Christina is a 17 year old,spoiled brat Rabbit who has an Crush on Sonic and Hates His Friends. She the Only Child of her Mother,Yeardly Riko.


Christina has Blonde fur,with a tuff of Hair,Pink around her eyes,on her ears,White Muzzle,Red Lipstick,Mascara,Crismon Eyeshadow,Red Blush,Sky blue eyes and Pink nose.

She wears an Pink Tube top reaveling some of her chest,Gold Necklace,Gold Wristbands,White gloves,Lavender Mini skirt,White Platform Boots and Silver Hoop earings. Also,She Sometimes wears an Magenta rolled up sleeve Jacket with diamond buttons over Pink Noodle strap belly baring tank top,Magenta Mini Ruffled Skirt,Maroon Knee Highs,Maroon Fingerless gloves and Magenta Pumps. She always carries a Bright Pink Purse. She also has a 3rd outfit Bright Pink Crop Top,Maroon Sweatpants and Red 8 Inche Heels with Red Headband.

For Racing,She wears an Pink Halterneck Sleeveless Bodysuit with Red Stripes on the sides of the legs,Maroon Boots and Maroon Vest.

Her Outfit if she was in the London 2012 Games is a Pink Over Sized Tank top with White on the Sides,and Red Boots,with black tights.


Christina is Shallow,Spoiled and Bratty,She is Bossy and Demands Everything,and Has An Crush on Sonic. She is also Whore-ish and Slut-ish,and Constantly Flirts with Sonic and Occasionally,Shadow. She is Clever and Sadistic,as she really hurts people and her Rudeness is often bad. She has an Tartrum when she doesn't get what she wants and a Mental Breakdown when Rejected. She has an Pyschopathic and Socoipathic Side to her,if she finally snaps. She turns into Dark Christina when she snaps. She is also Egotastic and Narissiac,but started to act nicer and more warm hearted,but still slightly cold hearted and Sarcastic.



Christina was pamped and Spoiled at a young age,She always bribed people,mostly girls her age to be her friends until she got bored of them,she always flirted with boys to have their trust,until she also got bored with them. Her Mother hated her Daughter's Attiude,but still loved her and When Christina was 10,while Christina was at School,Her Mother was Killed(Sniper bullet in the head) and Christina got her mom's possessions. The only people she never got bored of was Tina -Lu the Echidna,Yinna the Hawk and Dennise the Fox.

Meeting Sonic and Crew

While Shopping with Her Friends One day,she spotted sonic the hedgehog,and Flirted with him,however,Amy saw this and Threatened to Hurt her with Her Hammer,but Christina called her "A Stupid and Ugly Twerp like The rest of his Stupid friends,including that Two Tailed Freak",Which Made Amy Sad,Her Friends Snicker,and Sonic Yelled at her and told her to back off and "That Tails isn't a Freak,and None of my Friends are Stupid and Ugly". Christina was Shock and Told he will be hers one day,and started to laugh insanly and ran away,which disturbed Sonic and Amy. Her Friends Followed her.

4 Days Later,She spotted Sonic with Tails,Moon Star and Kailey at an Chili Dog Stand,and Walked over and Was Disgusted by The Sloppyness of Moon Star. She got Near Sonic and Tried to Bribed him and Kailey with 6,000 Dollars,but they rejected it and Sonic told her to Leave them Alone,and She Had an Tartrum,and caused a scene and was put on Celebrity Tarntrums,Which Made her come by the next day She tried to bribed Sonic again,but he rejected him and almost kissed him,until Amy smacked Her with her hammer in a Trashcan.

Alliance with Eggman

Christina,Tina-Lu and the rest of her friends one day Visit Eggman,and striked a Deal with Him:If he lures Sonic in a Trap,Eggman will make Sonic as Mean as Christina and Be her Boyfriend.

Eggman succeed to get Sonic,However,he was saved by Moon Star and Edith the Fox,and Finally,Christina Snapped and Became her Dark form and Forcefully beat Moon Star and Edith to a Pulp and Sonic Punched Christina and told her she is a freakshow and a Monster. He left with Edith and Moon Star,and Christina cursed at Them in Russian and Japanese.

Entering the World Grand Prix

Christina entered with Tina-Lu and Her Cousin,Hedi(Who is Less Mean,but still like Christina,and also is a Cat) in order to Get Sonic and Her meeting the rest of the Contestants Meant They Instanly hated her(Due to being a Snob and Shes DOES Hate Sonic's Friends and Rivals). She had to Beat Wave and win in 1st palace in a Race,Which she did. She later on makes it to the Semi Finals,only to be beating by Cream. Humliated,Christina Yelled at Everyone,and Stomped Away. Its reaveled that she teamed up with Metal Sonic,but the robot only used her. She turned into Dark Christina for a Brief Moment,but calmed down and at the end,she though it was a Good Game and Said Sorry to Tails,Cream and Amy.

Marrying Leon the Fox and Birth of Her Childern

Sometime,Christina,age 23 and less bratty and more Mature,meet Leon the Fox,and fell for him and acted nicer,after 6 months,He propseled to her and She said Yes,They got Married and At Age 27,Her Son,Mirco was Born and 4 years later,Gina and Rosie were born. At this Time,She become a Different Person:Kind,Loyal,Mature,Peaceful and Loving and Caring,and she loved it.

Voice Actresses

English V/A

Tiffany Thronton:2005-2008

Tiffany Vollmer:2009–Present

Ashley Peldon:As a Child

Japanese V/A

Miyoko Aso:2005–Present


Hey! Are you Listening to Me!?- To Sonic When she was flirting with him.

I could beat you Fat Losers if I tied my arms behind my back!-During the World Grand Prix

Be Prepared to Lose,Loser!- Before a Race

I'm the Greatest- After She win a Race and Getting an S and A Rank

No! I can't lose,it's just not fair! Grrrrrr!- After getting an D and E Rank and if she loses a Race

Well,I'm Still Great- After getting a B and C Rank

Hey,Sorry I though you were Stupid,can you forgive me?- To Tails,Cream and Amy

Shut it,Fatbutt- to Eggman


  • She Hates Dirt and Mud.
  • She is a good Listener.
  • She rides a Hoverboard called the "Bright Star".
  • She has Air Sickness.
  • She Dances and Raps.
  • She is a Democraft.
  • She has Trauma Watching a Girl Almost raped,and has a bad fear of rapists


Big and Loud Part 2 by Darla Dimple:How she survived without her mother

When your gone by Avril Lagivne:Deep Down,She feels lonely without her mom.

Shut up and let me go:Her Attiude towards others,like Mary-sus,Trolls and many wannables.

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