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Thanks to her psychic powerset and a piece of paper, Natalie Walker has successfully rented Station Square City Hall for a Christmas party. Everyone is invited, from her dimension or not.


  • Keep things PG.
  • Keep swearing to a minimum.
  • No godmodding.
  • No large scale battles.
  • Have fun.


Characters Involved


The hall is ready. A large green banner saying "Merry Christmas" runs along the back wall. Several tables are placed along the right and left of the room with refreshments. Two speakers are set up with a massive playlist of Christmas music ready to go.

"I'm impressed, Rugal," Natalie said. "Where did you get this stuff from?"

"Some people owed me some favours," Rugal said, "Anyway, let's get this party started!"

Alexia the Hedgehog walked inside wearing a Mrs. Claus costume that came with a Santa hat. Behind her, Schnee the Hedgehog wore an elf costume with faux pointy ears and comfy curled shoes (though it was really bright).

"Schnee, why did you get a costume that bright? It really hurts my eyes." Alexia tried to look at Schnee's face and only her face.

"God, Aqua, you're such a baby. It's a simple costume and you'll get used to it, so you can stop your whining." Schnee looked around the area. "I'ma look for some cookies. I'm as hungry as hell, I swear." And with that, Schnee left Alexia alone.

Natalie, who is in normal clothing, raises an eyebrow as she watches the two walk in.

Two teenagers walked in behind Alexia and Schnee and the taller one spoke. "Amber, how did I let you talk me into this?" He wore a bright red scarf covered by a gray jacket and sweatpants below. "I didn't, Link, Lee did." She had on the same clothes she always did, but wore earmuff versions of her usual headphones. "Oh, yeah.., Not a very lively joint.." Link added.

Soon after, a short, black limousine pulled up to the curb outside the building. A hedgehog wearing a thick, black coat quickly emerged from the back of the vehicle. He appeared to have brown fur and vibrant orange eyes, though his head was almost entirely covered by the hood of his coat and his face was concealed in a tightly-wrapped, orange scarf. Exiting the limo after him was a brown-feathered, female bird with caramel-colored eyes and light-brown hair, wearing a light-gray beanie atop her head, a white coat over a festive, sparkly, red dress, and had a black purse around her shoulder.

The hedgehog nearly ran from the limousine to the entrance of City Hall, but in his haste he slipped on an icy section of the sidewalk and faceplanted into the snow- which very quickly began melting around him.

"Thanks Ben, I'll call you when we're ready to be picked up," the bird said to the driver, then noticing her companion fall over. "Oh! Xavis, are you alright?" she asked concernedly, rushing over as fast as she could while making sure not to slip herself.

"Y...yeah..." the hedgehog answered, picking himself up from the snow. The front of his body looked drenched. "Let's just get inside- I hate it out here," he huffed in a clearly aggravated tone, and quickly yet carefully entered the building with his avian partner beside him.

Shivering slightly, Reens entered the building behind them. She was wearing a puffy blue coat with white trim, black sweatpants, and her regular boots. A teal scarf wrapped around her face, keeping it warm. As soon as she entered the building, she pulled the scarf down and sighed. "At the very least, it's warm in here."

Alexia looked around, wondering why everyone looked so... plain. That's very strange... I thought Schnee said this was a costume party! Alexia was a bit surprised at the number of hedgehogs, but she passed it off. One that sparked her interest was Link, who strangely reminded Lee Prower, another hybrid she knew. However, he was already with someone, so she decided she'd interrogate him about his family later.

Next, she looked at Reens, who had just entered the building. Maybe I could spark up a conversation with her... Alexia shyly approached Reens and quickly said "Hello."

A blonde figure walked into the hall wearing an extravagant red and green gown, breaking the plain pattern. Many looked at her in awe as she was picking up her ruffles and walking over. Stupid dress! she thought to herself. She tried looking for someone to talk to, finding a table and sitting down.

The door opened with the figure of a grey wolf with black stripes on his arms legs, hair, and tail. He was wearing his usual attar of black boots and brown bracelets, though with the addition of a dark blue scarf and a Santa hat. "Looks like I beat the crowds and the weather." He said as he closed the door. He took off his Santa hat and began ringing it out as his piercing blue eyes looked for a place of interest.

Link took notice of the Wolf, blinking at his odd introduction.

