Over her life, Christina has made many relationships with several other people.


Lina the Hedgehog


A rising rock sensation, Lina is Christina's older sister from actual birth, when Carly was together with Gold. The two have always shared a sisterly love and a bond. They experienced a lot of great things together, like their first crushes, Lina's first song, Christina's first pageant, thrilling adventures, and Lina's engagement. They also experienced terrible things, like all of their injuries, breakups and worst of all, the day that their parents divorced. They grew up together and lived with each other until Lina left for college in Gaudia. As of now, the two admit that they dearly miss each other, and they would do anything to see each other again.

Bloodstone the Hedgehog

(Maternal Half-Sister)

Christina and Bloodstone have a very special sisterly connection. With Christina being nine years older than her, Bloodstone looks up to Christina as a role model, and the older sister that she has always wanted. Christina likes the idea of having her own little kid to hang out with. However, sometimes the two can become very annoyed with each other because they're siblings.

Storm the Hedgehog

(Maternal Stepbrother)

Christina and Storm are close family. With Lina out of the house, Storm looks up to Christina as the typical big sister who will destroy whoever tries to bully him. Storm often times annoys Christina the most out of her step-family, but she doesn't really mind.

Emerald the Hedgehog

(Maternal Stepsister)

Christina and Emerald are also close family. Emerald often likes to be around Christina whenever she's around the house and snoops in her inspiration room to see what she's been working on. Emerald likes to use Christina as her go-to scapegoat whenever she does something wrong, but Carly never believes her.

Carly the Cat


The former "It-Girl" of her generation, Christina truly loves her mother, Carly. Christina always wanted to have her comfort and support, but she was sometimes just a little too busy for all of that. As Christina matured, Carly even taught Christina the power of crystallokinesis, and she started to compete in pageants with her. As of now, Carly is a bit depressed that she will be leaving the house to go off to college, and she wants to keep her forever for all the times she has lost. She often likes to spoil her in public just to tease her.

Gold the Hedgehog


Christina was always considered to be a daddy's girl. Christina shared a close bond with her dad, and never wanted him to leave her side. His dad even helped to make Christina the star she is today. However, when him and his wife filed the divorce, he gave Christina a charm bracelet to remember him by. As of now, she frequently visits him, and admits today that she truly misses him and wants him to see how much she has accomplished.

Opalescence the Cat

Christina and her grandmother have a special connection. Opal played a big role in Christina's childhood and she is glad to still have her around. Opal admitted that she preferred Christina over Lina, since she was the one that actually liked talking to her. Christina uses Opal as her own personal diary by telling her all of her secrets. Christina knows that she is always one call away, and she even gives her free backstage passes to all of the pageants she was in, all of her fashion shows, and more. Especially after the death of her beloved, Christina feels closer than ever to her.

Tempest the Hedgehog


Christina and her stepdad don't really share a close father-daughter relationship. In fact, Christina doesn't really like Tempest as a father at all, sometimes calling him a stepdevil behind his back. Tempest however, finds Christina to be a sweet angel, and a beautiful girl. Tempest often embarrasses and spoils Christina in front of her friends, which is very nerve-racking and embarrassing for Christina. Sometimes, Christina hopes he drinks himself into 'hibernation' and leaves her alone for a month.

Viola the Porcupine


Christina never really connected that well with her stepmother. With Gold and Viola only being married for six months, she doesn't really visit her a lot. She finds her a lot less annoying than her own mother, with her being more humble and quiet.

Katey the Porcupine

(Paternal Stepsister)

The eldest of the family, even older than Lina, Christina and Katey haven't really formed a special sisterly relationship with each other. Having only met months ago, the two of them seem to have a common interest in fashion.

Miley the Porcupine

(Paternal Stepsister)

Christina and Miley haven't really shown a special sisterly relationship yet either. Having only met months ago, the two have absolutely nothing in common.

Tori the Porcupine

(Paternal Stepsister)

Out of her three new stepsisters, the youngest one is the one that Christina shares the closest bond with. Being only three years younger than her half sister, Christina likes the thought of having a little sister to play with again.

