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Part Two

After a brief interview with the authorities at the boardwalk, Xavis, Chloe, Jayda, and Isaac were rushing back to Mobotropolis to stop Eggman's plan for destroying the city. Above the skyscrapers, the Egg Carrier could be seen slowly moving in, with several smaller craft and flying robots descending from its hull. Countless people were leaving the city as fast as possible, either in a vehicle or on foot. It was mayhem.

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"Oh, gosh. This is bad," Isaac breathed as he saw the Egg Carrier. "We gotta take out those ships, otherwise the robots won't stop coming."

Chloe-Su nodded. "The problem is how. Last I checked, we don't exactly have a couple of missiles to launch at 'em. We'll have to get inside the Egg Carrier somehow and activate its self-destruct. The explosion should be big enough to destroy the rest of the ships."

"I could try to jet us up there, but the carrier is pretty high. Hmm.." the blue hedgie put a hand on his chin, "what's the largest building in the city? We might be able to make it if we jet from there."

"I can fly, remember?" Xavis said, "Taking out the smaller ships'll be a piece of cake, and even getting aboard shouldn't prove too difficult." He started to formulate a plan. "If we can, one or two of us should stay out here to take care of the other ships and make sure the citizens are okay, and the rest of us can go into the carrier, disable everything, redirect the ship's flight path, and set it to self destruct elsewhere."

Chloe-Su nodded. "But who should stay? I don't want to leave Jayda-Su behind, she might..." She didn't finish the sentence.

"You think I might die while you're gone?" Jayda-Su asked. "It doesn't matter. I won't be able to do too much down here, anyway. Not being solid and all."

"I was already planning on going aboard, so you can come with me, Jayda," Xavis said, concerned for her well-being.

"Guess I'm staying down here then," Isaac said, a hint of disappointment in his voice, "don't worry, I'll make sure everyone stays safe."

"I can stay here," Chloe-Su told him. "You don't have to miss the action."

"Are you sure?" The hedgehog frowned, "you are probably more experienced with Egghead than I am."

"In the universe I came from," Chloe told him, "Eggman has been long dead. Long before my mother was born. I only know about him through relatives and friends."

"Ah, okay," Isaac nodded, "take care of yourself, Chloe. Good luck to you," he said before turning to Xavis and Jayda-Su. He looked up at the Egg Carrier. "Get ready Egghead, 'cause we gonna come after 'ya."

Xavis sighed. "Please..." he said, walking over to Chloe and giving her a hug, "Please try to keep yourself safe. I know it's contradictory as you'll be right in the face of danger, but I..." Rea£it»_crackl₤d a¶ound him. "I-I don't want to imagine what would happen if I lo§±_≥ou..."

Isaac stepped back, feeling unnerved. The energy Xavis gave off sent a chill down his spine.

Chloe-Su hugged Xavis back. "Don't worry, I'll do my best. You know I will..." She thought a moment. "Your voice sounded strange for a moment there. Are you alright?"

"Yea...also that felt weird," Isaac shivered, "but yea, man, you okay?"

"I sensed something as well," Jayda-Su told them. "Like, a fracture in reality..." She trailed off there, lost somewhere in her thoughts.

"I'm fine," Xavis answered, taking a moment to breath, "Just... worried." He released his embrace on the purple echidna, but held her by the shoulders. He then leaned forward, closing his eyes and giving her a kiss.

Chloe-Su returned the kiss, her hands on his back.

Jayda, coming out of her thoughts, wrinkled her nose. "Ew! Well, Isaac, you wanted to know if they were smooching... there you go."

The light blue hedgehog laughed. "And I was right!" He smiled gleefully. "Anyway, enough dilly dallying, we got a carrier to crash."

Xavis released from the kiss. "Right..." He said solemnly, letting go of Chloe-Su and turning to Isaac and Jayda. "Alright. Jayda, you should be able to ride with Isaac like you did earlier with Chloe. Isaac, it'd be fastest if I carry you up. How we do that's up to you. And Chloe," he looked back to her, "...I'll try to make this as quick as possible. And after it's done, I'm gonna help Jayda out of the void." He looked forward, taking a deep breath. "Let's do this."

Chloe-Su nodded. Suddenly she heard another whisper. "Too dangerous... cannot let him leave... void..." She was about to reach forward to grab Xavis' arm, to tell him what she heard, but by that time Jayda-Su joined with Isaac and they were pretty much ready to go. 'When they come back, I'll tell them. When they come home.'

Isaac grabbed ahold of Xavis. "We fly." he gave a little grin, eager to watch Xavis turn into a living jet pack.

Jayda chuckled telepathically, amused by Isaac's excitement.

Chloe-Su smiled, a worried smile, and said, "See you guys later." 

