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Chrissy is a 17-year old rabbit, and she is the older sister of Francine the Rabbit. She works as a waitress at multiple resturants and specializes at cooking. Her birthday is on January 9.


Physical Appearance

Chrissy is an angora rabbit girl with fluffy white fur. Her tail is small and fluffy as well. On her head is a pair of ears that are pointed upwards, and the skin on the inside is pinkish-red. Her muzzle is also white and she has a black, triangular-shaped nose. She has somewhat long blonde hair that is styled into a princess cut. She has purple eyes with visible pupils.


Chrissy's common attire is a pink and sailor dress with a white bow tied to it and white trim, along with a white ribbon tied around the collar. She also wears a pink sailor hat, as well as long black socks and white flats.


Chrissy is talkative and jumpy, and won't hesitate to talk to others. She likes to see the best in people and help them out whenever she can. She has a short attention span for most things, but will pay attention to things she considers important. She can often end up being the center of attention for jokes and has a tendency to act out and do a lot of things that would cause her to get teased a lot, but she doesn't care about what others think of her. Chrissy is a people-pleasing person and tries to make people happy whenever possible. Her near-constant jumpiness might annoy others, but she geninuely cares for others. She can be quite rude when she wants to be, especially when she's getting unwanted criticism or gossiped about.

Chrissy is best described as an ESFP, or Extraverted Sensing Introverted Feeling with a preference for Perceiving when it comes to decisions. She enjoys having a large group of friends and acquaintances, and gains energy from talking to others. She cares more about details rather than the big picture in most situations, and puts her own and other's feelings first when making decisions, big or small. She is also very opportunistic and takes advantages of a lot of situations, keeping her options open to new things, not caring about the long-term consequences of her actions. She wants to live life to the fullest and enjoy as many things as she can in life.


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Chrissy is a very good runner with very strong legs and feet to propel her. She usually has no problem getting on her feet and running off. She claims that it is the only thing she is good at, running away from things. Chrissy states that she wants to learn other ways to protect herself, besides attacking with a bat. She also has surprisingly good aim and hand-eye coordination. Chrissy, due to having strong feet, is good at kicking as well. If she does not want to run away but does not have any weapons on hand, she will use her feet to defend herself. She can kick back her targets pretty far too, even having the power to knock them out.


Chrissy has a strong fear of blood and insects, as she had a terrible experience with insects as a child. She faints at the sight of blood and screams in terror at the sight of insects, causing her to try to run away as soon as possible. Fainting puts her at a disadvantage.

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