Cquote1 I'm a fighter, I'm a rebel, I'm a scholar, I'm a tragedy, I'm a lover, I'm a killer, I'm a torturer, I'm a kidnapper, I'm a mutilator, I'm a fighter, I'm a cannibal...and yes, I'm Clarissa the Hedgehog. Some even call me Clarissa the All-Seeing because of my ability to scope out weak prey. Just don't call me by my birth names or else I would have to kill you! Cquote2
Clarissa introducing herself to Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Rouge and her team "The Rebels"

Clarissa the Hedghog, also known as "Clarissa Redman-Haynes" and her nickname "Clarissa The All-Seeing" (born

Clarissa in one of her hunting outfits

June, 17th, 1995), is a beautiful yet fragile, mentally-ill, convicted serial killer and a secondary member of the vigilante group of freedom fighters known as "The Rebels". Born into a dysfunctional household, she changed her name to protect her identity from the horrid legacy of the Redman-Haynes families that have haunted her beloved birthright home known as "Tora". She also committed her first murder at age 13, succeeding in the plot of her killing her father only because he was sexually abusing her and that his alcoholic rage had somehow led to her mother's tragic untimely death prior to her being bed-ridden battling pneumonia and leukemia. Since committing her first murder, she escaped her childhood home, narrowly avoided being taken into child custody by relatives of the Redman/Haynes families and jumped from foster home to foster home until she was 18 years old. Through her pre-teen and high school years, aside from achieving good grades and established some friendships with her peers, she also committed several murders. It's unknown why she commits such acts though it's hinted that she may be mentally ill due to a sad childhood upbringing and lack of security and a maternal figure.

After she graduated from high school and everybody in the high school had very little to no clue what she was actually doing after dark, she then packed her duffel bag and escaped her birthright town of "Tora" seeing it as an opportunity to have a fresh start in life while the "Tora" police force began a massive search for her to bring her in for questioning after finding some of her victims bodies and the townspeople of "Tora" had very little clue as to where Clarissa could've escaped to or whether or not they ever truly knew her.



When Clarissa was born at 5:30 in the morning on June, 17th, 1995, she born into the world a healthy baby hedgehog as dubbed by the three nurses that helped deliver her. However, her mother, Melissa, was severely low on iron and calcium and suffered a great deal of blood loss and went through tremendous pain giving birth to her baby. Because of which, she was left bed-ridden and in the care of several doctors and nurses tending to her aid as she was in bed-rest for a couple of months following her daughter's birth. Little Clarissa was also left in the care of the same doctors and nurses who also tended to her mother's need. Melissa felt sorry for not being there for her daughter and wanted badly to hold her in her arms, spend time with her, play with her, read her her favorite stories, feed her favorite foods and kiss her goodnight when she fell asleep but she couldn't do so because of the severity of her condition even though she tried to tend to her daughter's needs albeit against doctor's orders to get more bed rest. At some point growing up, Clarissa began to wonder where her mother would be and one day at age 4, discovered her mother in her bed being administered medicines through a series of shots followed by a grain, fruit and yogurt diet trying to build up her iron and calcium. One of the nurses sees Clarissa and moves her away a little as she tried to shield the child from such a sight and didn't want a child so young to see such things. Clarissa disagreed at the time, telling the nurse not to worry because "it's only my mommy.". Reluctant though, the nurse agreed to let Clarissa in the room to see her mother and hug her before being of the situation of her mother's illness and why the bed-rest and fruit, yogurt and fruit meals and medicinal shots were necessary. Luckily afterwards, Melissa started to feel a little better, regaining some strength and energy, the color in her face even started coming back because she was pale and within months, Melissa was able to go out to the park and play with her daughter. Clarissa was thrilled to have her mother back and feeling well.

When Clarissa was 7, she was coming home from school one day when she walked into the living room to find her mother faced-down on the floor. Alerted by this, Clarissa dropped her books and ran to her mother's side. She then phoned the hospital. There, her mother was administrated by several doctors and nurses who noticed that her iron levels in her blood were severely low and that she needed immediate care. Unbeknownst to the doctors and nurses, Clarissa noticed that her mother had several bruises on her arms, neck and legs, something that couldn't possibly be stemming from her low iron levels. Little did Clarissa know at the time, her father, Mr. Redman was abusing her mother.

