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The Voyages of Sonic the Hedgehog: Chronicles of Damien is an action packed platformer and 3D epic fangame by William. The game is developed by SEGA and Sonic Team, and also Naughty Dog who have also joined the production of the game. Sonic does go up against his biggest and most dangerous foe yet, Damien and he realizes that his speed is no match for his, as well as intelligence and sometimes Sonic needs to get a few tech-upgrades to up his game. Damien is noted for being one of the most insane villains in the franchise, he will have an original origin story by the developers and writers. The game released in July 2020.

The Chronicles of Damien
Creative Director/Designer
SEGA, Sonic Team and Naughty Dog
Action, Fighting, Platformer, Sci-Fi, Epic
PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Crush 40, Han Zimmer, Steve Jablonsky, TSFH (Two Steps from Hell), Imagine Dragons,Sadzid Husic
Release Date
July 2020
3D Platformer
PEGI: 15 (Violence, Online, Bad Language, Little Mature) ESRB: T (Violence, Blood, Strong Language, Sexual Themes)
Single player, multiplayer, co-op, Online, Missions, Free Roam, Races
Hedgehog Engine 2.0, Havok Engine, CryEngineV, WiND
Preceded by
Proceeded by
Sonic Adventure 3: Revolution

It is a platformer game like most Sonic games, and is apart of the TVOS franchise.  The game does pick up after the Battle of Central City and what occurred at the end of Silver's game which also affects the game a bit, as well as some questions that were left unanswered in Silver's game and in TBB which are in this game. The game is also mentioned to actually deal more with the other characters and more character development on their part. The game is being released on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Wii U and PC.


As the Battle of Central City permeates through the minds of the citizens of the city, Tails develops a unit capable of establishing order much more effiecently. Tails however following a test trial, delves into dangerous teritory. And little does he know the ramifications and the destruction, his little idea will cause...


Main article: The Chronicles of Damien/Story

There's loads of news reports heard seen dealing with the Battle of Central City, they're news reporters talking about it and how many lives have been lost. There's even some footage shown from the battle in TBB's last chapter with Argo and Sonic battling on some TV Screens, as well as some programs heard and seen about Sonic and what had occurred last time and programs on whether Sonic should be left on his own to do the things he does. This is seen during the time the game loads. There's flowers laid near a Sonic the Hedgehog statue in the middle of Central City too, people crying, and footage of the President speaking talking about what happened. Then, the last scene is the President in the White House making a speech. He tells the press that lives need to be lost in the sake for the better, and the President basically assures them that Sonic is not a threat to which the people there interviewing him start arguing and therefore get louder as the President leaves the room and the screen cuts to black (the game having officially loaded). The story begins.


The Chronicles of Damien is a 3D Platformer, action packed, epic video game. The game does now have a new engine which is CryEngineV and therefore the graphics are way better than the previous games. Though, the gameplay is quite different from The Blue Blur's gameplay as speed is quite pivotal to the story so it is a big part of the gameplay though not a "boost-to-win" type gameplay. Sonic can boost and he does have lots of combos that revolve around that fact. There will also be Adventure Fields and stages called Relax Stages, Relaxing Stages are when Sonic can just run freely and see the setting in itself with some calm music playing in the background. Adventure Fields however are exactly the same as the previous installments.

The player takes control of multiple characters like usual here, such as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow etc. They all contain they're own sort of gameplay, this includes in combos, tag team combos, and techniques in doing things, so they're all unique gameplay-wise. Due to this, the Type system returns, Speed Type Characters, Fly Type Characters, Power Type Characters and so on and so forth. Some of these characters will be unlockables, mainly in the Power Type Characters and Mechanical Type Characters, as in Free Roam which is also another feature returning from the previous installments, the player does have to buy these characters, or earn them through something. So, so some characters may be keys to processing further in an Action Stage at points as well, like the player would maybe need Tails to fly and pick up a character and bring the character to certain area helping them progress further. This' explained in the Items, Special Sections and Enemies section on the page more.

