Chloe-Su & Xavis: Mobotropolis Mayhem is a fanfiction written by Julia Finitevus, XophPsycho, and Clairebear165.


Dr. Eggman has made a mysterious deal with the Xorda that could affect the fate of Mobotropolis for the worst. They agree that if the Xorda helps Eggman destroy Mobotropolis once and for all, in return Eggman will help the Xorda crush a rebellion on one of the worlds they had conquered. And unfortunately, two people trying to adjust to a domestic life end up being dragged into the mess.

Now it's up to them to stop Eggman's insane plot. Unfortunately, time may not be on their side... and they may face a threat bigger than Eggman himself. Only question is, will they be able to save Mobotropolis? Or will they all be sent into oblivion?


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Part One

Two figures stood beside each other, in a void of otherwise complete nothingness. Before them was a large, seemingly holographic sphere- but it was fractured. Large cracks slowly spread across its surface, and some small fragments merely broke off and floated away.

One figure, who appeared to be made of darkness, spoke. Its voice was masculine. "He's still searching for her, you know."

The other figure, who appeared to be made of light, sighed in response. Its voice was feminine. "Right."

"But she was destroyed," the darkness said.

"Everything from his universe was destroyed," the light retorted, "Everything from many universes was destroyed..."

"Why wasn't he?"

"You know why, it's because of what he is. He's too important to the balance of everything."

The darkness scoffed quietly. 'Balance? What balance?' "Well, your precious 'important to the balance of everything' doesn't have a stabilizer anymore, and with the Metaverse in this state it'd be suicide for us to just 'make him a new one'," he exclaimed, approaching the fractured sphere, "So what do we do?"

"Well," the light said, following her brother, "His stability works through affection, right? So, how about the first person to give him true love becomes his new stabilizer?"

"They wouldn't be nearly as effective as Melissa."

"No, but at least they'd be something."

The darkness sighed. "Alright." he said, "Let's just hope this doesn't backfire horrendously."

Xavis woke up, his dimmed eyes slowly opening and flickering to full luminosity. And the first thing the brown hedgehog noticed that he was on the floor- again. He pushed himself up off of the matted carpet below him, stretching as he did so, and moved to an old fabric couch behind him. There was fresh sunlight coming in from the two windows to his left, so he looked around the room as he sat.

The carpet was a dark-blue color, and the barren walls and ceiling were a light gray. In front of him was an old, boxy television with an antenna array atop it, which was placed against the opposing wall. To his left were the two windows, neither had curtains or blinds, and one had a small crack in it's upper pane. There was a wooden coffee table placed beneath them. To his right was a kitchen, with a tiled floor and the usual appliances: a refrigerator, a stove with a built-in oven, a sink, a dishwasher, and a pantry. A dark, wooden door was in the wall, between the TV and the kitchen. And then there was the couch beneath the hedgehog, which had two cushions and was- to him at least- a hideous shade of green.

To his right- against the wall behind him- was a hallway with a window at its end, and it connected to a bathroom on its left and a bedroom further down on its right. The bathroom had a sink with a mirror, a toilet, and a bathtub, while the bedroom had a twin-size bed, a short, wooden dresser, and a closet with a pole for coat hangers. There was another closet in the hallway, which had a few towels and some cleaning supplies placed on its shelves.

The place was kinda cramped. Everything there was old, boxy, and had its color fading with age. And for whatever reason the entire building seemed to smell like feet.

(If anyone's having a hard time visualizing, here's a rough sketch of the layout.)

Xavis shifted his position, lying​ down on the hideous green couch, and began recollecting last night's dream. "What was that about...?" he asked himself aloud, quietly.

It should be noted by now that the Pyrochaotic hedgehog was wearing nothing but his pants and Inhibitor Rings, leaving his brown-furred torso and arms- with their orange flame-like streaks, his furless, human-like hands and feet, and the large, scarred over claw-marks on his back exposed and in plain view.

Chloe-Su suddenly came out of the kitchen and was startled when she saw Xavis on the couch. "I didn't know you were up!"

"Oh. Morning, beautiful," Xavis said, looking up at the purple echidna.

The two had been sharing the apartment for quite some time now- about three months. Their relationship hadn't fully developed yet, but so far things had gone pretty good for them. They had been on a few dates and had taken quite a few steps in their relationship together.

"Morning. I made breakfast, though I may have burnt the bacon a bit," Chloe-Su said jokingly.

Xavis' ears perked up, and he sat upright. "Eh, you know I don't care about burnt food," he replied, also jokingly.

Chloe-Su laughed at his joke and replied, "C'mon, the food's not going to eat itself."

"Right," Xavis said, standing up. But before heading to the kitchen, he went over to the coffee table beneath the windows, picking it up and placing it in front of the couch- it was the only surface the two had to eat on, after all. With that done, he moved into the kitchen. The tile floor was cold against the bare skin of his feet, but quickly warmed in his presence.

Chloe-Su, not realizing Xavis went into the kitchen, walked in and came out a few seconds later with two plates full of steaming food- each with plenty of waffles and somewhat over-cooked bacon.

"So what, are those both for you?" Xavis asked jokingly, following the echidna back into the livingroom. He knew one was for him; there was no way she could eat all that herself. Anyway, with the coffee table already set, the hedgehog walked back over to the couch and sat where he had been earlier.

"Maaaybe," Chloe-Su teased. "Of course not. Here's yours."

"Thanks," Xavis said with a smile, taking the plate and placing it on the coffee table and grabbing one of the waffles. "Care to sit?" he offered, scooting over slightly- even though there was already plenty of room on the couch for them both.

Chloe-Su​ sat down and asked, "Want to watch something while- hey, how come you're only wearing pants?"