Mr. Redman was Clarissa's father growing up. He was always absent during her childhood even missing the day, when her mother gave birth to her. Though he was always absent, he never really seemed to give good reasons as to why he was always absent during Clarissa's childhood and his wife's hospitalizations. He was an ignorant man, he was a busy man, he was always drinking soda cans which were discovered to be emptied out and replaced with vodka instead. Clarissa didn't know it but when ever her father was loving and tender to her before she left for school, his being a loving, caring, affectionate father was just a mask and that he was hiding several secrets, one of them was spousal abuse. Whenever Mr. Redman got drunk, he'd overreact to when Melissa spoke to him and struck at her with his fists. This wasn't good for considering how vulnerable she was being sick and this abuse caused her to end up in the hospital more frequently. Clarissa didn't know this until she was 8. One night, Clarissa had awoken from a nightmare when she heard some arguing coming from downstairs. Tiptoeing quietly, she looked over by the stairs and saw as her father yelled and cursed at her mother, then inexplicably struck at her across the face causing her to gasp and fall to the floor. Clarissa gasps to herself quiet;y and runs upstairs to her room while her father is overhear yelling to her mother "You think I like hitting you?! Why on earth you make me do that!".

The morning after, her father went to work and Clarissa, not wanting her mother to be left alone in case it happened again, asked her mother to accompany her to the school bus line, then accompanied her afterwards so they could go to the park together for a walk. Melissa agreed and waited till Clarissa got out of school so she would do so. They went for a walk, then sat on a park bench and watched the leaves fall. As this happened, Clarissa asked her mother something, "Mommy, why does Daddy hit you?". Melissa was shocked by this sort of question and asked her daughter why she'd ask such a question and what made her think that her father would hit her mother. Clarissa tells her mother that she's seen her father hit her mother the night she woke up from a nightmare and heard noises coming from downstairs. Hearing this, Melissa tears up and tells her daughter that everything will be okay, there's nothing to worry about. Clarissa then places a hand on her mother's hand and seeing her mother on the verge of tears, tells her that she shouldn't "let daddy touch her like that. Cause' daddy's don't love the mommy's and their kids by hitting them.". Melissa then tears up and holds her daughter's hand tighter. As Clarissa held onto her mother's hand, Melissa put the other hand on her face and tears just started pouring from her face. Weeping and sobbing, she says to her daughter "I'm sorry, sweetheart. I's scared. I don't know what to do." and continues sobbing. Clarissa held her mother's hand, then hugged her, telling her "don't cry, Mommy. It will be okay. As long as you have me, everything's going to be okay.". Hearing this, Melissa looked at her daughter, thanked her for her support, and both mother and daughter hugged for a moment before heading home to help fix their family dinner. It was one of those few days that "daddy" wasn't going to be home from work anytime soon.

By the age of 9, Clarissa's mother had been in and out of hospitals frequently, not because of her illnesses but because of her husband's abuse on her. Whenever school was out for the day, Clarissa always made sure she arrived home from school early so that she got to her mother's side first. Once she did, she'd contact the city's hospital on speed-dial and then superspeed her mother to the hospital without her father's notice. Clarissa was only nine years old but as busy as she was, always made sure her mother came first and hid this from her father due to his abusive nature. Her father, Mr. Redman (John was his first name), hardly seen his wife and daughter around the house often and started to get curious. Eventually he searched through their phone records and found them at the local city hospital with Clarissa watching over her mother as the doctors and nurses tended to her mother while a police officer asked Clarissa several questions in private. Mr. Redman sees this and panics, deciding to take drastic measures. Once Clarissa and her mother were free to go home from the hospital, Mr. Redman hid quietly watching and stalked the both of them all the home from the hospital. Once they got home, he hid out in the basement while Clarissa and her mother had their dinner. Thinking that "daddy" wasn't going to be home soon as usual, Clarissa went to bed early and her mother Melissa decided to stay up a little and clean up the house to organize their things. Hearing her footsteps coming up from the kitchen/living room area, Mr. Redman came out of the basement, made his way to the living room and ambushed Melissa. Mr. Redman knows that Melissa confessed to their daughter about his abusing her and harasses her, asking her over and over what has she told Clarissa. When Melissa denies knowing what he is talking about (in order to protect her daughter), Mr. Redman's abuse went from being verbal to physical, slapping her across the face. Melissa, undeterred by this, tells her husband never to ask her such ridiculous questions or accuse her of any crimes she didn't commit. She also warns him not to harm her or their daughter and then goes to her bedroom and locks her door before going to sleep. Defeated, Mr. Redman then decided to come up with another plan, something more dangerous than before.

