Claude 'Claus' the Ocelot

Age 24
Height 4' 7"
Weight 99 lbs.
Gender Male
Species Mobian/Ocelot
  • Fur: Coming soon!
  • Eyes: Coming soon!
Attire Coming soon!
Birthplace (Fictional) Canada
Romantic Interests ???

Claude 'Claus' the Ocelot (クロード 'クラウス'・ザ・オセロット Kurōdo 'Kurausu' za Oserotto), or better known by his full name Claude McDowell, is J the Hedgehog's rival in racing.

Physical Description

Claude is seen always wearing his unique racing outfit (as well as sporting his red maple leaf symbol), regardless on whether he is racing or not. The shirt's racing number is "56".


Claude is a very gentle racer and a kid at heart, although he no longer acts like a child due to his age. He has a distinctive French-Canadian accent when talking to people. So far, it is unknown if Claude does have a love life. But that is because he has a low self-esteem when it comes to dating girls, as mentioned by Giorgio and Oliver. He is very shy at them, but when a female wants to admit her feelings to him, Claude doesn't hesitate to admit his feelings back. When Claude panics, he usually shouts words in French language, making it almost hard to understand what is he saying. It is also revealed that he had a slight emotional breakdown, because he was an orphan back then and that GUN soldiers mistreated him.

He also dislikes Oliver, seeing as how he uses Claude as a scapegoat in order to handle the situation.


Claude is an excellent combatant in Jiu-jitsu and has excellent parkour abilities, overcoming obstacles he approaches.


While he can easily overcome obstacles, he can get somewhat cocky and end up crashing straight into a wall, resulting injury. Since he doesn't wield any kinetic, he will have to find a way to defend himself from kinetic-related attacks.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Obstacles
  • Racing
  • Wandering around


  • Anyone disturbing the peace
  • Enemies that wield kinetic powers
  • Chores

Character Interactions

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