Amber sort of just stared at the ceiling.

Reens perked her ears up and turned, seeing Alexia. "Um, hello there. What's going on in here? I just came in here to get out of the cold for a minute. Is there some sort of party or something?" She unzipped her coat, showing that she was wearing a plain blue sweatshirt underneath it. "If it is, I'm certainly not dressed for one."

The wolf who was still standing near the door responded. "Yeah this is a Christmas party but I think you should be fine with that outfit.' He puts his now ringed out Santa hat back on.

Natalie walks over to meet the new arrivals.

"Yeah, just go on in guys." She looks at Reens. "You're Reens, right? Don't worry, me and Rugal didn't exactly come in fancy dress either."

"Question, how do you know my name?" Reens asked, cocking her head slightly to the right. "Are you some psychic or something? Cause that isn't weird at all considering the company I keep."

"Yeah, I'm a telepath. How do you think I rented this place?"

Reens blinked. "Good point. So, was I supposed to bring anything, or? 'Cause I don't wanna just drop on in without having something with me."

"No, you weren't," Natalie replied. "We've got everything for the party."

"Well then I guess we should get partying, don't want to block the door." The wolf said scratching his head.

"Might as well," Reens agreed, hanging her coat on a coat rack and walking to the snack table. "Maybe I'll even do a bit of karaoke."

Amber's tail wagged furiously at the mention of karaoke, and she ran up to Reens. "Could I help? Or do my own?" 

Link shook his head, muttering something.

"I think we have a karaoke machine somewhere..." Natalie muttered.

'So is there any punch around here... as in the drink?" Asked the wolf.

At that exact moment, Schnee walked to the group by Alexia's side, a cup of fruit punch in her hand. "Yeah, wolfie boy, you can find it with the food." Schnee acted casual, but she quickly noticed Alexia was surprised at things that were said, and the temperature around them slowly became ten degrees colder.

I can't believe it... the cryokinetic hedgehog thought, looking down at the ground and kicking the floor. This Natalie character... is a telepath? Can she read my thoughts?!

Reens was taken aback by Amber's excitement and almost dropped the ladle to the punch. "Um, sure, you can join me if you want. In fact, why don't you pick the song we'll do? Or more, if you want to do more than one?"

"Thank you and by the way, my name is Chase the Wolf," Chase said hoping he didn't sound snob-like. He then started walking toward the fruit punch, but waited for Reens to finish before getting his own.

(I know nothing of popular music....-Lee)

"I don't really care, whatever you want," Amber replied to Reens.

"Oh yes with a capital Y yes. I'ma show y'all my vocal talent!" Schnee fake-sang into her imaginary microphone. "I'm a singing sensation! When can we get this karaoke machine working? I can't wait to see the amazed looks on your faces!" Schnee did little jumps, excited.

Oh no, Alexia thought. Schnee is not a good singer. Should I stop her? Alexia sighed, conflicted. I don't want to be a party pooper and spoil her time. I'll let her fantasies resume.

Chase grabbed a cup of punch and took a seat, ready for the show.

Finishing getting her punch, Reens tapped her foot, thinking. "Hmm, how about a Christmas song, since it is a Christmas party after all?" She looked over at Chase. "Know any good Christmas songs?"

"Umm how about Jingle bell Rock?" Chase suggested.

"Sounds great!" Reens turned to Amber, nodding. "Okay, we're gonna do Jingle Bell Rock. You think you're ready?"

"Ready when you are! How about you?" Amber said, turning to Schnee.

Link sat down more towards the back, curious to see how this would turn out.

Schnee gave Amber a thumbs-up. "You betcha, foxie!" She then got prepared with an intro stance.

Alexia pulled a seat close to Link - maybe in the middle of the song, she'd be able to talk to him.

Reens cringed slightly and made an attempt at an intro pose. "Hit it!"

Alexia started the music and sighed, shaking her head at her white-furred friend. Schnee, Schnee, Schnee.... such a fun person to be around. "~Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock~" the music began, with an annoying high-pitched voice that made Aqua shudder but Schnee tap her feet.

Amber followed Reens and Schnee's lead, singing along with them as best she could.

The blonde looked up and smiled, "I love this song!" she said, as she got up to find someone to mingle with.

