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The Chronicles of Damien is a game by William. The game is the second installment to the TVOS franchise, and therefore is the continuation of TBB. In this game, the Battle of Central City is pivotal and people have less hope for Sonic and believe that considering the amount of deaths that occurred, Sonic is held responsible as he didn't save them. Sonic however stays confident and believes he can save the people of his city.

However, a man that looks awfully like Sonic comes out of his slumber, attacking Sonic and co at a party, the team then prepare for a new adventure, an adventure which tests friendships, gives in to sacrfice, and the right choices, while another figure also comes to Earth when this mysterious figure does, to which the team take in to which her name is revealed to be Skye, the key to also taking out he who goes by Damien and saving the world. Again...

Chapter 1: Green Hill

The scene begins with Sonic who's running across a grassfield. Its morning,there's lots of sunshine and trees and its just in general, a nice place to be in. (Green Hill: Chill Weather) (Green Hill: Sunshine Love) (PC: Sonic). Sonic here is just relaxed, he's still running around this grassfield. He thinks through all his past adventures, from Adventure 1 to his most recent with Argo. He's still surprised that he made it alive through that with Argo and he just feels really lucky. This, you can tell through Sonic's facial expressions as he smiles alot. Then, we see Tails in his Tornado, flying above Sonic as a shadow is formed. Tails waves at Sonic and then tells Sonic through communicator that they maybe should call this a day and head back to the base. Sonic stops though and tells Tails he's not going out without any competition. Tails chuckles and realizes what Sonic is saying, he presses a button on his Tornado and a robot appears from within the ground. Tails tells Sonic that the robot's name is EGGY-A21 but for short can all it Eggy. Sonic smiles again, silently saying, "That's what I'm talking about", and running to the robot. (Green Hill: Boss: EGGY) (PC: Sonic). Sonic defeats the boss and then heads back to the base.


Green Hill Base

Sonic and Tails enter the base and Sonic drinks some water. The base is quite wide-spaced and big to say the least, there's loads of laboratories and such that Tails works in as well as parking spaces, places to test Sonic's speed etc. There's loads of rooms and room in itself. Sonic asks Tails how he did as he juggles with his water bottle and Tails looks at his computer's readings and tells him that he's reached speeds of 482.803 kilometers per hour hence he has gone up to speeds of 300 mph. Sonic and Tails have a moment of celebration and Tails tells Sonic that he's getting quicker by the week. There's then another tab on Tails' computer that has text written on. There's bianary and on the other side of the same tab there's actual written text that writes itself. Sonic questions what that is and Tails explains to Sonic about how that's his new AI (to which then Tails adds a "Kind of"), he explains to Sonic about how he doesn't have a form yet of actual AI though has a sort of AI in itself like a bot almost. The text reads, "Well done Sonic". Sonic asks Tails if it can hear and Tails says it can, it has all capabilities of a sort of AI. Sonic has a little play around with the non talking AI then Sonic tells Tails that he might sleep for a bit. Sonic leaves as Tails types away on his computer.

Chapter 2: Minor Mishaps 

Shadow and Rogue are practising skills at gun practise, Shadow is using his gun to shoot at targets along with Rogue using a Viper Pistol. (Minigame: Shoot at the targets) (PC: Shadow, Rogue). They soon finish and then rest. Shadow then decides to sit down, Rogue approaches him asking him what's the matter. Shadow explains to Rogue that he's been having weird dreams, about Maria. He tells Rouge that ever since Argo played up with his mind, he has been having these dreams about Maria more frequently and what would've happened if Maria was never killed. Rogue comforts Shadow telling him that Maria was an unfortunate casualty and that she doesn't really know how to help. Shadow tells Rogue that its fine, and that it isn't a big deal and that he's okay. Shadow then leaves the gun practise room.

Tails tells Sonic that his speed has increased overtime and he is getting faster. Sonic and Tails then have a conversation about their previous adventure and how Eggman has not shown up to them yet. Sonic tells Tails that either way, whatever happens, he'll be ready, he then says thatr after all they've been practising up here in the peace and quiet of Green Hill. They continue their conversation.

Amy and Gamma however are at the beach and are talking. Amy tells Gamma that she's ben confused about something for quite a bit and Gamma asks what to which Amy asks how Gamma recognised him on Eggman's ship two years ago. Gamma tells Amy that he doesn't really know, he just had the urgency to do so. Amy then asks what about one of Sonic's earliest adventures, as they fought side by side then. Gamma considers the possibility. Gamma spots an army of Egg Robots soon appear and attack the team, to which the team stop them. (Adventure Field: Salunira) (Salunira: Palm Springs) (Salunira: New Day) (Playble: Amy, Gamma) Eggman soon appears, in a mobile suit similar to the one of Sonic Adventure 2. He spots the duo, and tells them to move out of his way, as he's trying to find something. Amy tells Eggman that whenever he says something like that, she knows that he's up to no good, to which she picks up her Piko Piko Hammer and goes into a stance. Eggman chuckles and tells her he doesn't have time for this, he presses a button, and his robot transforms into a more bigger robots of sorts, Eggman now protected by a spherical window around him. (Salunira: Boss: Egg Hazard) (Playable: Amy, Gamma). They defeat the robot and Amy walks up to Eggman with Gamma pointing his gattling gun at him, asks him what he was looking for, and Eggman tells her that he was looking for an artifact, something beyond them. Amy asks what and then Eggman's robot recharges, and flies away while Eggman laughs while the camera pans out as Amy and Gamma look into the sky where Eggman flew.

The camera cuts back to Sonic, who's next to the Secetary of State, who talks to him about the Battle of Central City and the lives he has saved, she thanks him. Sonic is back at the base, and Tails tells Sonic that they have to go to the Town Square and that they should use his teleportation device to get them there. Sonic asks Tails what's the fun in that, to which Sonic speeds off. Tails stands there, and nods and then activates the device. (Adventure Field: Green Zone Base) (Town Square: Wiz Avenue) (Town Square: Short Cuts) (Playable: Sonic) Sonic makes it to the Town Square, and there's a whole crowd of people there awaiting a speech. Sonic goes backstage and Tails is there too, Tails asks how the journey was sarcastically and Sonic tells him that it was nice, Tails asks Sonic if he's ready and Sonic says that he is, he remembers what Tails told him. Tails looks at Sonic, and asks him if he's really sure, since he doesn't want Sonic to get embarassed or anything by all those people. Sonic counters the statement asking Tails if he made a speech a year ago on the Battle of Central City (sarcastically), Sonic then walks through the curtains and then suddenly the crowd go wild, with music playing and confetti launching into the sky. Sonic then makes a speech dealing with The Battle of Central City, he is first reading off a note on his arm though then comes up with a speech himself talking about how life is precious and how we should use that mentality and state of mind to fight whatever obstacle thrown at us, whatever that obstacle is. There's some cameras also filming Sonic, news cameras, drones etc. After the speech, everyone then cheers for Sonic and confetti is launched again. Tails, who watches it from a screen backstage from one of the cameras filming Sonic, also smiles. 

The GUN Commander is in the room that looks similar to that of Shadow the Hedgehog he talks to a GUN Soldier about the way the world works and the importance of survival until the workers' laptops (which they work on, same as in Shadow's game) suddenly turn off and turn back on. The Commander stops mid sentence and tells the soldier to get down there and see what just happened, and call the mechanic. Another soldier then runs to him, panicking, the Commander asks what has happened and the soldier says a defense robot has broken out of containment. The camera then switches to a Defense Robot flying all around the place, using its gattling guns to fire everywhere. GUN Soldiers do shoot at it although the Defense Robot does shoot some of them down, punching some of them or throwing them around. Shadow is walking through a hallway and suddenly sees the robot charging at him. Shadow pursuses the loose robot. (Minor Malfunction: Loose Cannon) (Playable: Shadow) Rogue eventually catches up to Shadow, and asks him what's going on and Shadow just tells her to just tell the Commander that he has it under control. 


G.U.N Defence Unit (the robot unit)

Shadow then continues to pursue the robot. (Minor Malfunction: Speedway Tunnels) (Playable: Shadow). The robot then lands at a grassfield, mysteriously. Shadow commands the robot to shut down, as he tried shouting before but it was flying too fast. The robot then turns around and looks at Shadow, it's stance is very uneven and it has red eyes. Omega also appears having flown there. Shadow commands it again to shut down although it doesn't. Shadow tells Omega to close it. However, a few seconds later, Omega tells Shadow that he can't, since there's a blockage, a sort of algroithm that isn't G.U.N's. Shadow asks the robot who it is and then the robot finally responds although it usues multiple radio voices similar to Bumblebee. The robot tells the two that "it's all a lie". Omega and Shadow look at each other in confusion. The robot then mutters multiple words such as "Argo", "Sonic", "Terroism", etc and ends with "Artficial Intelligence". Shadow asks what the robot is and the robot tells Shadow that he's a gift bringer, he intends to create something that'll benefit everyone.

Shadow asks what its planning and the robot tells Shadow that that's classified, he explains to Shadow about how life is something that we can't control, and so at whenever we can just drop and die, there's no second chance, or as he says, at least that of which we know of and he wants to give people that second chance at life, that second chance at rebirth and to do things life. Omega asks if he wants to hack life, as that's the way life works, the robot then asks if he to which he looks at Shadow specifically, ever wanted to chance to right a wrong, to change even one thing. Shadow asks what the robot wants to change, the robot pauses and tilts its head, telling them that it just wants to right a wrong with humanity. Shadow has enough and shoots at the robot, although the robot then activates its Combat Mode, and shoots at Shadow to which Shadow hides behind a tree, and Omega activates a shield of sorts. Omega tells Shadow that GUN had installed a Defense Intelligence in the robot so it will gather his next moves so he has to be smart about things. Shadow tells Omega to try hack into the robot's mainframe and try damage it so the robot is distracted and also to see what's controlling it. (Minor Malfunction: Boss: Defense Robot) (Playable: Shadow, Omega). The robot then begins to malfunction, and glitch up. While it does, it does start to laugh. Shadow shoots at its head, making it fall to the ground. 

Shadow reports back to the Commander, although tells the Commander that it was just a minor mishap, and the robot malfunctioned. Omega asks the Commander if there were any severe casualties and he tells them that fortunately no one died, a few injuries but they'll pick back up. Shadow and Omega then go to Rogue and she asks if they're okay and they tell her that they're fine though they have to talk about something. (Adventure Field: GUN Base) (Playable: Shadow, Rouge, Omega). Team Chaotix are in their office, doing their casual thing, then Mighty bursts into the room, telling Vector, Charmy and Espio that they got a letter. The three at first are confused as to what he's talking about, until Mighty opens up the letter and he reads it, it states that Sonic is having a small gathering at his base in Green Hill Zone, and he wants them to come. Vector and Charmy go optimistic although Espio tells them that they have a job to do, Vector tells him that they clearly don't have any missions on their hand, they're free guys. Charmy makes a point telling Espio that they did have a party after they defeated Argo, Espio does nod in agreement. He then says that they'll go but only because its for Sonic. The rest of them then cheer in happiness. 

Big and Cream are at Cream's house again, Cream has grown up now and is a 14 year old girl, she's talking to Big about school and her friends and stuff like that. There's then a knock on the door to which Gemerl answers. Cream has moved away from Angel Island and now lives on earth. Gemerl tells them that they got a letter from Sonic, Vanilla walks up to open it, and reads it. She then looks at Cream and Big and tells them that it's a party for Sonic, and he wants the both of them to come. Gemerl tells her that it's probably because of Sonic's speech on the news earlier in the week. Cream tells Vanilla that she wants to go and Big tells her that he can go with. Vanilla accepts this, and Cream rushes up to her room, with Cheese.

There's then hooded figures seen on hoverboards that fly past the camera. Knuckles goes after them. (Hover Chase: Goose Chase) (Hover Chase: Rocky Grounds) (Playable: Knuckles) Knuckles captures one of them and then asks why they keep coming after the Emerald, they broke it once, they're not going to again. The echidna tells Knuckles that they're Raiders, and what does he expect, the echidna then grabs a crystal out of his pocket which grows quite brightly and it causes a shockwave, sending Knuckles flying into the bark of a tree. Knuckles then stands up and then asks the echinda what that is to which the echinda responds with "a treasure", to which he aims it at Knuckles and a beam is unleashed from it, Knuckles ducks as the beam completely obliterates the tree. Knuckles then collides with the echinda. (Hover Chase: Boss: Unknown) (Playable: Knuckles). Knuckles defeats the echinda, as a collapsing tree falls on him, Knuckles grabs the mysterious triangular crystal and keeps it, knowing that it isn't a Chaos Emerald. He heads back to the Master Emerald shrine to which he sees a small plane land next to it. Knuckles heads for it until he finds out that it's Tails. Knuckles and Tails catch up with each other for a bit then Tails tells Knuckles that Sonic is having a party at the new base, and that he's invited. Knuckles asks why and Tails tells him they're feeling happy, Sonic made a speech to half the city, and he really wants a gathering, for old times sake. Knuckles then says he will, to which Tails accepts, he gives Knuckles the coordinates, and after a small conversation about planes and choices of transport, Tails flies off the island in his Tornado. Knuckles then takes another look at the crystal which he hides from Tails. (Adventure Field: Master Emerald Shrine) (Playable: Knuckles)

Amy and Gamma are walking near a forest to which Gamma is sent a signal, he informs Amy about this and says that he's decrypted the signal, as it was morse code, after a few moments, he then looks at Amy and tells her that Sonic has invited to them to a party, the camera then zooms in on Amy with a confused look in her eyes.

Team Dark talk about the Defense Robot and what had happened, Shadow tells them that the robot talked about rethinking humanity, and he tries to get the team's input to which Rouge suggests that someone was behind this though they just need to find out who. Shadow suggests a possible hacker, though Omega says that he had ran an advanced malware scan on the suit and there were no traces of malware or keylogging. There was no trace of anything, Shadow then sticks to his point thinking that there's someone out there after them. Omega then also gets the same signal as Gamma, and he does the exact same procedure, Rouge asks Omega what happened, and Omega says they have an invite. (Adventure Field: GUN Base) (Playable: Shadow, Rouge, Omega).

6 hours later...

