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Chrono the Corrupted is a blood red hedgehog with orange eyes. His quills stand upright and his teeth are sharp like a shark's. He wear's a simple black coat and has normal shoes that are the color red. His physical age is 19 while his chronological age is unknown.


He is quite collected, despite going crazed and feral at times, especially around energy he loves. Even when he is feral, he is cunning and knows when to back off in a losing fight. These attributes and his abilities make him quite dangerous. He does show mercy, but very rarily.



Chrono, a blood red hedgehog, was sealed away in a block of ice with a precious jewel known as the Blood Tear. Many years later he was released by a green hedgehog named Arrow and thus began the rampage of Chrono. Later on he absorbed the dark energy of Yang the Hybrid which killed Yang. But the dark energy was too much for Chrono and he transformed into Chrono Corrupted. As Chrono Corrupted he desired more energy, specifically corrupted and dark energy. He also absorbed the life energy of others to enhanced his life. He even broke his blood tear, which houses corrupted energy, into 8 emeralds. They were the seven blood emeralds and the corrupted emerald, which all the emeralds house corrupted energy but the corrupted emerald has an infinite supply of it. Chrono Corrupted then made a shrine to this corruption. At this time a lifeform came to Earth/Mobius to cleanse the corruptedness. His name is Pura, a pure white hedgehog which can purify any energy source of corruption. Chrono Corrupted and Pura did battle many times with Chrono Corrupted fleeing before Pura could Purify him.

Phazon Arc

While on the run, Chrono encountered an energy being quite like none before. This being's name is Phaaze the Hedgecat and his energy that attracted Chrono to him was known as Phazon. Chrono encountered Phaaze, who was tending to an injured Renee. Phaaze and Chrono duked it out, Phaaze to protect himself and Renee from the lifestealing energy being; and Chrono to drain both the life energy from Renee along with the Phazon energy from Phaaze. In the end, Phaaze lost and Chrono took him to his cave, leaving behind the injured Renee as an act of mercy. While Chrono was draining the Phazon energy from Phaaze, he acquired some Phazon on like properties, such as his red fur started having a tint of blue in it and as a side effect, started making Chrono more feraled. Chrono was disrupted from his meal when a purple hedgehog with a scythe that was made of red phazon came to rescue the victim of Chrono's lust. This purple hedgehog was the corrupted Matthias the Shining Darkness who has become the being know as Cor. Cor and Chrono fought, in which Chrono lost due to the distortion of the energy inside of him cause of the Phazon he took. Cor slashed Chrono to the soul, draining the Phazon from the soul and causing Chrono to black out.


Chrono has the power to drain energy from all things that even have a small amount of energy. He can also use energy base attacks, which most are corrupted energy, such as corrupted lance and corrupted blade. It is known that he has some time base powers, but he doesn't use them much. It is unknown if he acquired Phazon based attacks when he was draining Phaaze of his Phazon.


He has an ability called Energy Drain which when one attacks him with energy base attacks, he absorbs it into him and powers up a bit, also healing any wounds he has if he was harmed. His other ability is time related but it is unknown what this ability does or what it is called.


He is quite agile and decently fast, enough to avoid most attacks by reflex. Though his concentration, when feral, prevents him from being as evasive as he could have been.


He is weak to one kind of energy, which is pure clensing energy. Anything pure can hurt him. It can be noted that he can be harmed by water based attacks since water is usually pure. During the Phazon Arc, he was also weak to Phazon due to him consuming Phazon energy, thus making him somewhat a Phazon Being, which can only be harmed by Phazon based attacks. But seeing as he is wasn't a pure Phazon Being, he was still weak to his other weaknesses.

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