"Hm?" Xavis asked with a mouthful of waffles, turning his head to face her. He took a moment to swallow everything down, then said, "That's just how I sleep, remember? Anyway, what was it you were gonna ask?"

"Well, I was gonna ask if you wanted to watch something while we eat," Chloe-Su replied, afterward picking up a piece of bacon and taking a bite out of it. 

"Oh. Well, sure," the hedgehog said, looking to the outdated box sitting across the room. The TV they had didn't have a remote when they found it, and they never bothered to buy a new one; but Xavis had figured out a way to still use it- well, turn it on, at least- from afar. He held his right hand forward, thumb and middle finger pressed together. 

With a snap, a sharp humming began to emit from the ancient device, and it's screen blazed to life. 

(I'll let you decide what's on. But don't make it a certain something; we'll get to that in a bit. -X-) 

Some sort of lawyer TV-show was on, and Chloe-Su was quickly interested in it.

Xavis on the other hand didn't really care for the lawyer show. He was more into action, comedy, and corny romances; but if Chloe-Su was enjoying it, then he'd leave it be. Grabbing some bacon and sitting back, he watched along.

In court, one of the lawyers- a male gray wolf- suddenly punched the other- a brown-haired human guy- in the face, and within seconds it would've turned into an all-out brawl if the judge- a green female echidna- hadn't been practicality screaming for a recess.

"Where do those two idiot lawyers think they are, the hockey rink?" Chloe-Su asked, chuckling slightly. "Want to see if something else is on? You look a bit bored and I think there might be a comedy show on the MXX channel now."

Xavis chuckled at her comment on the lawyer show. "Well, we can try. No guarantee we'll get it, though," he said. His ears twitched slightly.

With almost no warning, the TV began losing it's signal, the lawyer show quickly degrading into static.

The hedgehog sighed. "I got it," he said, standing up. He walked over to the TV and began fiddling with the antennae array, trying to get something- anything really- to come through. Until something unexpected did.

"...eetings citizens of Mobotropolis," a man's voice said, though it was somewhat garbled by a poor signal.

Xavis froze, reality fracturing around him for a microsecond. It had been a long time since he had heard that voice, and he knew it all too well.

"Oh my Aurora!" Chloe-Su exclaimed. She recognized the voice too. "...It's..."

It was Doctor Eggman.

"...I apologize for the sudden inconvenience, but I am hijacking the transmission signal to your televisions and whatnot to inform you that a city-wide evacuation must be made within the next 72 hours..."

Xavis moved to the side of the television and continued making minute adjustments to the antennae, trying to make the signal as clear as possible. Meanwhile the doctor talked of how he was going to destroy the city in his plan to build something or other and blah blah blah...

"...Failure to comply will result in your untimely deaths; and I'm certain you don't want it to come to that. Eggman out!"

And the transmission cut out, just as quickly as it had cut in; the white noise of static filling the air in it's place.

Chloe-Su didn't say anything for a minute. She was trying to mentally meditate to calm her nerves. Once she was less anxious, she looked at Xavis and said, "We've got to do something. If we don't at least try, Mobotropolis will be destroyed and hundreds- no, thousands of people will lose their homes. People with families to take care of." 

Xavis took a deep breath and pushed a large button on the TV's front, the screen quickly fading to blackness. "Well," he said, turning to face the echidna, "How about we go on an egg hunt?" 

Within a few minutes, Xavis had gotten dressed and made his way downstairs, to the apartment building's brick exterior. He stood beside the road, now wearing in conjunction with his jeans: a black hoodie, white gloves, and red shoes with their curved, black spike design- all of which concealed underneath a light-brown cloak that just barely swept the ground. The hedgehog looked around the street, a few people were already leaving in a panicked hurry. 

Chloe-Su followed suit, wearing the same outfit she had worn when they had been searching for the Fusion Shards. She did, however, have a minor change in weaponry- she modified the Sword of Acorns to have a second blade, this one being retractable and slightly shorter than the main blade. She also had altered her scabbard slightly to account for the extra weight made by the modified sword.

"So where should we start?" Chloe-Su asked Xavis.

"Hmm..." The hedgehog thought for a moment. "Maybe the broadcasting station? We might be able to trace the signal, find out where it came from, and go from there," he suggested. "I dunno. You got any ideas?"

"Let's try the broadcasting station, like you said," Chloe-Su replied. "I haven't any ideas, unfortunately."

Xavis nodded. "Alright. So the station is..." he pulled up a map within his computer brain, giving it a quick analysis, "...Downtown; 8416 Dax Rd, to be precise. Now I could fly us both over there, if you'd like." He paused for a moment. "Or..."

"Or?" Chloe-Su asked.

"Or- and this is your decision, but- we could race," Xavis finished. "You know, test ourselves, make ourselves a little bit better. Heck, you might even beat me. What do you say?"

Chloe-Su grinned widely and replied, "Let's race!"

"Okay," Xavis responded. He stepped towards Chloe-Su and gave her a very quick kiss on the cheek. "I'll see you there!" he said, blasting off into the late-morning sky.

Chloe-Su teleported to the broadcasting station using her Chaos Control abilities. "Let's see who gets there first."  

(Actually, you could edit in her arriving there first, if you want. -X-)

(Okay.- Julia)

Chloe-Su arrived at the broadcasting station first, with Xavis coming down from the sky seconds later. "What took you so long?" she asked, still grinning.

"Wow. You actually managed to beat me," the hedgehog said, staring at the echidna in partial disbelief, "You're getting a lot better. Anyway..." He began to approach the building.

