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This is the future version of Chloe-Su, who currently resides in the Prime Zone.


Chloe-Su's personality in the future is very similar to her current counterpart. She still loathes conformity and encourages her children (Arronax Pyrovolt and Jayda-Su Pyrovolt), to be themselves. Notable changes to her personality include a calmer attitude and less recklessness. Chloe-Su does retain her hatred of wearing a dress, though the only exception she has ever made was for her and Xavis' wedding.

Chloe-Su also seems to have gotten her powers under control and no longer transforms into Onyx Chloe-Su. This could be due to her using meditation methods to get most, if not all, of her negative emotions under control. However, there are times where she still gets very upset or angered, but not enough for the Onyx Chloe-Su transformation to occur.




Chloe-Su Pyrovolt stands about 4'7 and has violet fur with greying purple bangs. Her eyes are violet and each have some wrinkles underneath. Her skin is a shade of light orange. She typically wears a black tank top, grey pants, rectangular-rimmed glasses with green tinted lenses, and dark cerulean boots with silver markings.





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