Sonic and Tails are preparing the party at the base, Green Hill Base. Sonic asks Tails if he sent out the invites and Tails says that he has. It then cuts to later on, where Sonic and Tails are just waiting for people to come in, with Sonic throwing a ball and catching it himself, then someone knocks and is revealed to be Team Chaotix. It then cuts again to later on in the party at night, where Team Chaotix, Team Rose and Team Dark all attend, and all proceed to have a good time. Vector brings his guitar where he plays his music from, its quite a lively enviornment. Shadow and Rouge sit down and discuss the robot more, trying to understand its capabilities and who's really behind it though they don't really come up with anything though in the conversation Rouge suggests maybe a computer is behind it, an entity within a computer. Sonic, after finishing dancing, goes upstairs and watches over the party and smiles. Tails asks Sonic how he's doing, and Sonic tells Tails that he's just watching over the party, he looks at Tails and tells Tails that he never expected this to happen, he never thought he would become a hero, like the public say he is, and him seeing his friends enjoy the party really gives him a good feeling. Tails pats Sonic on the back explaining to him that this is what he wanted his whole life (Sonic), he told him always when he was younger that he never wanted to just sit down, do nothing and eventually die, he wanted to mean something to people and he's achieved that goal. Sonic chuckles and says that he never thought they'd be able to get this far, here and now. Sonic thanks Tails for all he's done, since he says without him, he wouldn't be here. The two continue their conversation and eventually hug.

The camera then cuts to the teams all sitting down, and play all kinds of games. Rouge fires bullets at Sonic, and Sonic catches those bullets, they also practise using the Piko Piko Hammer etc. It's a montage scene, and is very humorous. Then, the montage ends with the team just talking about previous adventures and laughing, even trying to get Shadow to lighten up a bit. They talk about how they first met, and how they're all at where they're at now, even revealing some secrets that are quite funny.

They're talk ends on them talking about Argo, and their adventure then, until suddenly there's a bang heard on the walls opposite the team. It's heard three times, and a part of the wall begins to crack and finally bursts open and then a Sonic looking figure walks out of it. It has red eyes, and while it walks it limps a bit.


The room eventually goes silent since everyone in the room does, they all stand from their seats slowly entering their stance positions. The figure looks around the room, as if he recognised the place. He literally has all the features of Sonic besides the eyes. Sonic looks at it very perplexed and confused, Shadow asks who it is, to which the figure looks at Shadow and smiles, also having the same mannerisms as Sonic. He asks them what year this is and the team all then look estranged. The figure then apologises to the team for the entrance and he looks back at the broken bit of wall. He scoffs and tells them that that's gonna be quite a lot of wasted time, Sonic asks who he is and why he looks exactly like him and the figure tells them that he's sorry for the entrance, he introduces himself as Damien, he also says Sonic's name. Sonic asks where he's from and Damien tells Sonic that he just wants to be apart of the party in which Damien starts dancing and slowly stops, he calls the team edgy, and always looking into the negative side of things. He explains to them that if that's the way they want it, Shadow asks it if he hacked into the robot, and Damien calls Shadow a smart soldier, Tails asks how and Damien explains to him that if he were to explain, not even the mind of the (as he calls him) "The Great Miles Prower" would know.  Knuckles asks why he came here and to stop playing around. Damien then says that this team are really like in the history books, he calls them brave and heartless yet they're having a party 5 minutes before he intervened, he then tells the team that since they want to know so badly, he wants to rewrite humanity, start anew, he wants to control the world. The camera does cut to some members of the team, preparing their gear, Rouge grabbing her gun slowly, Knuckles clenching his fists, Amy grabbing her hammer etc. Damien says that he's figured out the problem with humanity, he's uncovered the grand code behind it, and why it has so many flaws, and so many incosistencies, and he wants to undo that, make the world in a greater light and make the world like it was destined to be. Sonic asks how, Damien pauses and says to them, "Your extinction.." and then a whole squadron of GUN Defense Robots burst from the walls and attack the team.

There's a short cutscene in which Sonic and co fight these robots and some moneyshots too. We get some clean transitions to other characters as they battle the robots. Vector using his guitar as a weapon, Espio using his karate and fighting skills, Omega and Gamma using gattling guns, Sonic making his hand vibrate and stabbing the robots and punching them (thus phasing through them and destroying them, an ability he learnt from TBB) etc. (The Ambush: Party Crashers) (Playable: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Big, Cream, Amy, Gamma, Espio, Vector, Charmy, Mighty, Shadow, Rouge, Omega) Damien then charges at Sonic and fights him, when he runs, a red electric looking streak appears comapred to Sonic's more smoother blue streak and he is actually quite fast. Sonic battles him. (The Ambush: Boss: Damien) (Playable: Sonic) Sonic is defeated, and when he is, he truly gets a sense of Damien's power. They continue to battle, and Sonic asks where he got his speed from, Damien then speed barges Sonic and tells him that he got his speed from his creator to which he throws Sonic. 

The other cast members are also seen fighting. The Defense Robots are quite formiddable considering the fact that they learn the enemy's fighting techniques using it against them, and also has a variety of weapons. There's one scene where Vector is taken to an upper floor, Espio picks up his guitar and throws it at Knuckles who jumps on a table and throws it at Vector, who kicks it out of his grip and once on hold of his guitar, smashes the robot's head with it (there's a quick time event here). Rouge is fighting one robot, and eventually drop kicks it, the robot heads for her, although she dodges. Knuckles unfortunately gets in the way, and the robot "spears" Knuckles out of the broken bit of the wall, Sonic sees this and tries to save him although Damien speed barges him out the way and tries fighting all of them. Tails then grabs a weapon which creates a droning sound of kinds, and all the robots then stop in their tracks, and eventually start dropping, Damien screams, and looks at Sonic and tells him that he'll be back, he laughs and then runs off. Tails grabs his tablet to which a scout drone is sent out of the broken part of the wall to search for Knuckles, he informs his friends of this. (Mission: Search for Knuckles) (Playable: Tails (you play as the drone so technically). Sonic tells Tails that Knuckles has most likely fallen into the waterfall, he should be there, Tails tells Sonic that he can't find anything, he found the robot although it's destroyed, Knuckles probably fought it. 

We then see Sonic and the rest of the team in another room, discussing the situation. All giving their input on the situation to some extent. Cream tells them that Knuckles could really be anywhere, and she asks how they're gonna find him, she then iterates that Knuckles couldn't have died. Tails agrees with Cream giving his input saying Knuckles has probably ended up somewhere he wasn't, he then informs the team that this isn't the first time they lost Knuckles (referring to The Blue Blur game). The team then calm down a bit, the team then discuss the robot. Sonic tells them that it told them that it wanted to rewrite humanity (to which Espio says that that isn't the first time someone's try to do that), Omega asks if it could possibly involve renewing time, the team don't really get a clear answer though. But decide that they have to stop him, Sonic also mentions that Damien had speed based abilities like him and when he asked him, Damien told him, his creator did. The team now question who his creator could be though ultimately don't know. Rouge tells them that she'll warn GUN, its most likely they escaped GUN Containment due to Damien, so they should warn GUN of this vulnerability. Shadow and Omega go too. The camera then pans out on the Green Hill Base's exterior. (Adventure Field: Green Hill Base) (Playble: Sonic, Tails, Team Rose, Team Dark, Team Chaotix) (Relaxing Stage: Green Hill Base) (PC: Sonic)


Eggman's New Fleet

Eggman is in his fleet, in the room similar to that of Sonic Unleashed though there's more detail in it. He's sitting down thinking to himself and here is where Orbot interrupts and asks Eggman what he's doing and he tells them that he doesn't really know what to do with Sonic. Orbot then tries iterating to Eggman about goals and how Eggman should go after them, he then asks if Eggman is really gonna waste his life trying to defeat him. Cubot tells Eggman that didn't he say he was gonna find some new crystal, and then Eggman finally remembers. He tells the two to follow him. They enter a room, a labratory with one of the crystals. There's a robot there testing with it and Eggman asks how the tests are going and the robot informs him that the crystal is a strange one, it doesn't really emit energy, although the crystal seems like its attracted to something, magnetised almost, so it tells Eggman that he was most likely correct in thinking there were more crystals just like it. Eggman asks the robot if they could use it as a guide of kinds, and the robot says they probably could, they just dunno how. The crystal is red, and triangular shaped, and it almost seems to have little red cubes, coming off it acting as sparks in a way. Eggman enters a facility, later on, where Metal Sonic is standing in a green tube, Eggman unleashes him out and Eggman tells Metal that he has a task for him.

The Commander is in a room talking with Team Dark as well as the President. They inform him that the GUN Defense Robots seem to have gone rogue, as while at a "gathering" at Sonic's base, the defense robots had attacked them, although it seemed to have had a host controlling it. They say that he was Sonic looking and went by the name Damien. The Commander asks them if the links in with last time, when the robot went rogue, and Shadow apologises to the Commander telling him that it wasn't a glitch, it seemed like someone was controlling the robot. Omega then adds that there's probably a breach somewhere in the robot which makes them a threat, and a security breach. The President tells them that there's still a whole batch of them at the GUN Test Faclity upstate.

Rouge suggests to them that they destroy the robots, as long as this Damien guy is still around, or there'll be chaos. The Commander commands Team Dark go to the facility, and shut down the robots, their computer scientist unit will be able to help them close down the robots. (GUN Factory: Negative Zone) (GUN Factory: Scrap Facility) (Playable: Shadow, Rouge, Omega). They make it there and eventually discover the GUN Defense Robot manafacturer Dan Illis. They talk to him about the worries that the Commander has though don't mention the party at all and what happened there. The manafacturer takes them to a lower floor of the facility, where they see a whole batch of them, all lined up however shut down, although the robots are all still intact, and nothing has broken, making the team wonder how Damien got alot of them to escape. The manafacturer decides to close it although the robots then turn on. Team Dark don't notice at first, until,one robot fires at Omega, though Omega shoots back. Shadow asks Dan what's taking so long, as he's on the main computer, he tells them that they should've shut down completely since he reboot their system. There are different varities of robots there, although some are destroyed or just dummies. All the Defense Robots looks at the Team and tell them that Damien is no threat, they call him a saviour. Dan is shocked by seeing this, even here his computer closes, the robots attack the team. (Mission: Defeat 50 enimies) (Playable: Shadow, Rouge, Omega) The robots cause mass chaos flying out of the ground and shooting up scientists even, and massacering the whole facility. One robot shoots at Shadow, to which he dodges, and the bullets hit Dan, who staggers backwards and drops. A spider robot then appears shooting up the storage room, and eventually jumps up smashing the ceiling and (since they're in a lower part of the building) onto the upper floor. The team stop it. (GUN Factory: Boss: GUN Inflitrator) (Playable: Shadow, Rouge, Omega). They defeat it, and suddenly the spider robot starts to beep and after a little argument on what it is, the robot explodes, destroying the facility completely.

Team Chaotix are back in their office, and Charmy and Mighty are watching TV however, Mighty changes to the news and there's a headline story, apparently a reported unknown figure has appeared from out of nowhere in the middle of Clamber Bridge, they soon believe its Damien, but it looks more humanoid. The two alert the rest and decide to go check it out before GUN do. (Sally Road: Speedway Pathways) (Sally Road: Car Confusion) (Playable: Vector, Espio, Charmy, Mighty). They make it to the scene, news cameras and news helicopters and even police helicopters entering the scene, also some destroyed cars but no casualties. The figure is on the floor, and eventually stands up. Its a fox, wearing a very advanced suit, she has sparks coming off her, and she looks around, and is out of breath, when the camera pans in on her, she asks everyone there (as people do film her) what year this is.

Chapter 3: Skye 

Knuckles wakes up in the forest, he stands up and looks around.


Mask the attackers wear

Not knowing where he is, and how he would make it back to Green Hill. He decides to explore the forest. (Kiln Island: Black Mesa) (Kiln Island: Ballistic Weather) (Playable: Knuckles) Knuckles has noticed that the island looks very strange, with small temples. There are then some attackers that attack Knuckles, one of them is sitting on a creature of some kind. (Kiln Island: Boss: Limad Spider) (Playable: Knuckles) Knuckles defeats the attackers as well one of these so called attackers which ride on the boss. Knuckles takes him down, and pins him down. The attacker wears a weird looking mask, as if a metal banaclava (like in the picture provided). He asks the attacker how he knows him and and the attacker laughs telling Knuckles that the League of Kasillius want Knuckles dead. Knuckles asks why and the attacker tells Knuckles that Knuckles is a guardian, guardians are targets, he says that the league want Knuckles since he has something quite precious to them, Knuckles asks what and the attacker says the Nexus Key. The attacker continues to cackle telling Knuckles that the Nexus Keys hold the key to unlocking greatness, to controlling everything and anything. Knuckles punches the attacker knocking him out. He stands there confused for a bit and then runs straight.

There's then a camera view scene of a destroyed facility, a factory. There are firefighters that are there that clear out the fire, people are filming. The camera then cuts to a helicopter view of the situation, and then news headlines appear on the screen describing what happened. The President is there beholding the tragedy, he calls someone on his phone although still looking at the facility. The Commander picks up the phone, the President tells him that he recalls Team Dark having to shut down the robots at this facility, he then asks why he isn't seeing Shadow or Rouge or Omega climbing out of the rubble by now. The Commander says he did, as he looks at the news headlines in shock. The President asks where they could be.

Rouge and Omega wake up in a new place although it isn't Central City. It seems like a village. Rouge stands up and sees a wooden sign saying "Welcome to Massau". Rouge looks at Omega and asks where they are, and Omega says that they're in the continent of Soumerca. Rouge looks around and calls Shadow's name, but hears nothing. Omega tells Shadow that he thinks Shadow chas controlled them somewhere else completely. Omega suggests they explore the place, find out where they are. It's a rocky place. (Massau: Rocky Hills) (Massau: Hard Soil) (Playable: Rouge, Omega).

The two walk on, although see that Eggman has quite a firm grip on the town, his troops patrolling certain areas. They see a spherical looking residence, with windows and all. Rouge and Omega look at each other, then walk further, but some Egg Troops do attack. A flying squirell comes to their side, who fights them, grabs one by the tail and flings it to a tree. The two look at him, quite estranged. Rouge asks the squirrel who he is, and the squirrel lands and introduces himself as Ray the Flying Squirrel, he asks the two what they're doing in Massau, or more specifcally Moss' house. Rouge asks who that is, and Ray asks who they are.

