Clara Alison The Hedgehog
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News Reporter
To keep things organized, to avoid trouble if possible, to leave no mystery unsolved.
Thugs, Her job (partially), being totally useless.
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Buttered Lobster

Clara is a news reporter who works for the local news station in Greenflower City. She currently lives alone in a small apartment. She broadcasts stories about big events or incidents happening in Station Square or in Greenlower City. When she's not on air, she's usually found taking care of children in the Bellflower Orphanage. She is a kind and motherly person, who worked hard to create a safe place for all the orphaned children to stay after the incident with the Black Rose Orphanage.

She made her debut as a lead supporting character in Splice The Hedgehog.

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Clara Sprite

A sprite of Clara

Clara is a blue hedgehog with dark blue eyes, and long quills that hang downward and in the mix with her equally long blue hair. Her hair ruffles along the side of her face, and she has a few bangs going over her eye. Her outfits may vary, but she's often seen wearing a reddish brown shirt and lime green pants. She wears basic white gloves and black shoes, and is usually found using red lipstick.


Clara is a wise and somewhat quiet person. She always speaks softly, and is often quite calm. She is always trying to think rationally, and come up with the most logical solution to her problems. Although once a cautious, distrusting woman, Lately, she's been much more open and outgoing. Since she has no reason to be on low profile all the time anymore, she's been trying to make a few new friends. She is still good at hiding her true feelings, though.

Strengths and Powers

Clara's main strengths are her stealthiness and wits. Many people don't even know she's been somewhere, and she's good at remaining undiscovered. She's also good at keeping secrets, which to her is essential. After raising Splice, she has had a great deal of experience with handling kids. (or rather, a kid.) She is also exceptionally good at first aid.

She is somewhat fast, and is notable for managing to outrun many pursuers and successfully lose them. Rarely has she ever been caught in a dangerous situation she cannot simply run from. Its rumored though, that she had to rescue someone. She also mentioned that she had to save Splice from someone once, implying that she is capable of fighting.

She has no special powers at all.

General Info

Clara raised Splice from when he was 5 years old. She ended up leaving him when she got a job in Station Square,
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Clara, by Nora Kouba

sometime after he turned 14. She still gave him all the support she could from afar, but Splice lived alone ever since. She began to live in an apartment in Station Square, once she became a News Reporter. As well as reporting incidents, she decided to investigate crimes in secret, and then broadcast the truth when she uncovered it. This was all practice for what she planned to do back in Green Flower City, with a certain chain of crimes that lead her to live in hiding for so long.

After the events of Splice The Hedgehog, Clara now lives back in Green Flower City in her old apartment. She currently has two jobs, one being a local News Reporter, and the other taking care of orphaned children. With the weight of staying under cover off of her shoulders, she feels much more freedom and is generally much happier now. She tries to keep in touch with Splice as often as possible, and nowadays his other friends as well. Though she leads a pretty busy life, she is quite happy with the way it is now.

Before Clara began to raise Splice, she had dreams of becoming a singer. Though she left those dreams behind soon afterward, she still loves singing to this day. She has a beautiful singing voice, but she only usually sings to herself in private. Few people have actually heard her sing, one of them being Splice. She actually used to sing him lullabies when he was a child.

Clara is planning to take a vacation off from work, rather soon. She doesn't plan on going anywhere in specific, but rather, spending more time with Splice and everyone else.

Back Story


Splice was an orphan who was taken in by the Black Rose Orphanage, located in Greenflower City. Clara The Hedgehog, a teenage girl at the time she worked there, was in charge of taking care of him. One day, while chasing after Splice who was wandering in areas he shouldn't be, Splice and Clara stumbled upon the back area of the orphanage and witnissed the boss striking deals with a group of thugs. There was a long silence when they all noticed each other, and Splice and Clara made a run for it. They were chased by the thugs all the way out of the entire west side of the city. After seeing Splice's incredible speed, Clara had him run a different way while she tried to lose them. They both met back up at an abandoned old house. They took residence in it, and lived there ever since.
Clara left Splice to become a news reporter when Splice was 14. She figured that he was old enough to hold up on his own for a while. She had to go to Station Square to work, as she didn't want to attract the Orphanage's attention. She still supported Splice by sending him money to go shopping, and paying the bills for the house. But Splice had to keep a low profile about his past and whatnot, to keep the orphanage from tracking them down. This had been going on until after the Blitz Pit Annual World Tournament (in which Kyle was the champion), when Clara came to Green Flower City to investigate the Orphanage, and hopefully get enough information to expose their secrets to the public. That was the true reason for her becoming a news reporter.

During the ending of Splice The Hedgehog, she successfully exposes the dark secrets of the Orphanage and its several accomplices, thanks to Splice and his friends. She then resigns from being a reporter in Station Square, moved back into Greenflower City, and took over the orphanage herself. She then renamed it to the Bellflower Orphanage. Soon afterwards, she ended up being a reporter for Green Flower City's news station, which was much less demanding than Station Square's.


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Dollmaker pic of Clara.

This one has an interestingly unlikely history. Originally starting off as a test, she began as a nameless face in a Sonic 3 styled breakable TV box. It was animated to have her appear to be talking. The sprite animation was originally to be used as an actual TV, as she was giving a news report. Thus, she was simply named "News Reporter". Originally intended to appear in the cancelled project previously in production before Splice The Hedgehog, She never appeared anywhere else. The sprite of her inside the TV sat for around a year before she was brought back as an actual character. Her role as a news reporter stayed the same, but for a greater purpose. She went from a nameless, unused existence of a character to the lead assisting character of the fan game, Splice The Hedgehog.

Most unexpected and clever, her character was successful.

She has been considered being an actual playable character in Splice The Hedgehog, Especially since it's been implied that she is capable of fighting, but it was ultimately decided against, as the character roster was already too full.



Ace Attorney's: She was actually the one reporting the incident at the hotel in Station Square. Splice The Hedgehog (Official RP of the Fangame): She plays a large role as an assisting character. Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament: She reported the incident in the ending.

The Mystery of Skull Cross: She is scheduled to appear as part of the main group.

Other Appearances

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame)

Relationships with Other Characters


Clara's real family is unknown. No one knows much about her personal life, even less about her family. Although it's generally thought that she tries to stay in contact with them from time to time.

Splice The Hedgehog

Not related by blood. Clara was Splice's caretaker who looked after him during their days in the Black Rose Orphanage, and continued on long after they had left. She see's Splice almost like a son of her own, and often worries about him. She does her best to support him from afar and to check up on him every now and then.


Though she trusts Splice's friends, she hasn't actually started a personal friendship with either of them.

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