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Clash of Mythics: Genesis
Release Date(s)
CrimsonFlame Software
Action, Fighting
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC
Clash of Mythics series
Preceded by
Succeeded by
T for Teen
Cquote1.png The age of Mythics is about to reach a new beginning - a new genesis. Cquote2.png

Clash of Mythics: Genesis is a one-on-one 2D fighting game developed by CrimsonFlame Software. It serves as the first installment of the Clash of Mythics series.



In ages long before the birth of the humans and Mobians, fantastic creatures with equally-fantastic powers collectively known as Mythics roamed the earth. For thousands of years, these mystical beings have thrived within the Earth, but the passage of time eventually led these fabled beings to seemingly disappear from the face of the planet. In truth, however, the merely hide themselves among the common people of modern society.

A certain group known only as the Genesis Corporation has only recently made its mark in the history of biological advancements and has since begun to delve deeper into the true nature of these creatures. Unfortunately, one of their latest test subjects has escaped, forcing them to take action and call for any and all capable to hunt the escapee down. However, there may be darker designs behind this seemingly-harmless call for assistance...

Story Routes: Zagan, Raiden, Streak, Whirlwind, Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, Dustin, Kris, Slash, Astrid, Burst


Gameplay Mechanics: Movement & Cancelling, Offense, Defense, Gauges, Attack Attributes

Clash of Mythics: Genesis is a one-on-one fighting game at its core, where two fighters battle one another in a two-dimensional arena. As with most fighting games, matches - by default - consist of a maximum of three rounds, two of which must be won by one fighter. Claiming victory in one round entails either depleting the opponent’s health to zero, or having more health than the opponent upon the timer reaching zero. Doing this twice, if using default settings, ensures victory in the whole match.

Meanwhile, the game's Story Mode is more akin to a visual novel, meaning it mostly consists of dialogue-centric scenarios. However, there are occasional spots of actual gameplay that may involve either a number of waves filled with AI-controlled enemies, a one-on-one match with another playable character, or a boss fight with either an EX version of a playable character or an NPC character.

Control Scheme

Button Action
Left Analog Stick / D-Pad Movement
Square Button Light Attack (Attack light.png)
Triangle Button Medium Attack (Attack medium.png
Circle Button Heavy Attack (Attack h.png)
Cross Button Style Action (Exchange button.png)
R1 Button Attack light.png + Attack medium.png
R2 Button Attack h.png + Exchange button.png
L1 Button Function 1
L2 Button Function 2
Touch Pad Taunt
Options Button Pause Game

Button Action
Left Thumbstick / D-Pad Movement
X Button Light Attack (Attack light.png)
Y Button Medium Attack (Attack medium.png
B Button Heavy Attack (Attack h.png)
A Button Style Action (Exchange button.png)
Right Bumper Attack light.png + Attack medium.png
Right Trigger Attack h.png + Exchange button.png
Left Bumper Function 1
Left Trigger Function 2
Back Button Taunt
Start Button Pause Game

Button Action
Left Stick / Directional Buttons Movement
Y Button Light Attack (Attack light.png)
X Button MediumAttack (Attack medium.png
A Button Heavy Attack (Attack h.png)
B Button Style Action (Exchange button.png)
R Button Attack light.png + Attack medium.png
ZR Button Attack h.png + Exchange button.png
L Button Function 1
ZL Button Function 2
- Button Taunt
+ Button Pause Game



Playable Characters: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4


Non-Playable Characters

Game Modes


  • Tutorial - Learn the ropes on how to play Clash of Mythics: Genesis. It is here where you can also learn the basics of each individual character's playstyle in the game. (1 player only)
  • Training - Spend some time trying to learn a character's playstyle and hone your skills as a fighter. (1-2 players)
  • Trials - Clear the many challenges each character has in store in this mode. (1 player only)


  • Genesis - See the story of Clash of Mythics: Genesis unfold before your eyes through the different perspectives of the different characters! Clearing certain routes will unlock the True End story route. (1 player only)
  • Library - Learn about the terminologies used throughout the story and the general lore behind the series, including significant events, character backgrounds, and more.


  • Arcade - Select a character and fight your way through a set number of opponents before fighting the final boss! (2P can challenge 1P at any time)
  • Versus - Do battle with a friend or the AI and determine who the mightiest warrior is in a one-on-one bout! (1-2 players)
  • Score Attack - Battle through the game's entire roster in one go and try to snag the highest score possible! (1 player only)
  • Boss Attack - Choose a previously-defeated NPC boss from Story Mode to do battle with! See if you can come up with new strategies with different characters. (1 player only)
  • Survival - Battle as many opponents as you possibly can until you can fight no more! (1 player)
  • Tournament - Set up a tournament with up to 16 players in the same room and duke it out to see who's the strongest warrior!


  • Ranked Match - Face off against an opponent in a high-stakes match! Rise up the ranks through absolute victory, or fall from grace through crushing defeat.
  • Player Match - A more casual mode where players can simply have fun or learn a little more about fighting.
  • Lobby - Join several other players in a lobby, make new friends, and put your skills to the test!


  • Replay Theater - Relive your greatest triumphs - and your worst failures - made during your endeavors in online battles!
  • Gallery - Browse through this treasure trove of artwork and illustrations made for the game, cutscenes for story mode, and background music. You can also purchase some extra goodies through here with enough in-game money.


  • Similar to its spiritual predecessor series, Darkness Trigger - which Crimson is no longer involved with due to a disagreement, this game, as well as the series as a whole, takes heavy inspiration from games such as BlazBlue and Guilty Gear, both developed by Arc System Works.
    • This time around, it also takes some elements from the recently-released Dragon Ball FighterZ, primarily in terms of its control scheme and some aspects of its gameplay.
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