Throughout her journeys and adventures, Christina acquired a lot of actions and techniques that she uses for both combat and non-combat purposes.

MSG Street Fighting

  • Piercing Thorn Fortissimo- A move learned from Lili the Cat during street fighting training. Christina swings her arms back. She performs at least 4 rapid and powerful spinning kicks while at a somewhat horizontal angle. The effect on the opponent deals them a great amount of damage, as they are forced off the ground, and spin multiple times into the air until they fall.
  • Orchid Ring- A move learned from Lili the Cat during street fighting. Christina, facing backwards slowly drops and puts her leg out, and puts her hands on the floor. At the same time, she spins around in a circle to trip the opponent, and cause him or her damage.
  • Peacock Dive- A technique taught by Lili the Cat during Street Fighting. Christina jabs the opponent's hip with her left arm, then the gut with the right, and a flip-sort of spin kick in the air to the head, leaving the opponent in a bound state.
  • Orlean's Sword- A move learned from Lili the Cat during Street Fighting. Christina swings her right arm in a down-diagonal direction, in a slicing motion aiming for the chest. This leaves the opponent flying and then landing on their back.
  • Sundial- A technique Christina taught herself while training. Christina performs a standing side aerial to send kicks to the opponent. This attack gives the target two blows to the head, leaving the opponent laying down
  • Delayed Sundial- A variation of the Sundial taught by Lili the Cat. Christina performs a Sundial, except when she lands, she lands with one leg down, dealing one blow to the chest, but keeps her other leg up, delaying the attack only to deliver a harsh blow to the chest, to keep her opponent laying down.
  • Garland Kick Combo- A combo taught by Lili the Cat. Christina performs her delayed sundial, and right after that crouches down to make energy for a back handspring stepout to flip the opponent to cause more damage.
  • Backflip Spinning Edge- A move Christina taught herself. She performs a roundoff back layout stepout with the roundoff sending the opponent off the ground and the layout stepout makes the opponent slam to the ground.
  • Heavy Languish- A combo taught by Lili the Cat. Christina gives to powerful jabs, one jab per arm, to the chest, and then a powerful spinning knee that sends the opponent spinning off of the ground.
  • Thorn Whip- A technique Christina learned on her own. All she does is send a powerful kick to the ankle with her left leg, knocking down her opponent.
  • Matterhorn Ascension- A highly powerful move taught by Lili the Cat. Christina does a one-arm handstand to deliver a blow to the chin that sends the opponent flying about ten feet high, only to plummet to the ground; most likely to land on their back.
  • Fiesty Rabbit- A move taught by Lili the Cat. Christina uses this technique as a form of dodging. She jumps in the air to perform a full twist with her knees tucked in either to the left or right to dodge an attack. She is able to make two variations;Rabbit's Foot to send a powerful blow to the chins, or Rabbit's Thorn;to send a powerful spinning blow to the chest.
  • Dendroblum- A powerful move Christina leaded on her own. She takes her right arm back to store energy and then whips her palm right at the chest area of the opponent sending it far to land on it's back.
  • Sheers Spinning Edge- A quick combo taught by Lili the Cat. While in the Mirror Stance, she performs a backward extension roll stepout to knock the opponent back a little bit, but deal a lot of damage, and then she performs a back handpsring stepout to send the opponent slamming to the ground with two blows to the chest.
  • Twist Backflip Fleuret- A powerful combo taught by Lili the Cat. While in Mirror Stance, she performs a full twisting back layout to leave the opponent a blow to the head, crouching and then uses the force in her arms to use the back of her hand to slap the opponent, sending it spinning to the ground.
  • Honeysuckle- A technique used as a recovery attack taught by Lili the Cat. Christina performs a low back handspring stepout to deal some damage to the opponent sending it back, and then she performs a low forward roll with one leg out to send the opponent to the ground.

