"Christmas or No?"
December 18, 2012
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Christmas or No? is the eighth epiosde of Adventures of Sonic and Orange. It aired December 21, 2012.

Characters Present

  • Sonic
  • Orange
  • Dr. Tacoman
  • Katie Tacoman
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Santa Claus
  • Charles the Elf
  • Amy Rose
  • Shadow (cameo)
  • Knuckles (cameo)
  • Tails (mentioned)
  • Silver (speaking cameo)
  • Rouge (cameo)
  • Blaze (cameo)
  • Cream (cameo)
  • Cheese (cameo)
  • Yacker (cameo)
  • Cyan Wisp (cameo)
  • Jet (cameo)
  • Megan Gary


It's Christmas, and everyone in Norman is in the holiday spirit. However, Dr. Tacoman is annoyed by this and tries to ruin the holiday, along with Dr. Eggman. Now, Sonic must team up with his friends from the canon series, Orange, and Charles the Elf in order to save Christmas.


The episode begins with the citizens of Norman watching a concert in the town park. There are dancers and singers, and everyone is having a great time. Dr. Tacoman is watching the concert on his TV, and he gets very annoyed at this. Dr. Eggman is watching the same thing and reacts the same. They soon meet each other at the store and talk about getting rid of all the joy from Norman. Dr. Eggman suggests they should take all the joy from the world, and Dr.Tacoman says that's a good idea and they contact Megan Gary.

Not long later, Sonic and Orange receive the message that Tacoman and Eggman have teamed up and are going to ruin Christmas. They will sneak into each house and steal every decoration (a reference to the Grinch). The scene then shows Christmas night, with the two doctors ready with giant bags. At the North Pole, an elf named Charles gives Santa information about two people trying to ruin the holidays. Santa then calls Sonic and Orange and they come right over. Sonic gets into a plane Tails has built a few weeks ago. In a few minutes, they're already at the North Pole. Many canon characters: Shadow, Knuckles, Silver, Rouge, Blaze, Cream, Cheese, Yacker, Cyan Wisp, and Jet want to save Christmas with them. Orange said they could.

Tacoman and Eggman are at their fifth house by now, when they were locked in by Knuckles. Cyan Wisp darted around the house returning all the presents they have stolen. Silver said they were in trouble now, and he taped the two doctors to the wall. Cream and Cheese took care of the other houses, while Rouge and Blaze made sure none of the villains escaped. The people upstairs woke up, but Shadow calmed them down. Yacker ordered the Cyan Wisp to dart around the 4 previous houses returning the presents Cream and Cheese retrieved. The two doctors head for prison, knowing they're supposed to. All the characters return home.

That morning, at Sonic house, Sonic found a thank you letter from Santa and Charles the Elf, and finds presents. Orange also received a thank you letter from Santa, and writes back that it was no problem. In fact, everyone whon helped got a letter. The episode ends with Sonic wishing everyone Merry Christmas.

Additional Information


  • Unknown Christmas Song by a Norman citizen


Roger Craig Smith as Sonic and Charles the Elf

Daran Norris as Orange

Mike Pollock as Dr. Tacoman

Matthew W. Taylor as Dr. Tacoman

Cindy Robinson as Amy

Quinton Flynn as Silver


  • This episode has the most appearances in the series, with AoSaO characters and canon Characters.
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