The Interview

# 1. Given Cinnamon's parents mysteriously disappeared, will they make a comeback yet? If so, how will she react?

A) Since they have not returned in a while, it is very unlikely to assume they will ever return.

# 2. Can you say why she was originally "Bella the Arcane" as said in her fun facts section?

A) Cinnamon was originally a different character. More information can be found on the Creation and Development section!

# 3. Outside of her siblings, who do you think Cinnamon has a good chemistry with in the cast of Dimitri Chronicles?

A) She is fond of Dimitri and Daiku since they aided her in saving her siblings. Similarly, she also has a good chemistry with Ramonna, who has the same cooking habits as her and looks reliable.

# 4. What do you think she'd do if she lost her siblings somehow (death, separation, etc)?

A) The poor girl would probably never forgive herself and would not rest until she hunted down the one responsible. 

# 5. Has her command over light manipulation caused any trouble for her at all?

A) Overuse can lead her to become rather light-headed. If used extensively at night, it could potentially attract mosquitoes. 

# 6. Relatedly, how good would you say she is at her light-based abilities?

A) She lacks formal training, so she has yet to explore many offensive aspects of the power. Alternatively, she is particularly creative with their passive usage and tries to incorporate them in her daily life as a huntress and older sister.

# 7. Finally, what would her reaction be if she realized she was being interviewed here?

A) She would be a little uneasy at first since she would not know your intentions. After realizing her siblings would not be in danger, Cinnamon would invite you in and most likely prepare tea so you guys could talk!
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