Character Tropes

  • Action Fashionista- She's a powerful fighter, but most importantly, when she is fighting, she looks beautiful doing it.
  • Beauty Equals Goodness- She is rather attractive, and she is also a rather kind being.
  • Best Friend- Trustworthy, kind, modest and always keeps your secrets. What's there more to ask for in a girl?
  • Everything's Sparkly With Jewelry- She loves to wear jewels. She has piercings in her ears, a couple of pearl necklaces, a few bracelets, and she even has crystal glass sandals!
  • FashionDesigner- Always thinking about what to add, her designs come at high prices and wide ranges
  • Fashion Model- Trendy and always looking stylish, she can rock the trashiest look.
  • Girly Skirt Twirl- With her blue dress, whenever she spins, not only does it look beautiful, but the color really shines and mist comes out from the bottom part of the dress.
  • Hair Of Gold: Heart Of Gold- Christina was told by her mother that her hair sort of represented her heart, and that she shouldn't change. She indeed is said to have a golden heart according to her peers and fans.
  • Honesty Is The Best Policy- Followed this rule since day one;she is truly an honest soul, and only lies when she absolutely must
  • HumbleHero- She's extremely modest and altruistic, and tries her best to keep it that way. She keeps bragging to an absolute minimum, in fact, she rarely brags about herself at all.
  • Indifferent Beauty- The perfect trope for her. No matter how many people tell her, she is aware of people finding her attractive, but she much prefers to be judged on by her character instead of her looks.
  • MagicalGirlWarrior- With the power to control crystals and limited nature, she is a fearless warrior.
  • Pink Heroine- Pink is what Christina calls her signature color, and not only does she absolutely rock the color, but she kicks some tail in it too!
  • Sexy Walk- When she walks, she sometimes crosses her legs and smiles, and sometimes even puts one hand on her hip.
  • SenselessSacrifice- She has done this numerous times where she sacrifices herself for her friends, even if it means her life
  • Teen Idol- Of course. Currently, Christina is in the top ten of one of the largest fanbases in the country. Her fans are called "Transfans", and she often goes out to have meet and greets. Her clothes are adored by others and they love looking at her on magazines and television.
  • The Fashionista- Always keeping up with the latest trends, even when she doesn't design them.
  • The Squad- The Eight Mates
  • TranquilFury- She's a calm fighter alright. She's usually silent when doing it, ignoring angry rants and only focusing on giving it her all.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe- Of course, although she usually wears the same clothes throughout the MSL series, she can change it up if she wants. She literally has a large walk-in closet of clothes.
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