Moss' village hut

Omega tells them that they're GUN agents, they were in an incident and woke up here, they just wanna know what's going on. Ray decides to believe them, one quite big Egg robot attacks them. (Massau: Boss: Egg Kilo) (Playable: Rouge, Omega). Soon, a sloth comes out of the house asking them what all that racket is. The sloth then defeats the robot by swinging on some trees and attacking its eyes, he rips off the Egg Kilo's head, assisting them. After Rouge and Omega discuss what happened and how they ended up where they did, Moss decides to take them all in. (Adventure Field: Massau) (Playable: Rouge, Omega, Ray)

The fox is at Chaotix Office, Sonic and Tails are also there along with the Chaotix. Sonic asks how she's feeling, she tells Sonic that she feels fine, she then realizes who the six are. She says that that's the Legendary Sonic the Hedgehog, she then looks at the Chaotix and says that they're the Greatest Detectives in history, she says that it's just like in the history books, The Great War. Tails then looks at the fox closely, and then the fox starts getting a little more ecstatic introducing herself, Skye. He then asks if she's from the future. She says that she is, she tells them that she's from the year 3437 PXE. Tails says that Silver's from then. Espio asks how and why she came here to this time, and Skye tells them that she came here because of a robot, Tails then asks if that robot is Damien, and Skye scoffs saying that she didn't know he valued a name. She explains to them that she is that robot's creator, she made it. Sonic asks why the robot came here and she tells them that it had all started in a laboratory, she was a scientist and had expertise in mechanics and engerineering as well as programming, she wanted to make a lifelike robot, they've already been made but she wanted to make one with the ability of speed unlike the rest of them at the time, Sonic asks why it looks like him however Skye only reveals that she made a Sonic dummy, just to test the body in, it wasn't gonna be a permanent thing, although eventually it went out of control, it wanted to consitently become smarter and it asked more questions dealing with how to be Mobian, how to be sentient how to be alive in general until one day, it betrayed her.

She says that it one day attacked her and they eventually engaged in a fight, to which she had to use her abilties to fend it off, she arrived in this time, the robot could fight exactly like Sonic, probably even better, it then told her after a few "police bots" attacked the base, to which they both had to fend off, asked if she was ready for a new history lesson and it ran, all the way around the base, and eventually created a portal and travelled through it. Skye was on the run and had to research about singularities and dimmensional code, in order to figure out where he could've went, and eventually with the help of a professor she knows, she was able to replicate that velocity, but instead using lightning as a source, she found herself here eventually. The Chaotix and Sonic and Tails stand there baffled trying to figure out what the robot wants, Mighty asks if the robot gave any indications to his plan, since Damien told them he wanted to rewrite humanity and fix its flaws, she tells them that it always wondered about humanity's nature to say the least though an indication of a plan was beyond her. Sonic tells her that that's what they're trying to figure, he elaborates that the robot hacked into a squadron of robots, he asks her if that's an ability it had, and Skye tells her that she never gave him abilities beyond her,he must've learnt that himself, after all he did travel back in time a year ago in her time, so he could've been here quite long maybe he upgraded itself. Tails then asks if she could help them fight it and Skye says after a short sigh, that she's in. (Adventure Field: Chaotix Office) (Playable: Sonic, Tails, Mighty, Vector, Charmy, Espio) (Relaxing Stage: Central City) 

Metal lands in a beach and uses his eyes as scanners, he reports back to Eggman telling him there's no signs of the other crystal around, and Eggman tells him to check everywhere. (Reaves: Steel Sands) (Reaves: Giant Temples) (Playable: Metal Sonic) Metal detects something in a temple of sorts, he enters the temple. (Reaves: Wavy Walls) (Reaves: Dark Paths) (Playable: Metal) Metal discovers the crystal in the temple and eventually leaves, he goes back to the beach and is eventually about to fly off to Eggman although Damien is there. He is sitting down next to a fire, and when he looks at Metal, Metal turns to look at him, and Damien looks at Metal and smiles to which he breaks the silence with a hello. The camera cuts to Eggman who asks Metal how the mission is going and then Eggman hears Damien speaking. 

Damien tells Metal about being alive, he tells Metal that breathing and being human will be a stranger to both of them, and they will never be able to experience that feeling. Damien then tells Metal, that he has spent what seemed like a lifetime learning about everything there is to know, he says that Metal once thought that he was the real Sonic, or so his mind told him. Throughout the conversation, Eggman is screaming on the comms telling Metal to get out of there and asks if he's hearing him. Damien says that Metal once thought he was sentient, he carries on to say that that can be accomplised with what he has in mind, Metal asks Damien how he knows all this and then goes on to say that he knows nothing about him, Damien chuckles and tells Metal that eventually he'll know everything about him, eventually he'll know everything about "that voice in your head", (referring to Eggman) and says that he'll deal with that. Here, it transitions to Eggman and him realising he's lost contact with Metal. He starts to panic. Back to Damien, Metal asks Damien why he's here, and Damien says to Metal that the crystal he wields, is something of great power and something him or "your creator" cannot understand and with what they have in mind, will end up causing catastrophe, Metal tells Damien not to waste his time, Damien says to him that the crystal is called the Nexus Key, and will be the key to achieving what he wants, so he can't really let Metal leave here with it unless he joins him. He talks to Metal about how if he joins him, there'll be no limits as to what he can do, and he'll have no man to tell him what to do to which he adds, "at least sometimes". Metal tries firing at Damien though nothing happens, when he realises this he tries fly off, though stays in place and Metal tries fighting him although can't move. Damien stands up and walks towards Metal, he tells him that if he can't see the wonders of what he's offering him, he'll make him see, Damien takes off his gloves and is revealed to have a hand made up of metallic parts and wires, and red orb like object, he taps Metal's forehead and smiles at him telling him that "its better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven". (Adventure Field: Reaves) (Playable: Metal).

Eggman is in his fleet and starts smashing tables and control panels, commanding all robots to get Metal's last known location. Orbot asks Eggman what the problem is until he stops midway and says that it isn't a surprise. Eggman kicks Orbot and then heads to his Command Centre room like in Sonic Unleashed and The Blue Blur. He tells them that they have to find those crystals.

Skye is then found at the Green Hill Base, she looks around in awe. She's quite surprised on the technology and how advanced she is, she looks at Tails and says that that's no wonder that Tails is called The Greatest Engineer in history. Sonic tells Skye that she told them that she had a way to track Damien down, and she tells them she did. The camera cuts to her on a laptop, she tells them that she put a micro tracker in some of Damien's wiring when she made him, so that she always knew where he was, she states that Damien according to them has gotten smart, she types code in the laptop, and then takes something out of her pocket. She tells the two to stand back as this is a little "big", its looks like a tablet though when she lays it down, it opens a holographic screen, reading Scanning map../Scanning tracker..." and eventually a map of the world is shown, though Skye is shocked that the map actually works with different time periods, she then tells it to scan model X89-11EE-5KY3 and the holographic globe of the world rotates towards Central City's bird eye view, and it pinpoints Damien's location.
Reach Hologram

Skye's hologram

It shows him running back and forth, Sonic asks him why he would need to do that, Sonic then speeds off. Skye then feels a pain in her chest and Tails immideatly goes to her aid asking if she's okay and she says that she's fine, she calls it a side effect of time travel, she tells Tails that Sonic will need help out there if anything happens, Tails asks how she would provide that and Skye says she'll figure out a way somehow. Tails asks her if she needs transport though she says she doesn't, telling him that she has her own method of transport. She grows metallic wings and flies off. (Seedclast: Upcoming City) (Seedclast: Busy Streets) (Playable: Sonic, Skye).

The two arrive at the location, its a big hospital. Skye asks why they're here, she still looks around while saying this, perplexed by the sight, Sonic asks where Damien is, though Metal appears and attacks. (Seedclast: Boss: Metal Sonic) (Playable: Sonic, Skye). The two defeat Metal Sonic, and Sonic picks him up asking him where's Eggman to which Metal calls Eggman, a false god and that Damien is a god and will help this world. Skye tells Sonic that Damien has most likely controlled him, like he did with those robots. Metal then creates a shockwave sending Sonic flying back though Skye uses her wings to wrap them in front of her blocking it. He tells Sonic that he's too late, and this was only a distraction. Sonic shouts now and asks to what to which an explosion is heard. Sonic turns to the direction of the sound and sees that the hospital has exploded however time then slows down. Sonic then runs. (The Ambush: Time Freeze) (Playable: Sonic). Sonic saves everyone in proximity to the explosion as well as the patients inside. Eventually he gets them all out of harm's way, as they watch the hospital go up in flames. 

Knuckles is running through the woods, though comes across a native, a human native who shoots a bow and arrow at Knuckles and stands hiding behind a tree. Knuckles tells the native that he means no harm, and the human (darker toned, and wearing no shirt and wearing scruffy drapes and slippers, with tribal markers on his body). Knuckles with no choice then fights the native. (The Ambush: Boss: Kralin) (Playable: Knuckles). The native beats Knuckles and knocks him out. Other natives approach the scene asking Kralin what happened and Kralin tells them that its an echinda and he's in their parts of the woods. The other natives, boy and girl, ask what they should do with him, the camera focuses on the three as the camera cuts to black.

The camera then fades in on a new scene, we see Shadow, who's on the ground, and struggles to stand up, the ground is quite dirty. As he stands, he notices his surroundings and so does the camera. When he eventually does stand, he looks around and sees himself in quite an odd but advanced enviornment, after saying, "What the hell...?" he is in the future. A future of some kind. He's in Onyx City.

Chapter 4: Problems At Hand

Rouge and Omega are walking through Moss' house, Moss introduces them to multiple places, like the kitchen, living room and even his meditation room. Rouge asks him why one of Eggman's robots attacked them, and he tells them that Egg Troops are all over Massau recently, ever since The Central City Incident, they've been going around. Moss theorizes that Eggman could be looking for something. Moss then sighs, and Rouge asks what happened, Moss tells them that Mighty hasn't come back for 2 years since he wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a detective, he use to train him and when Rouge and Omega came, he thought that they may have news on Mighty and where he is. Rouge assures Moss that Mighty has pursued his dream, he's working with a detective group called the Chaotix who help GUN solve crimes, she tells them that he's safe. Omega asks what Eggman might be looking for and Ray says that they don't really know, after all it's just a theory. Rouge says that they should do something about it, maybe try see what he's looking for. Moss tells them that they've already tried, he explains how Eggman's troops set up base in certain areas of Massau and Sormeuca as a continent really, and Ray tried infilitrating it, when he tried getting one of the robots to tell what Eggman's plan was, another one of Eggman's robots shot that one, and attacked him, along with a squadron more, Ray almost died. Rouge asks why Moss didn't come, and Moss tells the two to look at him, he's old, he only has so much strength to exert. Omega suggests how about they inflitrate one of the bases, and get info. Ray tells them that the robots won't crack, Rouge then asks if Eggman ever visits here, every so often and Ray nods, but very rarely and usually in secret. Rouge then suggests that whenever Eggman arrives, they find out where he's at and get the info from him, then they could stop him. Moss tells them that Eggman may never come back, or may come back in the next 3 months, he asks what they'd do then, Rouge and Omega don't have answer for this, Rouge assures them that it shouldn't be long, Eggman is never consistent with his plans. 

Ray asks them about the townsfolk, and Moss asks what about them, Ray tells them that Eggman is making them live in fear, they should do something about them too. Rouge then re iterates, that they'll stop Eggman eventually, and find out what he's up to, they'll maybe get him to disable all robots, it's all just a matter of force and Rouge assures them with the right planning, they can assure them that. (Adevnture Field: Moss' Hut) (Playable: Rouge, Omega, Ray) (Relaxing Stage: Central City) 

Tails is seen on his tablet watching the news about the GUN Factory having blown up, as well as on the same news network, reports on the hospital explosion and how Sonic saved all patients. Sonic arrives back at Green Hill Base with Skye, Tails asks Sonic what happened and how did the hospital explode, and Sonic tells Tails that he doesn't know, though they spotted Metal, but it wasn't Eggman's Metal, Damien was controlling him, so its Damien probably triggered a bomb or something inside there. Tails tells them that Damien is becoming a problem, he then says he can't wait to see Eggman's reaction to Metal going rogue. Sonic asks Tails what's their next move, since they don't even know where Damien is, they saw him on the map though he wasn't there. Skye then says that he was there, they just didn't see him. Tails asks how, and Skye says that Damien has probably learnt to increase his speed, maybe he was so fast, they didn't see him. Tails checks the holographic map again. Sonic suggests that they maybe capture Metal, get info from him, see what he knows, Tails could hack into Metal, regain his memory. Tails and Skye agree with this plan, then the map opens up and pinpoints Damien's location. Its the GUN Base. Sonic looks at this in confusion.

Amy and Gamma are walking across Salunira's beach, as they walk, a portal opens up. The two look at it, and then Burning Blaze falls from out of it, and Gamma catches her as she falls. Amy is shocked, and the camera focuses on Blaze's body as the flames evaporate from her.

(Onyx City: Dark Towns) (Onyx City: Upgraded Living) (Playable: Shadow). Shadow, walks around the city now, amazed in a way by the sight of it, though the city still does look quite "povertized" and not too flashy.

Onyx City (from Silver the Hedgehog: The Telling of the Future)

There's then figures in raggy clothing that attack Shadow, they're all Mobian. Shadow fights them. (Onyx City: Mission: Defeat 50 enimies) (Playable: Shadow). Shadow defeats the figures, though one of the figures who drop kick Shadow into a stand takes out a knife, a Civil Protection Robot appears and uses its energy whip to whip the figure, it whips it continosuly and with the last whip, it evaporates the figure. Shadow looks at this in terror, the robot attacks Shadow, although Shadow fights it. Civillians watch as the battle plays out. (Onyx City: Boss: Civil Protection Robot) (Playable: Shadow). The robot eventually subdues Shadow, and then a few others of them come along, who all beat up Shadow. One Civil Protection Robot stands in front of Shadow and scans him, identifying him as a time traveller. It nods at another robot, who clogs Shadow in the back of his head as the camera cuts to black. 

Knuckles is tied up, and Kralin is sitting down on a wooden chair staring at him. He wakes up and asks who he is and why he captured him, Kralin tells Knuckles that this is Jango Territory, and no one comes here without a penalty. Knuckles tells him that he meant no harm, he got lost somewhere he's trying to get back to civilization. Knuckles is in a shack, and the shack is quite big. Kralin tells Knuckles that he's an echinda, and the echidna have caused him problems in the past. Another man, also came into the room, he held a more professional looking bow and he tells Kralin to leave. After he does, the man introduces himself as Diego and he is leader of the Kolu Tribe, he asks what Knuckles' true intention is and Knuckles tells Diego that he had no intentions, after a small conversation, with Knuckles trying to persuade him, there's shoutings that occur outside. Diego storms outside, and sees echidnas in hoods and metal banaclavas like in Chapter 4, who attack the village though with much more upgraded tech. Knuckles shouts to Diego telling him that he can fight, he can help them. Diego frees Knuckles, and they fight the impending threat. (Kolu: Mission: Defeat all the enimies) (Playable: Knuckles). Knuckles defeats all the enimies, and then realises that they're the attackers that attacked him last time. The "mini army" of Kolu Tribe soldiers, subdue the attackers and bring them in for interrogation. 