The gameplay is based off of TBB, Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Generations' gameplay, as considering the game's plot and the villain's power to which Sonic has to build up upon, speed plays a huge factor in that. So, Sonic can boost like said before, there's a bar that when filled the player can boost. This bar is at the top right of the screen and like in Unleashed, the player can upgrade this bar by buying more energy for it. There's a limit though. The player also has a small Life Gauge bar on top of him/her when the player takes damage, the bar appears and it is really small (the width of the character's head). Like usual, Rings can help the player with their health and so they should help with the bar when the player is in need of it. The player may notice that the character he/she's playing as, will start fighting weird as if struggling when the bar is almost out too and another character with the character the player's playing as may assist the character by giving that character Rings.

As for the Action Stages, they're 2 Acts and a boss like normal so nothing changes here, though for Relaxing Stages, they may occur after something quite big happens in a part of the storyline. There may be a huge cutscene where something mad happens, and after the loading screen (which is red streak that passes by and then a blue streak), the player may see Sonic running on water, the player will get the chance to the control Sonic though maybe just make him do combos while running on water or something while this happens there's calm trap music playing in the background also relaxing the player. Its not really like an Adventure Field as the player doesn't really get too much a chance to explore. More scenarios for Relax Stages could be Sonic practicing in the Green Hill Base etc. Bosses work exactly the same way, so they do have a short cutscene at the start of the fight showing their entrance like in the previous games.

Free Roam does return in this game, and works exactly like previous games, other features also return like Online and Multiplayer. There's also some Chao Missions, Speed Games, where the player chooses a component that helps his speed like for example the Wind Amplifier that's in the story of the game, the player may use this and race another Online player or Multiplayer character, there's also Tournament Mode and Challenge Mode as well as Chao Missions that make a return in the game.

More of this coming soon...

Playable Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is a witty yet determined character who runs at fast speeds and uses it to help people and save the day. He always foils the Doctor's evil plans. In this game, Sonic needs tech to up his speed from EXE's which doesn't go too well with him at first then gets used to the idea. He then learns of EXE's hell-bent methods and is determined to stop him under any circumstances.....

He is voiced by Ryan Drummond.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic's Moveset
Spin Dash
Speed Barge
Shockwave Launch
Light Speed Dash
Homing Attack
Combo move/attack
Time Kick
Supersonic Punch
Spin Attack
Time Stop

Spin Jump

As you can see, they're some new additions in Sonic's moveset, and this is for story-reasons.

Miles "Tails" Prower


Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails is a young fox, but he's also a very smart mechanic and Sonic's closest friend from the beginning really. He's Sonic's go-to guy when he has personal problems or doubts and vice versa. He is voiced by Kate Higgins.

                                              Tails' Moveset
Air Chu2 (squared) Bomb
Air E. Ball
Chu2 (squared) Bomb
Tail Twist
Hammer Attack
Dummy Ring Bomb
Tail Swipe
Tech Choice
Flying Spin Attack

Tails' Tech Choice ability brings up a sort of GUI which shows all different tech Tails could pick and use against enemies. Some tech you do need to buy however. The button to press when wielding these weapons is Square or R2. Tails' Carry only allows him to pick up the Sonic cast characters or enemies.

Knuckles the Echidna


Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles the Echidna is an echidna who is known for being the Guardian of the Master Emerald after his Brotherhood of Guardians who also guarded the Master Emerald before him. He is known for sometimes being quite cocky, however is also known for being the brawn for the team although not really the brains. He does sometimes make his brain get the best of him which puts him in very difficult positions sometimes in his adventures. He is voiced by Travis Willingham.

                                               Knuckles' Moveset
Drill Claw
Deep Impact
Spike Attack
Grind Step
Ground Shaker
Combo move/attack
Hammer Punch
Amy futurehelddesign

Amy Rose

Amy Rose

Amy Rose is a hedgehog who is very confident and believes in Sonic and has confidence in him. She use to have a crush on him, although has grown out of it and is now more confident. She is voiced by Lisa Ortiz.

                                              Amy's Moveset
Amy Dash
Piko Piko Smash
Piko Tornado
Big Hammer Attack
Amy Jump
Double Jump
Double Kick
Split Tornado
Piko Throw Attack
Piko Climb
Combo move/attack

Amy's Piko Throw Attack is an attack where the player presses the button (on the moveset) and aim it at the target the player wants it thrown at, when the button is released the hammer will be thrown at the target.

