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Cquote1 Christina, I know right now that you must be under a lot of pressure and this past week is a lot to handle, and I know I'm probably the last person you want to hear from. I just wanted to take some time out of my day to write to you. I'm sorry. Terribly, terribly, terribly sorry. I know it doesn't sound believable, but I really am trying to be sincere to you. Words can't describe the amount of tragedy and hatred and pain and strife that my friends and I put you through, and half the time, I thought they were going too far. I may have said some horrible things, but looking back at it, they were small and petty reasons and it all just got out of hand. I'm hoping that one day we can talk face-to-face and try to start over. I know very well I cannot take back the things that myself or my friends have said or did, and that you can only forgive but not forget, but I just wanted to let you know how I really feel. You're a gorgeous being, and you've impacted millions of people's lives. Don't ever change. I'll catch you on the other side. Cquote2
Chloe's apology letter to Christina

Chloe the Cow is a fan character created by Pianoteen. She is a member of Team Fashion, and one of the main villains in the Mariala Anime. Like Mimi and Jamie, her goal is to kill Christina and then rule the world with her friends. 


Chloe was born from Carmella Cowline. Not very much is known about her very early life. She was very into fashion because her favorite moviestar, Persephone the Poodle would always show of her brilliant designs on TV.

Around 4 years old, Ms. Cowline registered Chloe into a beauty pageant. Alongside her, were three other girls: Mimi the Cat, Jamie the Dog, and Krys the Unicorn. The four girls were very amazing-looking and got high scores from their judges. Later on, the four of them became friends.

Later on, Chloe stated school at the Kinzville Academy. Being younger than her friends, she was in the same class, but her assignments were fairly easier than the other girls'. She caught up fast, and later on earned her very own special fashion modeling, designing and hairdressing diploma, like the rest of the girls.

One day, when she was around 6 years old, her friends decided to leave Kinzville. Ms. Cowline was admonishing what it was like in the town she was moving too. Chloe promised her that she;ll be safe. Sooner or later, the plane left and they let Kinzville forever.

It was a long 4-hour-flight. There was nothing to do. Then, they finally arrived at their new home: Mariala City.

From there, nothing new went wrong.

One day however, she met her worst enemy yet, Christina. Her team and Christina were arch enemies. Then, Chloe witnessed Krys sticking up or her. That's when Krys got kicked out.

Chloe absolutely hated when nobody likes her for her evil plans. That's when she was on break of her Team, and collided knocked over a little girl who was running just like her! She got a bad scrape was crying hysterically, so Chloe looked in he bag and found peroxide and a band-aid.

Then, the little girl befriended her. Her name was Alyssa. They became secret friends. Then, Alyssa realized what a great dancer she was and suggested that she joined the dance team.

Later on, Mimi got thrown in jail, so Jamie and Chloe were free to do whatever they want.

Currently, Chloe is an 8th grader in Middle School.


Chloe is evil when she is with her team. She always tries to build and construct with her team plots that can kill or hurt her enemies. She's the one who usually fixes the machine's problems.

Chloe can also talk a lot. She sometimes thinks that she should put her foot in her mouth since she might give away too much information that foils her plans.

However, there is a nice side to Chloe that her friends don't know about. She is bitter-sweet and innocent when it comes to being without her team. She keeps this a secret from them so she doesn't get kicked out.


Clothing Design- Ever since she was little, Chloe has had the skill to design and model for clothes. She would always compete in pageants with her team and win most of them. If she won, her team makes it One for All.

Dancing- Chloe is very good at dancing. She had this undiscovered talent that Alyssa discovered for Chloe. She isn't the best dancer on her team, but everyone on her team admits that she has a very experienced talent.

BMX Biking- Chloe is somewhat good at trick biking. It is unknown how she got the skill, but she has been doing all sorts of tricks.

Broken Wire Fixing- Chloe also has a skill of fixing broken wires. She does this for her team's evil plans and when they malfunction.

Abilities and Powers

Milk Manipulation/Lactokinesis- Like all cows, Chloe can manipulate milk. She could make milk balls come right out her hand. She could also make them become warm, or expired.

Enhanced Kicking- As a cow, Chloe can throw very strong and fast kicks. They would knock somebody out with a black eye for quite a while.

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