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This is an article about Chloe-Su the Echidna, a fan-character created by Julia Finitevus!


Cquote1.png How the hell can you enjoy having no identity? How can you enjoy blending in with a crowd instead of being yourself? Words can't hurt me- I've been a lone wolf my whole life. I want to be with those who respect me for who I am, not with a bunch of sniveling cowards who have nothing better to do than brag about being popular and bullying innocent people just for being different. Call me a stupid child if you will- but I don't need a huge social life. It's quality that matters to me- never quantity. Cquote2.png
Chloe-Su the Echidna


XoPs Chloe-Su Color.jpg
Downunda Freedom Fighters (formerly); Now Fighting Against Shadow Galaxia and Genesis Lord
Science fiction, music, food, bourbon (she's old enough to drink it), her friends, kicking butt
Popularity, idiots, evil, killing people, garlic presses
Mobian Echidna
Super Forms
"Chaos Chloe-Su"- a state in which Chloe-Su can project a form of herself outside her body and become almost invincible to attacks, be able to heal most injuries (but if they are dead, she can't do anything about it). She can even communicate to other people telepathically, but only briefly. "Onyx Chloe-Su"- a state in which Chloe-Su's abilities are the same, but her negative emotions are in control. Another difference is that she has the ability to place a Hex on the Master Emerald.
Lunari, Mel, Diaspore, Savannah, Xophtré, Feye, Aliane, Isaac, Reens, King, Ion, Dr. Finitevus, Xavis
Possible Future Friends
Hikaru and Nicole
Favourite Activities
Writing, drawing, "pranking" Aegrine (formerly), watching TV, hiking, nerding out
Genesis Lord, Shadow Galaxia, Dr. Eggman (Post Genesis Wave version) (list not finished)
Voice Actresses
Willa Holland (Chaos Academy and Chloe-Su the Echidna: The Beginning); Amy Acker (Sonic Universe Fanfiction Story 1: Dr. Finitevus, Post Genesis Wave) ; Terry Farrell (future version)
Romantic Interests
Characters Who Have a Romantic Interest in Her
Lara-Su (mother, status unknown) ; Julie-Su (grandmother, status deceased) ; Knuckles (grandfather, status unknown) ; Edmund (brother, status unknown) ; Finitevus (father, status alive)
Alive (Current Version)
Sword of Acorns

Notice: You might be looking for the Chaos Mobius counterpart, Jana-Su. You may also be looking for the Dark Mobius counterpart, Octavia-Ca Dax.


Chloe-Su is a young female Mobian Echidna born in the future of Light Mobius.

Chloe-Su's History

Light Mobius History

(WARNING: Spoiler Alert! Plot endings or details may follow!)

Chloe-Su was born as the daughter of Lara-Su and a father who supposedly abandoned her family long ago. Chloe-Su was the only descendant of a Guardian to have a black crescent Guardian birthmark, unlike the usual white birthmark. Chloe-Su discovered when she was eleven that she was able to manipulate both regular Chaos Energy and another version of Chaos Energy (although she was not aware it was different at the time). Chloe-Su assumed later on that her ability to control the unusual Chaos Energy came from the fact that her grandfather was genetically altered, but Edmund told her when she was fourteen that the ability was more likely to have come from her father.

A five year old version of Chloe-Su made her first appearance in Dr. Finitevus, Light Mobius Future Story as a supporting character. Despite her prominent role in "Sonic Universe Fanfiction Story 1: Dr. Finitevus, Post Genesis Wave", Chloe-Su does not have very much influence in "Dr. Finitevus, Light Mobius Future Story".

Chaos Academy

Note: Whether or not all the events in this section are canonical is somewhat questionable, though several references in my continuity have been made to this roleplay.

Chloe-Su at the age of sixteen eventually entered Chaos Academy the despite the fact that she wanted to be a Guardian. Chloe-Su- who was supposedly sleeping in her dorm- had spied on Lunari and Savannah's mental conversation using her Chaos abilities. Chloe-Su later woke up, but was unable to discern if it was real, or if it was her imagination.

