"Hello...M-my name is Cinnamon."
—Cinnamon's introduction to Amy, Tails, Cream & Chris

Cinnamon is a red-colored blue-eyed rabbit. She’s a lost little rabbit who wanders around the castle aimlessly


in search for help and she accompanies Amy Rose, Tails, Cream and Chris on their journey back out of the haunted castle they gotten lost in.


Cinnamon is a short, red/light-orange colored rabbit with red orange hair and blue eyes. She looks similarly to Cream. She wears a blue hair band with a bow, a matching short blue dress, white gloves and matching blue shoes and white socks for comfort. She wields rare fire abilities for protection from the paranormal.


In the episode "Fire Power!", Amy Rose, Tails and Cream chaperone Chris Thorndyke's school tour along to a spooky abandoned castle along near the Azure Lake. Inside the castle, the team gets separated and lost inside the castle during which they meet a young lost little rabbit named Cinnamon who was wandering aimlessly through the castle in search for her missing mother and father.

Along the way, the team quickly learn they’re not alone when they are attacked by hoards of malevolent mischievous ghosts who love to toy with the visiting tourists in the castle. Luckily, Cinnamon thinks fast and quickly wards them off using her fire-power. Amy and the team are surprised by this, especially since she is the first ever fire-element rabbit they’ve encountered or befriended so far.

Cinnamon explains that she wasn’t always alone; she used to have a mother and father. Her mother was a normal rabbit and her father was a red-colored fox whom she inherited the fire-elemental powers from. She further explains that the fire elemental powers she inherited come from a long generation of fire-wielders through the paternal side of her family, as well as being descended form many different species. She also sadly explains how she got lost: one day, she and her mother and father were exploring the castle in search for help after they’ve gotten lost from their tourist group that had simply forgotten they were inside and locked up the castle after they’ve left. While searching, Cinnnamon and her parents became frightened by the paranormal activity of ghosts growing dangerously in the castle and so the family had to run. But the more they ran, the more they had gotten lost further and further throughout the castle. Eventually, to keep her safe, Cinnamon’s mother and father basically sacrificed themselves by finding a safe hidden room (which was built with a rare precious moonstone metal specifically made to keep ghosts out) and put her inside to keep her safe from the ghosts while they took off running in the opposite direction as to lure away the ghosts from their child and to try and find help. Sadly, neither mother and father ever came back and it was presumed the ghosts had got them. Cinnamon mourned losing her parents and has since, she has braved exiting outside the hidden room just to try to find help and escape the haunted castle. Thankfully, Amy, Tails, Cream and Chris came along and they all helped her escape to the outside safely. Since then, she’s become a sidekick to Amy and others of the Sonic Team.


  • She becomes friends with Amy Rose, Tails, Cream the Rabbit & Chris Thorndyke.
  • Her enemies are ghosts.
  • Her favorite color is blue as evident in her wardrobe.
  • She wields fire-power abilities for protection (the first rabbit ever to do so; according to Amy, Tails, Cream & Chris)
  • She has a "normal" (non-power wielding) rabbit mother and a fire-wielding fox father.
  • She is a "mixed" rabbit whose family is descended form many different species of animals.
  • Her father's side of the family are fire-wielders.
  • Her favorite drink is a Frosty Jr.


"Are lost in the castle, like me?"
—Cinnamon's first question to Amy and her team
"I've gotten lost too. Me and my family have tried to find our way out..."
—Cinnamon describing her trip inside the castle
"I don't know...My mother and father are missing..."
—Cinnamon, when Chris and Tails ask where her parents are
"Be careful. The ghosts in this castle are pretty spooky..."
—Cinnamon warning Amy, Tails, Cream & Chris about the castle ghosts
"And mean too! The ghosts are always chasing me around...That's why I hid back in the special room"
—Cinnamon describing her trouble with the ghosts in the castle
"Quick! This way...!"
—Cinnamon helping Amy, Tails, Cream & Chris escape from the ghosts
"I have fire powers...It's my specialties "
—Cinnamon demonstrating use of her fire abilities against the ghosts
"Take that, dumb ghosts!"
—Cinnamon's first survival battle quote during the ghost attacks
"Stop scaring me and my friends!!"
—Cinnamon's 2nd survival battle quote during the ghost attacks
"Thanks for saving there anything I can do for you?"
—Cinnamon's thanks to Amy, Tails Cream & Chris for escaping the castle
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