In the middle of the town, one attacker is being tied up and held on a stick, and below him as pile of flames. The natives all watch as it happens. Diego congradulates Knuckles for helping them defeat these forces who threaten their civilization, and that he thought wrong about him, after that moment they go back to the echidna soldier, who's wearing a hoodie. Kralin unveils its hoodie and its the echidna who attacked Knuckles in Chapter 4. Diego walks around him, making a speech amongst the people telling them that people like this attacker, are forces that shall be dealt with in the right manor, he then goes on to talk about how the Kolu are a strong people, and attackers try to exploit their weakness, and that attackers that try do this, are punished, here an uproar from the watching crowd are heard. Diego then looks at the attacker, and asks what his name is, and the attacker says his name is Neil. Diego then asks why he attacked, to which Neil laughs, Kralin punches him, and tells Neil to answer the question. Neil tells them that someone amongst your people has something that they need, something that they cannot understand. He tells them that they'll kill everyone here if they keep it on them, Knuckles asks with what army, and Neil calls him "traitior" telling him that they'll come back with a bigger and a stronger army, and they'll kill every last inch of Kolu here until they get what they need. Knuckles asks what they want, Neil tells him that they want something called a Nexus Key and that someone has it, Neil looks at Knuckles, Kralin asks what are the capabilites of this key, Neil says that the key unlocks oppurtunity, if you merge the keys, get them to connect, and if you know what to say, you'll own the world and grant yourself as many wishes as possible, right a wrong, he says that you would be a god. Diego asks Neil if that is what he wants, to become a god. Neil says that he wishes, and he'd use the keys to kill everyone here, make everyone last a painful death. Neil starts laughing and Knuckles tells Neil that he's in the wrong, whatever he's apart of, they're bad people. Neil shouts telling Knuckles that once he's free from these shackles, he'll right a wrong, he'll kill everyone here. Diego angry tells Kralin to cut the ropes, Kralin does, and Neil drops into the flames, although the camera pays no importance as the camera focuses on Knuckles' horror ridden face as the cries and screams of Neil as well as cheering of the tribe are heard in the background.

Metal lands somewhere, a base of some kind. He informs Damien that the hospital was destroyed per his request. Damien smiles and says that he's glad. He asks Metal what happened there, Metal tells Damien that Sonic had appeared like expected and attacked him, although he, like Damien said, did this as a distraction, though Sonic also appeared with another Mobian. A leopard with metallic wings. Damien looks back at Metal, and he instantly thinks of Skye. Damien begins to get angry, smashing tables, etc. He tells him that she's here, she came for him. Damien starts to panic, he then sits down on a chair, and thinks to himself. He tells Metal that they must continue with the mission at hand, Damien looks at Metal and a beep sound is made. He tells Metal to head to Eggman's fleet and take the key, and if anything or that creator gets in his way, he kills them. 

Eggman is in his fleet and is very angry, complaining that nothing ever goes right here. At the same moment, Metal busts into the fleet. He inflitrates some of it and makes it to Eggman's fleet, he spots Eggman. Eggman asks Metal who he was talking too to which Metal responds, our saviour, he fires at Eggman who ducks, he then shoots his blasters all over the place. Eggman calls upon his robots. He then goes to find his weapon. (Egg Fleet: Mission: Look for Eggman's Proto-Gun) (Playable: Eggman). Eggman finds the weapon and at the same time, his battlesuit. He tells Cubot and Orbot to go into the panic room, and that he'll take care of it. (Egg Fleet: Minor Mayhem) (Egg Fleet: Destruction Lead) (Playable: Eggman) Eggman recognises that some of his robots turn on him, and battle him at points in the stages, there's also GUN Defense Robots that inflitrate the base along with Metal. (Egg Fleet: Mission: Defeat 75 enimies) (Playable: Eggman, Egg Pro). Eggman fights some of the robots in a cutscene and then ends up face to face with Metal who has the Nexus Key, Eggman collected in his hand. Eggman tells Metal to put it back and Metal who talks through Damien's voice that Eggman is incapable of such an item, after all all "you" do with it is test it and then use it against a hedgehog, he tells Eggman that the Nexus Key is capable of more than what he thinks, Eggman asks what, and Damien tells Eggman through Metal that the Key is what it states, the key to your own genie, Eggman asks who's this and Damien chuckles telling Eggman that he's someone he loved to meet, but he has matters to attend too, Metal shoots at Eggman and Eggman dodges, he then engages in battle. (Egg Fleet: Boss: Metal Sonic) (Playable: Eggman). Metal defeats Eggman and is about to shoot at Eggman although hesitates. After a few moments, one of Eggman's robots shoot at Metal Sonic and Metal Sonic fights them, Metal's arms malfunction, he flies off along with the remaining Defense Robots. Eggman looks at the hole they flew out of and the camera pans out on that shot.

Tails is talking to a bunch of GUN Soldiers, who all sit on a table in rows around the table, which is quite long. The Commander is standing behind him. Tails tells them that him and Sonic come with some alarming news. He tells them that Damien, the Sonic looking guy that attacked Green Hill is apparently under this base right now. The soldiers then speak amongst themselves, he tells them that he doesn't know if that's the case for sure though since Damien is known to be misleading. One soldier asks Tails how he can be so sure, Tails tells them that he has tech that can track him. The soldier asks why they aren't going to check below the base and Tails explains to them that he said before, they don't know if this is for sure. Another solider, ignoring Tails, shouts saying that they should go down there and kill him and they all cheer, Tails, trying to calm them down, says they don't know yet. Tails is called outside by the Commander who tells him that they're like this when he isn't around, he tells Tails that there's nothing beneath this base besides the science lab but surely the scientists down there would've reported that Damien was there. Tails tells the Commander that something just isn't making sense. (Adventure Field: GUN Base) (Playable: Tails)

A bag is taken off someone who is revealed to be Shadow. He's in a kind of torture room, like a death row type torture room but of course more advanced looking with neon lights and Shadow's sitting on a chair. He tries get out of it though his hands are tied and so are his legs. He also can't use his Chaos Control. Then a figure in a indigo and white cloak and orange mask with 4 white dots across it , comes up to Shadow along with a Civil Protection Robot. Shadow asks the figure where he is and the figure silent, says his name aloud, Shadow the Hedgehog, created by Gerald Robotnik in the year 1950, 1500 years ago aboard the Colony ARK. Shadow asks the figure how he knows him, and the figure tells him that Shadow is legendary on this Earth as much as Sonic the Hedgehog is, uncovered so much in his years at GUN, he uncovered the Biggest GUN Corruption 1400 years ago. Shadow then asks if he's in the future and the figure chuckles, telling Shadow that he's finally realised. He says that this is Onyx City in 3437 PXE, he tells Shadow that they've dealt with time travellers before, and they don't really like it. Shadow asks who they are and the robot punches Shadow in the stomach, the figure says that they're the Onyx City Council, they want to bring peace and prosperity to the city though talks of a time traveller, doesn't settle well with them. Shadow asks if it's because, judging by his voice, they're egotistical bastards, the robot is about to punch Shadow, though the figure says that being alive is a gift. He slowly walks up to Shadow, telling him that just because he may be popular amongst citizens here doesn't mean he has it good with them, they can kill him in cold blood and yet still be able to stabilise the timeline, Shadow angry tells the figure that once he gets out of these shackles, they won't be able to feel blood anymore and the figure laughs calling Shadow edgy, he then punches Shadow continously. Until an alarm goes off, he tells the robot to make sure he behaves. The figure walks out the room. Then when the figure leaves, a portal opens in front of Shadow, and Silver is revealed, a droning sound occurs, and sounds of sparks also occur, Silver then uses his telekensis to throw the robot at the wall destroying it. The two escape.

(Onyx Base of Operations: On-Alert) (Onyx Base of Operations: Robust Forces) (Onyx Base of Operations: Boss: Riot Robot Prototype) (Playable: Silver, Shadow). They escape the base, and Silver mutters that it's recharged, he takes a ring and places it on his finger and a portal forms, Civil Protection Robots chase the two. (Onyx Base of Operations: Mission: Run for the portal) (Playable: Silver, Shadow). They jump in and Silver closes the portal using his mind. They're in a carpet filled area, Shadow asks Silver where they are, and Silver tells Shadow that he's at Mogul's base, they walk through the place and suddenly Mammoth Mogul is seen sitting there, congradulating Silver on bringing the time traveller back. Shadow asks Silver what's going on and Silver intrdocues Shadow to Mogul, and that he's mentored Silver on his abilities. Shadow asks why they're here and why they aren't going back, Shadow then begins to panic, asking where Rouge and Omega. Silver calms Shadow down and asks Shadow what happened, and Shadow tells him that he Chaos Controlled them all out of there, but he doesn't know where they are. Mogul tells them that they'll be found, however for now, time has to play itself. Silver asks how so, and Mogul tells them that the Genesis Portal in the sky is about to happen, however not in this universe, in Sonic's. If they're placed in that monent of time, it could result in dangerous outcomes. Shadow tells him that he has no knowledge of it and Silver stares downward in shame, telling Shadow that it's a long story, but he'll tell him later on. Shadow tells Mogul that Rouge and Omega need to be found, and that they could die for all they know, Mogul tells him that they're fine, they're in the city of Massau in Sormecua. Shadow asks Mogul how he knows, and Silver tells him that Mogul can see through timelines. Shadow tells the two that he's leaving, he's about to use his Warp Ring to do so, though notices it isn't on his finger. Shadow asks where it is and Mogul tells him it's in space. Shadow asks why and Mogul tells him that he sent it there, Shadow cannot alter the timeline and he will be home in due time. Shadow is about to fight Mogul though Silver holds him back, telling him that he wouldn't advise that, and that Mogul isn't the enemy to which Mogul adds, "its Damien".

Knuckles is about to venture off, thanking the Kolu for the hospitality, after his small conversation with Diego, a whole army of attackers are seen standing on the outskirts. Kralin tells Diego that there's attackers, to which the Kolu Tribe Warriors prepare their weapons for attack, bows and arrows, stone swords, and sharp sticks and spears. They all get in battle stances, Diego asks them why they've come back and one of them tells them that they messed with the wrong Kasillius. They chant a battle chant and so do the Kolu. Knuckles also goes in front to see, the attackers then engage, and so do the warriors, all in similar numbers. Other civillians get the Kolu civillians to evacuate. Knuckles assists the battle. (Kolu Battle: War Thirsty) (Kolu Battle: War Fulfilled) (Playable: Knuckles). Knuckles then goes one to one with one attacker, they wield a frisbee with purple neon lights. This attacker particularly attacks Knuckles. (Kolu Battle: Boss: Attacker) (Playable: Knuckles). Knuckles sees Diego who gets shot by an energy blast into a tree as well as Kralin who is severly injured. The attackers eventually quarter Knuckles, who tries fight his way out of it in quite an emotional and epic battle though slowly begins to struggle and is eventually ganged up on and beaten down.

Blaze is seen drinking some water, she's talking to Gamma and Amy. She is seen saying the two's names, repeating after Amy and Gamma, Amy tries getting Blaze to remember them and their past adventures. Gamma asks her if she remembers Silver, he tells her that he was her best friend, they were always together. Amy asks Blaze why she was burning and she says that is a form she has using the Sol Emeralds. She tells them that she fought their Queen back at her dimmension and then says its a long story. She then states that she is kind of starting to remember them, she calls Amy perky and says that Gamma helped out during Argo.


Mini (though in the game, he can grow legs or lose them)


Mum (can grow legs or lose them at will and fly)

Amy asks how she gained that knowledge so quickly and she doesn't know. Gamma tells the two that he detects two ships heading their way. The smaller say ships do head for the three with a skinny looking robot who resembles the picture to the right as well as the robot to the left in the way it is in the photo who stand on the deck of the ship. There's also other pirate looking robots that are on the ship who help sail these ships. The three look ahead at these robots espeically the two that look like the main ones. The robot to the right intrdocues himself as Mini, and jumps off the ship pulling out a sword, he asks who they are. Blaze tells them that they're in Salunira, and they'll stay here. Mini tells them that this is Whisker's land, and he's annoyed with them about what happened last time, so he wouldn't reccomend being brave. Mini has quite a high pitched and broken voice. The group of pirate robots attack the three. (Whisker Island: Mission: Defeat all the enimies) (Playable: Amy, Gamma, Blaze). The robots defeat the three, and before Blaze can shoot her fireball at Mini, one robot clogs his sword at the back of her head. Mini tells the pirates that this is about to get interesting.

Sonic is preparing to fight, Tails tells Sonic that they don't have a plan yet, he asks what if Damien isn't there and he's throwing them off. Sonic tells Tails that GUN didn't believe them, so he'll go himself. Skye is also there, and she tells Sonic that she gave Damien is dangerous, she says that if he kills him and Sonic tells Skye that Damien won't. He tells them that he put up the fight last time. He speeds over there, while the camera still watches Tails and Skye who hear a siren like sound occur. Tails and Skye run to look outside, and Tails asks what the hell it is however the camera pays no importance. 


The Portal in the Sky

We see Captain Whisker, who's at the island, smoking a cigar. Mini and Mum's ship have arrived back at the island, while the townsfolk are seen in the background. Some of the pirates are carrying Amy and Blaze's body as well as in a four man attempt to carry Gamma. Whisker scoffs, and the siren like sound is heard in the sky too, and he looks up in wonder and so do the other pirates and townsfolk.

The Chaotix are at the office talking and also hear the sound and soon to look at it. The Kasillius also see it. Then last, the camera goes to Sonic, who is midway through running and sees what's in the sky.(The Sky Portal: Unknown Skies) (The Sky Portal: Flooded Streets) It's a massive portal, way bigger than the Portal to a Thousand Worlds. Tails appears next to him, he says that Sonic should've gotten to the base quicker in a jokingly manner, he asks how they're gonna stop the portal and Sonic tells Tails that he honestly doesn't know. Sonic asks Tails where Skye is, and he says that Skye is safe and sound at the base and he used his teleportation device to get here, to which he shows Sonic. Sonic then tells Tails that he's gonna have to put Damien on hold for this one to which he runs up to which Tails calls out Sonic's name and sighs hopelessly.

Damien is on top of a building, he's making a robot, as it seems like, he sees the portal appear. He looks at it and scoffs, walking back to his buisness.

