Cquote1 Come my Child, the night is young, as you have so much left to learn... Cquote2
Clairvaux the Wise

Clairvaux the Wise is a wise Gargouille Elder, who has taught many.

Clairvaux the Gargouille

Biographical Information
Age Unknown
Relatives None
  • Master Clairvaux
Romantic Interests None
Physical Description
Species Gargoyle/Gargouille
Gender Male
  • Gray Scales
  • Blank-White Eyes
  • Wings
  • 8 Different Talismans
  • Wooden Staff
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • School of Martial Arts
  • Flight
  • Pyromancy/kinesis
  • Hydromancy/kinesis
  • Fulguramancy/kinesis
  • Electromancy/kinesis
  • Geomancy/kinesis
  • Areomancy/kinesis
  • Solaramancy/kinesis
  • Spectramancy/kinesis
Other Information
American V.A. Chembur
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Appearances RP: Black Magic
Original Creator Chembur


The School of Arts

Clairvaux was known for teaching many children the Arts of Patience, Balance, and Skill. Of the many students, two of his best, Drakus the Gargoyle, and Toront the Dhole. each fought with Honor, and would Die fightning if they must. however Clairvaux knew of what was to come, as saw who Toront truly was, not with his eyes, but with his mind. This was another reason as he gave The Blades of the Gargoyle to Drakus.

The Traitor

of the Students, Toront was a traitor, who allowed Rogue Warriors to enter the school and attack, Clairvaux did not show during the fight, as to him, this was a test of who was truly prepared. Clairvaux appears next to Drakus, after Drakus has ran miles through the night, attempting to catch Toront. he says Drakus is ready


Clairvaux might seem like an Elder, but he is remarkable in combat, he can't even be touched in a fight! his eight tailismans each give him a different strength: Bravery, Faith, Respect, Honor, Immortality, Luck, Agility, and Intelligence. also he can disguise himself, and no one would notice him, or even feel his presence. he is said to be both, a Medicine Man, and a Sage. he can also control six different elements, both through Magic and Energy, but he is not an Omnimancer or Omnikinetic, he can control: Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, Sky, Light, and Darkness.  he fights with his large staff.


Clairvaux is kindhearted, and always seems to be in tune with Nature. whenever he is challenged to a fight, he warns his opponent, but in the end, the Opponent can never even touch Clairvaux. He is sometimes known for his mysterious ways. Clairvaux has a Grandfather-like tone to his voice

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