The class types are the major types of characters in Sonic's world. The concept was introduced in Sonic Adventure 2 where the Hero and Dark stories had 6 different characters but one of each side shared the same gameplay and abilities with the other. The class system has been expanded on Sonic Heroes where you can now play as teams of 3. Each team member have a unique ability but the levels required the average of 3 types of abilities to proceed. It is in Sonic Riders where the Extreme Gear, when not character based, required specific type characters to be used.

Character types

The three classes are Speed, Power and Fly.


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The fastest types of character, they are known for incredible speed and agility, some known to rival Sonic's legendary speed.

Fan characters

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The strongest types of characters, they are known for powerful attacks and can move, lift or break rocks and large objects.

Rouge the Bat the bat is a treasure hunter with Knuckles abilities and fighting skills, but is generally classified as Fly with her bat wings to support her.

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With the unique ability to defy gravity and fly (by some various means such as wings, propulsion or anti-gravity) they are able to reach incredible height and distance.

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Class system in games


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User:Mystic Monkey

Ultimate Sonic pretty much the only game that doesn't make a big deal of the Classes. But the three playable characters controls are based on the type of characters they are. Everyone will have Boost Gauges in which they can use in various ways. For example Sonic can use his for boosting, Tails can use his to extend his flight time and Knuckles can use his to string more powerful attacks together. Upgrades are planned that give heroes new abilities that cost boost.

Mystic Monkey is a Speed type himself, although his speed is just above average than able to move as fast as Sonic.

Sonic Avatar

Sonic Avatar allows you to customise your own Sonic fan character ("mobians" as they perhaps be called), there will be options to design your character and hundreds of parts to choose from to create your mobian. However there will only be the three classes to choose from to determined what your character can do in various games that will allow you to be your mobian to partake in, such as Sonic World, Sonic Aero Riders and future projects.

Sonic World

This game requires Sonic Avatar to play, it is so necessary that the program maybe initialized into this game. As a Mobian you can adventure the world of Sonic the Hedgehog. You can develop your abilities with the chao you partner with. However what kind of abilities you can learn depends on what one of the three classes you are.

Sonic Aero Riders

It hasn't been decided how exactly it will work, but it is planned that certain gears that Extreme Gears have can only be used by certain characters. Red, Yellow and Blue coloured gears that can only be used by certain racers while Green coloured gears can be used by all.

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