Sonic makes it to Silver, after seeing him fighting a figure wearing a red and black cloak, and looks similar to Mephiles. Sonic runs at Silver and barges him however does this in attempt to stop him from the figure, although ends up barging Silver and they both fall on a rooftop of a flat. However, the building is rising like the Portal to a Thousand Worlds. Silver shouts at Sonic telling him that Goliath's escaping and he can't let that happen. Silver then charges at Sonic and Sonic, with no choice, charges at Silver to keep him in check. (The Sky Portal: Boss: Silver the Hedgehog) (Playable: Sonic) Silver defeats Sonic, and Sonic (during the boss battle) tells Silver that he wants no trouble, to which when it ends, Sonic asks Silver who Goliath is, Silver tells Sonic that it's hard to explain however he needs to get to him. Silver shouts at Sonic telling him that he knows what the portal is and he'll deal with it. Tails is on comms, and he tries to speak to Sonic however it all goes funny. Sonic doesn't hear this, focused on the situation at hand. Silver throws Sonic to a wall using his telekensis telling him to please stay out of it, then Goliath spears Silver into another portal and soon enough the two are gone. There's portals generating all around Sonic, and he tells Tails that something is going on though gets no response, he tries run down and then runs into a fluctuating portal that opens in front of him. Tails is on the ground, and his teleportation device begins to make strange noises and soon teleports Tails. Skye is at the base, sitting down, watching it on her holographic pad back at the base until the teleportation mechanism there generates and teleports her away too.

GUN soldiers do approach the area, as the portal is quite massive. The camera pans out on the portal as it sucks up the city, and the pure scale of it is revealed.

Chapter 5: Forgotten Chapters and Redemption

A day later..

Damien is at a base somewhere, a whole batch of GUN Defense Robots as well as newer robots. 


Damien's base

They're all doing their unique roles, and the base he's at has alot of similarities to a laboratory, however more futurstic looking. He's in a room repairing Metal Sonic, he tells Metal about how their plan is almost at completed, he says that the news reported that Sonic is missing and so are his other group of friends, and so his plan can begin. Metal asks why he needs the Nexus Keys, and Damien tells them that those keys are the key to entering a new plain of existence, the Nexus. A place where you can pratically play God. Metal asks how, and Damien tells him that it's simple really, right now he has 3 of the Nexus Keys, one he obtained himself, another he obtained from Eggman thanks to Metal, and one from Metal. Metal asks how the keys will do it, Damien chuckles and says that it's all about positioning, finding the right fit. He asks Metal if he's ever had a problem with the world, the way it works, certain people in that world. Metal doesn't respond however Damien tells him that the world, is complicated and full of errors, terroist activites, world peace, Sonic and Mobians and people alike playing God etc. He says that he wishes to right these wrongs though to his extent. Metal asks what extent is that, and then asks about the leopard, and Damien laughs and tells Metal that that's enough questions, he says that he'll see it come to fruition, in due time.

Tails and Skye land in a strange place, Skye asks Tails where they are and Tails tells her that he doesn't know. They see a bunch of Egg Robots and Badniks which patrol the area. They've landed in a sandy area. The two hide from them, and Skye asks if those are Eggman's robots and she begins to "geek" out. Tails tells Skye that this currently isn't the time, Skye walks out of cover and shoots electric beams at them, destroying them. Tails and Skye question why Egg Troops are in the area to which they explore. (Blaza: Night Sands) (Blaza: Desert Temples) (Playable: Tails, Skye). They've encoutered alot of troops, Skye suggests that they could take one of the robots hostage, try hack into them and see their command algorithms, Tails agrees to this although one Egg Troop attacks, that looks like a humanoid bug robot. (Blaza: Boss: Egg Dragonfly) (Playable: Tails, Skye). They defeat the robot, though take hostage a badnik. Skye suggests taking the badnik into a sand temple and hacking it through there. Tails asks how and Skye asks Tails if he has his tablet in his rucksack, and Tails says he does. Skye shows Tails a chip, she tells Tails that it's a Developer Mode chip, if she inserts it into the tablet, it'll download a developer mode software for starters and then she can use her hacking knowledge to do the trick. Tails tells Skye that he can also help, he brags that he is the brightest mind of the team and Skye chuckles and says that the "Great Miles Prower" can help her, after all all math and engineering as well as computer sciences in her time is based off of his work. Skye heads for the temple, and the camera stays on Tails, who smirks a bit and walks on too. (Adventure Field: Blaza) (Playable: Tails, Skye)

Sonic is in a dark room, with a door there. He's tied up onto a chair. He has just woken up. He tries moving around however doesn't end up anywhere. The door eventually opens and Fang enters, he tells Sonic that it's been a minute. Sonic asks Fang why he's tied up, Fang tells Sonic that they didn't exactly get off to good terms last time, to which he explains to Sonic he may've helped with his little "Ego" problem (he is trying to say Argo's name), he says that he's had alot of time to think, about how Sonic pratically locked him up for 10 years, and didn't go an adventure with mentioning, as if a distant memory, he then tells Sonic that he's then called up by GUN, and forced to work with Sonic. Fang chuckles, and tells Sonic that he never did this to help Sonic, he did it to save himself, Sonic scoffs, Fang explains to Sonic that now that he's free and off charges, he's free to redo what he has done, start a clean slate. Sonic asks Fang what he's implying and Fang explains to Sonic that they're never on good terms, and he just wanted to assure Sonic of that. Sonic asks Fang what he's gonna do then, to which he suggests sarcastically that he may torture him though Fang tells Sonic that that isn't the case, he has his guy for that. Here, Bark the Polar Bear enters and walks into the room.


The Cage

Knuckles is being walked by the Kasillius members through their base. The base is quite massive, and futuristic in the sense that it uses neon purple lights alot as decoration and is more of a sleek black colour besides it. They take him into a cage. They leave Knuckles there, and walk off. One of the masked members is walking though Knuckles asks where he is. He then sees that this was the member that faced him with the Kolu Tribe. The member stops and continues walking, a few moments later, another masked member walks up to Knuckles' cage, and opens it up along with the masked member with the frisbee. This member wears a cloak however, a black cloak, with a mask with purple lights that goes straight through it horizontally. His mask materializes off him, and he's an echinda. Knuckles, however, doesn't recognise him. He smiles, and introduces himself as Nox. Nox has a birtish accent, and tells Knuckles that he (Knuckles) probably has many questions to which he'll answer. He tells Knuckles that they're the League of Kasillius, and that they collect special artifacts valued by Kasillius. Knuckles eventually recognises that name, he says that Kasillius was an echinda in the Great War, Kasidious' brother, a thief, Knuckles asks why they'd steal for a dead guy and Nox explains to Knuckles that it's a long story, he says that Kasillius appeared to him in a dream, telling him to accomplish what he started, as after all, he smiles, Kasillius is his ancestor. Knuckles scoffs and says that he's doing this for greed, and Nox also says that he's doing it also for "our" emperor, "the one who sees from the stars", he says that he likes having these items, and that for this he'll grant all who serve him, eternal life. Knuckles asks him why he wants him (Knuckles) and Nox tells Knuckles that Knuckles is an echinda after all, an ancestor of a guardian is quite a big deal, he offers Knuckles a role in the league however Knuckles declines the offer, tellling him that he's way past good. Knuckles then remembers something and asks Nox about the Nexus Key, since Neil went on about a Nexus Key. Nox asks Knuckles if he heard Neil before he died, as well as the countless other members, he says that it's a Key to rewriting humanity. 

Knuckles asks why can't they collect the Chaos Emeralds and Nox tells Knuckles that the Chaos Emeralds would grant a definite good reaction from both his ancester and his emperor however unfortunately he can't find them. Knuckles then asks Nox how he knew the Nexus Key was in the tribe, and Nox smiles allowing the masked member with the frisbee answer, her mask materializes off her face, and its revealed to be Shade. Knuckles sighs here though Shade tells him that Neil planced a chip in Knuckles' shoes as well as at Angel Island, the attackers that attacked were members of the Kasillius and they used the Lashu artifact to predict the future almost, therefore knowing these events. Knuckles tells Shade that it's him, Knuckles and when he walks up to her, she gets her frisbees out and gets in a stance, telling him to back off. Nox laughs and tells Knuckles that she doesn't know who Knuckles is, she believes in their teachings now like Knuckles should. Nox tells Shade to call on the Executioner, and Shade says that she wants to be the executioner for once, Knuckles asks what that means and Nox tells him that Knuckles knows too much now,  and he can't have him going around telling everyone about them, the only way to keep "you" quiet is to take "your" life. Knuckles, after a few moments offers a proposition, he suggests that he could fight Shade in a contest, and that if she he doesn't sucseed, then by all means he can execute him. Nox looks on and says that he's always up for a fight, and he agrees with no hesitation. He declares the match be held later on, however tells Knuckles in the meantime to enjoy the stay. (Adventure Field: Kasillius Base) (Playable: Knuckles)

Silver and Shadow are talking to each other, Shadow explaining Damien, and further elaborating what Mogul woud've told him off screen. Shadow then asks about Silver, he says that they couldn't go back to modern day because of a portal that Silver caused, Shadow asks why and Silver tells Shadow that long story short, back here in the future, there was a guy called Goliath, he was willing to kill to fulfil a plan, a sort of prophecy, the End of Time, and one day, he sucseeded, the portal opened and Silver had to close it though the portal was increasing drastically beforehand. He entered Sonic's Time, on short notice while fighting him, and so he couldn't be there at the same time as the other Silver, since it could cause ripples in time. Shadow tells Silver that that's a hell of a bucketlist, Mogul tells the two that the portal has stopped now, and they can head home. It's nightime in Onyx City. Silver asks Mogul if he can help Sonic defeat Damien, and Mogul accepts however tells Silver to remember what he's taught him, he then repeats that time is valuable, and shouldn't use it to his advantage, Silver nods and then Mogul gives Shadow back his warp ring. Silver creates a portal, and heads in along with Shadow. Shadow asks Silver if he knows this is 2018, and Silver says he's sure. They're in a strange rainforest. Shadow says that he needs to get to GUN. (Woodland Walk: Great Trees) (Woodland Walk: Strange Atmosphere) (Woodland Walk: Boss: Deadly Spider) (Playable: Shadow, Silver). The two still don't know where they are, Shadow asks Silver if he has any future tech that can track the place or anything and Silver tells Shadow that unfortunately he doesn't. Silver tells Shadow that their best bet is to keep going. 


Fang's club

The scene cuts in with Bark delivering a punch to Sonic's face and then cleaning his hands and standing formally. Sonic asks Fang if he's done, and Fang says he is. He tells Sonic to never come here again, Sonic tells Fang he never wanted to come here, he ended up here. He apologises to Fang about what he did, though what he (Fang) did was wrong. Sonic asks Fang why he finds enjoyment in robbing banks and killing people, and Fang says that the same reason that Sonic loves adventure, the thrill. Fang asks what else does the world has to offer, his dad and mum were in a crime riddled life, they loved the same thing and then they died because of it. Sonic tells Fang that he's sorry, and Sonic offers Fang a chance to redeem himself. Fang tells Sonic about how he's had too many attempts at redemption,  and that he's sick of hearing the word. Sonic convinces Fang that he could help them, there's a guy called Damien, who is going after all them including him. Fang asks Sonic how he knows and Sonic tells him that Damien is coming after all of them, and that he doesn't need to help him defeat him, he asks if he can at least help him get back home and he won't bother Fang again. Fang after a few moments takes his gun and points it at Sonic telling him that if he pulls any tricks, his boys will come after him and they will kill him. Fang then shoots at Sonic's ties, and Sonic frees himself. Fang tells Sonic to follow him. (Fang's Hideout: Mission: Follow Fang) (Playable: Sonic). Fang and Sonic enter a club filled with people. Fang calls it the Husk Poe, he explains to Sonic that he isn't getting off hot scot free. He points Sonic at a small fight club at the corner of the club, there's a wolf there who's fighting a bunch of buffed up foxes. The wolf does look very crazy, it fights these buffed up foxes, he jumps on one of the foxes heads and it rips at one of the cat's head though the camera ignores it, it then grabs a baseball bat and wacks all they're legs, and beats all of them to death. Fang tells Sonic to fight it. (Fang's Hideout: Boss: Crackler) (Playable: Sonic).

Eggman is at the Egg Fleet, he is watching the news about the portal in the sky and how it all over a sudden disappeared, as well as how Sonic has reported missing as well as Team Dark. Eggman tells his robots that Metal has been controlled by that beast, and they've taken the crystals. Cubot asks Eggman what the plan is and Eggman tells Cubot that he'll have to put Sonic on hold, the crystals are able to do something, from his examinations they seem to hold a heavy energy source. Orbot asks about the Chaos Emeralds and Eggman tells them that he could look for those, though the locations of them are unknown, and its good to expirement once in a while, he then says that he needs to find out who's controlling Metal. Suddenly, the screen Eggman's watching off of, then glicthes up, and suddenly Sonic's face is seen on the screen. He tells them that it's him, Sonic and that he had Tails do a little something so that he could get this up. Eggman watches, the camera cuts to multiple other TVs and such and even The Big Apple, where people are also seeing this. Sonic tells them that he's been thinking about things, looking back through all his adventures, he then interrupts himself and says that he's alive too, and he's with Tails then goes back on topic saying that these adventures have been a blast, and that saving the world is always a blast, he says that he has a problem however to fully end all this, end all these bad people trying to take what they have. He offers that these madmen take advantage of all the good in this world, and that includes the law enforcers. The people watching this in certain places are confused and murmur amongst themselves. Sonic tells them that they should all feel free to do what is right, he then suggests that they should spend these days fulfilling what they think is right, unleash your thoughts, in whatever way necessasry and that could include killing someone you hate, rioting etc. He persuades them to do this since Eggman's gonna "end the world" soon, and they should spend the last few days doing as they wish. Eggman, tells Cubot and Orbot that that isn't Sonic, someone's doing this. He tells his robots to track down the video's location, however the troops in the computer room where he sees "Sonic" making his speech, tell Eggman that they can trace the video though the IP is messed up, as if it is continously moving location. GUN are also seen on the case, questioning what's happening and also told to trace the metadata and try find the footage's IP.

Damien is then seen at the base talking to what looks like a device, like a camera held by tripod only that the camera has an extra layer and alot of new wires attached to it. Robots are seen walking in the background making weapons etc. The camera pans in on Damien and then goes into the camera where it shows Damien's face, then Sonic's face and zooms out to which we see a TV with "Sonic" making his speech. Back to Damien, Metal is walking around with these robots, Damien tells Metal that he's settled that with the people, he tells Metal that it's time for him to make a visit. Metal asks what about the Nexus Keys, Damien tells Metal that he's working on it, a new device though he can't spoil that yet. He then tells Metal to keep all the robots on lock and speeds off with his red electric looking streak.

