The Chopper Submachine Gun is a home-brew submachine gun produced by Pyran Global to supplement the other, more expensive imported weaponry. However, with an extremely low effective range on top of high weight and bulk, the weapon is one only seen in the hands of fighters who truly require close-range firepower.

Chopper Submachine Gun

Production Information
ManufacturerPyran Global
Type.45 caliber submachine gun
Technical Information
Length81 cm
Weight4.8 kg
Effective Range50m
Ammunition60 round twin-box magazine
Known Users
Available for acquisition
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design & Attributes

These guns were the first result of years of pressure placed on Pyran Global by fierce nationalist officials in the military. Most of the Pyranic Empire army was outfitted with weaponry sourced from other organizations, ranging from the Technomage developers to Mobian-built firearms, while the country's own military contractor and weapons maker provided little in the way of firearms, instead producing vehicles and the armaments mounted on such. However, they had weapons in the design phase, and as such rushed through the production and design phases of one such weapon, the Chopper Submachine Gun.

The Chopper, due to it's accelerated production rate, is considered by many front-line soldiers as a ridiculous weapon. Heavier than an assault rifle, and longer than most as well. Add to that the large twin-box magazine which only barely controls the massive ammunition expenditure, the extremely short range and the lack of penetrating power and you have an extremely underpowered and bad weapon. However, the gun isn't to be discounted. Quite a few special operations squads make sure to bring at least one of these weapons with them on high-importance missions, with many operators who keep these rifles for themselves modifying them to increase the power behind each bullet. Some of these rifles have been seen being used by rumored G.U.N. commandos, and have a reputation as a brilliant close-quarters weapon for powered armors and strong special operations soldiers alike.


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