Christmas is a fifteen year old anthropomorphic fan made Jackalope. 



Little is currently known about Christmas before he met Sonic.

Meeting the Blue Hedgehog

Christmas one day witnessed what appeared to be a group of robots fighting a blue hedgehog. He tries to ignore this so he doesn't get attack

He is a white ed however when the hedgehog had destroyed all but one robot, the remaining robot noticed him and before the hedgehog could notice the robot attacked him. Luckily he avoided it and then suddenly the hedgehog noticed that a blizzard had started and couldn't see what was happening. The blue hedgehog heard laser blast and then about five minutes later when the blizzard finally stopped the hedgehog saw the robot completely frozen and an exhausted Jackalope.

Encounter with the Sol Dismension

One day Christmas and Knuckles were fighting Eggman's robots when Knuckles accidentally punched Christmas causing Christmas to decide to pull a prank on Knuckles. He decided to hide the Master Emerald which started glowing and then blasted Christmas in an explosion of energy. He ended up on an island in the Sol Dismension he was soon found by Marine the Raccoon. He tells her his story in which he is interrupted in the middle by Marine who says he must be from Sonic's world. He is curious due to the fact that she knows Sonic but accepts help from her. She later helps him find Blaze who lets him borrow the Sol Emeralds so he can get back to his own world. But just as he was about to use Chaos Control (or in this case Sol Control) they are attacked by robots who are distracted by Marine allowing Christmas to escape. Christmas ends up flying from the sky onto Knuckles safe back in his own world.

Mastering Extreme Gear

It seemed like a normal day when Christmas was running in the city. He blinked and when he opened his eyes he saw several birds speed by. They were out of sight in seconds. Thinking they would be fun to race he ran after them but did not find them. Later after he had given up he heard on a news report that a bank had been robbed by three birds recongnizing them from earlier he started searching and eventually located them. Wave asked him who he was and what he wanted. He replied that he only wanted to race. Storm and Wave declined and just as Storm attempted to attack him, Jet interrupted saying that a race sounded interesting. As the two set off Jet was able to beat him by about 10 seconds. Jet remarked Christmas was good, but he was better. This caused Christmas to mention Sonic could probably beat Jet in a race, which surprised Jet that he knew Sonic. Christmas asked him how Jet knew Sonic leading to a brief conversation after which Christmas states that Jet still hadn't told him who he was or what he wanted. After Jet told him about the Bablylon Rouges Christmas stated that he was planning on raiding one of Eggman's bases he told Jet that he might just bring him back some technology that may be worth something. Jet accepted saying he would come too. Later that night as they were about to raid Eggman Jet gave something Christmas something. He explained it was Extreme Gear that was just about as fast as his own. After some difficulty they finally found something of value. It was connected to Eggman's computer and when they took it out caused some kind of reaction that prevented them from coming back the way they came. Having to go the long way. They finally manage to escape but the two are separated. However they soon later meet up again.


Christmas is a white furred Jackalope. He wears cyan colored gloves with a white snowflake pattern of the palms. He has antlers that are slightly bigger than his head. His ears are about one third the height of his antlers. He wears snow boots on his feet while wearing a jacket and hat. His boots are pale blue with a black stripe down the middle.  His jacket is pale orange with a horizontal black stripe in the middle. He has a striped hat on his head which has a blue, orange, and red stripe on it. He also wears silver rings on his wrists. In his super form Power Christmas his fur turns gold.


Christmas has the ability to instantly make it start snowing and is able to cause blizzards and fire snowballs from his hands. He is able to slow down the molecules in water vapor and liquids freezing them; then he vibrates the molecules in the air to send his snowballs forward. His snowballs are dense enough to break metal(Eggman's robots),although he usually freezes them. He can also flash freeze water vapor into snow however doing this too much will exhaust him. Theoratically he is capable of forming water vapor into snow of any shape and density however most of the time he uses snowballs. However using this power harms Christmas and causes recoil.

Like Cream he is capable of using his ears to fly making him a flight type. His running speed is about 70 mph, and his flying speed is about 150 mph. However this is with his Enhancement Rings so it is unknown how fast he can run and fly without them. He is slightly faster in the snow.

Christmas also has keen hearing allowing him to hear high pitched sounds.

Christmas is also capable of using Chaos Control if he has all seven Chaos Emeralds.

He has a super form called Power Christmas which is achieved by using the Master Emerald. Power Christmas does not gain invincibility but has greatly increased power and increased speed along with improved Chaos Control. Power Christmas has lost snow powers but has gained water powers. Christmas is also capable of using the Sol Emeralds in which he seems to be able to use better than the Chaos Emeralds meaning he might have a Sol equivalent transformation to his Power Christmas form.

The rings on Christmas's wrists seem to act the opposite of inhibitor rings in which while he is wearing them he faster and stronger but has much less stamina.

He can also ram into an enemy with his antlers, which are very hard. He loses these antlers once a year and they grow back later, he often uses his old pair of antlers as weapons.