Blaze and Amy are strapped to a pole in a pub of that similar to TBB's one, however a bit bigger. The two wake up, and try get out of their binds. Whisker is there too, along with alot other pirates and people. He is drinking beer, then smashes the beer on the table when he sees the two have woken up. He tells all his pirates that the two executions have woken up. Blaze, knowing Whisker from her dimension, asks how Whisker got to Sonic's world. Whisker tells them that things change, Nega before he died, offered him a chance to come to this dimension and here he is. He talks about how Sonic and co promised him that they'd finally be able to sail "her" again, go to Satio, come back, however "those weird creatures" attacked them, and they're whole crew got marooned, some even died, he says that Sonic however, he was fine, and so were the rest of them and that they went on and saved Central City but didn't mention them at all to the press, as if a forgotten chapter in his crusade. Blaze continues to give Whisker a dirty glare, Amy asks if this is just for clout and Whisker says that they would've been free and gotten money if they got clout, start a city, a town, or even bigger, a whole island. After Whisker's monologue, Blaze tells Whisker that he won't kill any of them espiecally after all the troubles he caused before. Whisker smiles and grabs an axe, telling them that they'll remember that however one pirate, supposedly a fox, propses a duel, considering "the cat" and Whisker's hatred for each other, they could settle it in a duel. Whisker walks up to the fox telling him that he likes his thinking. He accepts the duel, saying that if Blaze wins, they'll leave her alone and let her have what she wants, if Whisker wins, they die. Blaze agrees to this duel, Amy asks where Gamma is, and Whisker tells her that he's safe for now, and that if Blaze loses, the robot is destroyed. Whisker declares the duel happen when the sun goes down. They free Blaze and Amy and go on about their buisness. Amy thanks the fox and asks what his name is, he introduces himself as Jeremy. He asks if they want an exploration of the place and that they could talk about stuff. Amy's up for it and Blaze agrees to it since it passes time. (Whisker's Village: Matey's Galore) (Whisker's Village: Shady Towns) (Playable: Blaze, Amy) 

Jeremy tells them about how he is a pirate for Whisker, Amy asks why he would live such a life, and Jeremy tells the two of them that Whisker was the only person who was there for him when he needed. Blaze takes this in the most seeing her reaction. He says that he had a pretty messed up past, Whisker took him under his wing and practically saved his life, he became a fighter. A whistle is heard and Amy asks what it's for and Jeremy says that the duel is commencing, he asks Blaze if she's ready and Blaze nods. They go to a part in the island, the beach more so, where all the village people and pirates stand in a circle, they make way for Blaze. Whisker is already here, he tells Blaze that he's been waiting to give Blaze the butt whooping she deserves, and Blaze says she's been wishing the same thing ever since she was on the throne. Whisker then begins to torment her, telling her that she is nothing, she is Queen of Pais Misterioso, yet she abandones it, he calls her pathetic. Blaze then grows a fiery blade, like a phasma blade but fire. Whisker gets his sword out and they commence. The crowd become estatic and cheer Whisker on. (Whisker's Village: Boss: Captain Whisker) (Playable: Blaze)

Tails and Skye are still in the temple, however Skye and Tails are working together to hack the badnik. Tails asks Skye how life is back in 3437, since after all they're in 2018, and that's quite far off. Skye tells him that the future is quite overwhelming, he says that humans do travel to the Moon and Mars, however government corruption looms very large. Tails asks what they learn there, what kind of things do they teach, like in history and sciences. Skye tells him that she doesn't know if she can tell him, since it could cause a flux in the timestream if what she says alters any events from happening due to her telling someone and Tails promises that that won't be the case, he tells her that he knows all the rules of time travel however hasn't perfected it at all yet. Tails then tells Skye that she has, Skye smiles, and tells him that what they learn is based off of Tails' knowledge however they still do know the great minds of Newton and Tesla etc and are taught them, historically, they're taught about the Great War as well as the second Great War, which is close to happening, she then mentions Sonic and his deeds and how they learn about him and all he did as well as his rivalry with Eggman etc. Tails is fascinated by this, almost giving him goosebumps. She says that they talked of how Miles Prower was the brains of the team, called Tails by Sonic. Skye then says that all of them die however like all mortals do, Tails tells Skye that it's fine, honestly, and that death comes sooner or later, he says that he guesses that it depends on the way he dies, whether it was sacrificial or not. Skye continues to work, she then tells Tails that she wanted to say this to someone, since the first time she got here, she didn't know what was what, and so didn't know what to say. She tells him that she wanted to say this to Sonic though when she saw him, she just couldn't, it was too big of a moment, she couldn't say anything. She tells Tails that she's so sorry for creating Damien and causing Sonic all this trouble, she tells Tails that she made Damien look like Sonic not because of a test dummy. She expresses her feelings telling him that in his time, Sonic is worshipped almost like Jesus was in Christianity, people saw him as a saviour and she wanted to recreate how that'd feel like, talking to Sonic the Hedgehog, in the flesh. She tells Tails that Sonic inspired her to even create Damien anyways, recreate everything about him as Sonic just so she could talk to him, since she didn't have a good childhood, she says that nothing she did was appreciated and that she was seen as nothing and a thinker, not a doer even by her own parents. 

She then goes on to say that when she saw all these videos dealing with Sonic, all those documentaries, about how Sonic was seen as a hero, however his parents were both explorers however still fighters in their own right and then Sonic being what he's known for now, even 1400 years into the future. She tears up and tells Tails that that's legendary, and that his parents wherever they are would be so proud of what he's become and she just wants to be like him,espiecally in her future where no one can be a hero. Suddenly the badnik makes a sound, and the Tails' tablet generates a few lines of code. Skye takes a breath and tells Tails that they've intercepted a signal. Tails pats her on the back then heads for the tablet, he tells her that it's in binary, he reads out, "Search for crystals". Tails asks Skye what that could mean and if she has any idea and Skye shakes her head. Tails then suggests they head out in the morning, try find Eggman and see what he's up too now. (Adventure Field: Blaza) (Playable: Tails, Skye)

A map is laid out on a table and soon is revealed to be Ray's map, with Rouge, Omega and Moss surrounding it, looking at it. Ray tells them that this is the map they constructed of Eggman's main base after multiple attempts at inflitrating it, the map is incomplete to which Ray notes that there's still a few places they haven't visited yet. Rouge suggests how about recruiting some people or townsfolk who could help, she assures them that they probably want as much revenge on Eggman as they do right now. Moss tells them that they never considered that idea. Ray asks where they'd do that, and Omega suggests advertising a rebellion. Ray asks how, and Moss tells them that they could make a rebellion poster, put it on walls etc. Someone knocks on their door, and Moss answers, it's their inflitrator, a human, he tells Moss that Eggman is visiting in 2 days. Moss thanks the inflitrator for the info and tells them to get moving. Ray tells them that he'll buy more weapons, Rouge says that she can train them, help them with weapon practise as well as Omega. Moss accepts this and tells them that they're doing this in a very excited way. (Massau: Mission: Buy the listed weapons and gadgets) (Playable: Ray) An Egg Troop stops Ray, asking for identification, Ray tries stall in a comedic scene, then fights them. (Massau: Mission: Defeat 50 enimies) (Playable: Ray) Ray heads back to the hut. (Massau Town: Egg Village) (Massau Town: Troops Invasion) (Massau Town: Boss: Egg Searcher) (Playable: Ray) There's then a montage scene that occurs with Ray telling people to sign up by showing posters and sticking them on walls as well as townsfolk considering the offer, Rouge and Omega training some people who decide to make it to the hut as well as Moss meditating. There's one scene shown with one hedgehog who shoots a blaster at three wine bottles however misses some of these shots, as well as other scenes with the two showing them different fighting techniques.

We cut to night, Ray is sitting outside the hut. Rouge exits the hut, and sees Ray there. Ray asks her how GUN are so good at what they do, he then asks how Sonic is so good at what he does, Rouge asks him what he means and Ray explains to her that Sonic can save so many people and so can GUN, even in the darkest of times. Rouge tells him that unfortunately she isn't Sonic, but she thinks she knows why in GUN's case, she explains to him that the reason why they're able to help people is due to dedication, as dediccation is really the thing that matters, if your not dedicated to something, how are you going to get it done. Ray scoffs and tells her that he's been dedicated to saving this town from Eggman ever since 2015, yet nothing has gotten done. He scoffs again and mutters that he can't believe how in a year, one man can cause so much catastrophy, he tells her that he thought stopping Eggman would be a piece of cake, after all with Sonic that was the case so he thought it'd be like that with him, though nothing has changed, and it's been way harder than he thinks. Rouge sighs and tells him that Sonic is cocky and clumsy, she asks if Ray knows that, she elobarates that Sonic however believes in the fact that he can stop the bad guy, and doesn't carry too much of a burden on his shoulder, which is why he usually gets the job done quicker, she tells him that Sonic rarely worries, and that he's always devoted while stull trying to in some way maintain a postive "vibe". Ray however says to Rouge that he can't maintain that positivity though, espiecally like this, Rouge puts her arm around Ray's shoulder and then tells him to at least then try believe that there's hope for this town, and try to believe that they'll take Eggman out, she points at the town saying that those people will eventually be free because of what they're doing and he just has to believe that. Ray thanks Rouge for the talk, and eventually Rouge enters the hut while the camera pans out on Ray sitting on the porch. (Adventure Field: Moss' Hut) (Playable: Ray, Rouge, Omega)

Sonic defeats Crackler, Fang then tells Sonic that he'll help and ask how he may be of assistance. He asks if anyone can build a tracker for him, so he can go back to Central City. He smiles and calls Bean, who is talking with a bunch of female Mobians. Bean tells Fang that this is the person causing him all the trouble, Bean then triple kicks Sonic to a wall and pulls out a penknife on him. Fang tells Bean that Sonic isn't snitching, Bean then lets go of Sonic. Bean asks Fang what Sonic is doing here and Fang tells Bean that he just wants to go home and then he's out of our lives forever. Bean grins and asks what Sonic wants and Sonic asks if he can build a tracker for him, he then changes his mind, and asks if he can build a tracker that can track someone throughout the timestream. Bean tells Sonic he doesn't know how to do that, he says that he isn't no Einstein then Fang brings up that time where they time travelled to the past in attempt to change it and save Fang from going prison but didn't. Bean remembers as he made the device, he tells Fang that he destroyed it nevertheless. Sonic convinces Bean to help them and eventually he agrees to, though tells Sonic that if Sonic goes snitching, he'll make him see true pain. 

Knuckles faces off against Shade in an arena, a crowd of Kasillus surrounding it, as well as Nox sitting on a type of throne. (Kasiullus Base: Boss: Shade I) (Playable: Knuckles) Knuckles try convincing Shade that her name is Shade, and tries tell her about her past and how they looked for the Master Emerald shards together last time. (Kasillius Base: Boss: Shade II) (Playable: Knuckles) Shade defeats Knuckles again, throwing him across the arena, Knuckles then gets up in one last attempt to fight her. (Kasillius Base: Boss: Shade III) (Playable: Knuckles). Knuckles is eventually defeated and Shade tells him to stand down and the crowd cheer while he says this. Nox then orders Knuckles' execution, and the guards escort Knuckles away from the arena, Shade as well as a whole batch of Kasillus members walk as Knuckles is taken to The Executioner. Nox also follows here, telling Knuckles that it's unfortunate that this is the way a Guardian dies, executed by a Kasillus member, Nox assures Knuckles that he will tell the Executioner to make it quick. Knuckles spits on Nox's face, and Nox smiles, slapping him. Shade is there, and starts having memories of Knuckles in TBB, as well as further past memories. Shade then takes her frisbee and throws it at a Kasillus member, when it hits this member, it goes right through him, destroying his insides, turning them into minitaure purple pixels. She does the same with a few others, after getting into a fight, she then throws one at Nox who dodges. Nox asks her why the change in mind, and she tells Nox that nothing comes inbetween family. She throws one frisbee at Knuckles' hand ties, and Knuckles punches the guards who are escorting him resorting in an all out chaos. The Executioner also attacks, and Knuckles tells Shade, he'll fight him. (Kasillius Base: Boss: The Executioner) (Playable: Knuckles) (Kasillius Base: Mission: Defeat 100 enimies) (Playable: Knuckles, Shade) Suddenly a small fire is started however isn't too massive and therefore unoticeable, Nox fights Shade and Knuckles, however throws Knuckles down, Knuckles then ends up fighting a batch of Kasillius. Nox tells Shade that they could've gone to the stars together, and Shade tells Nox that there's no strings on her, they then collide. It then cuts to Knuckles who fights in cutscene with the scene ending after him throwing a member directly at a wall, destroying the neon in that area and causing a huge dent.

Blaze defeats Captain Whisker, and Whisker tells Blaze that she has him, and that she should kill him. Whisker gets on his knees. Mini and Mum are also there. Blaze grabs her flaming sword, and readies however can't do in the end, "deactivating" it, telling Whisker its better to die with honour, and that she can't take one's life like this, it's just not how she is. She gives Whisker a helping hand and he takes it and stands up. Mini and Mum go to Blaze and declare her champion while the crowd cheer and Amy also cheers. The camera then pans in on Blaze smiling. (Adventure Field: Whisker's Village)

(Night of the Burning Glass: Fast Lane) (Night of the Burning Glass: Looming Evil) (Night of the Burning Glass: Boss: GUN Mecha) (Playable: Damien). Damien has entered The White House. The President is seen sitting down reading something when Damien speeds in. The President sees this, quite alarmed, quickly jumping out of his chair. He asks who he is, and then tells Damien that he's that impersonator on the TV. Damien smiles, saying that this is rightfully so.  The President asks Damien who he is, and Damien tells the President that he considers himself a teacher (Damien considers himself a teacher), he calls himself a prophet, he tells the President how he wants something the President has, just like probably everyone in the lower class wants and he clarifies that it's power, The President asks Damien if that's what he wants and Damien tells him that that's exactly what he wants though in a less democratic way than he does. The President then in a trembling manner asks Damien if he's the person that blew up the hospital and the GUN Facility and killed Team Dark, and Damien chuckles calling The President smart. 

Why So Serious? The Joker Theme The Dark Knight Soundtrack - Hans Zimmer

Why So Serious? The Joker Theme The Dark Knight Soundtrack - Hans Zimmer

Theme for President and Damien scene

The President then asks why he came here, to which he tries calling security though Damien sighs and finally tells him that they're all dead, offering the President to look outside and check if he wants. The President asks Damien what he wants and Damien tells him that he wants to make a deal, he says that he wants the President to assure the people of the city that Sonic is right and that they should do as he pleases. The President laughs, telling Damien he's out of his mind, and then gets a pistol out pointing it at Damien, again Damien sighs asking if he's really gonna try kill him with a bullet. He calls that primitive, the President shoots multiple times however Damien dodges all of them stacking them like dominos on a table, he then runs up close with the President telling him that he will do it and again the President refuses, saying that he'll do that on his dead body. Damien roars with laughter again, and sits down, the President continously asking why he won't just kill him already. Damien then tells the President that he won't do that, and that he has a few other conceptions in mind, he then talks to the President about how this country is complicated and already screwed, as well as the world, he then suggests killing his kids, as well as the ways he'll kill them, as well as killing his wife and slicing her throat to show much he's failed them. Damien tells him that he's faster than Sonic and could kill them before The President decides what he's (Damien) going to say next, he calls family a weakness and that if you take that key factor and you destroy it, it'll be the death of you. 

