Claira the Bat. (Drawn by LOTG/LucarioKing.)

Claira Carmilla is a bat and Nataru's cousin.she is most well known for protecting bats in belltowers from angry mobs trying to tear them down...and her complex with Nataru.


Claira has black wings that seem like halves of a heart.her fur is a blue-ish green and green eyes.she has spiky red hair, a rather big pair of breasts that rival Rouge's and she always wears her red matter where she is.she also wears blood red high-heels, red jeans and a blue t-shirt with a black heart on the front of where her breasts are.


Claira was raised by nataru's uncle and her father Relius Carmilla since her mother disappeared.she was taught how to fly, fight and use her nightvision with sonar by day she when she reached the age of 15 she was quite busty...she was taken to meet his cousin Nataru the Rabbit.and when she saw eyes began to roll like a slot machine and land on hearts.she then developed her complex crush towards him and take him into his room and lock the door behind her and start having kissing sessions with him against his will.she still does today in exchange for giving him wine.but that's night when Claira was leaving with her father an incident similar to nataru's happened.Claira awakened to her true strength and tried to protect her father from the same robot who killed Nataru's mother...but the robot was too strong and it knocked her into the sky and launched her far away....when she was about to land she saw that there were pitchforks and other sharp objects that would kill her so she screamed as loud as she could,a massive swarm of bats came and caught her before she landed.she then became forever grateful towards them and vowed to protect them with her life as if they were her own.this led her to fight angry mobs that were trying to destroy their homes...the belltowers.and that is what she still does today when needed.One day when she reunited with Nataru she was simply overjoyed and planted a long and wet kiss on nataru's lips...letting go Nataru decided to try and tell her his story and about his worked since he can't marry her.Claira,knowing she has a job as a bartender decides to make deal with him saying that if he let's her give him a lot of kisses, she'll give him as much cherry wine as he needs.reluctant at first but needing the wine, Nataru agreed.from then on Nataru and Claira started seeing each other more and more.but...Claira's crush on nataru is fading since she's met a certain blue bunny....


Claira is sweet and friendly....but seductive and a bit lustful at the same time.she just loves rabbits and little bats.But if she finds any other species to be cute she'll jump it whenever she can.she hates angry mobs that try to break belltowers and when her affection is denied.

Powers and Abilities

Wind sickle - Claira is able to launch sickles made of pure wind but sharp enough to cut through a man's body in an instant.

Flare Comet - Claira performs this by flying extremely high and fly down extremely fast.starting to burn up like a comet.if she hits her target they won't be moving ever again.if she misses however she will take a bit of a bruising herself.

She's famous for perfecting cloning.she can create up to 8 clones of herself.and they can be felt.but they're fragile and can be taken down with one shot.the clones and the real can't be told apart though.

She can also turn invisible with her cloaking device.

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