He likes to battle and always trains in his shelter in Crisis City. He used to travel a lot before protecting the Emerald.


He was born in Crisis City. But his parents were nowhere to be found. To this day he's still never seen his parents. All that was left was a sword, and a wooden necklace. Once he was old enough, he traveled the world in search of his parents. Along the way he met many friends. One day he traveled back in Crisis City. While there he discovered the Red Chaos Emerald. He decided to stay there and protect the emerald. Then Eggman came with Infinite planning on stealing the emerald. He battled Eggman and drove him away. But he got scars on his hands which is why he wears gloves.


He was born with Super Speed and Super Strength.


He learned to see well in the dark. He's also learned to sword fight.


He doesn't have any weaknesses besides weaknesses that us humans have.

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