"Hold it, animals," a male voice said. It belonged to a human police officer, who had been standing beside the station's entrance. Xavis and Chloe-Su had failed to notice that there were three police cars parked on the road beside them. Apparently, even they were beaten in getting there. "What's your business here?" the officer asked.

Chloe-Su glared at the officer, annoyed. "Who are you?"

"I'd ask you the same," the officer retorted.

"I'm sorry, officer," Xavis said, backing up a few steps, "But we're here to see if we can help trace Eggman's signal."

"Right, and I'm just gonna let'cha walk righ-" the officer responded sarcastically, but was cut off by the door beside him opening.

Another officer peered out the door. She was a light-gray raccoon with dark-gray accents and bright blue eyes, which seemed to recognize the other two mobians. "Mr. Anton, let them in," she said, looking to the human.

"Emily-" the human officer tried to say.

"He's telling the truth, they're here to help," the raccoon retorted, cutting him off. "It's not like we're making progress anyway."

"Finally." Chloe-Su adjusted her sword scabbard. "Wait, you're trying to trace the signal too??"

Emily nodded. "Mm'hm. I mean, Eggman is going to destroy the city and anyone left within it in three days, so the sooner we can trace him, the sooner we can inform GUN and let them handle him." Her ears perked up and she looked towards the building's interior, before turning back to the outside. "Well if you think you can help, we might as well let you try," she said, moving aside and allowing the other mobians entrance.

"Oh. Uh, thanks," Xavis said, walking inside.

"Ditto," Chloe-Su responded, following Xavis.

Emily followed suit, but was briefly stopped by the human officer.

"How'd you know they were out here, anyway?" he asked.

"You never turn off your walkie-talkie," the raccoon answered, before continuing inside.

As soon as Xavis and Chloe-Su entered, a frantic employee- more specifically, a male lynx- was practically in their faces. "What's happening?!- more cops?!- my boss is gonna kill me!" Another cop- a female wolf- pulled the frantic employee away from the group as he continued to shout random things.

"What's the matter with him?" Chloe-Su asked. Then she shook her head. "Never mind. Let's see if we can trace that signal."

"This way," Emily said, leading them down a corridor to a room with several computers and other machines, as well as some equipment that was clearly with the police.

"Hm, specialized Zenxi detection computer system. Nice," commented Chloe-Su as she looked around the room.

"So, what progress have you made?" Xavis asked.

Emily sighed. "We can't even find a signal. And everything's calibrated and set up correctly, so... I dunno."

"Hmm..." Xavis was already running calculations, you could see it in his eyes. "Which of these are you using to find the signal?"

At that moment, the female wolf cop came in. She heard Xavis' question and replied, "That computer, in the corner." She pointed to a small but highly advanced computer that had several types of tracing equipment plugged into it.

"Ooh!" Chloe-Su exclaimed. She had a thing for high-tech computers. "Well, let's see what we can do."

Xavis moved over to the computer and examined it for a moment. "My, you are absolutely beautiful," he quietly said to the machine, "I hope you don't mind if I plug into you, alright?"

"Um... what?" Emily asked, having heard him.

At that moment Xavis pulled a moderately lengthened cord from his pocket- and a small, square piece of paper, which flew out and drifted onto the floor. Not noticing the paper, he carefully connected one end of the cord into the back of his neck, took a breath, and quickly plugged the other end into the computer. He let out a brief cry of pain as the two linked, but afterwards was completely fine. "Now, let's see..."

Chloe-Su saw the piece of paper slowly float to the floor. Hesitantly, she picked it up and studied it, her eyes widening slightly. It was a picture of Xavis and a brown-feathered female bird with light-brown hair. Somehow, she knew it was Melissa. She wasn't sure how, but she knew. 

Chloe-Su looked up at Xavis, who was still trying to trace the signal. After considering for a moment, she placed the photo gently in her pocket. She would ask about it later, when things weren't so dire.

"Hmmm..... wait...!" Xavis exclaimed.

Chloe-Su looked up, startled. "What is it?"

"I got it... I think," Xavis answered, "I'm seeing multiple incomplete signals with similar encryptions, which I think came together to create what was broadcasted."

"Can you trace them?" Emily questioned.

"I... n-... no, unfortunately," the hedgehog said, his posture and ears drooping, "They're too scattered, and each is really weak; I'd probably loose them." He frowned and pulled the cord from the back of his neck, disconnecting himself from the computer. "Sorry."

"Dang it!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, facepalming. "At least we found something. But without finding Eggman before he attacks Mobotropolis, we're sitting ducks. The only other way we'd be able to stop him is to do so while he attacks the city, and from what he said he was going to do to destroy it, it'll be a long shot just to keep his attack from decimating too much of it. Does anyone have any ideas, because I certainly don't."

"Me neither," Xavis responded solemnly.

"Hmm..." Emily contemplated for a moment, "Well, we'll see what we can do with these signals from here. As for you two, I don't know. Maybe you could look for your friends from that ship crash three months ago?"

"Hm..." Chloe-Su thought hard. "Well, I don't know where Isaac went, but I got a source who might know where he is. And I know there's a female kitsune running around somewhere who might be able to help. Maybe... with their help we could set a trap for Egghead. Like, let him come to us, make a distraction and then slap the cuffs on him when he's not looking." Chloe-Su frowned. "This'll only work if we have a lot of people- because Eggman is probably going to be pretty prepared. If he decides to watch the carnage personally, we need to do what we can to find him and put an end to his nonsense."

"Knowing him, he likely will be both prepared and there to watch it himself," Xavis commented, "And I agree, we'll need a lot of help if we're gonna pull this off..." He took a moment to adjust his hoodie, and then his cloak. "I dunno. It's still early, so I guess we could look around the city and see if we can find anyone. What do you think?" He asked the violet echidna.