Shadow the Hedgehog


Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog is a very dark character with a very deep past. He started off as a project from Dr Gerald on the Space Colony Ark. There, he became best friends with Maria who unfortunately died after getting shot by a G.U.N Solider. Dr Gerald called him the Ultimate Life form and therefore has been alive for 50 years. He works for G.U.N to continue his life to say the least. He's part of the hedgehog trio and can transform to Super Shadow.

Rouge the Bat 


Rouge the Bat

Rouge is another member of Team Dark and works with Shadow at G.U,N. She's a very skilled treasure hunter for the team, and can sometimes joke around when she's not meant too. She started off getting the Master Emerald in Sonic Adventure 2, and her journey continued from there. 

E-123 Omega

Sonic boom new omega render

E-123 Omega

E-123 Omega is apart of Team Dark, and is like a walking arsenal for them. He's not a very aggressive character in that sense but he has loads of weapons to be able to guard his Team Dark. He serves as a very helpful member of Team Dark as they're the ones that made him work again. 

N.P.C's (Including Some Unlockables)

Damien (EXE)

Damien is a robot created by Skye the Leopard, it is from 3437 PXE and traveled through time to fulfill his grand plan to rewrite humanity and fix it's flaws. He has speed based abilities like Sonic does, though is faster to an extent, and has a more widened variety of abilities like laser blasts, and emitting energy blasts from It's streaks etc. As to how he will achieve his goals and why he traveled back in time although remains a mystery at first though when found out, and so his psychopathic rampage is unveiled, and so is everyone Sonic loves and cares about at risk.. 

Played by Tony Todd, to have very creepy and filtered like this but a little deeper than that of the video, he also has the ability to switch between voices like radios or audios etc.

More characters coming soon...

Voice Actor Cast

  • Tony Todd as Damien(EXE)

Damien is a robot from the future who plans on rewriting humanity, although travels back in time to find some specific artifacts in order to do so, though knowing Sonic is of this time, he is an interruption that has to be dealt with. When the game was unveiled at Sonic the Hedgehog day in February 2018, he spoke about Damien and his character, delving away from the norm with the villains and being a lot more calculated and "in your head". "What I personally enjoy about this character is that he's a new villain in every aspect, he isn't some dark monster, he looks like Sonic, he has speed based powers and he is very calculating in his plans. To which speaking of his plans, he, let's just to say, wants to fix the world, and change it to what he sees fit, and consedering the fact that he knows who Sonic is, he has to keep him distracted, and the methods he use a in this case while quite extreme, appeal to you in a way at least in my case, he is quite psychopathic too in a sense because of this. And even in his capabilities, which make him a threat to Sonic and his team" Tony Todd had said about the character. Tony Todd was in various events, and spoke quite a bit on Damien's character in them. Tony on time spoke on IGN around May saying,"Erm...haha, Damien is an evil dude, I'm pretty sure you know Damien is a robot with the intent on fixing the world by now, he is looking for these 7 artifacts, keys of sorts to a new world which will enable him to simply fix all he sees wrong with the world by beholding the artifact, though things obviously aren't that simple, with Sonic there, and Damien torments him and his team about things in their life, of course there's a few battles and things do get a bit messed up with his plan, some things go awry and yeah"and when asked if there's due to be any surprises, Tony said, "Definitely, especially revolving around the main characters, and some of their decisions, I see the story dealing with that main factor decisions and what would you do to save the world or save a friend". The rest of the more worthy interviews, dealing with Damien, Tony says the same thing about decisions and also adds on with the fact that he's good with his words and therefore can get into the team's heads.

