Mobibu is a city on the planet Mobius in the Emerald Hill universe. The city is a combination of Mobius and Malibu, California. The city is located in the Emerald Coast region. The city is the county seat of Emerald County.


  • CoastTran provides subway/commuter rail service to Emerald County, including Mobibu. A few subway stations are located here, but not as many as Parkview. There are also connections to the Airport, East Bay and Hickelberg Cove.
  • Emerald Coast Regional Transit is the bus operator in Emerald County, including Mobibu. As a core component to the bus system, many of the routes are located in Mobibu, and there is even a Park-and-Ride.
  • The Emerald County Airfield was expanded in 2010 and now houses the Emerald Beach International Airport, commonly called the Mobibu Airport by locals. The airport provides many flight connections to PECRA and other cities around the region and the world.

Many tour bus companies (the largest of which is BeachWays) and taxis serve the city as well.


Public Schools

The city was served by the Emerald County School District until 2006. In 2007, Mobibu formed its own school district, Mobibu City Schools, which is served by transportation from Fast Student.

Private Schools

  • Narley's School of Surfing (yea!)
  • Coastal Weather Academy
  • Lifeguard Academy
  • Bullmore Private School


The city does not have a city council, which is unusual. It has a mayor, along with a Board of Advisors and Citizens' Council.


The city is located in a tropical climate, which has many pros and cons.


  • The sea breeze helps keep the area along the coast cooler than inland areas.
  • The area sees perfect conditions for parties!


  • The sea breeze can, along with moisture, spark off thunderstorms that then move inland, according to Scooter the Hedgehog.
  • Flooding is a concern since the city is lower in elevation than other areas.
  • The beachfront property can be ravaged by high waves.



  • Mobibu Police Department
  • Mobibu Area Fire & Rescue
  • Emerald Coast Guard Mobibu
  • Mobibu Coastal Greenspace
  • Mobibu Parks & Recreation
  • Mobibu Department of Planning


  • Mobibu Area TMC

There is only one freeway in Mobibu and Emerald County: Route 89. There are many well-maintained streets in the city, as well as along the beaches.

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