These are all the members of the Church of the Black Wheel. Many members fulfill specific roles within the group, such as the priests and priestesses who can draw upon direct mental links with Buer himself, often via lucid dreaming, to the Avatars of Sin who have willingly sold their souls to any of the Hell's Hounds in exchange for power, as well as the ability to use the unique power of the Sin they gave their soul to.

Avatars of Sin

Avatars of Pride

Avatars of Despair

Avatars of Lust

  • Thessalia the Cobra - Female; apart from natural venomancy, she is able to use Casanove's unique power (Obsessive Focus) without having to enter a Musaboru form.

Avatars of Gluttony

Avatars of Wrath

  • Venkalt the Caiman - Male; he is able to use Marunha's unique power (Retribution) without having to enter a Gekido form.
  • Emrys the Serpent Lord - Male; He is able to augment and amplify his Boitatá Serpent morph and his gunpowder manipulation by using Marunha's unique power, Retribution, through entering a Gekido form.

Avatars of Sloth

Avatars of Greed

Avatars of Envy

  • Klaus the Porcupine - Male; apart from psychokinesis, he is able to use Zaelan's unique power (Power Copy) without having to enter an Urayamu form.

Priests and Priestesses


??? Warriors

Members trained to be frontline fighters, they are capable of wielding HellMagick.

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