Chloe-Su later witnessed a psychopath trying to murder Xophtré. She wanted to help save Xophtré, but was afraid that it would cost her someone's life. But as she saw Lunari torn between Xophtré and Savannah, she turned into Chaos Chloe-Su offered to help. Lunari went to help Savannah and heal her broken arm while Chloe-Su asked Xophtré if he was okay. He snapped at her, saying he was fine and sounded irritated. Not wanting to annoy Xophtré further, she simply nodded and returned to her body back at her dorm, no longer Chaos Chloe-Su. She later returned to punch Aegrine in the face, but heard voices communicating. Satisfied with the idea that Aegrine messed his pants, she went and listened to the conversation that was occurring.

Just after hitting Aegrine over the head with a branch, Chloe-Su sensed energy fluctuations at her dorm. She asked Airion and Celeste if they would be alright while she was gone. They said they would be fine and Chloe-Su returned to her dorm to investigate. Chloe-Su asked who was there and waited for a response. The "intruder" turned out to be a tiny, friendly girl named Aliane. Chloe-Su took an instant liking to her, and Aliane seemed to like Chloe-Su as well.

The duo then heard an unfamiliar voice speaking. Feeling that it was no longer safe, Chloe-Su told Aliane that she knew of someone who might be able to help. Chloe-Su headed to Lunari the Echidna's dorm, only to find Diaspore breaking in. The two fought until Insanity appeared, and Chloe-Su attempted to get rid of Insanity using her Warp Ring. However, Diaspore attempted to harm Savannah (who was also there), and Chloe-Su ended up rescuing her and getting her out via Warp Ring.

Chloe-Su, after leaving Savannah with Xophtré, went after Diaspore, only to learn that the hedgedragon simply wanted to return home. Sympathetic with Diaspore, after saving Aegrine from being killed, Chloe-Su offered Diaspore a chance to go back in time and change the past. Diaspore accepted, and after she left, Chloe-Su teleported her friends to her dorm. That was when Chloe-Su met her new roommate, Mel. The two became friends almost right away. Later, Chloe-Su and Reens were going to go shopping and get supplies as well as a school uniform for Chloe-Su when it was discovered that Reens' wallet was stolen.

Family Mystery

In the story Chloe-Su the Echidna: The Beginning, Chloe-Su, after returning home had to go to her unveiling. She briefly refused to go because she wanted to be a Guardian, but eventually changed her mind, only later to wonder what really happened to her father nine years ago.

Not much later, Chloe-Su's distant uncle Dimitri explained to her in secret that her father was in fact a former scientist from Albion. He told her that for reasons that he did not know of, Lara-Su had become romantically involved with the scientist and a marriage later resulted. The two had a child, but then he was turned into Enerjak, leaving a heartbroken Lara-Su to have to send him to an alternate dimension. Chloe-Su denied it all, but when she asked her grandfather Knuckles, (who had Alzheimer's and was paralyzed) he told her that what Dimitri said was true. Chloe-Su asked why her mother fell for the scientist, and Knuckles explained that it was because of the Soultouch, an ancient Echidna sixth sense that identified a potential mate. Knuckles remarked that it didn't seem to have worked for Lara-Su and her ex, with the latter taking off to Aurora knows where. Dimitri refused to tell Chloe-Su who her father was and Knuckles lost all memory regarding the identity of Chloe-Su's father, leaving her only to wonder.

Chloe-Su became determined to find her father and get answers to why he did that to her mother. She left home without a word, taking just her mother's old pair of gloves, the Sword of Acorns (inherited from her mother), and a journal. Chloe-Su began living on Downunda with the New Downunda Freedom Fighters, helping them defeat the new Eggman Nega threat while she searched for Dr. Finitevus, who may have answers on her father's identity.

Post Genesis Wave

Pre-Fusion Shard Quest

Chloe-Su later appears in the canonical role play Sonic Universe Fanfiction Story 1: Dr. Finitevus, Post Genesis Wave. Eventually she meets Xavis Pyrovolt (XophPsycho's character), and begins showing signs of the Soultouch.