Meanwhile, the hedgehog known as Xavis had shed his damp coat and scarf upon the coat rack by the door and situated himself beside the nearest space heater. Originally beneath his winter apparel was a simple black hoodie and blue jeans; however, he wasn't looking too good. Other than seeming generally disgruntled, he looked almost sick, as if the cold weather was catching up to him...

He kept a close eye on his feathered companion, Melissa, who had also put her coat and beanie on the rack and was currently standing around, listening to the girls sing.

Rugal walked up to Xavis. The hedgehog's ears folded back slightly.

"Y'know," the Polar Bear said, "You don't need to sit near the heater for warmth." Rugal's right hand then set on fire, radiating heat. He held it up next to Xavis.

"I... *sniff* appreciate the offer- and I know us pyros gotta stick together in cold times such as these- but... I would *sniff* prefer to be alone right now," the brown-furred one replied. He didn't sound well, either...

Meanwhile, Natalie walks over to watch the karaoke.

"I can read your thoughts, by the way," Natalie told Schnee. "Don't worry about it, though. I'm not going to do it to find out ways of harming you or something...this is a party after all."

"Hmm?" Link said, taking notice of Alexia.

Reens continued to sing, but a bit awkwardly, as if she had never really sang in front of a crowd before. No one would notice too much, though, as she confidently danced next to Amber and Schnee. Her ears constantly drooped lower, however, as Schnee's singing hurt them.

“What’s up?” Rugal asked Xavis “Do you just have a cold or something?”

"Yeah, probably," Xavis answered. Even with the heater and Rugal beside him, the temperature around the hedgehog fluctuated inconsistently. "I just hope it goes away by the time we're done." 

Schnee talked herself up for no apparent reason. Her voice was shaky - she couldn't hold a note for two seconds. She went too high too much and too low too often, and her voice cracked with every measure of the song. Bottom line - she was not a good singer. But she didn't know any of this, and she really enjoyed herself.

Alexia inched closer to Link, having gathered the courage to speak to him. It was hard - he didn't look particularly happy, and he was giving off a standoffish vibe to her. Oh... I wish I could be as brave as Terra! Or Schnee! Or Mac... or Kennedy... or Scarlet... or anyone besides me... Alexia doubted herself, but she finally got the words out - "D-D-Do you, by any ch-chance, know L-Link Prower, mister?"

"I am Link Prower, Little Bit." He then facepalmed. "You've met Lee, haven't you?"

Oh no... slip of the tongue! "Yeah, I-I do. Are you too... related?"

"Yeah, he's my brother, you're probably the first person to get us mixed up; we don't exactly look alike." He answered, beginning to warm up to the awkward girl. "How'd you meet him?"

Meanwhile Chase is just siting drinking his punch hoping Schnee doesn't notice his flinching from the too high notes. He didn't want to make her feel bad.

The blonde poured herself some punch and walked over to Chase, both with a similar cringe on their face, "I take it you're not a big fan of that ... screeching either?" She asked him, taking a few sips of punch.

When the song was over, Reens hopped down from the stage and took a deep breath. "Well, that was fun... right?"

"Yeah I am but I'm not going to ruin her fun by telling," Chase said to the blonde. Then he said, "I thought it was fun," in response to Reens.

Christina clapped, with a smile on her face, "Good job!"

Amber took a step forward, but missed her footing and fell off the stage and into a chair. Her eyes glitched briefly as she stood back up. "Thank you!" She said to anyone who enjoyed it, appearing oblivious to what had happened.

Natalie claps as well as she considers mind wiping herself of what just happened.

"Hey, Reens!" Melissa called, coming over to the blue-furred hedgehog now that she was done.

"Are you ok there, you fell off the stage?" Chase asked Amber completely missing her eyes glitching.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Amber replied, her tail wagging again.

Schnee jumped off the stage, ecstatic. She thought she had just done a great job, and she knew she heard the topic of herself being thrown around a couple of times, so she was sure that she left a number on the audience. "Nice job, guys!" she said to Reens and Amber, happy.

"Y-Yeah, we stopped this emerald-stealing madman together... he was pretty cool, I must say," Alexia replied to Link, blushing. "You two don't look too similar, but I could tell by the fur tone."

"Hmm, I don't remember that him telling me 'bout that." Link commented. "And about the fur tone.. Mine's usually lighter, it gets thick when it's cold."

Natalie walks over to Schnee, Amber, Reens and Melissa.