Teenage Years



Arrival in Mystic Ruins

After catching the midnight train to the "Mystic Ruins", she found herself stranded on a strange island with a waterfall, ancient ruins with a tragic history as well as a floating island with a bright green gem guarded by a headstrong treasure hunter (Knuckles the Echidna) and a tall rocky hill with a cave on the lower left side that was housed to a local young engineering pilot (Miles "Tails" Prower). After being attacked three of Eggman's robots, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles helped save her from being abducted by those same robots, overtaking them instantly and defeating Eggman once again. Thanking the heroes form helping her even when she wasn't looking for it, she eventually found solace in a secret secluded cave just right next to Tail's house on the rocky hill in Mystic Ruins. After regaining her strength in the cave, she took up rock-climbing and hunting then ventured out exploring the Mystic Ruins as well as finding random buried treasure. Overtime, whenever Sonic and Knuckles began visiting Tails' to help attack Eggman's ships flying over the Mystic Ruins or go looking for the Chaos Emeralds, the two began noticing the strange newcomer Clarissa and wondered whether or not she had a secret life of her own or whether or not she was one of "them" (Freedom Fighters like Sonic and Tails). Visiting her cave, the trio asked Clarissa if she ever located Chaos Emerald or Master Emerald pieces and if she did, she'd lend them to the trio to help stop Eggman. Clarissa, not knowing at the time hot to use a Chaos Emeralds power or how to use a Master Emerald piece's power, agreed to do so and began searching for those pieces of treasure for the trio. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles became perplexed by this sudden generosity especially since Clarissa hardly knew wither one of them and they hardly knew her either, expect for the fact that the three heroes saved Clarissa from being abducted by Eggman's robots.

Feeling like they owed her for saving her life, they kept close watch over her and began to communicate more with the mysterious hedgehog. For a while, they slowly began trusting her to the point where they begun teaching her how to fight her enemies with marital arts. Overtime, they thought they had built a strong foundation with Clarissa until tourists began coming to the Mystic Ruins and Clarissa was hardly ever seen in daylight again or ever seen talking with the trio again. Sonic, Tails' and knuckles started to worry about Clarissa's sudden disappearance. Then a few days later, people began disappearing. By then, Sonic, Tails' and Knuckles began to suspect Clarissa had something to do with the tourists' disappearance and decided to investigate. By then, Clarissa decided to hide out in the Mystic Ruins forests out by the strange pyramid and ancient ruins surrounding the forests (the same location that had a connection to where Knuckles' Tribe once lived). Once there, she took off running through the forests when she heard noises and was attacked by three teenage juvenile delinquents who escaped their foster homes. Unable to fend for herself as she outnumbered three-to-one, Clarissa came close to being killed when a strange echidna came out of nowhere and started attacking the three juveniles, giving them a taste of their own medicine. When the echidna defeated and killed only one of the juveniles, the other two stopped attacking Clarissa and fearing for their lives, took off running through the forests. Surprised by his chivalry, Clarissa thanked the strange echidna for saving her life and asked for his name.

That same echidna turned out to be Tex the Echidna, a former vigilante turned runaway bounty hunter/treasure hunter. His chivalry bonded him to Clarissa and her rough childhood bonded her to Tex and their shared penchant for killing bonded them even more. Feeling a connection almost immediate, Tex asked the hedgehog what was her name and she told him it was Clarissa. Tex said it was a beautiful choice for a name and she blushed. Clarissa asked him how he got so far put in these forests and he said he was searching for the same three juveniles delinquents that wound up attacking Clarissa, for those three have been causing trouble back in Station Square and been launching attacks on the tourists on the Mystic Ruins. Clarissa and Tex bonded for a moment before they were interrupted by Tails and Sonic who mistaken Tex for Knuckles given the close resemblance (despite not being related). Tex thought they were being attacked and attempted to kill them but Clarissa stopped him, claiming that Sonic and Tails were her friends. Understandable of the situation, Tex put his weapon down and listened. Sonic and Tails then asked Clarissa if she was the one who was causing the strange disappearances of many tourists around the Mystic Ruins. Clarissa denies knowing any of the tourists attacks and tells them that she was exploring the ruins looking for answers for help. Tex defends her saying that he's bounty hunter and because of his job, he kills people for it. He also defends Clarissa's innocence to the two, by showing them the deceased attacker he stopped from killing Clarissa. Clarissa smiles at his words and Tails and Sonic believe him. Tails and Sonic apologize for their accusations and when Knuckles arrives after locating them, helps them dispose of the body and help Clarissa get back to her cave home. During which, the group find the two remaining juvenile delinquents trying to escape the Mystic Ruins and decide to do the right thing: take them back to the police station in Station Square. However since it was so late at night and knowing the trains weren't going to be back until morning, Knuckles decided to keep watch over the two juvenile delinquents, threatening to pummel them with his fists if they try to escape while Sonic and Tails decide to crash out at Tail's place. Feeling relived from the night's series of unfortunate events being over, Clarissa decides to crash in her homemade cave but not before gaining a stalker first. Unbeknownst to her, Tex sensed something funny about Clarissa and decides to follow her into her cave.