Chloe-Su first appears in the roleplay when she comes through a Genesis Portal in Mobotropolis. She briefly saw Reens and her Mobian dog friend King (Reens the Hedgehog's characters) speeding past and Chloe-Su attempted to catch up with them, only to lose them quickly. The female Echidna almost started cursing in frustration when she was interrupted by an odd and strange Fennec Fox, whom of which after a moment she left behind, thoroughly creeped out. 

Chloe-Su eventually ran into Isaac the Hedgehog (Clairebear165's character) and the two had a brief fight against a Shadow Chameleon before Reens showed up, King behind her. After a brief introduction and Reens stabbing the Shadow Chameleon in the eye to make certain it was dead, Dr. Finitevus showed up on the scene, wondering what all the racket was about. Chloe-Su questioned Finitevus at sword point about the location of her father, but to no avail seeing as Finitevus seemed to not recall anything about her father. Ion, watching the scene, introduced himself to the group. It was theorized that Shadow Galaxia- who sent the Shadow Chameleon in the first place- and the Genesis Lord- Ion's greatest enemy- might be working together to obtain the Fusion Shards- gems that contain great power- when Ion's Fusion Shard suddenly started to glow. Chloe-Su, using her astral projection powers, quickly located whatever was causing the glow.

Fusion Shard Quest

The source was found to be on a rooftop and so the group managed to make it up there, albeit not without having to deal with one of Shadow Galaxia's drones along the way up. Finitevus was the first to find the source, apparently a Fusion Shard, and collapsed due to having a vision. After Finitevus regained consciousness, Chloe-Su examined the Fusion Shard while Reens explained that if it weren't for Finitevus's Chaos powers, he would have been fried Echidna, which caused Isaac to back away a bit at that horrific thought.

After a brief incident with Trivia the Hedgehog showing up wanting Finitevus to work for D'Era Industries, which ended with the albino Echidna shooting her and her colleague Ashton with a dart gun to knock them out, the group made it to a bar where Isaac said he had a friend who may know where the next Fusion Shard was. After a brief discussion over the matter and Chloe-Su comforting Reens, informing her that she wasn't just a tag-along, the group made it to the forest where they would likely find another Fusion Shard.

Reens managed to locate the Fusion Shard, which was embedded in a Myrk's (a creature that lives in that particular area) head. They managed to pull it out, and after a brief confrontation with another Myrk, made it to a hotel where they would have gotten a good night's sleep if it weren't for an ambush by a gang who wanted Finitevus for unknown reasons. Chloe-Su briefly transformed into Onyx Chloe-Su, had a short duel with Heartbeat Reens, almost accidentally cut off Xavis's head (who had been at the hotel and met the group for the first time), and finally reason reached Chloe-Su when she almost killed Courtny (Clairebear165's character). Ashamed by what she almost did, Chloe-Su ran from the scene in tears, coming back later when Courtny and her gang had left.

After another battle, this time against Trivia, Lunari the Echidna (Lunari64's character) showing up and healing Finitevus after he suffered a wound to the leg from corrosive acid, and a very weird romantic moment between Trivia and Dr. Finitevus, everyone finally got some shut eye, though Chloe-Su's mind, as well as others', were plagued by nightmares. The next morning was rather chaotic, with Xavis getting a sugar rush, a Shadow Wolf attack, a Genesis Beast attack, and Chloe-Su showing signs of the Soultouch. 

Post-Fusion Shard Quest

These events were followed by the group being abducted by Shadow Galaxia and his lackeys, but the group managed to escape. After Reens and Jayda-Su Pyrovolt (my character)- who was joined with Reens by using astral projection at the time- had shut off the power on Shadow Galaxia's mothership, Xavis told the group that he would destroy the ship before it could hit the ground and destroy everything within a several mile radius, and that the rest of the group should escape on a ship before that happened. Chloe-Su was heartbroken at this and finally told Xavis her feelings. She knew he was too stubborn to change his mind and she tried to force herself to accept this.

