"Hey, c'mon, c'mon. That can't be all, can it?"
—Cinos the Hedge
Cinos the Hedge
March 15, 1971
Combat Style
Self-Taught Street Brawling, Hakkyokuseiken Practitioner
Zange the Hedge: Rival/Best Friend Tong Fu Lein: Old Teacher
Fighting, women, his gloves, custom tailored jeans
Ugly women, ugly men, slugs, dirty fighting
None; he does part time jobs to get by


Cinos the Hedge is an orphan who was born and raised on the crime-infested streets of West Town. All he could remember since the day he could walk was fighting and more fighting. His entire life is dictated by brawls and battles, whether it be back alley fights with street punks or defending himself from murderous psychopaths looking for blood to spill. As a result, he had developed a keen sense of danger, as well as a powerful fighting style based off brawling and dirty street fighting. However, he had also become exactly what everyone else in the town was, a dirty criminal.

At the age of 15, he had met an unfamiliar soul wandering around the streets of West Town. Being impulsive and brash as well as looking for a quick buck, he instantly challenged the mysterious old foreigner to a fight. Believing his own strength to be undefeatable, he charged in and expected a swift victory. Instead, he was quickly subdued and defeated. The foreigner broke Cinos' legs and demanded the boy to kneel and beg for forgiveness. Naturally, he refused and was quickly knocked unconscious by a powerful blow by the foreigner.

When he had reawakened, he found himself in an unfamiliar place with the foreigner. His legs had been mysteriously mended and his many wounds fixed up. The memory of being brutally defeated still fresh on his mind, he demanded the foreigner to fight him again.

"Daft boy! If you must challenge someone, you must be able to discern your own strength as well as your opponents! Foolish boy! If you still cannot tell our differences in strength, then you are no better than the hundrends of trash living in that garbage heap of a town!"

-The Foreigner

To punctuate his statement, the foreigner simply tapped Cinos' leg with a long, spindly finger. Instantly, the pain and trauma from his shattered bones returned and sent the boy into painful convulsions. Cinos begged the man to stop the pain, but he did not let go of his finger.

"Boy, if you wish for me to stop, then you shall swear to me that you will never dabble in crime again! Boy, if you wish for the pain to end, then you shall swear to become my apprentice and learn to become a decent individual!"

-The Foreigner

Wracked by intense pain and seeing no other choice, Cinos agreed and swore to renounce his criminal ways as well as becoming a student under the tortuous man.

Since then on, Cinos trained under the old foreigner. He learned the man's name was Tong Fu Lein, and that he practiced a dying martial art called Hakkyokuseiken. Despite him harboring extreme resentment towards the old man, he slowly began to respect the man's skill as a fighter as well as a parental figure. Eventually, Cinos transformed from a rude, and disrespectful boy into a respectful and powerful young man. His fighting style also had evolved from a crude, street brawling style into a more refined form that mixes both his own craftiness and the strength that comes from Hakkyokuseiken. However, he had relinquished fighting dirty, and only accepts fair fighting.

After three years of training under the tutelage of Tung Fu Lein, he finally detached himself from his old teacher and returned to his birthplace of West Town.


Cinos is a hedgehog. Therefore he has the prerequisite spiny quills and fur, but he also keeps a long patch of fur that he grows out on purpose out of respect for his old teacher. His coloration is primarily gold and yellow, and he has a preference for red clothing. His favorite article of clothing is his red hat, his jacket, and the pair of gloves he inherited from his teacher.


Cinos' personality is best described as rude, as well as brash. However, this is only a facade he puts up in front of people he doesn't know. Around his close friends, he's much more amiable and respectful, mainly due to his upbringing by his old teacher. Around his enemies though, he acts cocky and overconfident on purpose in order to infuriate them into letting their guards down. However, he knows to never underestimate any threat, no matter how small it may seem.

Cinos absolutely detests unfair and dirty fighting, and believes unarmed fighting to be the most "true" form of fighting. If he sees anyone who uses a weapon, he immediately disregards the battle as a real fight, and seeks to end it as soon as possible. This also extends to "Super Forms" or any sort of power up. He will also not hold back if his opponent begins to fight unfairly, as it reminds him of his own past as a dirty fighter.

Cinos is also a lecher. He loves hitting on women of any age and species. Though it's mostly harmless, women shouldn't let their guards down.

He does have a rather large phobia of having his legs injured, as he never wishes to suffer the pain of having his bones shattered ever again.

Combat Style

Cinos' battling style is best described as a combination of modern street brawling and martial arts. While Cinos shies away from all out brawling, he uses many skills he learned as a street punk in his combat form. His strikes are strong and hard. One punch from him can be described as being struck by a speeding truck barreling down a hill. This is further bolstered by his mastery in Hakkyokuseiken, which gives him full control over his own spirit force. Allowing him to increase the power behind his blows by diverting all his energy into one punch.


Being trained in the ancient martial art of Hakkyokuseiken has granted Cinos a great amount of control over his spirit energy. By utilizing this control, he can increase the force behind his blows, nullify the pain he receives as well as doping himself in order to continue the fight. His spirit-infused punches have the capacity to allow him to plow through five inch thick steel walls as if they were made of cardboard. However, it does not completely prevent him from suffering the requisite damage that he gets from punching through a five inch thick steel wall, therefore he'll probably get a broken arm and several shattered finger bones if he does it repeatedly. He can also manipulate his own spirit force through matter like a wave. One of his favorite moves is to punch the earth with a spirit-infused fist, and have his spirit rebound underground and explode out from underneath his opponent.


Zange the Hedge

Zange the Hedge is one of Cinos' closest friends, as well as his fiercest rival. The two first met on the streets of West Town as enemies. Despite Cinos' powerful punches and blows, Zange's extreme body and endurance allowed him to match Cinos' Spirit-infused punches and return them blow by blow. The two eventually finished their match by a draw and both left with the word rematch flying from their mouths. A few years later, the two eventually reunited as a team in order to save a mutual friend. Since then, the two have become inseparable friends and an incredibly powerful team.

Tung Fu Lein

Cinos' old teacher and the last master of Hakkyokuseiken. After a disastrous first meeting that involved a young Cinos losing both of his legs, Tung Fu Lein kidnapped Cinos and forced the young man to become his student and learn a thing or two about respect and humility. Eventually, his training changed Cinos for the better. After Cinos leaves, the old man was never heard from again.n

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