Neo Tranquil the Fox


Neo and Christina are cousins in the Tales of the Echo series. They sometimes argue over things, but it's fun when they run into each other. While Neo doesn't "speak fashion", he tries his best to understand her gossips. On the other hand, Christina completely understands Neo as a thief, but it's hard for her to go through with his stories because he sometimes steals jewelry. She has proven herself to be a good ally to The Mythic Knights.

Michelle and Christina

Christina with her adoptive sister in law and best friend, Michelle (2014).

Michelle the Cat

(Adoptive Sister-In-Law..... of sorts)

Even though they are best friends, technically, they are actually sisters-in-law. With Christina being related to Lina, her sister, and Michelle being somewhat related to Derek, her adoptive sister's real brother, they are related. The grow even closer since they are now related in a way.

Silver the Hedgehog

(2nd Cousin or Cousin)

Silver just found out that Christina is his cousin, and they are related by blood. He felt a little depressed because he was crushing on her, and "a little" obsessed with her, but it works out for him because she gets to spend more time with him.


(In alphabetical order)

Alexis Petals

Alexis and Christina-0

Christina with her best friend, Alexis (2015).

Alexis is Christina's sister-like best friend and former roommate in high school. The two have known each other since kindergarten and from there, they grew closer as friends. Both of them have a perfect close-knit sisterly relationship even today! Both of them were their for the good, and the bad times. Christina even inspired Alexis to take a deeper interest into fashion! On the other hand, Alexis also inspired Christina to start taking voice lessons. As of today, the two consider themselves to be like real sisters.

Amy Rose

Amy is one of Christina's best friends. They met quite a while ago at a beauty pageant, when Amy was sent out for a photography project. Amy decided to get to know Christina better, and grow a friendship with her over the years, and they did just that. The two grew up in different cities, but they keep on texting and staying in touch through their phones. However, Christina often visits Amy, not only because she has to for a studio to have a model photo shoot, but because she wants to spend time in her town and catch up on their moments.

Alyssa the Dog

Alyssa and Christina are pretty good friends. The two met when Alexis introduced her to Christina and the rest of her friends. At first, Christina thought she was a little hyper. However, she likes her excitement now. Christina is always impressed for Alyssa's dancing, and she always begs Christina to make her team's costumes for her competitions and recitals.

Bryce the Wolf 

Bryce and Christina have developed a very close friendship with each other. Christina thought he was extremely attractive, but when she asked Valentina about whether to ask him out, she was extremely heartbroken to find out he was gay.

Candlelight the Echidna

Candlelight is a very close friend to Christina. Both of them go to the MCA together. They met through Ms. Butwag's AP Geometry course during Christina's junior year. They haven't known each other for long, but they developed a friendship over the years. They like to hang out, go to the beach and talk about fashion.

Cole and Christina skating together (2013).

Cole the Echidna

(Second Ex-boyfriend;Lasted 4 Years)

Cole and Christina used to be dating. Unlike Sebastian, Cole wasn't the type of guy to be scared of attacks, and let Christina do all the work. She always looked up upon him for guidance, strength and self-defense. They had been dating for a long time, until it has came to a sudden end. As of now, the two still keep an awkward distance from each other. However, her fanbase wants her and Cole to get back together. After months of an awkward friendship, they rebuilt themselves to a healthy good friendship, though they don't plan on getting back together any time soon.

David the HedgeFox

(Best friend;honorary brother)

David is the one of closest friends to Christina. Christina met David many years ago back in junior high school from Alexis. Christina likes to watch David and his friends ride and trick on their skateboards, and rap. She also likes to go to her swag fests. As of now, the two have shared many close moments and memories. Christina likes to think of David as her 'big brother' because she trusts him with almost anything that she has to say.

Evan the Deer 

When Christina was introduced, Evan surprisingly had never heard of Christina's name before. At first, Evan and Christina didn't really talk to each other, as she usually was with Valentina and Bryce. However, Evan started to develop a crush on Christina.