There, he finds her sleeping and a trail leading to her closet. Opening the door, a body falls out which is discovered to be one of the tourists all along. Tex is appalled by this. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles' suspicions about Clarissa turned out to be right. But instead of alerting the others about this, he decides to confront her about this himself. Waking Clarissa up using his powers, Clarissa is startled to find Tex in her bedroom and the body she hid in her closet now laying out in plain sight. Frightened by this and knowing that Tex is a bounty hunter, Clarissa begs him not to kill her. Tex refuses to do so anyway and asks her for answers to his questions, providing she'd tell her side of the story. Clarissa admits that all these strange people have been hunting her down since their arrival in the Mystic Ruins, believing her to be a "valuable" treasure. She also admits to kidnapping those people to stop them as well as getting rid of some of the same tourist people on the island that were stalking her with their cameras and giving her a hard time about her life and the way she lived. All those people harassing Clarissa turned out to be the same tourists who disappeared visiting the Mystic Ruins. Clarissa also admits that sometimes she didn't know how to deal with the bullying and that killing her harassers seemed to be the only permanent solution. Tex empathizes with her, knowing from his own childhood experience growing up tormented by bullies and instead of outing her of her crimes to Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, decides to spare her life and provide a alibi for her whereabouts as well as help her hide the "evidence". During which, Tex feels his romantic connection towards her deepening and once they dispose of her "evidence", he kisses her. Clarissa deepens the kiss upon feeling a stronger connection with him as well and the two of them makeout for a little bit before falling asleep in her room. As a relationship blossoms between them, Clarissa decides to leave for Station Square to help put away her two attackers and Tex decides to help her on her journey. Catching the morning train with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, they arrive at Station Square and make their way to the police station. There, the group bring the two captured juvenile delinquents in to be taken into custody. After bringing in the two juvenile delinquents, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are thanked by the citizens of Station Square as well as the newcomers Tex the Echidna and Clarissa the Hedgehog, who are soon recognized as the city's heroes for apprehending one of the escaped prisoners. Surprised by this newfound hope, Clarissa feels relived that she's found a new home in Station Square as well as a place in this world with people she can be "familial" with, since she and Tex felt like outsiders in both their hometowns ("Legionnaire's City" for him; city of "Tora" for her). She and Tex also find newfound friendships with Sonic and his gang, including Tails, Knuckles, Chris, Amy Rose, Cream, her mother Vanilla, her chao Cheese, including Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, and Team Chaotix.

Arrival in Station Square and nocturnal crime spree

Unfortunately, soon after, Clarissa and her boyfriend Tex began a killing spree in their newfound home of Station Square with the missions of attack taking place at night. Because of this, random people in Station Square begin disappearing without notice. Clarissa couldn't explain it. She just liked killing because it kind of helps her cope with life mentally and emotionally, especially with the stresses of bullying and everyday life. She and her boyfriend take joy in even targeting "bad people" (burglars, jewelry thieves, robbers, thugs, etc). It was because of this, that the crime rate in Station Square started dipping lower and lower to the point where people in Station Square could live their lives safely once more. For a while, Clarissa and Tex spent their newfound lives together in the harmony of Station Square, completing various mission with Sonic and the gang as well as engaging in daily tasks (helping Chris with his homework, helping Amy and Cream with the groceries, helping Tails' invent new airplanes and crafts, etc) whilst spending time getting to know their new friends in the daytime. By nighttime, however, the two of them were thick as steel, snatching "bad people" at random for the crimes they've committed, unwittingly saving lives of the innocent families harassed by those same "bad people".

That is until Dr. Eggman, seeking revenge on Sonic and his friends for defeating him and his robots back at Mystic Ruins, decided to launch numerous robot related attacks on Station Square and pin it all on the newbies Clarissa the Hedgehog and Tex the Echidna. Finding themselves convicted for robot-related crimes they haven't committed, they are held at gunpoint by the Station Square police and have no choice but to surrender, eventually being arrested and thrown into prison. Luckily for them both, a fire breaks out at the Station Square prison and the jail inmates are set free from their cells only for Tex and Clarissa to escape with the help of Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat when the guard's back is turned. As Eggman and his bots launch a full attack on Sonic and his friends, Clarissa and Tex join forces with Shadow and Rouge and locate the Chaotix, along with Amy Rose, Cream, and her chao Cheese. As their team roster grew bigger, Clarissa the Hedgehog and Tex the Echidna sense something is wrong and hear cries of help. There, at the homeless shelter, they find several Mobians like Sonic and his friends along with a few human families held captive by Eggman's bots at gunpoint. Taking out the five robots in the room while dodging their gun fire, they were able to help the captives escape the homeless shelter.and return to safety. Clarissa and Tex were about to leave when a homeless woman asked them how could she ever repay them for saving her life. Clarissa answers that she should think before when trusting a robot, specifically Eggman's robots. On the other side of town, Sonic and his friends have trouble trying to stop Eggman as his robots attack them left and right, leaving them rendered trapped. Clarissa senses this and she and Tex leave to help them. All of a sudden, the mysterious group of Mobians call out for Clarissa and Tex, asking them where are they going. Clarissa frantically answers back that her friends are in danger and that they need their help. Before they could leave, the same mysterious group of Mobians approach Clarissa and Tex, telling them that if they're going to take down Eggman, they're "gonna need a team first" and this was how the group of mysterious Mobians along Clarissa and Tex became formed as "The Rebels".