"Let's try that." Chloe-Su exclaimed, smiling. "Or should I say 'Let's do it to it!'"

Xavis gave her a confused look before shaking his head and saying, "Let's go," then headed for the door.

"If you need anything, feel free to contact us, okay?" Emily said as Xavis left the room.

"Okay, thanks," Chloe-Su replied as she followed Xavis.

Jayda-Su ran through the streets of Mobotropolis, worried out of her mind. What was this "Eggman" planning once Mobotropolis was destroyed? She shook her head and kept running.

Suddenly she stopped, staring at a pair of people who were evidently headed towards the local bar. "It can't be... but they..."

They were Chloe-Su and Xavis. Jayda-Su hadn't known they were in Mobotropolis. But that didn't matter now.

Frowning considerably, she started running towards them.

Chloe-Su frowned. "I sense a familiar presence..." She turned to see Jayda turning towards them- in fact, the red female Echidna ran right through several people. Almost as if they were nothing...

And Chloe-Su was the only one who saw her. "Jayda-Su!"

"Hm?" Xavis turned to where Chloe-Su was looking, also seeing Jayda-Su. "Oh, it's her," he said, remembering her from the adventure three months prior.

Jayda caught up to them with ease, not even having broken a sweat. Which wasn't too surprising, considering she was a "ghost". Sort of. "What are you doing here?" Her voice, on the other hand, sounded weak... exhausted. It seemed like that exhaustion had been prolonged for a long time.

There was a lot of energy in the air around them- mainly from Xavis- so Jayda-Su may begin to feel a renewal in her energy once she reached them.

Jayda felt somewhat more energetic, though she was still invisible to everyone but Xavis and Chloe-Su.

"It was kinda my idea for Xavis and I to come here," Chloe-Su replied. "So that way he and I could sort of... settle down. Not have to worry about getting roboticized or something." She frowned even more. "But Doc Egghead is planning to destroy Mobotropolis, so we're helping the police in trying to set a trap for him."

Jayda nodded along, but said nothing.

Chloe-Su then said, "We're looking for some people who could help us. I don't suppose you could?"

Jayda-Su remained silent, then said, "I'm not certain... I'm having a bit of a crisis of my own at the moment..."

"Oh? What is it?" Xavis asked, ears perking up out of curiosity as to what the crimson echidna meant.

Jayda shook her head. "Never mind. We have more immediate matters. You said you needed help. I'll do what I can, but my powers are pretty limited right now."

"Alright," Xavis replied. If she didn't want to discuss it, he wouldn't pressure her, "Well, let's get this over with." He pulled the bar door open and held it for the two, then turned to Chloe-Su. "I hope you're right about this."

Chloe-Su walked up to the bartender, who was evidently a bear. Chloe-Su pulled out a hundred dollar bill and said, "We're here to see Angus."

"Four doors down from the right," the bartender said, stuffing the money into his pocket.

"Thank you," Chloe-Su replied.

"Don't mention it," the bear snorted, "seriously."

Jayda-Su let out an annoyed sigh, though no one except Chloe-Su and Xavis would notice.

"So, how do you know about this guy?" Xavis whispered as he closely followed the purple echidna.

"Remember our quest for the Fusion Shards?" Chloe-Su asked as she walked to the fourth door down the hall. "Reens, Ion, Finitevus, and I first met Angus when Isaac told us he probably knew the location of one of the Fusion Shards. As far as I know, this guy's good at getting information and just as good at hiding where he gets it."

Jayda-Su snorted at that.

"Alright," Xavis said. He opened the door in front of them.

A dart came flying towards Xavis' head, narrowly missing him by a few inches.

"Woah!" Xavis exclaimed, glitching slightly for a second.

"Are you bloody serious, Angus?!" Chloe-Su yelled at Angus. "You could have blinded one of Xavis' eyes!"

Jayda-Su chuckled, though still no one except Chloe-Su and Xavis could see or hear her.

The condor shrugged from his spot in the back of the room, a lit cigar sticking from his mouth. "I never miss, young lady," he said.

"Almost never miss," Draven corrected.

"Don't need ya buttin' in, Drav," Angus snapped back.

"We need information," Chloe-Su said, getting right to the point. "Do you know where Isaac went after Shadow Galaxia was defeated? We need Isaac's help in setting up a trap for Eggman so we can catch him when he tries to destroy Mobotropolis."

"Hmm," the elderly avian pondered, "last I heard of 'im he said he was going to his temporary house near Lake Mobia," Angus awnsered. "It's one of the largest lakes on Westside Island. Ya can't miss it."

"Lake Mobia is relatively easy to get to from the air," Chloe-Su told Xavis. 

The hedgehog simply nodded in response.

Angus raised an eyebrow, "I don't mean ta break it too ya, but neither of you look like you can fly."

"They mean from air transportation," Draven interrupted. The old man scratched the back of his head, "ah, me 'an mah poor memory."

Xavis scoffed. Part of him really wanted to give a demonstration of his abilities, but the rest of him disagreed. "Thank you for the information, sir," he said to the condor. He then turned to Chloe-Su, saying "C'mon" before walking towards the door.

"No prob, partner," the elder bird replied.

(. . .)

(Sorry about that.)

Chloe-Su nodded and both her and Jayda followed Xavis out the door.

Once outside the bar, Xavis asked Chloe-Su "So, how far is Lake Mobia from here?"

"Too far for me to teleport," Chloe-Su replied. "It's about thirty miles from Mobotropolis."

"I could get there in no time flat..." Xavis chuckled, then realizing something. "Unless... do either of you want to come with?" He looked to Chloe, then to Jayda.

"I would," Chloe-Su replied.