Gabriella the Cat

Gabriella and Christina have grown pretty friendly with each other. When the two first met, Christina really admired her taste in fashion, and the two started to hang out and talk a lot. Christina looks up to Gabriella as a courageous figure. As of now, they still text and sometimes hang out with each other, but not very often.

Krys the Alicorn

Krys and Christina are best friends. When the two were smaller, back in middle school, Krys stood up for Christina and sacrificed her place in Team Fashion (which she never really wanted anyway...). As the years went on, the two started to share a closer bond and friendship. As of now, while Krys is in college, Christina and her always keep in touch through texting, and Krys flies down to see her throughout the summer. 

Lili the Cat

An extremely wealthy fighter practicing in the art of Gymnastic Street Fighting. Lili is Christina's landlady, and also her Street Fighting coach. Christina visits Lili every Tuesday, occasionally Wednesday, and Saturday for her Street Fighting training for 3 hours a practice. Lili likes to see Christina's hard work and improvement over the years. She is wowed by her skill and form, and even more in awe when she defeats her in a fight. However, she likes to hang out with her as just a normal friend and spend some time together.

Masako Haruno

Christina and Masako have an odd kind of friendship. Christina treats Masako has a friend, but Masako has unknown feelings for her that she didn't share yet. They don't see each other very often unless when they are in a battle together. As of now, they haven't really talked to each other in quite a while, mainly because Christina doesn't see her that often anymore...

Michelle the Cat

To Christina, Michelle is a lot of things besides her best friend. They meet and became friends only months after Christina met Alexis. The two have been hanging out and talking to each other a lot since then. Also, Michelle wanted to train and coach Christina in gymnastics, and she has been for 7-8 years already! They shared some great memories together over the past few years. But nothing made the two happier than at Derek and Lina's marriage, when they found out they were going to be sisters-in-law!

Mia the Wolf

Nikki "Nikkell" The Hedgehog

Christina and Nikki are somewhat close friends. Both went to middle school together, and they always talked to each other. However, in high school, while Christina went to the MCA, Nikki moved to a different high school. Being cities apart, they don't see each other very often. However, she often texts her, and even video chats with her (especially when Alexis is with her).

Thresh the Horse

One of the strongest beings in the world. Thresh and Christina have a comical friendship. Usually Thresh likes to talk to Christina the most because he finds her to be the most trustworthy girl on the team. Christina finds that because of Thresh's immense strength and powerful spectrakinesis, he'd make an amazing ally in battle as well.

Rainfall the MerWolf

The Winner of the Junior Miss Universe 2014 Competition. Ever since she found out Rainfall was going to the MCA, Christina wanted to instantly get to know her and her taste in fashion. The two became best friends;hanging out often by going to the mall. Sometimes, the two are called down for the same photoshoot. Rainfall even flew down to Spagonia to watch Christina in the Miss Universe Competition! Christina was also the first "outsider" that Rainfall showed her secret to. Rainfall finds Christina the most trustworthy outsider and most relatable out of all of her friends.

Ricardo the Wolf

The ideal hero of the Eight Mates Ricardo and Christina have a pretty much normal friendship. They don't really talk a lot, but Ricardo likes her taste in fashion on the world.

Shadow the Hedgehog

The one and only ultimate lifeform. Shadow and Christina are good friends. Being states apart, they don't see each other as often but meet up for combat purposes. Shadow makes a good ally in Christina's opinion because of his chaos abilities. However, outside of battle, the two usually talk a lot.

Valentina the Husky

The very first friend Christina made in her travels to Eifflyn, Valentina and Christina have a pretty friendly relationship with each other. Valentina often stays over at Christina's penthouse to hang out. 



Danny saving Christina's life (2016).

Danny the Hedgehog

(Third Ex-Boyfriend;Lasted 10 Months)

An extreme sports athlete fresh out of Tamaruin City. Danny and Christina used to date, but they are still developing a love relationship. When they were younger, they even risk their very own lives to save each other. Even today, they still wear their good luck charms. They always put time in their schedules to have fun with each other. The two admitted their secret feelings for each other, and ironically asked each other out at the same time. The relationship lasted only a month;Christina broke up with him because she felt that it was wrong that she was dating her best friend's ex, and felt stupid for saying yes in the first place. They're awkward acquaintances currently.

