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The Raiden Route of the story mode of Clash of Mythics: Genesis, titled White Vengeance, is the second of the two default story routes available in the game. This route sees the events of the story unfold in the eyes of Raiden, another of the series’ protagonists.

Raiden Route - White Vengeance


Westopolis, USA, North America - September 28, X028, 5:23 PM PST

It was a busy afternoon like any other in Westopolis. Several cars and other motor vehicles were making their way through the city streets, and several more citizens were walking around, probably beginning to make their way home from whatever they had been up to earlier. Among them was a young Mobian lion with a katana sheathed in its scabbard in his hand and a large, brown cloak that obscured much of his features.

While walking, the lion suddenly finds himself next to a certain alleyway that was quite familiar to him. Just then, several voices ring out in his head all at once, causing him to lightly wince and tightly grip his weapon. He then enters the alleyway and slowly makes his way through it, hearing several screaming voices all the while as he walks further.

Suddenly, he comes across a group of thuggish-looking folks carrying a bunch of crates, the contents of which he couldn't tell at first glance. Curious, he decides to take a closer look, only to end up being spotted by one of the thugs, who then calls the others over before approaching him and informing the lion that he's stumbled upon some business that he shouldn't be involved with and that he should leave.

The cloaked figure quickly apologizes and begins to take his leave, though not before asking what the crates they're carrying contain. The thugs don't appreciate being asked that and become hostile, asking why he would even be concerned with their business before warning him that they won't hesitate to attack should he press his luck any further. However, this only gives weight to the lion's suspicions, believing that they would have let him take a look if there really were nothing of importance in there.

After a moment of silence, one of the thugs quickly draws his machete and rushes the cloaked lion, who reacts almost instantly and guts him with the tip of his sword's scabbard, the blade still sheathed, before commenting on how unwise his course of action was. Some of the other thugs begin to attack him as well, prompting him to retaliate, albeit without unsheathing his blade at all, likely to prevent unnecessary harm. More thugs quickly approach one of the crates and pull out a plethora of guns before opening fire at the lion, only for him to rush right past them in the blink of an eye, tossing his cloak high into the air just as quickly and finally drawing his blade out.

The thugs briefly taunt the now-uncloaked lion, who is revealed to sport a white longcoat covering a dominantly blue outfit and a golden mane on his head, as his sudden attack seems to have done nothing, while the white-clad lion merely sheathes his blade in silence. Right as the blade is completely sheathed, the thugs then find that not only the guns they had brought out, but also every single bullet fired from each of them, had all been sliced in half, though they themselves were apparently uninjured.

"What the hell?! How can a guy cut apart everything but our own skin just swinging a katana?!" one of the thugs cries out upon realizing this. "No ordinary man's got that kind of finesse!"

"That's the thing - I'm no ordinary man," the young lion calmly responds while holding out his hand to the direction of their transport before firing off a bolt of lightning towards it, causing it to immediately burst into flames and the thugs to panic. "If you run now, I won't go after you."

Before he could continue, however, one of the thugs immediately gets the message and runs off while the rest followed suite. The lion watched the poor fools run away with their tails between their legs, before letting out a disappointed sigh and turning around to leave the alleyway while catching the cloak he had tossed off earlier in midair and putting it back on. As he made his way out of the alleyway, he began to think to himself:

It's been over two years since that night, right at this very city... two years since I lost all my friends... two years since I was given this sword... two years since my father's death. That night, I awakened to these strange powers that I apparently inherited from my mother. Since then, I have spent my days wandering, honing my skill with the sword and my newfound abilities at every possible opportunity. All this, to fulfill one purpose - to murder the man responsible with my own hands!

"I know not where you are now, but consider your days numbered," the lion, known only as Raiden, mutters to himself with hatred in his voice. "...for when I find you... I swear... Vengeance will be mine."

Stage 1 - Imminent Danger

Central City, USA, North America - October 6, X028, 10:39 AM PST

A week had passed since his little visit at Westopolis, and Raiden had since made his way to Central City. Unsure of what to do first, the white-clad lion decides to walk around the city streets and familiarize himself with his current environment. Though it wasn't too different from how the cities in his home country of Japan looked, he still finds them to be a relatively unfamiliar sight, since he had spent most of his childhood and adolescence in the more rural areas of Japan before moving to the USA for reasons his father was never able to tell him.

A couple of minutes pass when a sudden announcement begins to broadcast and catches the lion's attention. He then learns that the Genesis Corporation, a large organization highly-regarded for their recent achievements in genetic modification, has just placed a bounty on an escaped test subject whom they refer to only as Burst, who was currently on the run from the corporation's operatives and was causing a ruckus in every place she set her foot upon.

In need of another opportunity to test himself, and knowing that something has to be done anyway, Raiden decides to find her himself and put a stop to her rampage before it's too late!