Jayda-Su said, "I'm not entirely solid, as you've probably noticed- since I'm a sort of 'ghost'. But I can find another way there..."

"Well, if nothing's changed since last time, couldn't you just... 'go into' Chloe-Su?" the hedgehog asked the red echidna, then turning his attention to the purple one. "And you could just hold onto my shoulders while I fly over there. What do you two think?"

Jayda-Su's ear twitched slightly. "Alright then."

Chloe-Su nodded. Jayda then disappeared and Chloe-Su felt the red female "join" with her mind.

"And I thought I wouldn't have to worry about someone in my head again," Chloe-Su thought.

"Let's go," she told Xavis, holding onto his shoulders.

Xavis nodded and ignited his feet. Slowly the two rose up into the air, but were gradually gaining speed. Once at about the height of the buildings around them, Xavis fell forward and flew horizontally towards the lake.

Within seconds, the lake came into view. Not far from it was a small, secluded house.

"That must be Isaac's house," Jayda told Chloe-Su telepathically.

"Right," Chloe-Su replied mentally

Lake Mobia's waters glistened brightly, like the stars in the vast night sky. The waves rolled gently across the crystal surface, not a single soul interrupting its peaceful demeanor.

Xavis circled around the lake, gradually lowering to the ground. Once only a few feet above the grass he flipped himself forward to cancel out his momentum, and landed just outside the building's door.

Chloe-Su let go of Xavis' shoulders and Jayda "exited" the violet echidna's mind. Jayda-Su then appeared beside the pair, though she began to feel strange, as if something was wrong with her...

Chloe-Su knocked on the door of the house and waited.

No response. In fact, no one seemed to be home at the moment. The water rippled slightly, a yellow crystal-like spine breaching the water before quickly submerging.

Xavis noticed an odd energy fluctuation coming from Jayda-Su, but then noticed the crystal-like spine and decided that was more important at the moment. Cautiously, he approached the water.

Suddenly, a reptilian beast surged out of the water, leering out towards Xavis. It's face looked like that of a crocodile with golden eyes, it's scales the color of the open sky.

"Woah!" the hedgehog exclaimed, falling backwards into the grass.

The Lagiacrus looked down at the mobian in front of it, cocking it's head to the side. It seemed confused to why they were here.

"Isaac!" Chloe-Su exclaimed. "Is that you?"

Isaac's head raised at the mention of his name. The monster's body started to liquify, morphing and shaping into a mobian hedgehog. Isaac now stood in the Lagiacrus' place. He grinned sheepishly, "Eh, how you guys doin'?"

Jayda-Su just stared, speechless.

"We've been doing pretty good, but we also have a major problem," Chloe-Su told Isaac. "Eggman is going to destroy Mobotropolis in seventy-one hours and we need all the help we can get in order to trap him. Could you maybe help us?"

Isaac seemed to sneer at the mention of Eggman's name, "of course I'll help!" He exclaimed.

Xavis meanwhile picked himself op off the ground and brushed himself off. Deciding that Chloe-Su could handle Issac, he went over to Jayda. "Hey, is everything alright?" he quietly asked her, "I'm picking up some weird energy fluctuations coming from you..."

Jayda-Su let out a sigh. "You know that I'm currently using astral projection, right? Well, that's because when I tried to turn back time and then the Genesis Wave hit, my body got stuck in some kind of void. Since then, I've had to use astral projection to communicate with others. But because of the energies in the void, my powers are getting weaker. Soon... well, I'll be dead."

" there anything we could do to help?" he asked, worried, "There has to be something we could do to help!" 'Wait... she said 'turn back time'... Is she from the future?' he asked himself mentally, 'Why am I caring about her so much? Unless...'

"Not that I know of, unfortunately," Jayda replied. "But-"

Chloe-Su, unaware of what they were talking about, interrupted by telling them, "Isaac said he'd help. We should probably get going."

"Alright, but..." he said to Chloe-Su, then turning back to Jayda, "A-as you were saying?" He was visibly distraught, reality fragmenting around him slightly.

Chloe-Su remained silent, confused. What was bothering them so much?

Jayda-Su sighed. "The only way to access the reality my body is trapped in is to use Chaos Control. But the person trying to enter can't come back out the same way- they'd have to find another exit. Not to mention that the person accessing the reality would have to be a very strong Chaos Force adept... like..."

Xavis already had a look in his eye that said "I'll do it", but he stopped himself from doing it right here, right now. "Anyway, we should get back to the apartment first," he said, "I-I need time to process all this."

"Agreed," Jayda-Su replied. She then turned to Isaac and Chloe-Su and said, "I don't suppose I could use one of you for a host, just until we get back to Mobotropolis?"

Isaac shrugged, "As long as you don't pull some ghostly voodoo on me, go ahead," he permitted.

"Voodoo?" Jayda-Su repeated, a confused look on her face. "Never mind." She then disappeared and "joined" with Isaac's mind.

Xavis looked to Chloe-Su and offered his back for her to climb onto.

Chloe-Su climbed onto Xavis' back, then glanced at Isaac. "How will you get to Mobotropolis?"

Isaac grinned. "Let me show you." As he said these four words, his body once again started to liquify. His arms morphed into wings, his fur being replaced with feathers, his soft muzzle hardening into a beak. There stood a sky-blue seagull, looking up at Xavis.

"Interesting," the remaining hedgehog said, looking down at the seagull, "I had a friend who could do something like that once." He then turned his attention back to the sky. "Alright, let's go. These problems aren't going to solve themselves." With that he ignited his soles and rose into the air, leaving in the same way he did the city.

The city quickly came into view.

Isaac strained himself to keep up with Xavis, as his wings didn't have the horse-power to move very fast.