Chloe-Su managed to pilot the escape ship -that everyone except Xavis was on- off Shadow Galaxia's spacecraft and said escape ship eventually crashed onto the ground. Shadow Galaxia's mothership exploded seconds later, and something hit the side of the escape ship. It turned out to be Xavis, who had apparently shut down. After Chloe-Su briefly thought Xavis was dead, the latter booted up his systems. Chloe-Su took Xavis inside the escape ship for some rest, with the authorities showing up not much later. After Xavis finally accepted that Melissa Craw (also XophPsycho's character) was gone, he told Chloe-Su his feelings and asked what they were to do next. Chloe-Su told him she wasn't really sure, to which Xavis replied that they would have to see where it took them.

Mobotropolis Mayhem

Chloe-Su later appears in the fanfiction Chloe-Su & Xavis: Mobotropolis Mayhem.

(Plot will not be listed until story is finished)


Chloe-Su has an especially nerdy personality when it comes to anything ranging from science fiction to Extreme Gear Boards to sentient Artificial Intelligences. However, this side of her is rarely seen.

Chloe-Su also can be aggressive at times, which was inherited from both her mother and father. One instance proving this is when Chloe-Su caught Diaspore in Lunari's dorm and then she transformed into Onyx Chloe-Su, attempting to eliminate the threat. Another example is when Chloe-Su questioned Finitevus at sword point where her father was.

Chloe-Su can also be described as a major individualist, always loathing going along with the crowd. She inherited this hatred for conformity from her father, Finitevus, and she is willing to state her opinion about it no matter what.

Chloe-Su also attempts to be a sister-figure to others, and tries to keep them happy whenever possible. Chloe-Su dislikes seeing anyone sad and tries to help them with whatever problems they are going through.

Chloe-Su can also be a kind and loyal person, willing to risk everything for her family and friends' safety. She is also willing to protect those who don't deserve her protection, and one example is Diaspore. All in all, despite her faults, Chloe-Su is a good person and a self-sacrificing individual.

Chloe-Su does have a few downsides and that's her being occasionally blunt, aggressive, or not caring if there are germs on a drink she grabs (example: in Sonic Universe Fanfiction Story 1: Dr. Finitevus, Post Genesis Wave, Chloe-Su stole someone else's bourbon twice. A really bad trait she picked up from her grandfather Knuckles.)

Her personality remains the same as Chaos Chloe-Su, but as Onyx Chloe-Su, her personality changes drastically. She becomes very corrupted and will stop at almost nothing to kill anyone who hurts and/or kills her friends. However, if her friends interfere, she willingly hurts them which puts them at a huge risk. This is especially since her behavior as Onyx Chloe-Su can be described as similar to that of Enerjak, making her as Onyx Chloe-Su very dangerous.


Physical Appearance

Chloe-Su is a violet Echidna with lavender bangs tipped in dark blue. Her eyes are violet, and her skin is a peach colour. When using astral projection, Chloe-Su appears as she does in physical form, but the difference is that she appears partially transparent to physical beings. Chloe-Su can also appear as a small puff of smoke (similar to Lunari, who is Lunari64's character) if needed to avoid being spotted.

As Chaos Chloe-Su, she appears as a yellow furred Echidna with gold bangs tipped in a dark blue. Her eyes also change from violet to magenta.

As Onyx Chloe-Su, her fur becomes a silver colour, while her bangs become jet black. Her eyes change from violet to turquoise and her peach skin darkens to an orange shade.


As for Chloe-Su's outfits, those have changed many times. Her original outfit was a golden tang top with a sliver belt, grey gloves, and gold bracers (which closely resemble Warp Rings), along with glasses that had rectangular rims with clear lenses and navy coloured jeans. That outfit appeared in "Chaos Academy," which is its only appearance so far.

