Cinder the Cat


Cinder the Cat


  • Cyndi (When people try to gey on her nerves)
  • Wildcat (She's also called Cinder the Wildcat)
  • Ghost (by most of her enemies since she silently appears and disappears)
  • Terror (by most of her enemies)


Unknown, teen






Dark grey fur,semi short black hair with long bangs covering at laest one eye,fluffy ears,large fluffy tail with white tip,fluffy white muzzle,emerald green eyes.


Can control earth by day,fire by night,and darkness during times of a bright or full moon.She is also a skilled ninja.


Her abilities,sometimes a sword like a katana,shuriken.


Shadow,being left along,exploring,reading,writing,(sometimes poetry)music,fighting,Gingalain,stargazing,nature,animals,peace,and new adventures.She also loves being able to do/go whatever/wherever she wants.


Rude/mean people,unnecessary violence,chaos,most bugs(mainly spiders)Silver,being left behind,people who constantly bother her,when people pick on her friends,guns of any kind.  


She is occasionally afraid of lightning,guns,and fire,she's terrified of falling from high places,(she likes being up high,but is afraid of falling)and she'll do anything to save those she loves.She is also afraid of spiders.(and most other bugs)

I am currently rewritting most of Cinder's story and life. Gingalain 06:22, April 18, 2010 (UTC)


Cinder is pretty much anti-social, and has been most of her life. She doesn't really want anything to do with anyone anymore. She's always trying to find a reason to live, since as of now, she has none. She is often confused with what she's should do, but when the time comes, she always seems to do the right thing. She often doesn't like who she is, but she doesn't really hate herself, she just wishes she could change who she is.


Cinder speaks English mostly, but can also speak perfect Dragon launguage. She likes to seak Dragon when she wants to say things she wants no one else to hear, since no one else can understand her besides Gingalain. Dragon language is often said to be the most beautiful language since even if you can't understand it,it still sounds beautiful. 


Cinder either uses her fire, earth, or darkness abilities, or her katana or other sword. She always has her shuriken with her, which she seems to pull out of nowhere.


Poison: Cynder is very skilled with using poison, isn't affected by many of them.

Darkness: Cinder uses darkness the most when she is angry, which is when it is the most powerful. Darkness is Cinder's true element.

Fear: Cynder has the ability to use fear, which can normally scare most opponents, although it doesn't work on some.

Wind: Cynder doesn't use wind much, but she often uses it to jump higher or longer distances.

Martial Arts: Cinder is a skilled ninja, who prefers kicking much more than punching. She often uses strategey to find out her opponents weak points and then finishes the fight quickly, unless she feels liike taunting them. She doesn't like killing, even if it's necessary.


Cinder has dark grey fur, semi short black hair with long bangs usually covering at least one eye, fluffy ears, large fluffy tail with white tip, fluffy white muzzle, emerald green eyes.


Gingalain is a small dragon who is often seen sitting on her shoulder talking to her in dragon language.

He is her special dragon,who's job is to give her advice when she needs it. Strangely enough, he doesn't have wings unless he's about to fly, in which his wings magically appear. He uses electricity instead of fire. His ability is he can predict the future, but he can only tell how things will end, here's his way of putting it:

Good: Hrr!

Perfect: Hrrr!*Flying in a circle*

Okay: Hrr.

Not so good: Hrrrrrr.

Bad: Hrr.*Shaking head*

Horrible: HRRR!!!

Nice knowin you we're all doomed: H-HHRRR!!! *Passes out*

Don't think you have him figured out, since whenever he speaks it always sounds like "hrr", since he only speaks dragon.

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Pictures of Cinder




Another Cinder pic


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Cinder using darkness

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