Grim Whisper Highlands, USA, North America - October 6, X028, 12:48 PM PST

After spending some time researching a little more on the Genesis Corporation's history and how they came to be, Raiden finally arrives at the general area where Burst was last known to be at - the Grim Whisper Highlands. He had heard tales regarding the area a long time ago, but he had never thought he would be going there himself. Believing that there was no time to lose, he called upon his weapon, the Kaminari-no-Maō, and immediately rushed into the forest!

Whispering Woods, Grim Whisper Highlands - October 6, X028, 1:42 PM PST

Raiden had covered quite a bit of ground ever since making his way into the forest. However, despite having seen more than enough traces of her activity, he hadn't caught any clear visual the woman he intended to find. Slightly annoyed at the supposed lack of progress, the lion continues to forge on anyway when he hears something quickly approaching him from behind.

Thinking quickly, he immediately draws his blade and strikes at whatever had approached him! As it turns out, he had almost been knocked down by an unfamiliar soldier wielding a shock baton. After forcing the attacker off of him, Raiden glances at the insignia etched onto the soldier's uniform and recognizes it as that of the Genesis Corporation and promptly questions him whether his superiors were the ones who announced the bounty on Burst.

He is denied a response, however, as another soldier immediately attempts to rush him from behind only for the lion to swiftly evade the incoming attack. The other soldier then remarks, "Our scanners have detected traces of Mythic DNA in your bio-signature, yet you clearly carry Mobian DNA as well. You shall be brought in for questioning, even if we must force you to!"

At that moment, several more soldiers begin zoning in towards their position. Figuring that he wouldn't be able to get a clear answer from the soldiers at this point, Raiden prepares to fight his way out!

Stage Whispering Woods
Mission Fight your way through the soldiers!

Raiden manages to deal with the assault with almost no trouble at all, though he remarks how they were just a little tougher than he had initially believed. Although, he was able catch a few clues from that encounter, such as how those soldiers were able to tell that he was a half-breed of a Mythic, as well as their approach towards him. From that alone, he begins to deduce that there may be more to the situation than he first thought.

Regardless, the lion's primary goal has not changed, seeing as Burst being let loose is already big enough of a problem that the Genesis Corporation had to send in their own troops, even with the bounty put in place. He then continues his way through the forest!

Stage 2 - Chaotic Storm

Sleepless Swamp, Grim Whisper Highlands - October 6, X028, 1:11 PM PST

After traversing deeper through the forest, with no further interruptions thus far, Raiden finds himself in the middle of a swamp covered with fog, which was decidedly spookier than the forest. While surveying the area for any signs of Burst, he suddenly hears a noise come from behind him and, upon promptly turning to its direction, catches a glimpse of another figure making a run for it! Believing the figure to be Burst, the lion immediately gives chase!

As he continues running and gradually closes the gap, he slowly makes out from the silhouette that the person in question was female and, more importantly, feels an immense amount of power dwelling within her - likely too much for her to handle. He continues to chase the woman, only to hear a bolt of energy zeroing in on him! He swiftly turns and strikes at the projectile with his blade not a second too soon.

"I'm afraid I can't let you capture the girl," another voice - clearly belonging to a male - rings out as Raiden sheathes his sword. All the while, the source of the voice steps out from the fog and reveals himself to be a black hedgehog with red streaks around his body donning a matching outfit. "We have business with her ourselves."

Upon being asked by the lion why he should comply, the ebony hedgehog introduces himself as none other than Shadow the Hedgehog, also known as "The Ultimate Lifeform", and that the Guardians of the United Nations, otherwise known as GUN, has been closely monitoring the activities of the Genesis Corporation for a while, albeit with little success. He then explains that Burst is their golden opportunity to dig into the inner workings of the corporation's activities and, hopefully, expose their darker designs to the world.

Though perfectly understanding of Shadow's explanation, Raiden refuses to stand down and declares that if he has to fight him in order to push through, then he won't hesitate. The ebony hedgehog finds himself amused at the lion's response, stating that it reminds him of a close friend of his, and decides to humor him by challenging him to a fight!

Stage Sleepless Swamp
Mission VS Shadow - Defeat Shadow!

Despite fighting his hardest, Raiden was just about outmatched by the ebony hedgehog's speed and overall combat prowess. Ultimately, the young lion falls down in defeat while Shadow simply dusts himself off, having barely broken a sweat from their fight. Naturally, the lion finds himself upset at having apparently not done a whole lot to the ebony hedgehog.

However, Shadow comments that the young lion was stronger than he had initially anticipated, especially for someone as young as him. Sufficiently impressed with his strength, the ebony hedgehog decides to leave Raiden be but leaves him with a brief word of caution:

"The Genesis Corporation is not to be trusted by any means. I'm sure you've seen how they've handled potential threats to their agenda at least once by now... and they will do so again, I guarantee it. You best be careful moving forward."

Without another word, Shadow instantly disappears from Raiden's sight by teleporting away. On his own once more, the young lion takes a moment to reflect on the ebony hedgehog's words before continuing forth, his mission far from over.

