Christine Delacrux is the final villain of Mazda's storyline. On Earth, she's the High Secretary of G.U.N., where she gained control of the soldiers and weapons. On Exstasia, the lost second planet to Earth, she's the Empress of the World and pretends to be Alice's mother.

In reality, Christine is an ancient being who destroys worlds. Over thousands of years she's destroyed countless planets after oblitterating her own in a war that killed the entire population. Her ultimate goal is to take over the Perfect World, a paradise free of sins, and make it her kingdom.


Christine is very tall, standing over 6 feet tall, yet she only appears to be around 16 or 18. She appears very proud, with pale skin and curly brown hair. On Exstasia, she wears a long robe and covers her face with an ornate mask. On Mobius, she wears a colorful business suit with several flowers. As a villain, she wears a long blue dress, bears a large white cloak, and on her head dawns a veil with thousands of strange, glowing beads, which are in fact the remains of thousands of worlds she destroyed.


Christine was originally the empress of a long dead world. When a war that destroyed everything used up all of her planet's life force (Mana, Chaos, etc.) the World Guardian died. When that happened, the Planetary temple, which was in her throne room, took her to the Gaiaverse and yielded for her a glowing bead. In the Gaiaverse, she realized that the thousands of fountains led to other worlds. By annalysis, she realized that the world was nothing but a giant mountain. The higher you climbed, the more pure and sinless the worlds were. She found that the water in the pools also made her younger, and by soaking in enough water she could gain immortality. After exploring the mountain, Christine concluded that at the top was the perfect world, and she made it her mission to become that world's empress by any means nescessary.

In order to destroy the Worlds, she would slowly blend into society. After many years, she would work at gaining high status and gather more power. Once she reached a status high enough, Christine would sew seeds of distrust amough the worlds' leaders. Eventually they would wage giant wars, which drained Life Force from their planets. Once enough Life Force was drained, she'd kill the World Spirit. Once the spirits were dead, the Worlds died with them, opening portals to other worlds and the Gaiaverse. Although each world dies the same way, she knew that one day a world would die and take her to the Perfect World.

Eventually she found her way to Earth and Exstasia, which at the time were double planets. Because the worlds were connected, she realized both worlds would have to die simultaneously in order to find the World Spirit. In her first attempt to destroy the planet, a massive comet was headed towards Earth. She decided to cause a war on Exstasia at the same time the Comet would strike so as to cut her work in half. However she underestimated the Exstasians' technology, and was taken with them when the planet was transported to another dimension. Christine had tastes failure for the first time in thousands of years.

While she searched for answers to why she failed, Christine found the worlds were still connected by various wormholes. When she reached Earth, there was nothing but a desolate wasteland. Her search also helped her see the Life Force once shared by the two world had been severed, with the majority settling on Earth. Once she concluded that earth could still harbor life, she returned to Exstasia to try her plan again.


On her original world, Christine learned two major abilities. In order to protect the decreasing flora, members of the Royal Family had to learn to control plant life. However due to the planet's mostly metal composition, she was required to learn Magnetism as well.

When she controls plant life, Christine begins by growing a field of Lotus' around her and the ebemy. Her opponent will begin to feel a sensation of extreme happiness. In reality, the Lotus' unleash a toxin that causes joy (Christine has built up immunities to the vapor) which strengthens as one gets closer to Christine.As they fall over from sheer glee, loosing focus and concentration, the flowers' roots either suffocate the victim or tear them apart. Sometimes Christine will summon giant roots to beat her opponent, other times she'll use fungus' and mushrooms to poison the enemy. On rare occasions, she'll create giant Venus Fly Traps and Roses to eat her enemies.

However, despite being more dangerous than Earth plants, the plants Christine summon are plants and have the same weaknesses as normal plants.

Magnetism offers a more offensive alternative. If the enemy has any armor or metallic prosthetics, she'll use them to trap her opponent in midair. Next, if they have any metal weapons, she'll control these and use them against her enemies. Unfortunately, she cannot control non-magnetic metals and Precious Metals.

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