This is a list of special attacks Christmas can use.

Super Snowball- Christmas creates a snowball one yard in diameter and fires it at the enemy. This however hits Christmas with a large recoil.

Snowball Surprise- Christmas fires a large number of snowballs at the enemy. This attack is fast and likely to hit the opponent. However it is also very painful for Christmas.

Mess With the Jackalope and You Get the Antlers- Christmas fires two snowballs at the enemy and rams into them with his antlers. However if Christmas misses the second part or gets hit on them he could damage his antlers.

Lord of the Losers- Christmas runs up to an enemy and punches them in the face. He then aims a flurry of punches at the enemy. Next he jumps back several feet and flies toward the enemy. When he gets near enough he punches the enemy while still flying.

Milky Way Punch- Christmas flies toward the enemy at high speeds and punches the enemy as hard as he possibly can. Two seconds before his punch hits the enemy he lets out an incredibly powerful blizzard in the shape of a Spiral Galaxy. The punch and blizzard hit at the same time hurting the enemy. This is Christmas's most powerful attack however it can only kill if it hits an important organ and damages it.


Christmas has a large variety of weakness that often put him at a disadvantage in a fight.

His greatest weakness is heat which is capable of causing him pain, fatigue, and possibly death. He dislikes any temperature above room temperature. Fire is also capable of easily harming him due to the extreme heat it gives off. Also due to lightning being five times hotter than the surface off the sun getting struck by it would instantly kill him.

Electricity is also a great weakness of his. It does not harm him as much as extreme heat, however it is enough to easily make him unconscious.

Christmas also is weak against Chaos attacks.

Also Christmas's own snowball attacks hurt him.

He can often be caused extreme pain if his ears are pulled or his antlers are damaged. This is enough to cause him to lose a fight. However he will often try to protect his ears and antlers in a fight.

Due to his keen hearing high pitched noises can easily hurt his ears. He will cover his ears to protect them from noises even if it means not being able to fight.

Despite liking cold temperatures extreme cold can hurt him. He dislikes anything under -8 degress Fahrenheit (-22.22 degrees Celsius). Anything that cold will cause him to get slower and get tired easily.

Also if anything sticky gets in his fur it can be difficult to get out. This will distract Christmas easily.

Christmas also has very low stamina while using his Enhancement Rings.

He will often tend to get distracted easily. He will also get confused if presented with a difficult riddle or puzzle.

Christmas also tends to get frustrated easily. This will cause him to try and beat his enemy no matter what.


Power Christmas

Power Christmas is Christmas's super form. He can only use this form if he uses the Master Emerald. However it is weaker than other forms. This is because he absorbs very little energy from the Emerald. In this form is fur is gold. The black line on his boot turns silver in color. The orange on his jacket turns to a brighter shade and the black stripe turns silver in color. The colors on his hat become brighter. His antlers turn silver. This form is stronger than any normal character but weaker than a normal super form. He loses his snow powers but gain water powers.Also he does not get tired from using his powers in this form. He can use Chaos Control. Power Christmas also has enhanced speed and strength along with the ability to fly without use of his ears. He also undergoes a personality change becoming cockier and calmer. He does not seem to get tired from using his powers in this form but has trouble maintaining it. This is also his only super form.


His personality is strictly my way or the high way, often getting him to go against what everyone else thinks. This has sometimes gotten him into trouble. He is sometimes slightly cocky often saying even if sonic is the fastest runner he is the fastest in the snow. Christmas is also a perfectionist everything must be exact with him. He is also prone to random mood swings. Despite being a hero he can often be rude. While other characters help others to be nice Christmas is quite selfish only doing something if it benefits him.

Relations with Other Characters

 Sonic the Hedgehog- Sonic and Christmas are friends. Christmas will ignore Sonic's plans if he thinks there is any problem with them. Christmas acknowledges Sonic is faster than him but will brag about being equals anyways. They both have a dislike of Eggman and think he says he is smarter than he actually is.

Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik- Christmas thinks Eggman is a self-absorbed narcissist who is no smarter than anyone else. Christmas will destroy Eggman's robots if he sees them. Christmas hates it when Eggman makes fun of him being a jackalope similar to the time when Eggman called him a rabbit which he hates. Christmas once said Dr. Eggman is not as smart as he thinks.

Tails- Christmas is a good friend of Tails and he once said that it would be his pleasure to destroy Dr.Eggman's robots and get any parts Tails needs from them. He understands parts of Tails technobabble but will often ask what he is talking about.

Knuckles- Christmas and Knuckles don't particularly like each other too much but do take great pleasure in having competitions to see who can break the most of Eggmans robots. Christmas has said Knuckles needs to chill out creating a blizzard around him and the Master Emerald. Christmas and Knuckles sometimes have arguments about the best way to smash robots.

Amy Rose- When Christmas and Amy first met he made the mistake of asking her why she was stalking Sonic causing her to attack him. After Christmas and Amy met up with Sonic everything was explained, but Amy still dislikes Christmas and he sometimes calls her a stalker to annoy her. Christmas will sometimes create a blizzard allowing Sonic to escape while Amy can't see.