Stage 3 - Clouded Path

Grey-Mist River, Grim Whisper Highlands - October 6, X028, 1:45 PM PST

Raiden was annoyed by the lack of any sign of Burst being in the immediate area as he made his way through the swamp, ultimately finding himself at the edge of what appeared to be a river - also mostly covered in fog. The woman had taken full advantage of his sudden encounter with Shadow and gotten much farther into the forest, he figured. Upon the ebony hedgehog popping up in his mind, however, he promptly recalls his last words to him.

"The Genesis Corporation... what are they after, really?" the lion asks himself, wondering what exactly it was about them that had caused an international security organization like GUN to become wary of them and their activities. He then recalls how the grunts of the Genesis Corporation were even aware of the existence of Mythics, let alone having taken an interest in his half-Mythic heritage.

As he begins to formulate a rough idea of what the bigger picture may be, however, he suddenly hears a loud noise approach his general position and is promptly snapped out of his thoughts. He immediately sees that the source of the noise was what appeared to be a heavily-armed bipedal mech that was approaching him, accompanied by more Genesis operatives.

Firguring that he was in for another fight, Raiden prepares himself for battle and draws his blade.

Stage Grey-Mist River
Mission Demolish the incoming Titan!

Raiden continued to cut right through the numerous operatives as swiftly as he possibly could, but their large numbers combined with the Titan's sheer power eventually began to wear him down. Seeing that the battle was immediately going south for him, the lion begins attempting to tap into his inner power as his eyes glow red for the briefest of moments, only to find his immediate surroundings quickly enraptured by an distinct, emerald gale that promptly flings the Genesis operatives - including the much-larger Titan - away with ease, causing them to ultimately retreat.

As the gale slowly fades, Raiden sees another unfamiliar figure emerge from the fog. This time, the figure took on the appearance of an anthropomorphic, brown-feathered avian that primarily wore a green garb and was visibly shorter than himself by roughly a foot or so. A moment of silence passes until the avian abruptly speaks, "Well, aren't you going to show your gratitude for a complete stranger coming to your rescue?"

Naturally caught off-guard by the green-clad avian's sudden words, Raiden promptly gives his thanks, which the avian backhandedly accepts before making a briefly lamenting about the lack of manners in today's youth, the manner of which the lion is unable to tell whether it is merely as a jest or his genuine thoughts. The avian then introduces himself as Slash Silverbolt upon being asked by the lion, who then proceeds to continue his way forward when Slash suddenly glides right in front of him, stopping Raiden in his tracks.

"You'll have to excuse me, but despite your rough manners, I actually am quite intrigued by you," the avian speaks as he does so, causing Raiden to lose a small hint of his patience. "So, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to a closer look at you for myself."

Upon noticing that Slash was taking on what he assumed was a fighting stance, Raiden figures that the avian wasn't simply letting him go forward without a fight for whatever reason. Seeing no other option, the lion readies his stance and steels himself for another fight!

Stage Grey-Mist River
Mission VS Slash - Defeat Slash!

He wasn't sure how, but Raiden quickly found himself being overwhelmed by the raw intensity of Slash's emerald gales and superior ability in fighting from a distance. In spite of his best efforts to overcome the evidently-stronger avian, he eventually finds himself flung away by the howling winds and is soundly defeated.

"I have to tell you, kid, that sword of yours may be sharp, but that head of yours clearly isn't," Slash comments as he approaches the downed lion. "You didn't actually think I was just some random old hermit in the woods, did you now?"

As Raiden gets himself back on his feet with visible difficulty and questions just exactly what the avian was getting at, Slash promptly responds - albeit with exasperation - that he himself is a Mythic - specifically, a Stormhawk - and that the lion is only one of many with biosignatures thought to be exerted only by beings such as himself who have only recently entered the Grim Whisper Highlands - at least, those he has sensed. Raiden immediately assumes that the avian Mythic may very well have been referring to both Burst and the Genesis Corporation goons he's been fighting so far and promptly inquires if this is the case.

Slash confirms this before adding that he had also sensed someone else among them - another Mythic, one with power over fire, and an old acquaintance of his, whose presence has left him all the more worried as to what all this may mean. Upon mentioning how the other Mythic possesses strength "equal to that of savage beast from the depths of Hell itself", the voices that had haunted Raiden previously suddenly ring in his mind once more as an image of a silhouette belonging to a figure he could only describe as the devil in mortal form briefly flashes itself before his own eyes, causing him to flinch and stumble down onto the ground once more.

The avian Mythic is about to ask if the lion is alright - albeit in an almost-mocking tone, only for the latter to immediately question in a more apprehensive manner if Slash could describe the appearance of this other Mythic and if he knew his name. Slash then reluctantly does so, only adding more weight to Raiden's suspicions, before naming the individual in question as the Gravebringer.

So, that's that bastard's name... Raiden thought to himself as he tightly gripped his katana before continuing forward without another word. Slash then promptly asks what he plans on doing with the information he had just given as the lion bluntly replies, "If you're perceptive enough to know what my deal is, then I'm sure you can figure that out yourself just as easily."

The lion then leaves without another word while Slash can do nothing than simply look on with a slight look of apprehension for what's likely to come shortly...

Stage 4 - ???


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