(Massau Outskirts: Scarred Fields) (Massau Outskirts: Planet Rock) (Playable: Tails, Skye). Skye asks Tails where they're going and Tails tells Skye that they don't necesessarily know where they are, so they just have to really just keep going foward. Skye asks about Eggman, Tails asks what about him, and Skye tells Tails that Eggman is still on the loose, after all he's looking for these crystals, and so suggests that they should look for him. Tails asks how then realises that they did hack into the badnik's mainframe, he asks Skye if the chip still contains some of the Badnik's data and Skye says it should. Tails takes his tablet out of his rucksack, and takes Skye's chip. Tails explains to Skye that the badnik must have info on Dr Eggman's location, Skye asks Tails if that means going backwards, and then she realises what Tails is doing and asks Tails if he's tracing the robot's programming back to the original local, Tails tells Skye that there's a starter code, something Eggman uses to bring the bots to life, and that all he has to do is trace the programming back to location. He uses his AI for this, who he's named Nicole, however it doesn't speak yet. It prints out the words, Superior Egg Fleet, and it's coordinates. Skye, in the meantime, spots a crystal in the bushes, she takes it.  After Tails and Skye's moment of celebration, a robot lands from the sky, it speaks in Eggman's voice (however it's most likely that Eggman is speaking through it, well he is) and tells the two not if he gets to them first and the three collide. (Massau Outskirts: Boss: ADAM) (Playable: Tails, Skye). ADAM defeats the two, and Eggman laughs through ADAM, taking the knocked out two and flying upward.

Blaze and Jeremy are talking to Captain Whisker, who tells them that he's sorry for doing that, and the fact that Blaze showed mercy was something he didn't expect. Blaze tells Whisker that he still did cause quite a lot of trouble in her world, and says that she hasn't forgotten about them. Amy has just been brought Gamma, who Whisker's pirates bring back to her, and untie him. Amy hugs him, and tells Gamma that he should've seen what happened, and how Blaze defeated Captain Whisker. Jeremy asks Blaze if she wants to head back where she came from, and Whisker interrupts saying that it took days last time to get from Salunira back to here and Sonic had betrayed them, delivered a promise however didn't deliver. Blaze tells Whisker that that wasn't Sonic's fault and they were being attacked by Savori, she asks what else could Sonic have done to help his goals. Whisker remains silent, here, Blaze sighs and tells him that she is not Sonic, bluntly, and tells him that they had a deal, she beat him in a duel, and now she wants to go home. Whisker snarls, and tells them that he'll allow them too, however tells them that they'll go at morning. Whisker grabs his beer and heads for the pub.

(Satio: Welcome Back) (Satio: Steampunk Revolution) (Playable: Silver, Shadow). Silver and Shadow reminisnce about this place(scroll down a little). They then realise that Sonic isn't here, Shadow asks Silver where they could go, then Silver comes up with a theory, he tells Shadow that maybe since the Genesis Wave did occur, they could've gotten teleported somewhere, and maybe they're not a Green Hill Base. Shadow calls the theory absurd, then reveals to Shadow that Sonic tried to help him when he fought Goliath in this timeline, he was in the vicinity of the portal, he could've gotten sucked into it. Shadow scoffs, and Silver asks why he's smirking and Shadow tells Silver that GUN have reported Sonic missing, he sees this on one TV within a window. Shadow tells Silver that he had to open up a portal in the middle of the sky, he tells Silver that now they've got more problems on they're hands due to that, Silver, here asks if Shadow is really blaming him here, and Shadow tells him that if that portal wasn't created, it would be easier to find him. Silver tells Shadow that Sonic isn't the main priority here, it's Damien and finding GUN. Silver then mutters that he didn't know Shadow admired Sonic that much, considering their first meeting, Shadow then drop kicks Silver. Silver asks him if that's really how they're gonna do this, at a time like this, and Shadow says yes, they are. (Satio: Boss: Shadow/Silver) (Playable: Shadow/Silver). Soon, after the fight, Shadow is shot at and electrocuted, Silver ducks this and flies to cover. An officer, with very steampunk like clothes however a futuritstic looking gas mark, and a robotic arm, takes Shadow in. Silver, hiding behind a bin, sighs.

Espio and Mighy are seen in a docks like area, taking cover. Mighty tells someone comms that they're in position and that they have full eyes on the scene. They're on top of a crater, hiding behind some big cans, and watching from above. There's a group of people, some Human and some Echinda, however mostly echinda. Vector and Charmy are seen in a van, Charmy is sighing, and Vector asks Charmy what he expects, and that they played Rock, Paper, Scissors, the two won. Vector tells Charmy that they'll have to wait, he puts music on, however its rock music and there's a mini dispute there. Cut back to Espio and Mighty, Espio tells Mighty that the woman told them that her husband was selling illegal substances, the two see the humans enter a van and take out an echinda child, with markings all over him. They take the child in, and place him in one of the craters. (Detective Mission: Listen in on the conversation at hand) (Playable: Espio, Mighty) We cut to the humans and Echidnas, and they talk about how it was pleasure doing business with them, to which the echindas soon fire on the humans using their bow and arrows with extereme precision, killing them as if a firing squad. Espio and Mighty are shocked and tell Vector and Mighty on comms that they all just killed each other, Mighty reports to the two on comms that it looks like they're selling an echinda child of quite extereme importance. (Detective Mission: Get to the ground, without araising suspiscion) (Playable: Espio, Mighty). The child looks in the two's direction, and speaks in an unknown language, however tells the echindas that, "The Detectives are here! The Detectives are here!". The echindas soon fire on the two and the two get into battle, Espio alerts Vector and tells him to throw the thing. Vector and Charmy have a small arguement in the van, and eventually Charmy takes the thing, it's a gas grenade, he throws it into the docks, and Espio and Mighty continue to fight. (Detective Mission: Defeat all enimies) (Playable: Espio, Mighty). The child screams quite a monstrous scream, and then shoots a shockwave all around him. They fight it. (Detective Mission: Docks: Boss: Demon Child) (Playable: Espio, Mighty). The Demon Child is soon defeated, Metal Sonic however arrives at the scene, who firstly grabs the van and throws it into the small forest (the van, Vector and Charmy are in), then goes to fight Espio and Mighty however the child then punches in the ground creating another shockwave, making Metal, get hit by a lampost and have the lampost (the light bit) fall on his face. The child disappears using some kind of magic. Espio and Mighty then look over a taken out Metal Sonic.

A garage door opens, and Damien is standing there, with quite a huge robot, something of similarity to this. He looks at it, and the robot flies up. He smiles and sighs and mutters to himself that it's time to cause some mayhem, to which the camera cuts to the President making his speech about Sonic and basically delivering on what Damien told him to do, to which the public explode in an uproar of questions (not literally). Damien is watching this, at his base, and puts his finger to his head. He then walks to another one of his labs, where one of the robots is constructing a device. Damien asks it if it's ready and the robot tells Damien that it's at 45% completion, to which Damien tells it to go quicker, he tells it that the Nexus awaits. We then see Eggman, who has Tails and Skye in a jail on his fleet. He finally visits them, and asks how the company is, Tails asks him where Sonic is and how he found them, and Eggman tells Tails that a badnik sent out a distress signal to Eggman that someone had hacked into his database, and got the location of the hacker, he laughs and tells Tails that he isn't always that clumsy, he then adds that he doesn't know where Sonic is. Tails tells Eggman to stop lying and Eggman tells Tails that truthfully, he doesn't know where the hedgehog is and has got bigger problems to worry about. Skye then interrupts the two, calling this moment the coolest moment of her life, seeing Tails threaten Eggman, or otherwise, she says that it's just like the history books, she then sits back down. Eggman asks who she is, and Skye introduces herself, and says that she's from the future, Eggman asks why she's here, and Skye tells him that there's something of her's she needed to collect, and now she's here. Suddenly, all the robots in the entirety of the fleet stop their tasks and look at Eggman. Eggman confused asks what's going on, and the Cubot who walks to Eggman, and pulls up a holographic screen of Damien, who offers Eggman a deal, to help him take over the world like he's always wanted, he tells Eggman that he's sorry he stole the crystals he possesed though it was better in his hands, saying that after all he actually knew how to use it (Damien), Eggman declines the offer however, and Damien tells him that's too bad, he sarcastcially says that he'd always wanted to work with the great Eggman, "The man who always loses", Damien smiles and tells him that that's fine and the screen closes to which all the robots fly away or leave the ship. Eggman tries shouting a shutdown code, however they simply ignore it.

Tails asks Eggman what's happening, and tells him that he can help him contain the problem. Eggman unlocks the jail and the two leave, Skye then tells them that this was most likely Damien's doing, and Eggman asks who Damien is, and Skye says its a long story. The three follow the robots. (Robo Escape: Prison Break) (Robo Escape: Party's Over) (Robo Escape: Boss: Proto Bot) (Playable: Eggman, Tails, Skye). They follow the robots out of the fleet, to the balcony like platform with all the robots flying through the sky and Eggman looking hopelessly. Skye looks at this, and lets out a tear, eventually passing out. Tails goes to pick her up.

Sonic, Bean, Fang and Bark are at Husk Poe, there's no one there. Suddenly, the huge robot that flew out of the garage Damien was at, enters destroying the roof. Damien speaks through the robot, telling Sonic that in order for this to work, there can't be any distractions to which the robot grows miniguns and shoots all over the place. The four all duck somewhere, hiding behind tables or going into doors. Sonic tells Fang this was who he was talking about, Fang asks Sonic what he's doing, he tells him to do "retarded spinny flippy move" to which Sonic says that he'd get in the way of the miniguns. The two are hiding behind a table, Fang grabs a gun and shoots at it, telling Sonic that it won't stop. Fang tells him that he'll distract it, he grabs his Carbine and tries shooting at it's miniguns, Sonic goes and fights it. (The Ambush: Boss: KILLER Metal) (Playable: Sonic). The boss defeats Sonic throwing him at a pole, Fang then waves at the robot to which it grabs its minigun and fires at the boss' miniguns, destroying it and temproarily disabling the miniguns really, Fang continues to fire. Bean then emerges, with dynamite and sticks it onto the robot, blowing it up from the inside. Fang tells Bean to get to work quickly, and tells Bark to fix the broken wall.

Team Chaotix are at the Detective Office, it's closed, and they have Metal in a rope bind of sorts, and Charmy is typing away at a laptop, Mighty asks Charmy how it's going, and Charmy tells them that he's officially disabled Metal's abilities, he then presses the Space bar and Metal's eyes open. Espio tells them that he'll interrogate him. He asks Metal if he's awake, and then suddenly Damien's voice is heard. We cut to Damien, who's actually running through the city, and talking. Then we cut back to Metal, he asks if these are the Chaotix, to which they all stand there confused, Charmy tells them that Eggman maybe gave Metal the ability to speak english fluently and Damien through Metal tells them that this isn't Eggman's doing, Espio asks who this is and Damien tells him that he considers himself a prophet, a saviour. He then goes on to talk about the Chaotix, and their morals, Vector then asks if they're talking to Damien, the robot that attacked them at the party at Green Hill Base, and Damien says that that most likely would be the case. Charmy asks if he knows Skye, to which Damien tells them that they do not have the right to speak her name, as she's actually worth something, he then talks about how in the future, the Chaotix are nothing and they're forgotten, lost chapters in a grand book, and how they all die horrible deaths, Charmy, the worst, however here Espio walks up to Metal and punches him in the face, his LED in his eyes turning off. Suddenly, after they take a moment and talk about whether what Damien is saying and whether they should alert GUN, Vector who is about to watch TV, sees on the news, that a riot has occured in the middle of Central City, dealing with the President's statement. 

(Night of the Burning Glass: Fury Fists) (Night of the Burning Glass: Crystal Shards) (Playable: Damien)
Tom Evans - Shut Down Epic Intense Music

Tom Evans - Shut Down Epic Intense Music

Theme for the riot

Then at Central City, with people throwing wine bottles around and at riot officers, as well as breaking into stores stealing things, some people bring stinkbombs, some people even bring guns. The police try contain the mess, and then the camera pans up to Damien, who's kneeling on top of tower looking over what's happening, and smiling, quite sinisterly, as the camera then pans out on Damien who then stands up, and below him, a lot of fire, as well as the riot occurring.

Chapter 6: Revolution!

Rouge, Omega, Moss, Ray and whole bunch of other Mobians are crammed around Moss' hut, practising battle strategies. The main four talk amongst themselves and soon enough Ray calls on all of them for a meeting. He tells all of them, that as they know, he's called them here since they talked about a revolution, and that the four of them will deliver them on that promise. He then begins to talk battle plans. He takes a batch of the more professional Mobians, and tells them that they'll attack along with the four of them, raiding through the city and destroying Eggman's troops, heading for Eggman's main base.He then tells another batch, that they'll be lookouts, and Moss will be here to protect them to alert them if there are more Egg Troops to be expected, he then calls on a last batch who will be watching their backs when they're at Eggman's base. After the conversations, he lets all the batches relax a little and get a time to recollect their thoughts. Ray tells Rouge that they're scared and they need motivation, Rouge tells him that that's a little out of her league, she tells him that he's experienced this all, and so he will be able to convey what they're feeling, as they feel it just as much as he does. Ray nods, and Rouge takes a box, and Ray stands on it. Rouge asks for silence, and Ray tells them that he knows that they're scared, and tells them that he is too, he explains to them that throughout this entire Egg Revolution, he thought things wouldn't get this bad, he says that Eggman is controlling families, making people live in fear, and that they should use that fear as a fuel. An uproar is then heard from the crowd, and Ray shouts asking if they're ready, with the answer of an uproar again. (Massau Revolution: Battle Ready) (Massau Revolution: Chaos Reigns) (Massau Revolution: Boss: Egg Searcher 2.0)  (Playable: Rouge, Omega, Ray, Mobian 1, Mobian 2) 

The battle has already begun, in the middle of Massau, civillians are being evacuated and an outright war has begun. There's a small in cutscene battle that occurs, with transitions to all main four characters fighting through the troops.