Xavis noticed this and slowed down a bit.

The seagull squaked, thanking him for decreasing his speed. Augh...this is why I prefer the sea, he thought.

Jayda-Su, who read Isaac's thought, telepathically chuckled. Poor Isaac.

Chloe-Su frowned as they came closer to the city. Mobotropolis looked pretty much deserted, save for a few pedestrians. In a minute or so, Xavis' and Chloe-Su's apartment was visible.

Seagull Isaac didn't know where to go, so he circled around Xavis, asking him where he should go.

"Right... there!" Xavis said upon seeing the brick exterior of the apartment, pointing to it. Soon he flipped himself forward to slow down, and gradually descended to the pavement outside the building.

Isaac went into a dive, sailing towards the ground before flaring his wings, slowing his landing as his feet touched the ground.

"We're here!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, hopping off Xavis' back. "Y'know, we should go flying more often."

Meanwhile, Jayda-Su separated from Isaac's mind. She appeared beside the trio, studying the apartment. "So this was it, hm?" she murmured to herself. She suddenly found herself missing her family. "I wish I could get home..."

"Actually it's a good thing we came here, I have something that'll really help with the process," Xavis said, approaching the apartment building's front door before turning around to the others. "Be warned, though. Its not the cleanest place, and the entire building smells like feet," he said, mainly to Jayda-Su and Issac. He grabbed the door and opened it, holding it for the others.

Isaac, now back in his hedgehog form, walked through the open door. His face scrunched up at the sudden stench. Yesh, he wasn't kidding when he said the place smelled like feet, he thought.

Jayda-Su, being a "ghost", remained unaffected. She walked in after Isaac, Chloe-Su following behind.

The hydrokinetic hedgehog glanced around the lobby, the stench burning his nostrils.

"C'mon, we're on the third floor," Xavis said, gesturing to a flight of stairs he was already heading towards.

Chloe-Su started up the stairs, quickly followed by Jayda.

Isaac followed the two echidnas up the flight of stairs, a tingling sensation in his stomach. He remembered he didn't have breakfast this morning, and was a bit bummed out. He didn't want to be rude and ask Xavis if he had any food, so he kept his mouth shut.

They soon came to a long hall, and four doors down it was Xavis' and Chloe-Su's apartment.

Chloe-Su walked to the door and opened it for the others. "This is it."

"Wait, you didn't lock it?" Xavis asked as he approached, "Nevermind, that's not important right now." He entered, and almost immediately started looking for something.

"I thought you locked it," Chloe-Su thought. Then she shook her head. It wasn't important right then and there, like he said.

Jayda-Su stepped in uncertainly. "I... uh, suppose I owe you all a more thorough explanation regarding my current situation."

Isaac closed the door once everyone had gone through, looking around the room, "Not the tidiest apartment I've seen, but it's ok," he commented.

"Anyway, you were saying something..." Xavis staid to Jayda as he picked up the hideous green couch, trailing off as he realized something. "I just realized, but I don't remember your name."

The sky-blue hedgehog turned to look at Jayda-Su. He just now noticed her ears, which was strange, since as far as he knew, most echidnas didn't have ears. Isaac considered to ask her what her genetic makeup was, but there were things more important.

Jayda-Su's ears twitched slightly. "My.... full name is Jayda-Su Pyrovolt. And I'm Xavis' and Chloe-Su's daughter."

Xavis froze in place when he heard that.

Chloe-Su's eyes widened, startled by the revelation.

Jayda continued, "This whole thing started over twenty years into the future..."

A Tale From the Future

Jayda-Su lay on the Pyrovolt living room couch, asleep. A book that she had apparently been reading rested on her face. Suddenly she sat up, startled by the vision she just had. The Genesis Wave... from over twenty years ago. It had done something. But what?

The red female shook her head. Never mind. She had to go check on her brother Arronax, who was upstairs in his room with the stereo practically blaring. It was so loud that Jayda was almost certain the neighbors could hear.

Jayda-Su walked across the living room to a hallway that led to the stairs, walked up them, and went towards the nearest door- Arronax's door. She grabbed the handle and opened the door, looking inside. The music was so loud Jayda was trying very hard to resist the urge to smash the darn stereo. "Could you turn it down, Arronax? You know Mom and I don't like it when that thing is turned up to full volume."

Inside the room was a brick-red hedgehog with purple eyes and what looked like short echidna spines on both sides of his face, wearing a dark-gray hoodie with red accents, deep-blue jeans, and gray gloves with white fingers. He had been whacking a well-beaten punching bag with a metal staff when Jayda came in, and almost didn't hear her. Almost. He gave the punching bag one last strike before flipping his staff around and clicking the stereo's power button with it, turning it off. He then turned to the crimson echidna in his doorway. "Hey, Jay."

Jayda-Su had to chuckle- she loved that nickname. "Hey, Nax." She looked at the old punching bag and said, "The way you're beating that up, I'm gonna have to buy you a new punching bag."

"You can buy me a new one when this one can't be stitched back together," Arronax said, rubbing a new tear on the punching bag's surface, "Anyway, do you need something? Or did you come up here just to bug me?"

Before Jayda could answer, there was a loud CRASH from downstairs, which sounded like it came from the kitchen!

Jayda-Su, startled by the sound, raced down the stairs, down the hall, and ran through the living room to the kitchen. Arronax ran close behind with his staff in hand, just in case. 

In the kitchen was a large dark-brown hedgehog wearing a black cloak, who was kneeling on the floor and seemed to be breathing slowly, but heavily. There were several pots on the floor around him. 