Marine the Raccoon- Christmas thinks of her as annoying but helpful. He is somewhat grateful to her but believes he doesn't need her help. He does acknowledge her skill as a captain. He did learn a little Australian slang from her. However Christmas will ask for her help if he needs it.

Blaze the Cat- The two have hardly ever talked to each other at all. They also seem to dislike each other to some extent. However they do consider each other allies.

Jet the Hawk- Christmas and Jet are also friends. Jet gave Christmas his Extreme Gear. They seem to get along better than Sonic and Jet. Jet also taught Christmas how to ride Extreme Gear. Christmas also assists him and the Babylon Rogues sometimes. Christmas also acknowledges Jet as a superior Extreme Gear rider often trying to learn new tricks from him.

Wave the Swallow- Christmas barely considers her a friend and dislikes her, the feelings are mutual. Wave did design and create Christmas's Type-C gear. Christmas does acknowledge she is a super genius. Christmas hardly evers admits this though and usually does not do this around her. Christmas occasionally understands what she is saying.

Storm the Albatross- Christmas believes Storm is a complete idiot. The two barely get along. Storm usually insults Christmas by calling him puny and a weakling. However with Storm's strength and Christmas's powers the two would probably make a good team.

Krook the Kinkajou- The two are mortal enemies who absolutely hate each other. They started hating each other when Christmas stopped Krook from robbing a bank. The two have met many times since then. When they fight it often ends quickly due to the fact that they are weak against the other's powers.


Sonic the Hedgehog (Good friend)

Miles "Tails" Prower

Knuckles the Echidna

Amy Rose

Marine the Raccoon

Blaze the Cat

Jet the Hawk (Good Friend)

Wave the Swallow (Barely)

Storm the Albatross (Barely)

All tourist who tip him


Sonic the Hedgehog (Friendly rival)

Jet the Hawk (Friendly rival at Extreme Gear racing)


Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (Would only work with him if his life depended on it)

Krook the Kinkajou (Mortal Enemy)

All tourist who don't tip him

Extreme Gear

Christmas rides Type-C gear that was designed by Wave and given to him by Jet. It is white with a pale blue top and two horizontal crismon lines on the sides. It is about the same speed as Jet's with slightly better handling, but Christmas seems slower than Jet due to his lack of experience. It is also more unlikely to break than other Extreme Gear. When he received it was one of the few times he complimented Wave. He often carries it around with him ever since he met the Babylon Rogues.

Enhancement Rings

Enhancement Rings are the name given to the silver rings Christmas wears. They increase his speed and strength but decrease his stamina. If they are taken off he becomes slower and weaker but has much more stamina. Christmas is often losing them.


Christmas resides in the city of Soleanna. However unlike other people who have houses he lives underground in a burrow. Also he works part-time helping tourist. Due to the large tourism in Soleanna he makes enough money to buy things he needs. It is unknown if he was born in Soleanna or just lives there currently. It is also unknown if he knows Princess Elise.

Story Book Worlds

 In Sonic and the Secret Rings he plays the part of a baker. He sees Sonic and considers fighting him but decides it would be pointless. He being a baker is ironic considering his head intolerance. However it is revealed in a flashback that he once tried collecting the World Rings but failed.

In Sonic and Black Knight Christmas pays the part of Sir Gaheris. He is the younger brother and former squire of Sir Gawain, according to legend. He is later accidently killed by Sir Lancelot when the latter attempts to rescue Guinevere, causing a feud between Gawain and Lancelot and the disbandment of the Knights of the Round Table. Gawain is later killed in a fight between him and Lancelot. This means that Sir Gaheris plays a major part in the destruction of Camelot Merlina predicted which caused her to try and make Camelot immortal. While he was alive he sometimes acted as Gawain's conscious, and in Gawain's early adventures was his steadfast companion.

Theme Songs

What I'm Made Of... by Crush 40


  • A Jackalope is a rabbit with antlers. However, it is not considered to be the offspring of a rabbit and an antelope, so a jackalope is considered an "Unusual Breed" rather than a "Crossbreed".
  • The animal this character was going to be was changed 3 times.
  • Strangely Christmas likes the cold but likes hot food.
  • Christmas has a fear of fire users.
  • Strangely even if Christmas causes a blizzard not allowing Amy to see her hammer has fallen from the sky onto him once.
  • He often refers to the Master and Chaos Emeralds as stones or pebbles when not using them.
  • Christmas's super form is called Power Christmas instead of Super Christmas to distinguish it from super forms that need the Chaos Emeralds.
  • Christmas fears fire but likes hot food.
  • Whenever Christmas uses Chaos powers he says Chaotic instead of Chaos.
  • His name is a reference to the location Christmas Island which the Japanese manual for the original Sonic the Hedgehog stated as Sonic's birthplace.
  • The thing he hates most is when his antlers fall off and everyone calls him a rabbit.
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