• Input Command - Attack light / Attack medium / Attack h

Normals are, of course, the most basic moves of any character in the game and only require a press of a button to perform. Depending on the current state of the character in question - such as standing, crouching, or jumping - as well as which button is pressed, they will perform a different normal attack.

As a general rule, Attack light dishes out the fast but weak Light Attack, Attack medium launches a slightly slower Medium Attack, and Attack h fires off a hard-hitting but easily-punishable Heavy Attack. These attacks can be chained together with the use of the Chain Combo system, which is explained further below, allowing several characters to make simple combos with a only few button presses.

Stylish Combo

  • Input Command - [repeatedly] Attack light

A Stylish Combo is a combo that is done simply by tapping the Attack light button repeatedly. This mechanic is primarily implemented for beginners to perform some simple combos when playing the game. Of course, these combos are far from optimal and shouldn’t be relied on so heavily during matches, especially since they are often unsafe and easily punishable when blocked. Having at least one bar of the Action Gauge filled up upon finishing the combo will cause the character to perform a preset Decisive Action, allowing for easy albeit far-from-optimal damage.

Chain Combo

The Chain Combo system allows normal attacks to be cancelled into other normal attacks. The common flow of the system is from Attack light to Attack medium to Attack h, though it is possible to mix up the pattern by alternating from standing to-and-fro crouching normals and can even reverse the flow (Attack h > Attack medium > Attack light).

It should be noted that, with the exception of normals that can be repeated - typically those with the Attack light button, the same normal cannot be performed within the chain. This restriction does not affect attacks done through Stylish Combo, however.

Command Normals

Every character possess a few Command Normals, most of which are done by inputting a normal attack while pressing a direction. Of course, some characters have unique Command Normals that no other character sports. Meanwhile, all characters possess a jab, an overhead, a sweep, and an anti-air.

  • Input Command - Frt + Attack light

A jab is a extremely quick and safe attack that doesn’t deal much damage but can serve as quick way to poke an enemy and start a combo without relying on the Stylish Combo mechanic.

  • Input Command - AS Right + Attack medium

An overhead is an attack that, as the name implies, hits above the opponent’s head. This means it must be blocked with a standing block. Meanwhile, the rules of the Chain Combo system unfortunately do not apply, meaning it cannot be cancelled into another normal.

  • Input Command - Arcade Stick DR + Attack medium

A sweep, on the other hand, allows the player to knock their opponent down with a low swipe attack. As they are low attacks, they must be blocked with a crouching block.

  • Input Command - Arcade Stick DR + Attack h

Lastly, an anti-air is an attack that, as the name implies, is the go-to normal for stopping an opponent's aerial approach, though are also suitable in certain ground combo setups. However, when used against a grounded opponent, they can be blocked by either a standing or crouching block.


  • Input Command - Attack lightExchange button

A Throw is a close-ranged unblockable attack where the player grabs their opponent before attacking them, often knocking them a fair distance. When done on the ground, there are two variations: a forward throw, and a back throw. Keep in mind that throws can be performed in midair and are aptly referred to as an air throw.

If ever you get caught in a throw yourself, you can attempt to break out of it with a Throw Escape. However, the timing is really strict and, should you mess it up, you will be hit with a Throw Reject Miss. Of course, it is entirely possible to counter an attacking opponent with a throw, initiating a Throw Counter that cannot be escaped.

On the other hand, performing a throw in the middle of a combo, while a valid option, makes it a little easier for the receiving party to escape it, as it slightly increases the window they is able to do so - indicated by a large, red exclamation point appearing above their head.

Command Throws

Some characters have a special type of throw called a Command Throw, which is performed by inputting its specific input command. As such, these command throws are often considered as Specials but, since they are still throws, they can be escaped from when given the chance, but also cannot be escaped from when initiated as a Throw Counter.

Style Action

  • Input Command - Exchange button

A Style Action is basically a unique characteristic that a character possesses. Most of them are an attack, several of which have special properties to them. One such Style Action is Shadow's Chaos Slash, in which he attacks the opponent with a Chaos-empowered strike that can be charged to increase its damage and range. Others are a little different, such as Astrid's Burning Rage, in which she manually fills up her unique Rage Gauge.

Crush Attack

  • Input Command - Attack hExchange button

A Crush Attack is an incredibly slow but equally-powerful attack that knocks the opponent away should it connect with the opponent. After landing a successful Crush Attack, the attacker can immediately follow up with either a homing jump, in which they leap high into the air while homing in on the opponent, or a homing dash, in which they simply rush towards the opponent by dashing forward on the ground. Performing either will allow the player to continue their combo with ease. It is worth noting, however, that the Crush Attack cannot be followed up by either action when performed in the air, though it does come out relatively more quickly in exchange and are fairly practical to use in aerial combos as a result.


  • Input Command - Character-specific

A Special is a character-specific move that requires a specific directional input and a specific button to be performed. Of course, these specials show most of the unique styles of battle the characters in the game's roster sport and are an essential part of making very stylish and powerful combos.

EX Moves

Majority of a character’s Specials possesses a more powerful variant, called an EX Move. Whereas most specials use Attack light or Attack medium - barring those that use Exchange button, of course, the EX Moves use Attack h instead. However, using an EX Move requires one bar of the Action Gauge, so they may not always be readily-available for use.

Decisive Action

  • Input Command - [with one bar of Action Gauge] Character-specific

A Decisive Action is a character's standard super move. On their own, they deal considerable damage, but usually have fairly slow start-up and can be blocked with the right timing. Of course, they can be cancelled into during a combo via Super Cancel, so do make good use of that. However, actually using a Decisive Action requires one bar of the Action Gauge in order to be performed, meaning they may not always be readily-available for use.

Decisive Climax

  • Input Command - [with three bars of Action Gauge] Character-specific

Each character also has one Decisive Climax, which can be best described as their Level 3 super move. Naturally, the massive damage output these attacks tend to dish out call for a higher cost of the Action.


  • Input Command - [all requirements met] Arcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-DownArcade-Stick-Down + Attack hExchange button

As the name suggests, a Shutdown is the most powerful move that a character has in the game. Long story short, get hit with this move and the match is over. In exchange, a Shutdown can only be once per match and when all requirements are met. This is because making an attempt is a massive risk by virtue of the Action Gauge becoming unavailable for the rest of the match should it fail.

Shutdown State

  • Input Command - Attack light + Attack medium + Attack h + Exchange button

Before one can attempt using a Shutdown, they must unlock and activate the Shutdown State first. Accomplishing this requires the user being at match point, having a maxed-out Burst Gauge, and the opponent having thirty-five percent of his health or less left.

The state itself is only active until the Burst Gauge is completely depleted, but it can be deactivated early when the player has second thoughts. However, an early deactivation will always leave the Burst Gauge at one stock, meaning it will take some time until the Shutdown State can be reactivated again.

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