"Well done guys" she said "That was great. You definitely made the most out of the Karaoke machine."

The blonde looked around, "I don't think I've properly introduced myself yet," she said, throwing her hair back, "I'm Christina."

"Melissa!" Reens grinned widely and gave her a hug. "How are you and Xavis doing? I saw him walk in earlier and it looked like he had a cold. Poor guy, being a pyro must be hard for him in this weather, right?"

Melissa accepted her friend's embrace, and after a moment the two released. "We've been good, thanks," she said with a smile, then glancing over to the hedgehog beside the heater, "Though, yeah, he's probably sick. His severe weakness to low temperatures certainly doesn't help, but I'm sure he'll be fine by the time this is over. Oh, and your singing was great by the way."

Reens looked around at everyone and blushed. "Thanks for the compliments, you guys. It means a lot. I thought we did pretty well."

Out in the distance, an adolescent mix breed dog and a young adult lynx entered the city hall. The dog chuckled, excited to join the party. "Isn't this great, Lena? We're going to have so much fun!" He exclaimed in an Australian accent.

"I just hope vey have das Bier," said his companion in a thick German accent. The dog, Jim, tilted his head. "Bier?"

"It means beer in my language, Jim," the lynx explained. The dog nodded.

"I think there's some bottles under the punch" Christina told the dog.

"Wait, what?" Link asked, looking at the fact there was several minors in the building. "Do you really think that's a good idea?"

"I am over 21. Jim cannot drink, though." The lynx said

"Puh-lease, kids. I'm 18, I'm all legally authorized here!" Schnee pointed to herself with her thumb and smiled. "To be honest, though, I'm much more of a nutmeg person. It tastes delicious!" Schnee rubbed her stomach to empathize on her point.

"I'm 15, s-so I'm underage... and even though Schnee is of age, she gets pretty nasty hangovers," Alexia added, starting to feel safer now that she knew a relative of Lee was here. "A-All of my friends (especially Terra) can back me up on that."

"That's not true at all! I'm completely and perfectly sane when I'm drunk. I just... care a lot less about everything!" Schnee shot back, snarling at Alexia, eyes wide open and arms flailing. Her retaliation caused Alexia to murmur a weak "If you say so..."

"Huh," Reens replied with a shrug. "Just don't expect me to clean up after you, okay?"

Christina shrugged, "I'm more of a wine person to be honest..."

Lena took a swig from her hip flask. "Different strokes."

"I'm 14 so I'll stick to the punch." Chase said raising his glass then taking a sip.

"I'm underage, and she doesn't drink liquids." Link said, pointing to Amber, who sat down next to him.

"I'm not even sure we bought beers" Natalie said. "Me and Rugal are underage anyway...although, knowing Rugal..."

Christina giggled, "I mean, we don't need beer to have fun, right?"

Jim nodded in agreement.

Link glared at Lena. "How's 'bout you?" He asked "seems you're the only one who cares to get high."

Lena sighed. "Fine. I vill find other tings to do than get vasted."

"Speaking of that what else should we do?" Chase asked tuning to everyone. "I am pretty sure everyone that wants to do karaoke already did it."

Ruagl walked over to the group.

"It's possible Natalie could use her powers to make you think you were wasted" he said too Lena.

"And I could also use my powers to make you cluck like a chicken for the rest of the evening" Natalie snaps back. Rugal quickly shuts up.

Chase imagines Melvin cluck like a chicken."Man what I would do to see that" Chase whispered to himself.

"I have an idea," Reens piped up. "How about we play Never Have I Ever?"

Lena's expression turned into a confused one. "Vat iz 'Never Have I Ever?'"

"It's a game where someone says a scenario, and if anyone has done it, they have to do something. Usually it's a drinking game, but since we won't be drinking, we'll have to come up with something else, like eating a bite of fruitcake or something," Reens explained. "Like if I said, "Never have I ever went to another country," I would eat some fruitcake."

Melissa had stood back while the others discussed drinking and such, believing it wasn't a topic for her to get involved in, though the thought of the game was enticing enough for her to stay. "Sounds good to me," she said with a smile, "Who else?"

"I can play though I am probably going to lose." Chase said considering how many other adventurers were in the room.

"I'm in, but I... um don't eat either." Amber stated.

"I volunteer to smack her in the head if she ever have I evers." Link offered.

