The Users of the claws are: (Ask if you want to add a charrie and I'll do it!)

Neo the Fox: Poison Claws

Fury the Blue Jay: Fire claws

Millie the Mouse: Shadow Claws

???: Water Claws

???: Light Claws

???: Earth Claws

???: Lightning Claws

???: Wind Claws

???: Nature Claws


The claws of the Elements are sets of claws given to certain individuals who have proven themselves in the underground world. Whether it be as a theif, dealer, or even an informtion Broker. Each claw is imbued with an element that allows the user to strike with the corrosponding element. The Elements are Fire, Water, Poison, Light, Shadow, Earth, Lightning, Wind, and Nature.

It is shown in Neo: Origins that each claw has been given to someone, the only claws shown however are Fire, Poison, and Shadow.


Not to long ago, about 7 or 8 years there was a mouse by the name of Millie. She was the leader of the Underground monarchy, a gang that got it's name by stealing objects and selling them in the black market. Millie was had a shipment of claws given to her. As she used them they grew ineffective until she realized that elemental powers were a great blessing to those who could use them, but she couldn't. She offered a lot of money to a shady Scientist who imbued a list of elements into the claws. Millie used these claws and their power was very effective. She decided that only the best of the best should weild the claws. She awaited for someone to pull off an amazing feat, call them to her side, ask for their alligence and then give them the claws. One time there was a blue jay by the name of Fury. Fury had managed to steal a set of valuable jewels and gave them to Millie. Mille was impresseed and offered Fury the choice of any claws. He took the fire ones and soon took a young fox under his wing. (No pun intended.) The fox would become Neo the Theif and he stole the hammer of Justice, an artifact that was heavily guarded on Prison Island. Neo did the same thing and offered his alligence to the Underground Monarchy. Millie acceped his gift and gave him the only set of claws left, the Poison Claws. Neo took them and continuted as a theif of the ages.


  • The claws are mentioned to be weilded by not just villians and anti-heroes but to Heroes as well. It's mentioned that several of the claw weilders have been caught and the claws were awarded to heroes.
  • In sonic legacy the Poison claws are replced with the Unity Blade. The Poison claws were not destroyed so it is assumed that Neo still has the claws.
  • The Claws can be used to pick locks easily.
  • The Claws are very strong are difficult to destroy but they can be destroyed.
  • The Shadow claws are said to be the strongest and the light claws are said to be the weakest but it is also known that the claws are more powerful based on who wields them.
  • Each of the claws side with either light or dark excep the Posion Claws, which is why They are so powerful, since Neo is not Evil or Good. The claws siding with the Dark are: Shadow, Fire, Earth and Nature. The claws siding with Light are: Light, Water, and wind. However the claws can be cleansed and changed except the Light, Shadow, and Poison Claws.
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