This is an article about Citrus the Bear, a character created by Alphonse Uprising on 02/18/2018.

Cquote1 B-Bonjour, good sir! O-Or ma'am, whatever you'd like to be called! Cquote2
Citrus de Lasaux, when visiting her shop for the first time.

Citrus de Lasaux is a polar bear from Grenoble, France. She owns a small shop in Paris where she sells useful items like ring packs, speed shoes, shields, and more. Citrus has cryo-aerokinesis, or the ability to manipulate with cold air.


Citrus is characterised as being incredibly shy, despite owning a shop.


Citrus is the daughter of former Neo-Knights agent, Matthias de Lasaux-- also known as STORM-101 by other members.


Cryo-Aerokinesis: The manipulation of cold air.


Surfing: This allows her to "ride" the air at very high speeds, as long as it's cold enough.
Push/pull: Using manipulation of strong winds, Citrus can push or pull heavy objects, similar to telekinesis.
Tornado: Citrus spins so quickly that she creates winds fast enough to form a miniature tornado. Objects, including people, are sucked into the mini-tornado, and thrown out in random directions to deal blind damage to its unfortunate targets.
Freeze: Citrus can use her icy breath to freeze liquids, allowing her to walk on them.



Warmth: There has to be at least a little bit of warmth in order for her powers to be effective.

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