Jim grinned. "I'm in! What about you, Lena?"

Lena shrugged. "Sure, vatever."

Schnee smiled in quite the ecstatic manner. "Count me in!" While she was very energetic, Alexia shyed away, going to drink some punch while they played their game.

Reens grinned. "Cool! Who wants to start us off? I think if we made a circle of chairs that'd fit everyone."

Jim nodded in agreement.

Link dashed around, grabbing the necessary amount of chairs and placing them in a circle, his speed barely hampered by his clothes. "Done." He said, dusting his hands off and taking a seat.

Amber took a seat as well.

Chase would move to a seat in the circle as well. As he sat down he said " I wonder how this is going to go consisting it appears that a number of adventurers are here."

Jim and Lena took a seat.

Reens plopped down in a chair and draped her robotic arm over the side. "Maybe we could just start off with simple things and then move on to the bigger stuff later. Just to break the ice, I'll start." She thought for a moment and said, "Never have I ever eaten something off the floor. Now, anyone who has must eat a piece of fruitcake." Smiling, she took a piece and put it in her mouth. "See? Like that."

"Um... so do I just say something, or do I wait to be called on?" Schnee waved her hand a little, her eyelids lowered a bit, confused. She was in the chair next to Reens, on the blue hedgehog's right.

"Hm. I think we'll just go in a circle, starting to my right," Reens answered with a shrug. "Go ahead, Schnee, say something."

Just then 2 Mobians teleported into the room. First was a teenage fox rabbit hybrid girl wearing a white blouse, green tie & green pleated skirt as well as glasses. The other a young adult Mobian Wolf who was also half fox, she addressed her half rabbit friend, "Yume, I think you brought us to the wrong place." Yume then responded "Sorry Cerah-chan, sorry to everyone whose party we ended up at, we'll go now if you want us to since we weren't invited."

Natalie looks at them and raises an eyebrow. "Er...I don't mind?"

"Never have I ever been at an event where people just started showing up randomly out of nowhere and not even knowing the place they were at was a group party." Schnee chuckled and shook her hand, before looking at Reens. "I'll have two pieces of shortcake, please!" she said, grinning.

Reens grinned. "Hooray, more players! Join the circle! And Schnee, it's fruitcake, not shortcake," she added with a groan, handing over two pieces. "Okay, who's next?"

Yume's long ears swished slightly then she excitedly said "Fruitcake! Can I have some please!" Cerah then responded "Yume, we just randomly entered their party, we shouldn't just ask for some of their fruitcake within 2 minutes of arriving." Yume then started pleading with her older friend "I'm sorry I just asked without thinking didn't I? Can we please stay for the party though?" The Kitsune Wolf then answered "We can stay as long as the people having the party want us to stay."

"Look, you guys are just fine, okay?" Reens replied with a sigh. "There's two empty chairs right there. Just go ahead and join in the game. Then you can have some fruitcake." She giggled to herself. I didn't know anyone actually liked fruitcake...

Well, if no one like fruitcake no one would make it. Natalie pointed out, using her telepathy to communicate with Reens. She and Rugal also eat pieces of fruitcake.

Yume then cheerfully sat down, resulting in Cerah giving in & doing the same to please her closest friend. "What happens now?" asked Yume as she was expecting fruitcake & holiday bliss.

"Well, the person next to Schnee says a scenario, and if you've done that scenario, you eat fruitcake," Reens explained. "Perhaps I should have explained it more?"

Schnee took the fruitcake from Reens, stuffing them both in her mouth at once, somehow still able to chew with her mouth closed. With two chews, she swallowed them both whole and rubbed her stomach. "Guys, that fruitcake is just delicious. Hurry up so I can have some more!"

Jim waited for his turn.

Link went next. "Never have I ever....Eaten gum off the sidewalk." He said, continuing Reens' idea of floor-food.

"I have never done that." -Chase said with an expression that told you he thought the idea of eating gum off the floor was just wrong.

Reens shuddered. "Ugh, that's just gross. Sure I'll eat a cookie that has the five-second rule, but gum?"

"Right," Melissa added, then beginning to plan what her scenario would be. It would be a few people before her turn anyway, so she had time.

Meanwhile, Xavis sat and watched the game from his corner next to the heater. He was considering joining, but not wanting anyone to catch his cold, he decided against it.

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