The Rebel's formation and Eggman's takedown

As Eggman and his robot horde' hold Sonic and his team of friends hostage and beaten, Eggman was about to fire his laser-blaster down upon the blue hedgehog and his friends when all of his machinery started to malfunction. Confused as to why his machinery started to malfunction, he looks over to the side and sees that another group is moving close on the horizon: "The Rebels". One Rebel ("Boomerang "Mack" the weasel) throws his swift-high flying boomerangs that send out distress signals as well as bat sonar energy causing Eggman's machines to malfunction. The second Rebel (Cassandra "Dangerous" the hedgehog) started blasting her machine guns at Eggman's robots, rendering them to pieces of machines and scrap metal. A third Rebel (Catherine "The Great" echidna) started using her heavy chanting powers and called out to her highest ancestors gods to strike down upon Eggman and his machines of weaponry. A fourth Rebel (Beat the Cheetah) started distracting various robots by skating fast by them with her roller-skates and blinding them with her spray-cans while leading the robots into traps and then helping Sonic and his friends start to escape. A fifth Rebel member (Astro the hedgehog) started spinballing and spin-dashing onto oncoming robots to protect his fellow Rebels from harm and a sixth Rebel member (Soren the fox) started using his special walkie-talkie looking technology to try to make Eggman's machines turn against him. Beat the Cheetah, along with the aid of Clarissa and Tex, manages to help Sonic and his friends escape and together, both teams form together to use their Team Powers against Eggman. Using the combination of high-powered frying technology and superpowers becomes too much for Eggman to handle and he yells to his robots to abort mission just before they are destroyed by Sonic's team and the Rebels. Feeling angered by his lack of army, he then reaches his wit's end and tries to blast the heroes away with his firing-missiles but all team members manage to evade his attacks before throwing Sonic his superpower Gold Ring to in order to transform and perform his magical spin-dash that would send Eggman flying away screaming "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!" and all that's left is a star twinkling in the sky.

With the Sonic and his friends distracted by Eggman being blasted into the sky that they didn't notice a robot closing in to attack until Beat the Cheetah alerts them and throws one of her "special" guns at Clarissa for her to use. Catching the gun, Clarissa aims it at one of Eggman's remaining bots and blasts it into pieces, but this time massive amounts of confetti is split into the air more than random pieces of the robot's scrap metal. With Eggman and his robot's defeated, the people of Station Square cheer on their heroes and thank them for saving their city. Thing were going great until Bokkun arrives (as usual) with his special "bomb" television. Sonic and his friends raise their eyebrows in annoyance at Bokkun when the television clicks on with a message from Eggman back at his empire. "You may have won this time, BUT I'LL BE BACK! AHAHAHAHA!". Sonic tells Bokkun to leave but Bokkun refuses to cooperate. The Rebels and Sonic and friends start back-talking at Bokkun shouting at him and then Knuckles tells Bokkun that he doesn't have time for him and that he should "scram". Bokkun warns the teams that if they don't leave, he'll forced them to suffer the consequences. Clarissa finally stands up to Bokkun and tells him that he's got two seconds to get out of there before her and friends start to give him "a lesson he'll never forget". One by one, the teams start standing up to Bokkun ala' "Spartacus" and start calling him names and remind him of his weaknesses as well as lack of strength.

Bokkun finally panics and noting wanting to face the consequences of his actions, flies off into the sky crying only for him to accidentally to drop his bomb television into a empty swimming pool, causing it to explode and leak swimming pool water all over Sonic and his friends (which was okay since they kinda needed a cool-off from all the fighting). As the people of Stations Square cheer on the heroes for saving their city from Eggman (and the Station Square police dropped the charges on Clarissa and Tex because of their heroic acts), Clarissa thanks Sonic and his friends for helping her when almost nobody could help her find her "voice" in this world. Beat the Cheetah corrects her, telling her that she does have a "voice, a voice that starts with her own team. Clarissa looks confused and asks them if she really does have a team. Mack, Cassandra, Catherine, Astro, Soren and Tex correct her, assuring her that she does have a team, and it started with her friends whom they dub "The Rebels". "You're a Rebel, too, Clarissa. One of us". As the Rebels start cheering "One of us", Clarissa becomes overwhelmed with emotion and hugs her newfound team and friends, leading to a massive group hug followed by a romantic kiss shared with her boyfriend Tex, leading to a few cheers and "oohh's" from her teammates and friends.

