Chronicles Commented By Cosmo is a fanfiction written by INFERNOX, and goes alongside the Sonic Chronicles series and Heroes From An Old World. Although describing Cosmo's story after her death at the end of Sonic X, it also shows several other storylines as well.


In CCBC, Cosmo reunites with her deceased family members. Thinking she can live a happy life, she ends up getting a major surprise whenever she discovers the Metarex are admitted to the heavens as well. Along with the discovery of another living Seedrian and the release of a mysterious enigma named Scaith, how long will it be before the heavens become hellish?


  • The story will be in a chapter-by-chapter format. Therefore, each chapter of the series has its own page. Please click on the links to read each chapter; the chapters original edits are taken straight from Fanfiction.Net where CCBC originated.

Chapter One: Judgement

Chapter Two: Surprise

Chapter Three: Doom

Chapter Four: Confusion

Chapter Five: Memories

Chapter Six: ???


  • CCBC was inspired by TailsLovesCosmo's fanfiction "After The Metarex: Cosmo's Story." Several plot elements from that fanfic are also introduced in this fic as well, from the courthouse involving where the recently deceased spirits are placed to Galaxina and Red Pine's fanon relationship.
  • CCBC explained several unmentioned plot points in both other fanfictions.
    • An example is that, on the Sonic Chronicles side, Cosmo witnesses how Sora and Sonic escape their prison cell in Dr. Eggman's base.
    • Another example is that in Heroes From An Old World, Red Pine and Polokus also converse about Nebula's strange appearance on Aleannas, as well as DiZ confronting Dark Oak about a figure named "X."
  • CCBC's chapters are only one-word chapter titles with the word relating to the intended overall feelings or situation pertaining to the chapter.
  • Several god-like beings from other video game franchises exist in the reality of the spirit world in CCBC. This includes the god Polokus from Rayman 2: Revolution, the god Arceus from Pokemon: Platinum, and even Tabuu from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
    • How Tabuu is still alive after the events of Super Smash Bros. Brawl is unknown, but it is possibly because he is a god or one of the other gods revived him. However, since Tabuu has yet to make an in-story appearance or another mention by another main character, this is still unknown and disputed.
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