Voice Actor Cast
Chronicles of Damien
Roger Craig Smith Sonic the Hedgehog
Colleen O' Shaughnessey Miles "Tails" Prower

Cindy Robinson

Lisa Hudson Blaze
Pete Capbella Silver
Jason Griffith Shadow/Gemerl
Mike Pollock Dr. Eggman
Tony Todd Damien
Dan Green Knuckles
Portia Doubleday Cream
Corrine Bohrer Vanilla
David Wills Big
Vic Mignogna Omega
Wally Wingert Orbot/Cubot
Karen Strassman Rouge
Keith Silverstein Vector
Mathew Mercer Espio
Johnny Young Bosch Mighty


Story Mode

Main article: Chronicles of Damien/Story

The story of this game focuses on Sonic's next big adventure where he deals with a hell-bent and twisted villain who instead is strategic in what he wants to do and his goals, and instead wants to take things very slow. Yes, EXE or as he's called in the game Damien, is the villain of the game and is quite a manipulative and twisted one in the way he thinks of the world and Sonic. As well as Damien psychologically tormenting him, Damien does surpass Sonic's physical abilities as he is way faster than Sonic, and this forces Sonic to surpass Damien's physical strategy and take tech that'll help him run faster. Though, Sonic and co learn Damien has a bigger plan up his sleeve and one that could end Earth and everyone on it....

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer Mode does function exactly how it did before in The Blue Blur and Silver the Hedgehog: The Telling of the Future, although just with more features so if on a public server, the host can choose more options like Hide and Seek, Challenge Mode, Boxing etc.


Works exactly like Silver's game and TBB.

Race Mode

So, like you probably know throughout the whole TVOS series,racing mode was always incorporated into Multiplayer Mode and was quite small-scaled, probably however still fun and entertaining to the players. Although, considering the fact the game is pretty much focusing on speed, this'll be expanded upon. So, basically in this Racing Mode, yes there is the normal running and racing against people, although now you gain parts to be able to "craft" these pieces of tech that'll be able to help you run faster, as well as unlock different speed-based abilities such as Speed Blast, Speed Manipulation, Energy Release etc. Only 4 players maximum in this and the player's default character that would be racing would be different colored Sonic the Hedgehogs (this is based off of Sonic Colors coop).

Special Moves

Here is a list of tag team combos able to be performed, as well as special moves in general.

Tag Team Combos

Items, Gimmicks and Enemies


  • Rings- You collect these during every stage, they power up your character and you can store them to buy things, like upgrades and new moves.
  • Red Star Rings- These are quite rare to find outside of the finishing line of the game.


  • Bouncy Platforms- Player can jump on these and be propelled to high heights.


  • GUN Defense Robot- Damien uses these way more and act like his army. They're very common in the game and appear as common enimies alot. They're quite agile, and learn from their oppenent's skills and techniques so their formiddable enough. They also wield guns and can shoot at the player and also is good in hand to hand combat. They can also fly
  • Grievers- A group of demonic looking creatures, who become common at the end of the game, they can shapeshift however their normal forms are very horrifying.
  • Egg Robo- Eggman's robot.
  • GUN Security Robot- More bulkier than the Defense Robots.
  • GUN Inflitrator- A spider like robot that attacks in packs.


Main article:The EXE Chronicles/Stages

The page above contains all the stages and boss battles in the game and all the information on either how to beat the stage, beat the boss and how the stage is in general.

Trailer Descriptions

Here will be trailer descriptions for the game however they'll work a bit differently, at least in written form from how they were previously described. Instead of describing what happens in each frame in a trailer, I'll add the music that goes with it and describe the beginning, middle and end of the trailers (since to be honest, doing that is just long).

Teaser Trailer-Sonic Returns...

The teaser begins with...

Easter Eggs 

1. Massau from the game's story is actually Rocky Hill Zone from the comics, this name was used instead of Rocky Hill Zone due to realism.
2.Damien's introduction scene was inspired from Avengers: Age of Ultrons Ultron scene where he attacked the party.
3. The League of Kasillius are prominent in the upcoming game.
4. Green Hill Base, is meant to be reminiscent of Malibu House from Iron Man 3.


"Nightmares, haha, all around...." 


This category contains the list of soundtracks in the game, the soundtrack does have a classic but upbeat and fast paced beat compared to the last TVOS game. Why, this is probably because of the game's theme and how it deals a lot with speed, so they wanted the soundtrack to be tension-based and fast paced, while still having that epic feel they've had in the last two games. They have added some more people for the soundtrack, Sadzid Husic and Imagine Dragons, both of whom have made very tension-like and fast paced music before. Crush 40, Steve Jablonsky, Hans Zimmer and TSFH return for soundtracks.

