Chloe-Su is a female Echidna who currently lives on Mobius Prime, but originated from Light Mobius.


Early Life

Chloe-Su is a female Echidna born in the world of Light Mobius. However, the bliss that resulted from her birth was short-lived- days later the Genesis Wave occurred. With little time to spare, Lara-Su took the infant Chloe-Su to Farouk Hakim, an ancient wizard who was willing to cast a spell on her in order to protect her from the Genesis Wave.

However, Hakim could not save anyone else from being wiped out by the Genesis Wave, and had to take Chloe-Su with him to another realm- one beyond time itself. While the years passed and the universe reconstructed itself, Hakim raised Chloe-Su on his own and taught her the ways of magic. While she did question him on more than one occasion about her origins, he refused to tell her due to reasons he would not explain.

One day, however, Hakim mysteriously vanished, leaving behind a letter that explained he had gone on a quest to defeat a being of great evil and that he might not return. Chloe-Su took it upon herself to search for him and thus began a quest to not only find Hakim, but also her place in the universe.

Chloe-Su the Echidna: (Untitled)

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Chloe-Su displays an interest in much of the world around her, ranging from its science to its myths. She has a mysterious knack when dealing with technology, and has an interest in many of its attributes- ranging from the way something is wired to the code that makes it function.

She also has a strong sense of individuality. She is willing to make her opinions known loud and clear, and as such, she can be blunt at times. Chloe-Su also has a somewhat short fuse- meaning that if one is to annoy her enough, she can become aggressive. This is especially problematic considering her dark form, Mirtis. Howevers However, doing practices such as mediation and other calming exercises helps keep her temper at bay most of the time, so she is less likely to lash out.

While Chloe-Su does believe that the individual is more important than the masses, that doesn't mean she isn't willing to sacrifice herself to protect those in need. Rather, her sense of individuality extends to freedom of choice, and she makes it clear to those around her that it's her who is making the choice to defend others. 

Chloe-Su also retains some of the quirks her original counterpart had- such as drinking from glasses that aren't hers and making odd jokes that either no one gets or just freaks them out.


Physical Appearance

Chloe-Su is a female Echidna with violet fur and lavender bangs that are tipped in blue. Her eyes are violet and her skin is a light shade of peach. When using her astral projection, her body appears the same as it does in physical form, the only difference her appearing somewhat transparent.

As Korontana (her main super form), Chloe appears as an Echidna with jet black fur and dark grey bangs tipped in pure white. Her eyes also change from violet to magenta.

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  • Astral Projection- Chloe-Su can project her soul outside her body and either remain invisible to enemies if she has to sneak past them, or join with an ally as a host. This ability takes a lot of energy and should only be used if absolutely necessary. (More info TBA)

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