Emerald Trophy2 Voted Best Super Formof Winter 2016

Shining Christina is the one and only super transformation used by Christina. She can transform into this state by using the Infinity Bottle. While most transformations are used for enhancing powers, this state is used as a healing source. If she wraps her hair around someone, any kind of pain will instantly go away, blood will immediately stop, and much more.

Physical Appearance 

Shining Christina doesn't really have many changes from her original look in this state. The one major difference is her hair length. In this state her hair is about fifteen feet long, even when she cut it. Along with that, her hair is very shiny and it magically flows on it's own It gives off a golden light that can easily light up a dark room. Her eyes also turn purple. 

Her attire has very small changes. Her pink jacket turns into a pink dress-coat, and her scarf is even longer than it was. The soles of her shoes also shine a lot more than they already did, and can possibly even blind someone. 

Powers and Abilities 

Shining Christina's most famous power is her healing power. Using her now long hair, she can wrap it around any injured/wounded/bloody/irritating/etc. their whole body It works when her fur and hair turn a pale green color. Then a green ball transfers down from hands and onto the body. That green ball heals all of the person's injuries, wounds etc. and completely restores their health.

Her defense drastically increases, especially physical defense. She is immune to all physical attacks in this state. It is also easier for her to withstand magic or special based attacks. If she gets hit by a magic attack, it would take little trouble for her to shake it off. She also gains speed in this form, as she can move up to a surprisingly fast 150 mph, which triples her normal speed! This makes it very easy for her not only to doge attacks, but for her to get to people far away to help heal them. 

In this form, she is granted the power of flight. No wings, no string, not levitation, just flight. She is able to fly very far distances at 175 mph.; a speed that is even faster than her running speed. Although she can fly far, she isn't able to fly high.


In this form, Christina loses her elemental powers which reduces her to fighting with only her bare hands and feet. This could be very tough for her, because even in this state, she can get tired, and then she'd be completely helpless. 

Christina also hasn't learned how to control how long she can stay in this form. She doesn't know when she will return back to normal. Sometimes it can be 3 hours later, and sometimes it could be 3 minutes later! Sometimes, the minute she transforms, she changes back into her normal form! This makes her very vulnerable, whereas she could be distracted by trying to retransform into this form, making her easier to land an attack on.

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