Crystallokinetic-Based Attacks

  • Shattered Crystal- A technique Christina taught herself by training. Christina summons a giant crystal from the ground and makes it float high in the air. She then makes a who bunch o razor-sharp leaves appear from her hand. She sends them up rapidly to shatter the crystal therefor turning the crystal into crystal pieces, that are very sharp. Then, the shattered crystal pieces and and razor sharp leaves are sent down to the opponent.
  • Crystal Tornado- A technique Christina taught herself while in the open field. She uses her hands to make millions of sharp spin around and around , then it creates a tornado of crystals, the size of a real one. It spins rapidly, and sucks opponents in the tornado and they get damaged by the crystals and other objects caught in it.
  • Crystal Tower- A technique Christina taught herself in training. She focuses her energy in the ground, causing it to slightly rumble, before a giant mighty crystal acts as a temporary shield. The pillar can only last for a maximum of fifteen minutes, as this requires several amounts of focus and strength.
  • Crystal Wall- A technique Christina recently learned. Similar to the tower, Christina uses crystals to create a large shield, however the wall is made up of not one, but millions or crystals to make a mighty barrier to deflect attacks. The shield isn't as resistant as the tower, but it doesn't require nearly as much energy, in fact, it doesn't really require any focus at all, since it stays in place when it's locked in.
  • Crystalquake- A technique Alexis taught her. Similar to Alexis's Ice Pledge, Christina focuses her energy in the ground, causing an eruption and crack in the ground. Out comes sharp five meter crystals that goes on for as long as she wants it to.

Chlorokinetic-Based Attacks

  • Leaf Shield- A clever technique Christina came up with herself. From the palm of her hand, she summons a leaf and makes it grow bigger and bigger, until it is big and thick enough to shield Christina. Whenever the attack hits, he leaf acts as a shield, and makes it bounce back like a trampoline.
  • Leaf Blade- A technique Alexis taught Christina. Using her leaf abilities, she made leaves appear from her hand and made them turn into a sharp blade shape. Then, she is can slice an opponent using her leaf blade, however, after the swipe is made, the leaf blade turns into normal leaves again.
  • The Tarzan Swing- Probably one of Christina's favorite techniques. She makes a vine grow out of her hand and ties it around some kind of object. She can then swing on it. She can even jump from vine to vine by rapidly shooting them. This isn't really used or crime fighting, more for fun.

Dual Elemental Attacks

  • Crystal Slingshot-This technique only works in an area with two types of still objects. Christina uses her crystalkinesis to summon multiple, tiny, and razor-sharp crystals in the palm of her hand. She then uses her florokinesis to summon a tiny vine, and make it grow bigger. She then makes the vine wrap around or attach on to the still objects and places the crystals onto the vine. She then makes the vine pull back far, like a slingshot, and then release. This release causes the shattered crystals to attack the enemy, dealing small amounts of damage, little by little.

Attacks That Need 2+ People

  • Ice Crystals- This technique only works with Alexis. Christina manipulates crystals and makes them levitate high in the air, then, Alexis uses her ice manipulation to make ice shards appear from her hand. Together, they combine together and create a more beautiful and sharp effect, and not only doubles the damage, but potentially freezes them.
  • Crystal Jail- This technique only works with Krys, Arthur, or any other kind of unicorn or someone with high levels of magic. Christina makes a giant crystal appear from the ground, about the size of an Olympic arena. Then, the magic user would use a duplication spell several times until the opponent is trapped, and then cover up the top, and use a blend spell to make the crystals merge into a giant dome trap.

Other Attacks

  • Beautiful Javelin Throw- Christina's signature move. She throws her javelin up in the air, and aims it at a distance. She then kicks it to make it spin beautifully, and when it hits something, sparkles emit from the javelin, and it explodes. This can potentially kill an opponent, but she never had killed one by this technique.
  • Elegant Finish- Christina's finisher. She spins around and makes leaves, and crystal shards appear from under the ground, emitting a radiant glow. Then, the leaves act like feathers and act like wings on Christina's back, allowing her to fly. Then, leaf blades appear from her hand, and she crushes them, making them turn into crystals, and giving off a blinding glow. Then, she soars down, and the opponent is done, and could possibly be blinded.
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