Her second outfit is a tang top that originally belonged to Julie-Su, a gold belt with a crescent moon symbol on the buckle, blue boots with white fur on them, along with teal gloves with gold bracers. This outfit appeared in "Chloe-Su the Echidna: The Beginning". This is its only appearance so far.

Chloe-Su later appeared in a turquoise long sleeved shirt with a scabbard on her back, teal gloves with gold bracers, yellow boots with white fur on them, and a gold belt. Her glasses also have been changed to have round rims and lenses that have a purple tint, similar to Finitevus's glasses.

When Chloe-Su transforms into Chaos Chloe-Su, her usual outfit is temporarily replaced by an outfit very reminiscent of Native American outfits. This is one of the few times a character in a super form has worn an outfit based on Native American culture.

Onyx Chloe-Su's outfit is a major contrast, however, most likely because of her darker tone in this form. One noticeable difference is that she wears a long black leather coat in this form.


Chloe-Su is capable of manipulating multiple types of Chaos Energy, including Chaos Energy similar to the kind Finitevus can control. Chloe-Su is also able to transform into Chaos Chloe-Su, as well as Onyx Chloe-Su. 

As Chaos Chloe-Su, she is able to heal a person, depending on how serious the injury is. She is also able to project herself outside of her body and temporarily mentally communicate to others (although she can do this in normal form as well).

Onyx Chloe-Su is similar to Chaos Chloe-Su, but her negative emotions are at a higher level, as well as in control, and she's able to place a Hex on the Master Emerald, similar to Finitevus.

Without using Chaos Control or any of that, Chloe-Su is a skilled hand to hand combatant, and is able to fix any machine and can remove viruses from computers, despite being unaware of the technical terms. Chloe-Su also has an unusual aptitude for computer programming and can create a program within seconds.

It is also possible Chloe-Su has an extremely good memory, since she was able to remember things from when she was very young. One example is her memory of her grandmother, Julie-Su, who died when Chloe-Su was only six.

Chloe-Su also has the ability to absorb and channel electricity. However, too much all at once can be very dangerous.


Chloe-Su is not invulnerable, however. She is not the best actress, meaning she can't go undercover very well. She also becomes aggressive towards anyone who makes fun of her liking anything nerdy, and becomes dangerous to anyone nearby.

Chloe-Su also becomes even more aggressive when her friends or family is in danger, which usually triggers Onyx Chloe-Su. This can actually put the people she cares about in even more danger. Also, Chloe-Su's judgment becomes blurred when in this form, meaning she no longer can properly distinguish between right and wrong. She also becomes corrupted and a bit selfish, a trait shared by the Pre-Genesis Wave version of Dr. Finitevus.

Chloe-Su can easily become frustrated when attempting to hack into a system is not going well, and has the tendency to punch anything nearby.

Chloe-Su also can only stay as Chaos Chloe-Su or Onyx Chloe-Su for a limited amount of time. Once that time is up, she passes out.

Chloe-Su also uses up a lot of energy mentally communicating to other people, which makes it risky, and should only be used at certain times.

When using astral projection, Chloe-Su also has to have a part of her consciousness remain with her body to keep her alive. If her body dies, her consciousness dies with it, unlike most people who can use astral projection. However, this disadvantage can be avoided if Chloe-Su has a host if or when her (as in Chloe-Su's) body dies. There is a great danger with this, however. This means that she has to permanently link with the host's mind- and in a manner of speaking, become a part of that person. This, if not done properly, can cause serious and possibly fatal damage to the host, as well as potentially kill Chloe-Su herself.

Chloe-Su also becomes extremely vengeful if one of her friends is hurt, especially Xavis. This often causes her to become blind to her own actions when her friends are hurt. It can make her very deadly, and this is a great weakness in most cases.

As said previously, Chloe-Su can absorb and manipulate electricity to a certain extent. To much all at once can be deadly.

Chloe-Su also suffered brain damage from being electrocuted accidentally by Isaac (in his leviathan form), making her somewhat mentally limited. However, this is a temporary side effect. Seeing as she doesn't exhibit any mental issues in Mobotropolis Mayhem, it's possible her brain has healed.