"You too," Xavis replied. After making sure Isaac was secure, jets of fire erupted from Xavis' shoes, sending them airborne. By now a number of the smaller craft and robots had reached the ground, and wanting to give Chloe a little more time, he took a moment to fire several Chaos Spears at some of the machines. The Spears pierced through the plating and exploded a second after, destroying their targets as Xavis continued upward. 

Several laser cannons along the bottom of the Egg Carrier's hull took aim at the quickly ascending hedgehogs and fired. Xavis was easily able to dodge and weave around the blasts, for the most part, and they soon entered the hangar bay the other ships funneled out of.

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Battle in Mobotropolis

Chloe-Su slashed a robot in the abdomen, slicing its circuitry. The robot fell backwards to the ground. Then she leapt at the next robot, ready to attack. The robot grabbed her by the throat and threw her into the sidewalk. She launched a ball of green and black Chaos Energy at it, sending the bot flying through the air.

(I'm thinking the MPD should show up now, if that's okay.- Julia)

Gunshots went off as the Mobotropolis Police Department arrived on the scene. A new face appeared, shooting down robot after robot with her pistol, aiming at the weak points.

"Chloe!" a familiar voice called. It was Emily, running up to the echidna with a concerned look. "Are you okay!?"

Chloe-Su stood up and nodded. "Yep, just some bruises. You guys showed up in time to join the party." She stabbed a robot in the chest while talking. "Egghead showed up pretty early."

"We noticed," the maned wolf who had attacked first. "We should have known better than to trust that wretched man," she growled.

Chloe nodded again. "Let's get some payback." Then she slashed the nearest robot in the back, exposing its circuitry. She reached in and yanked out wires, causing the bot to shut down.

The maned wolf, William, shot her gun at the robots. The bullets exploded once they hit their target, so the bots she shot at exploded into a mess of metal and wires.

Emily jumped back with a yelp. She didn't have anything to arm herself with, and was scared of fighting. Her ears perked up. "Do you hear something?"

Suddenly a police car came out of nowhere at full speed, veering to the side and drifting straight through a number of the robots and before the three. The vehicle came to a stop and the driver-side window rolled down, revealing the aged, human police officer from earlier. "The hell are 'ya doing, you three can't fight off an army by yourselves! Get in!" he yelled. Before any of the three could react, however, one of the airborne units fired down upon the police car, causing an explosion that flipped it forward.

"Mr. Anton!" Emily yelled, running to the upside-down car.

Chloe-Su ran after her. "Emily! Wait!"

William glanced at Chloe-Su and Emily, before continuing to shoot at the oncoming army of robots.

The human was already climbing out of the flipped car as Emily and Chloe-Su reached him, injured but still alive. The raccoon helped him out and to his feet. "Are you okay?"

Mr. Anton suddenly drew his pistol from his side and immediately shot an approaching robot in the head with impeccable accuracy. "Yes," he answered, lowering his gun as the robot fell. "GUN forces should be here soon, they can handle the army. 'Till then, we gotta make sure the citizens can evacuate safely."

"On it," William grunted, dashing off and striking down robots that wandered too close to her or the civilians. Many of them turned and fled for their lives, though some decided to stay and fight while everyone else evacuated.

Chloe-Su also fought, slashing robots with her sword. "How do I get myself into these situations?" She twirled her sword and sliced a robot's head clean off.

Around this time a few larger robots started to come in, and the citizens' escape was being blocked off.

Mr. Anton continued shooting down the machines one by one until turning his aim to the larger robots, where his pistol only gave empty clicks. "Shit, I'm runnin' outta ammo," he muttered, dropping the empty cartridge from his gun and reloading a new one in before continuing to fire. While the bullets did penetrate, they appeared to be less effective in stopping the larger mechs.

Chloe-Su noticed Anton having trouble and tried to help by taking down some of the larger mechs herself. She took down one by leaping forward, stabbing the mechs head with her sword, destroying its CPU processor. 

"Nice work kid," Anton said, continuing to shoot down the smaller badniks before looking to the trapped citizens. "Go take care of the ones blocking the exit! And where the devil is Emily!?" 

As it turns out the raccoon was with a small group of people, using a taser to disable any robots that got near. William must have lent it to her. She flinched and looked away each time she pressed the electrified end into a machine's chassis at a full arm's length away. 

Egg Carrier Infiltration

Xavis landed on the hangar floor with a metallic crash.

Isaac jumped off of Xavis back. "Whooo! That was awesome!" He excitedly yelled out. "I wish I had rocket powers, so I could do stuff like that."

Jayda separated from Isaac, feeling a bit disoriented. "I feel dizzy."

Isaac rubbed the back of his head. "'s not my fault, is it? If so, then sorry!" He grinned sheepishly.

"Sorry Jayda, I--" Xavis started, but was interrupted as an alarm began to sound. "--damn."

