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Cig Danes

Cig, commonly referred to as Thunder Of The Schoolground , is a male human with the ability to see ghosts. He is a supporting character in Mysterious University, in which he gets thrown over to Arle by some zombies that Malcom summoned.


Cig Danes by Black Silver

He appears to have a strange habit to wear beanies indoors, even when its not cold. But that's his lifestyle. Some even say it was the beanie that gave him the ability to see ghosts.

Physical Description

Cig is an australian human who is somewhat tall.

Cig has a hairstyle that covers his left eye. He wears a a green beanie with a picture of a ghost printed on it and a grey polo shirt with a trademark collar. His skinny jeans are navy and he has light blue eyes.

Taking his normal appearance into consideration, Cig just looks like an Australian that moved into the artic. And he actually was before he went to the university.


Cig is a rowdy and adventurous Australian that LOVES cheddar cheese. He is prone to nosebleed, cramps and fainting but that's a little disease he has called Aquenos. Its not until he was 7 he got the beanie and interacted with ghosts (and ghost penguins!).

History and Appearances


Cig was born in Sydney, Australia. He was bought to military school 3 times for 2 weeks in total at 8 to make him stop beliving in ghosts. He strided with it though and became one of the best children there. At 13, he was thrown out of Sydney and took residence in the north pole. He found some friends there and, when he saw the flyer for the university, he decided to sign up and go there. And that's how he befriended Arle! He met her when she was being beaten up by a zombie. But Cig was taller and returned the favour by beating up the zombie. Arle became his friend after the bully fell to the ground. She had a necklace that let her see ghosts too. It wasn't long before he also befriended Malcom, one of the head ghosts, and Templeton, the PE teacher. He lives as a normal student there, waiting to see what will happen next.

Strengths and Powers

Despite being an artic boy, Cig was taught a lot when he found out about the art of icejitsu, an advanced category of martial arts. These martial arts included being able to vanish into snow, call upon a ghost yeti, turn into a snow monster, being able to throw frost snowballs and many other snow related attacks. He also knows normal martial arts and how to do a backflip or lunge

Weapon Summoning

Cig can cast snow related weapons such as a frost axe, snow sword or ice shield. A rise of his snow sword can make snow fall on his foes and freeze them. The frost axe covers an enemy's hands in ice on hit, making them unable to use their weapons. The ice shield can freeze Cig in a large dome shaped ice cube that makes him unable to get hurt but also unable to attack. He can shout "ICE SHIELD, OFF!" to unfreeze himself and shout "SNOW SWORD, OFF!" to unfreeze his enemy.

Creation and Development

The concept for this character was created while Black Silver was trying to make a digimon OC. But he had a good idea to make it another one of his characters.

Relationships with Other Characters

Friends and Allies

  • Sonic (Idol)
  • Arle (best friend)
  • Penguin Group
  • Any good guy.


  • Anyone that allies themselves with evil

Related Music

Gunstar Heroes - Theme of Seven-Force Genesis Music

Gunstar Heroes - Theme of Seven-Force Genesis Music

Cig's boss theme

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