"Dad?" Arron asked, cautiously approaching the hedgehog, "Are you-" 

"I'm fine, I'm fine," he said between breaths, standing himself upright and turning around. Beneath his cloak was a red hoodie with black accents and navy-blue jeans. "I just... s-slipped... that's all." 

Jayda-Su looked at the floor. It didn't look like there was anything he could have possibly slipped on. "I don't see anything spilled, Dad. Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes, I'm fi-AHH!" At the moment, reality fragmented around their father, causing him to drop back to the floor. Something was definitely wrong..

Jayda-Su ran towards her father, frantically grabbing his shoulders. "Dad! Dad, what's wrong?! And don't tell me you're fine, 'cause you aren't! Something's wrong!"

"They're getting more frequent..." he said under his breath, grasping his forehead.

"I-I'll go get Mom!" Arron said, rushing out of the kitchen.

Jayda-Su, terrified, helped her dad off the floor and led him into the living room. "Dad... there's the couch... let me help you sit down."

"Th...thanks... Jayda..." he said between heavy breaths as he sat.

"I found Mom!" Arronax exclaimed, running in from a hallway. A violet female echidna followed behind hurriedly. She had some wrinkles underneath her eyes and her bangs were slightly grey, but other than that, not much had changed. She wore a black tank top, grey pants, and dark cerulean boots with silver markings. She wore rectangular rimmed glasses with green-tinted lenses.

"What's happened?!" the female echidna exclaimed, racing over to Jayda and her father. "Are you two are alright?!"

"Chloe, I-" the brown hedgehog started, but reality fractured around him, causing him to yell in pain.

Chloe-Su suddenly felt her nose bleeding, but that didn't matter. Xavis mattered. She grabbed him by the shoulders, letting some of her healing powers enter his body. "This can't be happening... it hasn't happened since... the Genesis Wave..."

Jayda-Su suddenly sat rigid, something clicking into place. "My vision... that's what happened. The Genesis Wave... it did something to Dad."

"Jay?" Arronax asked, his face one of worry, "What are you talking about? What do you mean?"

Chloe-Su also looked concerned, frightened even, and stared at her daughter.

Jayda-Su frowned and replied, "I'm not sure. But in my vision, when the Genesis Wave hit over twenty years ago, the Wave didn't just destroy his home dimension. I think... I think it did something to him. And I think whatever it did to him... it's beginning to kill him." She paused, closed her eyes, and then continued. "Maybe if the events that caused Genesis Wave were to be undone somehow, then Dad wouldn't die. But that would completely rewrite history as we know it. And Dad would never meet Mom. Grandpa would still be an insane scientist who wants to destroy Mobius. And... you and I, Nax, we'd never have existed. We'd be permanently erased from the timeline." She opened her eyes and looked at Xavis. "But if we don't do something, we lose Dad forever."

"So that's why you came to our time?" the Xavis in the present asked, "To save me from... something regarding the Genesis Wave?"

Jayda-Su nodded. "I was going to try and fix some of the damage the Genesis Wave had done- but I arrived too late for that."

"Huh," Xavis responded. A question then came to his mind. "Wait, why are you a... uh... well... a 'ghost'?" He asked, making quotation marks with his fingers.

"Time travel, Genesis Wave, Xavis dying..." Isaac muttered under his breath, rubbing his temples. He was so confused. "The Genesis Wave... it rewrote the entire multiverse...did I change when the wave hit?" He turned to the group, "Did any of us even exist prior to the wave?!" He started to panic for a reason he didn't know.

"Chloe-Su and Xavis existed before the Genesis Wave," Jayda-Su told Isaac, "as for you, I don't know. But that's not important anymore." She turned to Xavis and replied, "That's a bit of a difficult question to answer... basically everything happens at once. Past, present, and future. It's like a spiral. A spiral that shifts for a long time after its been disturbed. And the Genesis Wave was one of those disturbances. So when I tried to turn back time using Chaos Control, the universe was still unstable, even in my time. Somehow my body got stuck in a void. I've been forced to put into a sort of hibernation state, until I could find some way of getting out. That's why I'm a 'ghost'." She closed her eyes and said, "And if I can't get my body out of the void... I will eventually die."

Chloe-Su stared at Jayda as the crimson echidna spoke. She couldn't bring herself to say anything. And even if she could find something to say, she wasn't sure if she could say it.

Xavis simply looked at the floor. He almost couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Well... I know I wouldn't have let you come back in time if you were going to die, so evidently we must do something right..." He trailed off for a moment. This was a lot to take in at once. "A-anyway, I think I know where I put it..." He walked down the short hallway and into the room at it's end, disappearing behind the doorframe.

"Put what?" Jayda-Su asked, confused.

A moment later Xavis exited the bedroom, holding something behind his back. "Only what's gonna get you out of the void, that's what," he said, then revealing what the object was. It was a large red gemstone- one of the Chaos Emeralds!

Jayda-Su's mouth dropped open in utter disbelief. Once she regained her speech, she replied, "No, not yet. Please. Not until we've neutralized the Eggman threat."

Xavis sighed. "We know how long we have until Eggman attacks," he said firmly, "We don't know how long we have until you drop dead. So if anything, we need to get this over with as soon as possible."

Jayda-Su facepalmed in frustration. "And I thought Dad was stubborn in the future..." She shook her head and said, "Look. The Mobotropolis Police Department is going to need all the help they can get when Eggman comes. The void is big. Like, really big. I have spent weeks exploring it when I first got to it and trust me, we don't have that kind of time. We can't risk it. Not now. I'm still breathing, Dad. I've lasted this long- who's to say I won't last another three months?"