As the teams celebrated by the Emerald Coast right by the hotel lobby, Sonic asks Clarissa of she and Tex plan on continuing staying in Station Square. Clarissa, though she previously planned to leave to another location with her boyfriend, she changed her mind after the heroic acts succeeded from defeating Eggman and decide to stay. Sonic and his friends were thrilled for Clarissa and so was she. A few weeks later, Clarissa and Tex gain their own new apartment neighboring just next door to Amy Rose's apartment. The following month, Clarissa and Tex are discovered to be expecting their first child and just nine months later, a healthy daughter, Mercy the Echidna, is born, making Clarissa and Tex's new life and family complete.

But her story hasn't ended, for it only just the beginning....

Aftermath, first child and darker lifestyle

A few months followed after saving Station Square from the attack of Eggman and his bots as well as welcoming a daughter with her beloved, Tex. Since then, Clarissa and Tex maintained a quieter yet darker side of their life living in Station Square by spending nights stalking the streets and abducting numerous strangers, some of which turned out to be escaped convicts or criminals put to rest for good. Clarissa couldn't help it. Somehow, the numerous k***ling sprees seem to satisfy her inner compulsive thoughts of wanting to kill. Tex agreed as well as he suffered from PTSD and this sort of "activity" for the both of them seemed to do them some comfort. Also, by targeting and abducting escaped convicts, burglars and thieves on the streets, they were able to collect their reward by rummaging through the deceased's pockets, leading them to have a deadly income of money to support their daughter.

Soon after, they in search of different targets to take down after Sonic and his friends started to get suspicious about Clarissa and Tex's mysterious late night disappearances. Hoping to clear their name, they started stalking Dr. Eggman so they could locate some of his robot army and attack them so that nobody could get hurt and that their name could be cleared. After a long trek through the Mushroom Jungle, Clarissa and Tex found themselves at Dr. Eggman's Egg Fortress where security was tight but their enemies were to overcome. After a heavy robot wreckage, Sonic and his friends arrived to help but then revealed to Clarissa and Tex that they knew what they were really doing late night when scavenging Station Square. Shocked by their knowledge, Clarissa and Tex tried to explain but then more of Eggman's robots showed up and began to attack causing Clarissa and Tex to push Sonic and his friends away for cover. For a minute, it seemed that Clarissa and Tex couldn't take on the robot army all by themselves. Luckily, their team, The Rebels, showed up in the nick of time and started helping. During the fight, Boomerang started fighting the robots with his powerful boomerangs while engaging in a conversation with Tex mid-fight. Boomerang asks him what had happened and why Sonic and the Sonic team weren't there to help. Tex says that the Sonic team were there but they just weren't talking to Clarissa and Tex because they know what they were doing late nights in the streets of Station Square. Boomerang emphasizes and asks Tex whether or not Sonic and his friends knew the reason for their killings. Tex replies 'no' and Boomerang tells Tex that he and Clarissa should tell Sonic about why they were doing what they were doing. Tex consents and they continue fending off the robots. Meanwhile, Clarissa fighting off the robots when she starts getting some odd stomach pains. Her comrade and team member, Catherine "The Great" the Echidna starts picking up some strange energy vibes and points at Clarissa worried for her safety. Catherine asks Clarissa what is wrong and Clarissa says she doesn't know but she believed she is wounded by one of the robot's fire. Seeing Clarissa clutch her stomach got Catherine curious and then she placed a hand on Clarissa's stomach herself to see why was she picking up those strange energy vibes. Feeling her stomach, she panics for she now knows the reason why Clarissa was in pain: she was PREGNANT. Catherine tells Clarissa this and though Clarissa is in utter confusion and disbelief, she groans in pain and clutches her stomach more and more. Catherine covers her mouth in fear as she watches Clarissa in pain and then Clarissa asks Catherine to help get her and Tex out of there. Catherine then alerts Tex, Boomerang and the rest of the Rebels and the whole team manages to escape the robots crossfire before an explosion sets off, closing off by one of the doors in the Eggman Fortress.

After examining the situation, Tex decided to get his girlfriend help and asks the team to help get Clarissa to a hospital. Before they leave, they are all confronted by Sonic, along with Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Vector, Espio, Charmy, as the Sonic Team. As the team angrily confronts Clarissa, Tex and the Rebels for their true natures as killers in connection for the suspicious deaths caused back in Stations Square, Sonic steps forward and asks them to give them one good reason why they shouldn't turn them in to the authorities. Clarissa then weakly speaks up from the Rebels team and admits that she's pregnant. Sonic and the rest of his team look on in shock and then Amy Rose moves forward to check on Clarissa's belly. Feeling the unborn child's movements, she confirms Clarissa's pregnancy and both teams are left speechless. Charmy suggests leaving her there to suffer but Vector and Espio ask them not to because of her pregnancy. They both yell at Charmy for his suggestion and Charmy admits that he was only joking and then asks Espio and Vector whether or not they knew a joke when they heard one. Sonic and his team were left with a dilemma, they wanted to turn Clarissa and Tex in to the authorities for what they were doing. Tex admits that although he and his team were bad guys who took joy in making people suffer particularity bad people, they admitted that they were only doing what they were doing as a means to satisfy their compulsive urges for killing by targeting other bad guys in Station Square and told them that were what they were doing also as a means to support their daughter or in this case, their growing family. Sonic and his team didn't know what to do but feeling sorry for Tex, The Rebels and Clarissa, they decided to spare her and her team by helping them escape the Eggman Fortress.