Concept and Creation

Chloe-Su started out as just another version of the original version of Jana-Su. But I started playing around with her past and abilities and came out with the most developed fan character I have had so far.

Chloe-Su was also originally going to be named Jana-Su, just like her alternate universe counterpart. But when I played around with her concept a little more, I decided to give her a different name, kind of like Lara-Su and Jani-Ca (who are two different versions of each other).

Chloe-Su's development mostly came from her role in Chaos Academy, such as her astral projection (inspired by Lunari64's character, Lunari), Chaos and Onyx Chloe-Su abilities, and even most of her personality. I can't thank Annabelle Rich (who owns Chaos Academy) and the participants in the role play enough for helping me create and develop this character!


Much like Jani-Ca from Dark Mobius, Chloe-Su wields the Sword of Acorns, which appears in Sonic Universe Fanfiction Story 1: Dr. Finitevus, Post Genesis Wave. Chloe-Su later modified this sword in the story Chloe-Su & Xavis: Mobotropolis Mayhem, Part One to have a second blade, this one being retractable to give her an edge in battle.

Additional Quotes

Don't you have something better to do? Like maybe actually doing your job? - Chloe-Su, annoyed

Pfft! Get a job, you moron.-  Chloe-Su, annoyed again

I will never understand people... especially those who are nice to your face, but talk about you behind your back. - Chloe-Su talking to herself

Lunari? Is that you? - Chloe-Su speaking to Lunari

Um... I'm standing right here you know.- Chloe-Su speaking to a rival

Age is just a number. It's merely some tiny, insignificant figure designed to hold you back. It has no real use. - Chloe-Su responding to a question about her age

Until we meet again. - Chloe-Su speaking to Xavis

I've been alone most of my life, so I don't see the need to socialize outside of my true friends and family. Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for my meditation.- Chloe-Su responding to a question about her social life


Main Theme

Chloe-Su's theme is Silhouettes by Of Monsters and Men. Why did I choose this? Two reasons: it really fits her, at least to me, and I love the band Of Monsters and Men, it's one of my favourites.

Information: Songwriters: Arnar Rosenkranz Hilmarsson, Brynjar Leifsson, Kristjan Kristjansson, Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdottir, Ragnar Porhallsson

© Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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If you'd rather listen to the song right here on the wiki, just tap here:


Of Monsters And Men - Silhouettes

Additional Themes

Story Themes

Another theme is Thousand Eyes also by Of Monsters and Men.


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Of Monsters And Men - Thousand Eyes (Official Lyric Video)

Battle Themes

One of Chloe-Su's Battle Themes is When the Stars Align, featuring Lindsey Stirling! (She does some pretty awesome songs, in my opinion.)

If you'd rather listen to the song on the wiki, tap here:


Stars Align - Lindsey Stirling (Original Song)