Steve Jablonsky's Tracks

More coming soon....


This game has been in development for a couple

Pre Release Reception

Fans were skeptical about this game considering the very odd fact that EXE, a meme, would be the main villain and seeing as how stupid and annoying a creepypasta he is. However, with the release of a few trailers and featurettes, people began to have faith on the writer's take on EXE, as after all Naughty Dog were also assigned for the project, the same gaming studio who made the likes of Uncharted. Also, fans really liked EXE's character in the game and liked that his name was changed to Damien, and were reassured by the fact that in the game Damien would have a purpose and will be all new in every aspect of his character besides appearance and his appearance in itself makes sense. 

People liked the trailers' perception of Damien, but some thought he was a bit silly, since in the trailers, Damien is portrayed as a demonic presence, and the trailers do showcase some fight scenes with him and him tormenting the likes of Sonic and the President. However, like stated in alot of the videos dealing with the game whether that'd be reaction videos or whatever, people still said that they were keeping a close eye, hoping for a more better villain with alternate motives other than trying to open a big portal. 

Post Release Reception

Chronicles of Damien

Aggregate Scores
Aggregator Score
Metacritic 90/100
Gamerankings 95.08
Review Scores
Public Score
Eurogamer 9/10
IGN  9.5/10
GameSpot 8.0
Nitendo Power 10/10
FutureTech 7/10
Famitsu 30/40
Destructoid 9.8/10
GamesRadar 8/10
Game Trailers 9.75/10
OMega 7.6/10
BeastGaming 9/10

The game did get quite a positive response overall, however less so than the likes of Silver the Hedgehog: The Telling of the Future. The game did get an overall score of 90 and above like previous installments and the Review Scores are also quite less, per say, as Silver's game. IGN however gave this game a larger rating than they did the previous installment and in their review they stated that the game unexpectedly delved into some good concepts about being human and is more than just a Sonic game, they state that there's alot of good writing and tested friendship, and Damien is a good villian with very different motives however they didn't give the game a 10 out of 10 considering the fact that the game didn't add that many newer features. NitendoPower and Destructoid for example gave the game a higher rating for quite diffrentiated reasons, NitendoPower gave the game a good rating considering how unique it was on Nitendo based handheld/console, and also since they liked Damien as a villain. Destructoid gave the game a good rating due to the story, and the stages, saying that they enjoyed the stages and the story, and liked the final chapters very much since the scale of the battle was much larger, they also liked one particular moment in the game's story with quite a severe surprise, and they liked how it played out, however felt Free Roam was a bit lackluster.

GameSpot gave the game an 8.0 since they didn't mind the story although thought that for a Sonic game, the notions were a bit too much, however do understand that the TVOS series was said to be a more realistic approach to Sonic's character which meant better character development and new concepts and notions but they felt in general the concepts were a bit out of place. OMega thought that the game was bad since they didn't like some of the modes included like Race Mode, and how the modes are all quite lackluster, not adding much variety to the game, they also felt Damien fell flat as a villain, not liking his one liners and calling him "Infinite 2.0", saying that they were tired of villains having dark scary voices. FutureTech gave the game a 7.0 since the game in general didn't feel like a Sonic game to them and there were too many cutscenes, however liked Damien as a villain. 

Fans in general had a more mixed reaction but a majority of the fans enjoyed Chronicles of Damien, saying that story wise the character development was amazing, the stages were fun to play and the game felt intense and was always on-the-run, while others believed that the game was too hyped and that people just liked Damien since he had red lightning as a streak, others said that the game was lousy, and was as if the writers took a drunk break, delving into concepts not suitable for kids, however these fans, while still sticking to their opinions were corrected, being told that TVOS was said to be a darker and more realistic approach to Sonic and co. It's just that the last two games didn't go that far, this did cause some fan disputes though for the most part the game was well recieved, but Silver's game arguably was recieved better. This game, like the last two sparked alot of new theories, and speculation on certain characters and about certain points in the story and easter eggs, as the TVOS series did spark quite the theory train for the Sonic franchise, almost that to the likes of Star Wars' current franchise at the time of writing.


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  • Nazo was meant to appear in the game but was scrapped, said to have a bigger role in the next game in the series.

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