What Silver dreams about..... everyday (2013).

Silver the Hedgehog

(Crush on his side)

Silver has a huge crush on Christina and is his self-proclaimed girlfriend. Though he is obsessed with her, she is completely oblivious of it and all of her attention is on Cole. In some sort of way, Silver was told the cold truth when he found out that Christina was his cousin. Even after that he still tries to treat Christina like a boyfriend.

Sonic the Hedgehog

The fastest hedgehog in the world, and not afraid to show it. Sonic is one of Christina's inspirations. She looks up to him as a role model and finds him as a very close acquaintance. Sonic doesn't see Christina that often, but he often finds her to be a beautiful young lady, and a nice break from looking at Amy. They like to hang out, especially if she is with Amy.

Jamie the Dog

A former threat, and the best friend of her arch enemy. Jamie was always on Mimi's side, so the two were also considered enemies. Christina finds Jamie to be the most annoying out of the four of them. After Mimi's jail sentence, Jamie grew out of her hatred for Christina. The two are on semi-friendly terms, but they're close to getting there.

Chloe the Cow

A former threat, and the best friend of her arch enemy. Chloe was almost always on Mimi's side, so the two were considered enemies. Christina finds Chloe to be the most innocent of the four of them. After Mimi's jail sentence, Chloe sent an apology letter to Christina for all the awful things Mimi made her do.

Britney the Porcupine

A former threat, and the best friend of her arch enemy. Being the newest member, Christina doesn't care about her, but Britney still hated her guts. After Mimi's jail sentence, Britney stopped talking to Christina as if they never really knew each other.

Blaze the Cat

The princess of an alternate dimension. Blaze seems to have hatred for Christina. Christina knows about her hatred but doesn't understand what caused it and why she hates her. When Blaze sees her, she often tries to start a fight with her, only for Christina to end up rejecting it.

Jordanna Butwag

The most memorable teacher that she had during her time at the MCA, Christina was Butwag's absolute least favorite student. She just couldn't stand the sight of her, and always gave her detention for no apparent reason. However, during her senior year, Butwag admitted that she missed having someone like her to yell at.


Shelli the Fox

(Arch Rival)

An actress who also works as an interior designer From the moment that they met each other, instantly the two knew that they weren't going to like each other. Christina finds the fox to be an uptight snob, who is often rude to her friends. The two end up fighting several times, and even start to bring their rival kinetics into this;glass and crystal.

Angelina the Porcupine

Angelina and Christina are friendly rivals, but are more on the friends side. They used to hate each other's guts over a boy and Angelina often tried to pick fights with her. However, Christina won the battle, but found out the boy was a piece of garbage and broke up with him. As of now, Christina tries to befriend her more, as they have grown their rivalry into only a fashion thing.


Miranda Stephanie

A modeling agent at Project Masarati, Christina doesn't like her bossiness or her taste in fashion. Miranda doesn't like the fact that she showed up out of the blue when she already has an entire fan empire.

Mimi the Cat

(Arch enemy)

Mimi and Christina are arch enemies. They have been this way since they were kids, and as they got older, their relationship got worse and worse. As of now, Mimi and her team often bully and make fun of Christina in school, but outside of it, she wants her to be dead or disctinct. Christina finds them to be annoying and wants her to just leave her alone.

After Mimi was sentence to life in prison, Christina felt as if a giant boulder was lifted off of her shoulders. It was a giant problem that she didn't have to deal with anymore. Christina hopes that she pays for all the trouble she's caused her, her friends and Mariala City over the past eight years.

Sebastian the Fox Hybrid

Ever since Sebastian used Christina to protect himself, Christina shows a hatred for him and tries to avoid him as much as possible. They rarely talk as friends, and usually end up arguing about pointless things.

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