Escaping Eggman, hospitalization and second child

Once back on the ground, they joined hands together with Sonic and he super-sped them all to the nearest hospital where Clarissa was rushed into urgent care. One of the nurses confirmed that she was in labor and that the stress from fighting off Eggman's robots caused her labor pains to start early. Luckily, the Sonic Team and the Rebels were able to catch it early and get her help, had they not gotten out of that dangerous situation, she would've gone into premature labor. To postpone the labor till she was about eight months along, the nurses and doctors induced Clarissa into a cryogenic sleep coma until another three months had passed. Three months had passed and the Sonic Team and the Rebels met back at the hospital with Tex to see how Clarissa was doing. Once Clarissa woke up, she felt the labor pains and asked for her family while the nurses told her to push. After a three month postponement and a five hour labor, Clarissa gave birth to a healthy hedgehog daughter whom she and Tex named Lyra (apparently, The Golden Compass was on television when Clarissa went into labor). Overjoyed by the baby's arrival, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Cream, Vanilla, Vector, Espio, and Charmy gathered close by to look at the newborn child in awe just as Sonic came in with surprisingly good news. Due to lack of crucial evidence for the murders of the bad guys in Station Square and given that most of the victims were "Most Wanted" bad guys, the charges were dropped, the search party gave up and everyone was left to believe that a secret "hero" was running loose on the streets ridding Station Square of these villains. Clarissa and Tex were nearly heartwarmed by this title of "hero" by the people of Station Square and then Sonic asked them if they knew what they had to do, knowing that he is right. Clarissa admits looking for Eggman's robots to hunt down may not have been the best plan. Sonic warns her that this plan nearly cost her her team, her family and her life and that they should take some time off from fighting off bad guys and think about what could've happened. Clarissa admits "defeat" and says that she, her boyfriend and her team will take time off fighting "bad guys" to help raise their family and then Sonic congratulates them on their new addition.

Soon after, they all head home back in Station Square and Clarissa and Tex decided to "retire" from hunting, stalking and crime fighting to raise their family. Luckily for them, they didn't have to do it alone for Sonic and his friends helped out regularly with visits as well as Amy Rose and Cream suggested to Clarissa that she, Cream and her mother Vanilla could help with the babysitting. The Rebels stuck close by with Tex and Clarissa as both leaders and their own team forged a seemingly surrogate family, having grown closer after their shared traumatic experience fighting. Clarissa then promises to her team and to the Sonic team that neither daughters Mercy and Lyra will ever have to grow up with what she and Tex have to do for a living nor will they ever be exposed to the dangerous lifestyle of being a Freedom Fighter. Tex then clarifies that their daughters will have to learn how to be a Freedom Fighter or whatever they want to be someday. Clarissa then admits that they will have to learn someday and compromises with him, and both Tex and Clarissa and the Rebels watch in joy as Amy Rose, Cream and her mother Vanilla play with Mercy and Lyra in the living room while having lunch and watching television.


Clarissa is an average tall Hedgehog with a height of 5 ft' 6. Her fur is pink with her muzzle, chest, and torso being the color of peach. Her long, flowing hair is lavender/purple, thought, sometimes her hair turns a darker purple due to the high concentration of her powers and use of her mind. She inherited her green eyes from her late mother, Melissa. And her wardrobe consists of a grey tank-top with holes in it (from being worn frequently in apocalyptic situations), a light purple jacket to go with the tank-top, dark grey pants with jet black/white shoes with a green lining inside and on her hands she wears black fingerless gloves with a spiky grey bracelet on the left glove. Completing the wardrobe is a black hat that is often worn on the top of her head covering her stray, flowing hair, a brown scarf worn around her neck in case of injuries or dust storms or other and a matching brown belt worn with her grey pants. She also maintains newly several stretch marks on her belly from having two pregnancies (her daughters, Mercy and Lyra) and rather than have surgery to hide the scars, she embraces them.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Knuckles the Echidna

Amy Rose

Cream the Rabbit

Cheese the Chao

Vanilla the Rabbit

Espio the Chameleon

Charmy Bee

Vector the Crocodile

The Rebels (her team)

"Boomerang Mack" the Weasel (team member and ally)

"Cassandra Dangerous" the Hedgehog (team member and ally)

"Catherine the Great" the Echidna (team member and ally)