  • Chloe-Su is only semi-immortal, meaning she can still age and die- she just has a slightly longer life expectancy than most Mobians.
  • Chloe-Su had taken up meditation by the time Chloe-Su & Xavis: Mobotropolis Mayhem occurred.
  • Chloe-Su's personality is almost completely identical to her creator's. The only difference is Chloe-Su being way overly aggressive sometimes.
  • Chloe-Su is one of the most developed characters I have created so far. 
  • Chloe-Su is the first known descendant of a Guardian to be able to manipulate more than one version of Chaos Energy. This ability even makes it so Chloe-Su can turn into her Super Form without the need of a Chaos Emerald. (Hosts of Enerjak are not included here, although they may apply)
  • Chloe-Su hates garlic presses, a trait shared by a few well known chefs.
  • Chloe-Su hates wearing a dress, just like Reens, Lara-Su and Julie-Su. She even hates wearing her hair up, so she cut it very short.
  • Chloe-Su, unlike most girls, believes being popular is a weakness. While being well known can be a good thing in Chloe-Su's opinion, she feels that obsessing about the latest fashions is a waste of valuable time. (The only exception is the clothing Reens designs- she loves the clothes Reens makes).
  • Chloe-Su, unlike her Final Freedom Fighters counterpart, is unaware of the Master Emerald Shards' existence. However, Chloe-Su carries a Chaos Emerald Shard with her, indicating that is more than one type of Emerald Shard.
  • Chloe-Su has some degree of ambidextrous ability, but her left hand is her technically dominant hand.
  • It is shown in "Sonic Universe Fanfiction Story 1: Dr. Finitevus, Post Genesis Wave" that Chloe-Su is not above cursing. Another thing to note about this is that it was technically British cursing, unlike the usual American kind that is typically used, which is why I added Chloe-Su to the British Character category.
  • Amy Acker was chosen as the voice actress because I think her voice would really fit the character. She seems to have the right way of speaking that fits the way Chloe-Su speaks, even though Chloe-Su acts a little bit British rather than American (or whatever the Mobian variants of America and Britain are). I also chose Willa Holland as the voice actress for the younger version of Chloe-Su, because her voice might fit Chloe-Su's age back then better. Terry Farrell was also chosen for Chloe-Su's future self.
  • Chloe-Su can sometimes jump to conclusions, but she at least manages to hold back long enough to think about it... most of the time.
  • Chloe-Su's glasses originally had rectangular lenses and rims, but in Sonic Universe Fanfiction Story 1: Dr. Finitevus, Post Genesis Wave the glasses changed to have round lenses and rims. This was done most likely to hint that Dr. Finitevus was her father, but whether or not the reason is true is currently unknown.
  • It is possible that as Onyx Chloe-Su, Chloe-Su can extract Cores the same way Enerjak can. However, this has not been proven.
  • The name "Onyx Chloe-Su" is actually a reference to the Onyx Emerald in the original continuity, as well as Onyx Island and Onyx City.
  • Until "Dr. Finitevus, Light Mobius Future Story" was written, it was only theorized that Finitevus was Chloe-Su's father. This theory was confirmed when the story was written.
  • The name "Chaos Chloe-Su" is a reference to Knuckles's super form, "Chaos Knuckles".
  • In "Chaos Academy" Chloe-Su shares a dorm with Mecha Melissa, much like how her Dark Mobius counterpart Octavia-Ca shares a dorm with Melissa Craw in "Westwood Prep".

(NOTICE: Chloe-Su's ability to project herself outside of her body is inspired by Lunari, who is owned by Lunari64.)

Roleplay ​Appearances

Chloe-Su has appeared in Chaos Academy and Sonic Universe Fanfiction Story 1: Dr. Finitevus, Post Genesis Wave. Both are DEFINITELY considered canon, though not all the events of Chaos Academy may be considered canon.


Original Sketch by XophPsycho; Isn't it awesome or what?

Artwork by my friend XophPsycho

Chloe-Su and Edmund in "Chloe-Su the Echidna: The Beginning".

Chloe-Su's full appearance in "Chloe-Su the Echidna: The Beginning". ; Artwork is mine, of course.

Chloe-Su's full appearance in Sonic Universe Fanfiction Story 1: Dr. Finitevus, Post Genesis Wave ; Artwork is mine. This is also probably one of my favourite pictures of her!

This is the "Sonic Universe Fanfiction Story 1: Dr. Finitevus, Post Genesis Wave" version of Onyx Chloe-Su

Chloe-Su's appearance in Sonic Universe Fanfiction Story 1: Dr. Finitevus, Post Genesis Wave

Onyx Chloe-Su- unlike Chaos Chloe-Su, Onyx Chloe-Su wears a really long leather coat; kind of to fit this darker version of her. Also, the tips of her bangs turn black, since Onyx Chloe-Su is the corrupted version of Chaos Chloe-Su.

Chaos Chloe-Su- the headdress is inspired by the Native American headdress! Cool, right?

Chloe-Su- Battle Outfit

Chloe-Su's appearance in Chaos Academy!

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