw. He also has Seal Brown gloves. He has dark aviators that completely conceals his eyes; if revealed his eyes are of reptilian nature too, the irises having slit shape to it. And his eyes are of Saddle Brown color, his fur being Persian Indigo and his head being of Independence color. What's also odd is that he also has a long, serpentine-like tongue to it, and his rows of teeth are razor-sharp.


Clive is considered to be highly ruthless with his job as a bounty hunter and takes extreme pride in hunting the biggest game he could find, creature and Mobian alike. And he's certainly not to be taken lightly for those who dare and try to cross the line when Clive doesn't get what he wants for his efforts, and their fates are often met with a grim demise at the hands of Clive. Despite being a Mobian, he's considered feared by even other, hardened villains, yet there are those who truly respect him and know when to stay out of his way.

Interestingly enough, he holds no allegiance towards any and all organizations as he is simply doing his job as a bounty hunter, though its not uncommon if Clive were to be an associate of those strongly affiliated with him. Though in terms of alliance, he's quick to judge his allies just by simply looking at them. If they prove to be trustworthy and valuable, then he doesn't mind a hand or two, though only if he knows they have an end of their bargain for their efforts. If he views them as nothing more than liabilities, then he simply rids of them in a horrible fashion, viewing them as not worth his time (as a result of their unfortunate fates, it's a wonder their traces were never found).

Although he doesn't go after innocents, his cruel nature doesn't stop him from fighting back from those who stand in his way, especially on those who interfere with his job, and while he's not quick to anger, he relishes in unleashing his sadistic wrath on those who try and oppose him. And he does so in a merciless manner, often driven by bloodlust without ever retreating. But if odds were against him, he does retreat, but does come back the next day or so, coming back with the intent to kill at any cost, whether he gets his target or not, even if others aren't considered as intended targets, but that only fuels his hunger for any battle he'll face.

Clive also lacks any and all fear response, often laughing in the most heartless manner whichever fear is unleashed upon him, and it'll simply drive him to fight in an increasingly violent manner. And he relishes in belittling his opponents, just to get under their nerves and open up their vulnerabilities. And any form of insults thrown at him will only get him to laugh and simply charge at them before they can even blink. That alone makes Clive by far the most dangerous bounty hunters, and possibly more dangerous than any other villains combined.

He also speaks with a heavy, Australian accent, which is befitting for his name, though it also makes him incredibly intimidating. Furthermore, he expresses no romantic interest because even if he has a love interest, he views them more as an associate and not as a true lover, and will show no concern if his supposed loved one is in grave danger.


  • It's highly likely that he is inspired by Striker from Helluva Boss.