"Beat" the Cheetah (team member and ally)

"Astro" the Hedgehog (team member and ally)

"Soren" the Fox (team member and ally)

Mrs. Melissa Redman (her late mother whom she misses everyday)

Tex the Echidna (her boyfriend)

Mercy the Echidna (her first daughter with Tex)

Lyra the Hedgehog (her second daughter with Tex)


The Townspeople of Tora


Her victims

The Delta Psi Delta Fraternity (they have a bad reputation involving innocent collage girls)

Mr. John Redman (her late father because he molested her)

Police in Station Square (for various robot related crimes she hadn't committed in Station Square)

Chaos (The liquid life-form which she encountered variously in the Mystic Ruins)


"I don't know...How do you taste? [chuckles]"
—Clarissa speaking to one of her victims
"We're both tragic, lonely souls that don't fit in with anybody else in this world that we're just destined to find each other and be complete once again."
—Clarissa describing how she felt familiar not fitting in with society with her equal killer boyfriend/lover Tex the Echidna
"I just love the taste of blood in my mouth...somehow it soothes me"
—Clarissa to the two boys running away after she's found consuming her victims back in her hometown of Tora
"You expect me to go back home and face the man responsible for what I've done?! "
—Clarissa yelling at Sonic and his friends after they suggest she make amends with her late father
"NO! You don't understand! He was the one who was touching me!!"
—Clarissa revealing to Sonic and his friends that she was sexually abused by her father
"Nobody understood me! I was completely different on my own!"
—Clarissa describing to Sonic and his friend how terrible her life was growing up
"And then I met Tex..."
—Clarissa claiming how love with Tex saved her life
"We were both in sync instantly. He was always charming, funny and strong as the mountains go..."
—Clarissa describing the first week of love with Tex the Echidna
"And then, when it came to killings, we just fell together even more..."
—Clarissa claiming that killing "terrible people" just made them fall in love even more
"We both helped planned it. The killings. The murders. All of them beastly. "
—Clarissa describing her teaming up with her lover to kill negative people
"And then there was that one moment..that despite all that bloody carnage, helped bare the fruits of our labor..."
—Clarissa describing how she and her boyfriend romanticized over killing another person and then sharing a kiss over it
"We had such a can't take that away from me"
—Clarissa describing how powerful her love with Tex is aside from the nay-sayers judging them
"I miss her...every day...Sometimes I wondered how different my life would've turned out if she had lived"
—Clarissa talking about missing her mom and whether or not her life would've turned out different
—Clarissa coming out of the shadows to her victims while her boyfriend ambushed them
"C'mon, baby! Time to feast! [chuckles]"
—Clarissa helping her boyfriend attack one of the victims by holding out one of the arms
"That's it, baby! [chuckles] Oh, yeah! Someone's thirsty!"
—Clarissa's ecstasy as she aids her boyfriend Tex's cannibalism and vampirism on their male victim
"Baby, I don't know what I'd do without you...."
—Clarissa to her boyfriend Tex before they share another bloody kiss after killing
"You don't what kind of a life I've had. It's so tragic, you'd wish I was born different"
—Clarissa to Sonic and his friend about her past life in Tora
"Thirsty? TIME TO EAT! That's it! Dig in, boys!"
—Clarissa killing a victim in order to help feed her team The Rebels survive after they've ran out of food
"I did what I had to do"
—Clarissa to Sonic and his friends about her reasons for cannibalism
"You think that's how my story ends? But my side of the story ain't over...You don't know the half of it"
—Clarissa jokingly breaks the fourth wall to the audience as her eyes glow green after saving Station Square hinting her true nature
"Oh, you think that's all to it? You think my story ends? You think you know my story?? "
—Clarissa jokingly address the audience after she and Sonic and his gang save Station Square from Eggman
"I can't just leave my friends! They need me!"
—Clarissa to the homeless shelter she asked to run for her life
"I had to take their powers somehow! When I take a piece of them, I'm feel stronger, powerful, much better than I was growing up."
—Clarissa explaining why she cannibalized her victims
"When he helps me, I couldn't be more proud! It's like a hobby we share together"
—Clarissa about her boyfriend/lover Tex the Echidna helping her kill and devour her/his/their victims
"I don't want her to grow up like me..."
—Clarissa's worries about daughters Mercy and Lyra growing up to have the same fate
"Yes, she will...."
—Clarissa to Tex when he says that their daughters will have to learn to become Freedom Fighters one day


  • Her relationship with Tex the Echidna bares some comparison to the relationship between her friend Knuckles the Echidna and his girlfriend, Chloe the Hedgehog.

Theme song

Skylar Grey - Wreak Havoc Lyrics-1

Skylar Grey - Wreak Havoc Lyrics-1

Clarissa's main theme on her fighting, companions and murder skills. (Warning: explicit lyrics ahead)


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