Church of the Black Wheel
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Church of the Black Wheel
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IntentionsTo bring Buer into Mobius
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AffiliationHell's Hounds

A highly secretive cult that remains unknown to most people, the Church of the Black Wheel is dedicated to the worship of Buer, the Black Wheel of Decay. Due to their incredible secrecy, their overall level of influence and power is unknown...


Seeking the Philosopher's Stone

Fifty years after the Church had been established, the fabled Philosopher's Stone, said to be able to turn any substance into gold and precious stones, bestow immortality and grant every wish conceivable, had gone from a divine treasure of the gods to a thing of incredible evil. Buer's power in the Stone had long been locked in a stalemate with Ka's, creating a harmonious and powerful balance, but the insatiable curiosity of mortalkind coupled with the Black Wheel's beguilement ensured that he was now in control of the Stone's power, and people used it to commit great evils.

The Church, having been devoted to Buer from the very beginning, sought the Stone for themselves, but for a different purpose; ancient tomes claimed that the Stone was also a powerful key, one capable of unlocking the doors to different universes, including the Hyperverse and Putriverse. As the Buer had overridden most of Ka's influence within the Stone, the Church knew they could use it to grant the Black Wheel access to Mobius, with little interference from Ka.


At that time, an alchemist by the name of Hermes Treismajice, already well-aware of the horrors the once noble Stone was now capable of creating, sought a way to destroy it once and for all. Such an immensely powerful artifact could wreak disastrous consequences if Hermes did not successfully destroy it, forcing him to be incredibly cautious. He carried the Stone at that time, yet was somehow immune to its corrupting touch.

But he had little time to research; the Church had eyes everywhere, and he was certain that they would find him soon. Even when he pored all his time into finding a way to destroy the Stone, the Church found him. Hermes was forced to flee, taking the Stone with him.

The Splitting of the Stone

While he could not completely destroy the Stone, he relied on the next best option; taking an obsidian dagger, he split the Stone in half. This caused a massive, brilliant blast of light, staggering the cultists who pursued Hermes and giving him time to escape. Taking Ka's half of the Stone, he sealed himself away in a hidden, underground temple, the Stone keeping him alive and preventing him from aging. The other half had been flung far away in the blast, and has become lost to time...



The Church is incredibly secretive, and many of their beliefs are unknown, save for their primary goal; to reform the Philosopher's Stone and use it to unlock the door to the Putriverse, granting Buer himself access to Mobius while letting him keep the absolute power he normally holds in his realm.


Surprisingly, the Church doesn't have many strict policies, apart from requiring absolute loyalty to both the Church and to Buer, and to not give away the location of the Church's primary base, or to give away their secrets.

Members are also required to respect one another, and to help each other in any way possible; for this reason, the Church acts much like a family unit; a massive one dedicated to pure evil.

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