"Looks like they know we are here," the hydrokinetic grinned widely, "time to have some fun."

A large number of Egg Pawns and other robots started pouring into the hanger.

Jayda smiled slightly. "And we're gonna rip 'em a new one."

Isaac started slicing through the bots with his compressed projectiles, whooping and cheering the whole time. "All this action is getting my adrenaline pumpin'!"

Jayda-Su focused her powers and aimed at the nearest robot. She released a ball of energy and obliterated the robot.

Xavis fired Chaos Spears at the machines, slicing into them and causing them to explode a second later.

With every automaton they took down, two more replaced them. Some of the stronger bots were coming out and attacking them. Isaac dodged a blast, his arm liquifying into a tentacle. He grabbed the robot that shot at him and swung it around, taking out several more of its kin before throwing it into a small group.

Jayda jumped into the air, created balls of connected Chaos Energy with her hands, and slammed herself down, hands and feet firmly planted on the floor. It released a wave of energy that knocked down and destroyed most of the robots ahead of them. "Take that, robo-losers."

The floor began to shake as two very large, silver colored Egg Pawns wielding massive hammers entered the room. Xavis, knowing the sheer durability of these things, snarled before rocketing towards one of them and hitting it in the chest. The force of the impact left a large dent in the robot's chassis, and caused it to lose balance and drop its hammer as it fell onto the floor. Xavis, still hovering in the air, was able to pick up the oversized weapon and started and started spinning in place. After a few momentum-gaining rotations, Xavis swung the hammer at its original owner and the other of its kind, hitting the two at once and sending their bodies into pieces, out the hangar door and to the ground below.

Xavis turned to the other machines with an enraged look, still hovering and holding the massive hammer. "WHO WANTS TO GO NEXT!?"

The robots all turned tail and fled.

Isaac stood there, absolutely flabbergasted. "Dear Chaos..." he breathed. A shiver went up his spine as he shuffled away from Xavis. This is the first time he was scared of an ally. He shrugged off the fear and pointed deeper into the ship. "H-hey, let's go see if the doctor left us any plasma cannons to play with."

Jayda-Su also was a bit scared. "H-hey, yeah. T-that s-sounds like f-fun to watch. C-cause you know... I wouldn't b-be able to pick one up and... uh, yeah, hehehe..."

Xavis dropped the massive hammer and lowered himself to the floor. He breathed for a moment to regain his composure, then quickly followed behind the hydrokinetic. The alarm continued to sound.

Isaac snuck into the corridors, looking around for the super weapons hall. "Any clue where to find 'em?"

"We shouldn't need any weapons, but if you want to look, go ahead," Xavis said. He then noticed a camera in the ceiling and fired a Chaos Spear at it, destroying it. He continued, "Weapons Storage should be nearby, but be fast and careful. We gotta get to the bridge and can't afford being captured."

"I'm not talking about the small weapons," Isaac followed the path to the weapons bay. "I'm talking about the huge guns on the sides of the ship. That should do some major damage to those other ships."

Xavis stopped. "Oh. Well, you can have fun with that. I'm gonna head to the bridge," he said, turning around. "Jayda, you with me?"

Jayda nodded. "Yep!"

"Alright, let's get moving," Xavis said, beginning to move down the hall. It felt like they'd been standing around doing nothing for long enough.

"Welp, guessing I'll have all the fun to myself then," the hydrokinetic hedgehog chuckled. He turned tail and followed the large hallways too the large weapons bay.

Jayda said to Xavis, "Maybe by Isaac destroying some of the ships, it'll distract Eggman's soldiers long enough for you and I to get to the bridge."

"Sounds good," he replied.

As the two headed down the corridor, Jayda-Su looked around for any Egg Pawns or other robots. So far it was all clear...

Until they came across two small-ish, floating robots; a round red one, and a boxy yellow one. They appeared to be arguing over something.

Xavis came to a stop before them. "Orbot and Cubot?" he asked a bit quietly.

"I'm telling you, it was that one Egg Pawn who taped over last night's- ack! Please don't kill us, Sonic!" Cubot screeched in his normal voice before the vocal processors started glitching, causing his accent to change. "Ve just vork for heem!"

Orbot looked at Xavis, tilting his head. While he was just as afraid of the brown hedgehog, he was also more competent than his yellow (pun fully intended) companion. "You idiot, it's a different hedgehog. Sonic's blue and practically naked. This one is brown and has more clothes..." Then his eyes landed on Xavis' sword. "Then again, it might not matter! RUUUN!!!!"

The hedgehog simply shook his head as the two scurried off before continuing forward. He was beginning to grow suspicious of how he and Jayda hadn't encountered any resistance outside the hangar room... "Yeah, something's definitely up," he said.

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