Well, since I stopped RolePlaying, I've decided to share some stories, these, you would never see in the Claw Saga


Legend of the Last Ancient Dragon

As you all know, Claw is the last of the Ancient Dragons, but his past after the event is a tragic tale of Vengeance.......

"For years, I have remembered the fate of my people, our Star destroyed us, the five of us that were sealed into a mask to survive, were separated throughout the Universe, as of now, I believe I am the only one freed. After being Imprisioned, I was filled with Sorrow, but soon, that Sorrow then turned to Hate, and with hate, came Revenge, I swore to dominate the Universe, in honor of my People. As a mask, I crashed onto a strange planet, where I was founded by my future Sencond in Command, a warrior who was a master of the blades, it was only a matter of time before I had with me four minions: Magicia, Deltor, Bashro, and the one who found me,Epeé. Eventually I travelled alone to a planet called Rokubot, home to a race of sentient beings, called Raptoroids. Within days, I had annihilated many of the cities. eventually I found the leader of the Raptoroids, a being named Rawnuk, he did not resemble the other Raptoroids, It was only when almost all of his bones were broken did he tell me a deal he would make, he said if the Raptoroids were allowed to live, then they join me, as an Army. It was an offer that couldn't of been refused, as it would take many minions to dominate the universe, I accepted, but on one condition I would test a device my Scientist Deltor created, a small device that when placed on one, would increase their power, but not only that, the darkness in them would test subjects, two Raptoroids named Rasmex and Raptrin, were successful in the experiment. as a reward for success, Rasmex and Raptrin became Raptoroid Supreme as well as Rawnuk. From there, planet after planet, fell at my feet, each adding to my army, Dragoonworks. there was eventually a time when a simple robot Deltor created, became the basis of my Army, Clawbots, as Deltor called them,"an All Terrain Machine, that will only follow the orders programed by me, and I will only program them to do what you say." Something no one would of known, was that Planet I was found on, that planet was dedicated to the beliefs of my Race, that Planet Starikalo, was much more than it seemed, as it, was the home to the Masks of the four other surviving Ancient Dragons......

The Creation, of Mecha-Claw

In the second Invasion, Claw has become Mecha-Claw, whose entire left side is robotic, however it is unknown what happened

As when I was believed to be defeated for good, sunk in magma, it was merely the beginning, after the event, I travelled to the planet Starikalo, for an invasion, as my Minions worked on the Continent back on Delphonus. When arriving, I was suprised to find the names of the five knights, the same as my brothers and sisters, I eventually did, after several attempts, catch them, while they were off guard. I still do not remember how they escaped the cell, but hunting them down, is what I recall. Magicia takes down Aquina, Deltor takes down Iroko, Bashro was busy trying to capture Holik, and then Epeé had confronted Pyronex, as I chased that rodent Drax down the corridors, I was not expecting the next event. I had him cornered, nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide himself, as I stepped closer, he pulled out a device, what resembled a gun, but had markings, the same used for the Drax symbol, on its side. What happened next, felt as though it lasted forever, he shot the gun, the bullet made contact with my left eye, a weapon that strong, I have never seen before, as he made his escape, I followed him, clutching my left eye, he shot again, this time, the bullet dashed through my chest, he escaped, and so did the other four knights, however, I was damaged heavily, and so, Deltor, worked on fixing my body, however the weapon, far stronger than I thought, had caused my left side, to become Metal. This was, of course temporary, as whenI confronted Nightfall for a second time in the core, I had a jewel, with the power of the stars, with it, I became Claw Omega, with my robotic parts being destroyed. when I was defeated, my body reverted back, however, I did not need the robotic parts, as I was whole, again.......

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