The scene changes to Knuckles midway through the battle. Shade is fighting Nox, while Knuckles is fighting the remaining Kasillius members. The fire also has spread too, growing at a dramatic rate. The camera focuses on Nox and Shade's battle, Shade using her phasma blades to fight him and Nox using his frisbees to do the same. (Kasillius Base: Boss: Nox I) (Playable: Shade). Nox defeats Shade, telling her that if this is the way she wants to play it, all be it. Nox is about to deliver the final blow to which Knuckles spears Nox to the ground, sending both of them tumbling. Nox, angrily, tells Knuckles that he's ruined his empire, and that he'll (Nox) will kill Knuckles himself, there's a small ingame battle, Knuckles tells him that he's being delusional and Nox tells Knuckles that he's being reasonable, Nox, using his blade knocks the Nexus Key out of Knuckles' pockets, telling him that he'll change things himself. Knuckles continues to fight him. (Kasillius Base: Nox II) (Playable: Knuckles, Shade). Shade is seen fighing members and throwing some of them into the flames. (Kasillius Base: Mission: Defeat all enimies in the radius given) (Playable: Shade). Knuckles is still in the process of fighting Nox, however more Kasillius members also try fight Knuckles and so we see Knuckles struggling to fight all of them. Nox tells himself that if he isn't going to the stars, then no one will, he eventually grabs the Nexus Key. The Kasillus members however soon overcome the two. (Kasiilius Base: Mission: Defeat all enimies) (Playable: Knuckles, Shade). While the two are fighting the Kasillius together, using tag team moves, and general fighting techniques to do so, Shade is shot by an energy blast into a wall, knocking her out cold. They've defeated most the members, and the base is on the verge of completely exploding. Nox is seen approaching Knuckles with the Nexus Key engraved into a scepter.

The four are still fighting off Eggman's troops. Rouge asks on comms if they're seeing anything to which we cut to the hut, and one of the Mobians says that no troops are at their area, surpirsingly, no troops even passing by.

Proto Shazar

Rouge tells them that they can head in to which they eventually enter Eggman's main base of operations. Omega is about to enter though then sees a more younger Human who's rebelling cornered by Eggman's troops, Omega then flies towards the robots, flying and then kicking them on his way down to earth, as well as gattling gun one and stabbing through another, he fights through the rest. (Massau's Revolution: Mission: Defeat 20 enimies) (Playable: Omega). Omega takes the younger human to safety, and flies back however is shot down by one of Eggman's troops.

Rouge and Ray officially enter the base, Ray looks around in shock telling them that they're actually in Eggman's base. Rouge tells them to remember the plan. (Proto Shazar: Doom Rooms)  (Proto Shazar: House' A' Tricks) (Playable: Rouge, Ray). Ray then asks Rouge where Omega is, and Rouge eventually realises this, she tells him that they're already inside, so they have to figure that out later. They then hear that Eggman's fleet is landing, next to base, Rouge asks if it's sending reinforcments and Moss tells them via comms that it isn't. We then cut to a wide shot of the Egg Fleet hovering next to the top of the base to which a pathway is made towards there. Rouge and Ray feel the vibration and tell them that they have to head up there.

Nox is approaching Knuckles, his mask dematerializes, and he tells Knuckles that now there's no more free chances. Knuckles gets up and tells Nox that he isn't giving up to the likes of a psychopath. Nox uses this scepter against Knuckles, shooting energy blasts at Knuckles as well as fighting with the scepter against Knuckles throwing him around as well as having energy blasts hit him. Knuckles, quite dazed, however continues to fight. (Kasillius Base: Boss: Nox III) (Playable: Knuckles). Knuckles is eventually defeated and thrown with power to a wall. Nox then mutters a spell, to which wind is generated that swirls around him, and the Key lights up. His eyes then turn white, and he smiles, though then a disc like object is thrown right through him. Nox's eyes go back to normal, he looks at his stomach and eventually it bursts with purple pixels, Nox looks behind him and sees Shade, smiling before he ultimately dies. Shade grabs the spear and then rescues a knocked out Knuckles, flames cover the entire place even covering Nox's dead body. Shade looks behind her, and sees a shelf, before exiting the base, there's books there. 

Shadow is in jail, with the police officer with the metallic arm and gas mask.he's being interrogated however in more normal circumstances. The officer introduces himself as Neo, and tells Shadow that he doesn't condemn Shadow's actions and tells him how Satio was a peaceful place. Shadow apologises for the interuption and tells Neo that he won't do it again. He tells Neo that he's a GUN officer, and he was trying to control his partner from doing anything stupid. Silver is seen at the Satio Police Station, and sighs again, he thinks of using the Warp Ring however he doesn't know where Shadow is located. He inlitrates the station. (Satio Police Station: Steam Powered) (Satio Police Station: Ancient Security) (Playable: Silver). Neo tells Shadow that while he does respect Shadow's apology, they're going to have to hold trial for Shadow's actions. Neo eventually leaves the room, and Shadow is in the chair. He mutters to himself that he has to escape these binds, as he doesn't have time for a trial. (Satio Police Station: Mission: Break out of your binds (there's a bar on the left of the screen which goes from top to bottom, green at the top, amber in the middle, red on the bottom, you tap a button and if the indicator goes to green, it is working hence the player is pressing the button at a steady rate, if the player taps to rapidly, it will go to red and hence Shadow will struggle more). Shadow eventually breaks the chains, he stands up although realises that there's a type of  power dampener on his leg since he can't Chaos Control. The interrogation room is quite small too.


Shadow and Silver's obtained fleet

Silver is then seen, sneaking through the police station, in-cutscene, we see Silver sneakily taking out guards, using his powers and even sometimes knocking guards out. He's walking through a hallway, although he then gets a vision of Mogul, who asks Silver what he's doing and Silver tells Mogul that he isn't doing anything, Mogul tells Silver that he's gonna have to be careful, and not to screw up, stating that he (Silver) knows the consequences of it, Silver eventually goes out of his vision, and a guard spots him. Silver uses his telekenisis to throw the guard through a wall. Shadow is seen in this room, with the guard thrown through it. Shadow runs towards Silver, and Silver tells Shadow that that's twice in a row, and Shadow tells Silver to shut up. They escape the station. (Satio Police Station:Mission: Escape the station) (Playable: Shadow, Silver). The two make it to a surveillance room, and find out there's a ship hangar. The two go there, and find out the ships are quite steampunk though decide it's their only way to escape. Though, Neo soon finds out that they're at the ship hangar and goes after them entering the hangar, and telling them that they've broken the law. Silver heads in the ship figuring out how it works while Shadow fights Neo. (Satio Police Station: Boss: Neo) (Playable: Shadow). Shadow defeats Neo, and tells him that he's not the enemy, he tells Neo he has a mission to attend too and that if they don't, everyone will die, guards come to help Neo, though Neo signals them to stop. Shadow apologises for the mess and enters the fleet. They take off.

The Device

Fang is talking to Bean as he makes the machine, they talk about Mobian women as well as times they've had together. They then talk about Sonic and whether they can trust him, and Fang tells Bean that Sonic is a complicated dude, he tells Bean that even though he put Fang in prison, he's not the ruthless type, and that if he does try anything, they'll kill him. The camera cuts to Bark practising his fighting ability, punching a punching bag. Sonic enters the room and sits on a bench. Bark looks at Sonic and then goes back to fighting. Sonic tells Bark while he's fighting that he thinks he's figured all three of them out, he calls Bark the "silent mercenary" and that Bean is the crazy one and Fang is the if we can't do it that way let's kill everyone guy. Sonic asks Bark what his deal and Bark tells Sonic that if Sonic doing this (as in their conversation) isn't gonna do anything for them, and that Sonic isn't on his good list exactly, Sonic tells Bark that he isn't trying anything and he just wants to get to know him more, Bark stops fighting and asks if that's so, he walks up to Sonic telling him that he never knew his parents, he went to foster home, Fang took him in, and now he's here, Bark asks Sonic if he can leave now. Sonic scoffs and tells Bark that he never knew his parents too, although Eggman terroized Green Hill alot, where he used to live and Sonic stopped him, saving the small town, and now he's here, trying to save the world, again. Sonic tells Bark that he sees a spark in him, a genuine good, he tells Bark that he just needs to find it.. Sonic is about to leave until suddenly a tremor is felt. Sonic and Bark run to the main operating room, and the device is activated. Fang tells Sonic that he can now leave and go back to his "boyfriend". Sonic scoffs, and is about to run in until Damien speeds in, the portal now deactivated. Damien smiles and tells Sonic that now its time. Sonic tells the three of them to get a weapon and Damien and Sonic engage in battle. (The Ambush: Boss: Damien) (Playable: Sonic, Fang). 

Damien laser beams all around the place to which Sonic dodges, Sonic asks Damien what he wants and Damien tells Sonic that a new age is due, and that humans are a disease in this world. He asks Sonic if he really wants to go back home, as after all, no one is there, and that everyone now hates him. Damien shouts at Sonic telling him that things would be easier if he just perished, Fang tries shooting at Damien, and Damien shoots lasers out of his eyes at Fang who dodges, Bark tries attacking him head on though Damien grabs him and throws ith a strong force towards a wall. He looks at Bean and asks if he wants to try anything, Sonic tells Damien that they don't need to hurt him, he tells him that he came for Sonic. Sonic asks Damien why he's doing this, he asks Damien what he's planning and Damien activating a creepy filter to his voice tells him that he wanted to bring upon the news, he runs at Sonic and pushes him to a wall, telling him that he's looking for Skye. Sonic says to Damien that he doesn't know where she is, they enage in another battle. (The Ambush: Boss: Damien II) (Playable: Sonic). The portal begins to fluctuate and while the two are fighting, they're sent through the fluctuating portal and end up in Central City. Damien laughs and assures Sonic that he's back home now to which he speeds off. Sonic also speeds off, quite paranoid. He stands on top of a building and looks over the city, seeing a torn down street, with destroyed cars as well as Sonic's face engraved on a building in fire. Sonic looks at this shocked, and realises that he only has one person to turn too now.

Whisker is preparing his fleet, and it is the morning here. Jeremy is helping out prepare the fleet, and Amy asks Jeremy if he wants to help them out. Jeremy asks what he should help them out with and Amy tells him that she means help them out, she explains that they actually work with Sonic, and they have a slight problem on their hands, she calls Jeremy the perfect fit to be apart of their team. Jeremy thanks Amy for the offer though tells her that he can't do it though, as he has to help out Whisker, he reveals to her that Whisker saved his life when no one had his (Jeremy's) back, to which he owes Whisker indefinetly. Amy nods and says that it's okay and walks off. Later on in the day, Whisker blows a whistle and tells the townsfolk that they're heading out into the seas however he corrects himself, saying "the skies". Blaze and Amy look at each other then look back at Whisker. They enter the ship. Blaze asks Whisker what he means by the ship is heading for the skies and Whisker tells them that it's pretty obvious really, a pirate ship that can fly. Blaze tells Whisker that he best not be playing any games, and Whisker asks her if she wants to go home or not, he asks her that by home what does she exactly mean, Gamma interfreres saying Central City.

We cut t

Whisker's Sky Fleet

o Whisker's sky fleet with Whisker's main ship in the middle and the +biggest ship. Blaze is with Gamma playing cards with Whisker's pirates, having a good time etc. Whisker enters the room where they play this game, and Blaze tells them that she doesn't want to play anymore. Gamma walks up to Blaze and tells her that he feels a type of unease with her, when she looks at the Captain, he asks what's up, and Blaze says it's nothing. Gamma stands there and a few machinery like sounds occur, he says that she has had a history with the Captain, Blaze notfiies him that Captain Whisker tormented her dimension and hurt many people, her own people and she can't forgive that of him, Gamma tries tell Blaze that Whisker is a complicated man, though Blaze has to learn to get through that. (Adventure Field: Whisker's Sky Fleet).

Skye is with Eggman and Tails, she tells them that she didn't mean to cause all of this, she tells them that Damien is too powerful and that he has to be stopped as it isn't even a matter of he has to be because he's evil. Tails asks Skye what she means and Skye tells them that Damien is an inconsistency and that it's all her fault. Eggman eventuall gets angry with Skye, telling her that she's the one who controlled all his robots. Tails tries telling Eggman she didn't mean although Eggman throws Tails and the two engage in a battle. (Proto Shazar: Boss: Eggman) (Playable: Skye). Skye defeats Eggman and explains to him that she didn't do anything and that she just wanted to make a robot, she elaborates to Eggman that she wanted a friend, and shamefully, says that she created a monster. Eggman laughs saying that's all nice and jolly however his robots are missing. Rouge and Ray enter the room, seeing the commotion. Ray, angry, shouts at Eggman that there's a war going on on the ground and they won't stop until they kill him. The room Eggman is in suddenly grows mechanical hands, forming a new battlesuit. Rouge holds Ray back telling him that they can do justice to him, and Ray tells her that justice won't stop him. (Proto Shazar: Boss: Egg Battlesuit) (Playable: Ray, Skye). Tails grabs a pipe, and jams it into the back of the battlesuit making it malfunction. Tails says to them that doing this isn't gonna change anything, he asks Rouge what he said about the war going on, Rouge tells him that it's a rebellion though technically that is the case, Tails asks Eggman if he can shut down his robots and Eggman says that he can't, not from in here, and he describes that there's a control panel in the fleet somewhere, he can disable the remaining robots there. (Proto Shazar: Mission: Find the control panel and disable the robots) (Playable: Tails). Tails does so, and the camera then cuts to the battle on Massau's grounds, where we see all the robots drop down onto the ground. 

Sonic enters GUN, asking the GUN Commander what had happened, however when he does. GUN soldiers soon surround Sonic, all pointing their weapons at him and Sonic, still confused, resists, putting his hands up. A GUN soldier calls the GUN Commander via comms, and the Commander soon goes to Sonic, telling him that he's responsible for the riot that occured the day before. Sonic doesn't recall this, asking the GUN Commander to show him footage of the riot. (GUN Base: Mission: Follow GUN Commander) (Playable: Sonic) Sonic then watches TV, seeing all that has happened in the riot. He pleas to the GUN Commander that he didn't do anything and that he wasn't even in Central City then. He talks about how the person who did it wasn't him, it was someone who resmbled him, the Commander asking who that could be and Sonic saying Damien's name.

We then see Shadow and Silver in the stolen ship, Silver piloting the ship. Shadow makes a quip about how he never knew Silver piloted ships like this and Silver tells Shadow that it's again, a long story. After a short silence, Shadow apologises to Silver about what he said before and that he was just heated in the moment since he is worried for Rouge and Omega. Silver then asks where he thinks they are, and Shadow doesn't know. Then, suddenly Silver spots a fleet of ships approaching him. Silver calls Shadow to look at this, as it looks like a fleet of pirate ships in the sky oddly enough. The duo contemplate if they should conisder getting help from them, then eventually shots are fired at them. We cut to Whisker who is looking at the ship directly telling them to fire, and unleash the ropes. Ropes are unleashed from various ships, wrapping around the Shadow and Silver's ship. Blaze, Amy and Jeremy go to see the situation, asking Whisker what has happened.

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