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The Chronosabre is a sword able to control time. It was created by the rogue Endless God Kandalor and is currently protected by Vendeta the Hedgehog.


The Chronosabre is a large, dark blue longsword with a silhouette similar to that of the Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII. The blunter edge of the sword has several circular holes in it, each with holographic clocks that tell different times. There is also a large clock near where the hilt meets the blade itself. This clock tells a different time for different people depending on how long they've held the Chronosabre for. For example, to anyone who has never held the Chronosabre, the time would read 12 o'clock, but for Vendeta, who briefly used the sword, it reads 5 minutes past 12.


The Chronosabre's main power is the ability to control time and space to an astounding degree. It is capable of removing events from time without creating paradoxes, thus taking apart time piece by piece and reassembling it. Memories of anything that was removed in this way are wiped, and the only people capable of remembering such events are Endless Gods. It also allows other chronokenetic abilities such as freezing and traveling through time, similar to Chaos Control.

However, the Chronosabre has a major draw:the blade has a will of it's own and corrupts the user overtime. Anyone who uses the sword for a long period of time has blue lines that cover their skin, traveling out from the hand they hold the sword in too the rest of the body. The blade's power is also addictive, and is harder to put down the more you use it. Users tend to suffer withdrawal symptoms after the blade is taken away from them, although this only happens when someone uses the blade for a long period of time. After 12 hours of usage, the blade corrupts it's user entirely, changing into a different form and covering the user like armour. Their will is completely dominated by that of the Chronosabre and drives them to insanity, causing the timestream to become extremely unstable.



Several thousand years ago, the Endless God of Time, Kandalor, grew sick of the God's laws which prevented him from intervening in the mortal world. Instead of breaking them directly and risking him losing his power, he found a loophole in the Laws of Godhood: while the God's couldn't intervene directly in the mortal world, he could logically intervene indirectly through some kind of item. Thus, he created the Chronosabre and placed it on the planet of Kryte.

Kryte and the first Guardians

The Krytians were thankful for the gift and used it to advance their civilisation by hundreds of years. However, after using the blade a few times, the Krytains realised the Chronosabre might be bad for their health and circulated it between a group of around 100 people:the first Guardians of the Chronosabre. However, the addiction of the blade started to kick in and the Guardians fought each other for the blade, desiring it's power. Eventually, the other Krytians were forced to kill the Guardians with a nuclear strike, although it was unable to destroy the Chronosabre. They decided to set up a new Guardians of the Chronosabre, but this time no one would use the blade. Kryte had benefited massively from the Chronosabre, but it could also destroy it.

Expansion of the Guardians

Eventually, several other alien civilisations heard about the Chronosabre and sent their fleets to Kryte to get it. The Guardians trained in psychokinesis so they could attack their enemies without engaging in direct combat. Several wars happened on Kryte over the next 100 or so years. Eventually, with most of the planet in ruins, Kryte surrendered, but revealed to the other civilisations what the Chronosabre did to them. Eventually, some of the wiser civilisations sent new members to refresh the Guardian's numbers. A peace treaty was made that Kryte's Templar City, the location of the Chronosabre, would be neutral ground. From there on out, the Guardians of the Chronosabre flourished.

Guardian Civil War and present

Around 10 years ago, the rouge guardian Tel-Eth initiated a civil war to claim the Chronosabre, wanting to use it to bring his planet back from the dead. The civil war killed every member of the Guardians except Tel-Eth and Vendeta, who used the sword to send Tel-Eth 200 years into the future. Vendeta is currently the only Guardian of the Chronosabre.


  • Kandalor
  • Guardians of the Chronosabre
    • Vendeta the Hedgehog
    • Around 100 Krytians.


  • There are multiple different versions of the Chronosabre, each representing a different power of the Endless Gods. However, they don't have the same amount of power and don't have a 12 hour time limit, although they are still addictive. The location or most of them are currently unknown, although Sasha Walker currently possesses the Cryosabre.

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