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Chloretta the Cat

Chloretta the Cat is a fan character adopted by Darkest Shadow. She is a girl on Michelle's team for the Mobius Games. She also dances to be the rival of Alyssa the Dog.


Not very much is known about Chloretta's early life. She lived in a trash family. Her mom was a smoker and her dad was a drunkard. Ever since she was a baby, she wasn't given the proper respect she should have been. Some of this involves making her get her own food and drink, and constantly not eating that much. 

Later on, when she was 5, her mom always took her to a park where jerks, smokers, bullies and emo kids hang out. All of them are teenagers. She always gets beat up by them, even the boys beat her up. But then, when she learned how to stand up for herself, they stopped picking on her. This didn't happen until she was 7. She didn't smoke though.

When school was rolling for her, she became obnoxious and rebellious. She got in trouble a lot, and always had an excuse for not doing her homework. Later, a few of her friends from the park and some of her classmates knocked some common sense into her. She became a little sweet, and stopped rebelling and doing what she was told.

When she was 11, she signed up for dance. However, she met Alyssa the Dog, who has proved herself to be the best dancer of her team. Chloretta became jealous of her, and started to train hard in dancing. Her mean side has returned after four years.

At 13, Chloretta's met new people from that park she went to as a child. Most of them, were bad guys. However, she was once asked to join them in a bank robbing spree. She said no, and then they told her she was too sweet. 

She also learned that she had amazing acrobatic skills, and was interested to do gymnastics. She heard about the Fifi Gymnasium, ran by Michelle the Cat. Michelle mentored her in gymnastics so she can become great, like her. She was mentored and she just took off. Because of this, her dance skills went up as well.

At 14, she started to take fighting classes so she could become stronger. She then trained everyday, and then even started to train with her friends from the park. However, one day, a unicorn named Krys heard about this, and she won against a fight with her by using magic. Chloretta hated her ever since.

As of now, she is currently still wondering if she should join with her friends from the park into doing bad things, or never talking to them again and being good. She also later got accepted to become an athlete in the Mobius Games.


Chloretta has that sassy and somewhat selfish adittude that makes her sound like a real jerk. She has trouble making friends because of her sassy adittude. She seems to get in trouble a lot and rebel against her parents. She shows strong emotions towards others who treat her badly, and it ain't pretty.

However, as much as this is, Chloretta has a sweet side. She only shows this side of her to the people she trusts. With this, she is a bit sweeter and has a better way with words. She sometimes is really emotional.


Dancing- Chloretta is an amazing dancer. She is Alyssa's rival, and tries to always make herself look better than her. She's been dancing for about 4 years now, and has became really good at doing so.  Her main kind of dance is usually combining gymnastics and dance.

Gymnastics- Chloretta is an oustanding gymnast. She was so good, that she actually got into the Mobius Games. Her main event is the Balance Beam. She has outstanding balance, and executes good flips for an athelete.


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"Yeah, like Whatever."

"Looke like a got a challenger, don't I?"

"Hm, I lost."

Hey, Stop throwing all this junk at me, I just reaching my coda."

"I'm sorry for my arrogant behavior, everybody."

"Hi, I'm Chloretta, but you can call me Chloe."

"You really are evil!"

"Don't try fistfighting me, unless you want to embarrass yourself!"

"You are NOT a better dancer than ME!"

"Unicorn magic makes life unfair!"

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