"Who's to say you'll last three days!?" Xavis retorted, taking a step towards Jayda-Su as his entire body tensed with anger. He glitched for a second before quickly calming down and flopping onto the couch. "You're losing energy. I can feel it. I've been feeling it since you found us. And while you say you'll be fine, I think otherwise." He took a long, deep breath before continuing, "And I know what you mean about the void; I was in there too. But if I got out once, then I could get out again. You just have to trust me on this."

Chloe-Su was certain this was getting out of hand, but wasn't sure how to intervene without making it worse.

"My life is not worth the lives of the people here in Mobotropolis!" Jayda-Su snapped. Her eyes changed from their usual peaceful green to a flaming orange. "You need to trust me! I admit, I'm not fine! Not one bit! But I can't stand the thought of living without first making sure these people will be safe! I just can't!" Her eyes changed back to green, though they still had a hint of orange left. "I promise, once this is over, I'll let you enter void to find me. But now- now isn't the time or the place. And every second we spend arguing is every second that Eggman spends getting his army ready."

"Mom never told me the whole story of what happened at this time period. Neither did the future version of you. They said it was a crucial moment in time and that I wasn't ready to know everything that happened at that time period. I know Mobotropolis exists in my time. But I know for a fact that the future isn't written- it can change. And for the seventy hours that might turn into failure and destruction in the present is the second that Mobotropolis is wiped from the map in the future. Everyone still in the city ends up roboticized and everything was for nothing. We have to stop Eggman. Please. Listen to me."

Xavis was at a loss. This girl was just a stubborn as he was, but she was right. They couldn't waste time, and the city needed him. He let out a long sigh. "Fine. I'll get you out after we stop Eggman." He stood up and put the Chaos Emerald in one of his hoodie's pockets, then walked into the kitchen. "Anyway, it's only noon, and we still have three days before the attack," he called while rummaging through the pantry, "You guys want to do anything?"

"I could eat," Isaac suddenly blurted. He blushed a bit out of embarrassment. After that story, they had other things to worry about.

"Xavis," Chloe-Su finally spoke, "can I speak to you in private for a moment?"

"Uhh, sure," the brown hedgehog replied, making sure to throw out some bread that had gone bad as he exited the kitchen, "Where shall we speak?"

Isaac stood awkwardly in the middle of the room next to Jayda-Su. He threw his hands in the air, "ok, fine," he muttered.

"Let's speak in the bedroom," Chloe-Su replied. She turned to Isaac and said, "Eat whatever you like- just don't hog the bacon or waffles, okay?"

"Alright," Xavis said, walking down the hallway and into the room at it's end once more. Once inside, he sat down on the bed.

Chloe-Su sat down next to him and hesitantly pulled out the picture of Xavis and Melissa. "Xavis... I found this when you were trying to pinpoint the location of Eggman. It fell out of your pocket." She closed her eyes and asked, "That's Melissa, isn't it? In the picture?" She opened her eyes looked in his eyes. "You still miss her. And I understand. And I hope I don't sound selfish in asking this, but- where do I stand in all this?"

Xavis fractured for a second before closing his eyes and saying, "Y...yes. Yes, that's Melissa, and yes, I miss her dearly." He opened his eyes, which had changed to a darker shade of orange. His ears drooped down as well. "But... you can't blame me. She was everything to me. She meant everything to me! I would have rather watched the world be destroyed than to-" He was beginning to tear up, and stopped himself before he burst out crying. He hadn't answered her question, anyway. "A-anyway, I'm not going to lie, my heart still belongs to her..."

"...but my love belongs to you."

Chloe-Su moved closer to Xavis and hugged him. "That's all I needed to hear. And I'm sorry for hurting you. I know you miss her very much. I don't know what it feels like, to lose everything you've known your whole life- especially when it comes to those who are close to you. To live a life where you know you'll never be able to go home. To know that you'll never be whole again. Perhaps I'll never know what that's like." 

Xavis hugged the violet echidna back, and took a deep breath. They were always nice, the hugs. Very calming. "It's okay," he whispered, "You don't have to apologize.

"Alright," Chloe-Su whispered back. She didn't say anything else for a moment. After what seemed like forever (although it was only eight minutes), she said, "We should probably start setting up that trap for stinky Doc Egghead."

"Right." He didn't want to let go of her, but he had to. He then asked, "So, back to the livingroom so we can discuss this plan with the others? And do you think we should call Emily? She might be able to help."

Chloe-Su didn't want to let go of Xavis either. But they had work to do. "Yeah, we should... just... I dunno. I just have a feeling something is going to happen." She shrugged. "Maybe it's just from all that adrenaline I had when we were flying around earlier. C'mon, let's go talk to the others."

"Probably," Xavis said. The two then left the bedroom and headed back to the livingroom.

Isaac, who was now in the kitchen, was gorging himself with bacon and everything else he could find. He was so caught up with himself that he didn't notice Chloe-Su and Xavis return.

"I thought I said not to hog the bacon," Chloe-Su told him, chuckling. "Never mind. We need ideas to trap Eggman as quickly and as cleanly as possible- the less explosions, the better. Any ideas?"

"Honestly, I got nuthin," the hydrokinetic replied with a mouthful of food.

"Hm..." Chloe-Su thought hard. She grabbed a handheld data pad out of her pocket and started typing. "What if we had several police cars at the entrance of Mobotropolis? They wouldn't have anyone inside, though. Instead, can have the lights on the cars on and a recording that could play something like 'Halt, surrender your weapons', or something like that. We can even make dummies to put in the vehicles- so that way it looks as though there are people in the cars." Chloe-Su paused, typed a bit more, and then continued speaking. "Then, while the bots are taking out the cars, Xavis and I will attack Eggman on the right, and Isaac can turn into his Lagicrus form and attack from the left. Emily and the rest of the Mobotropolis Police can then attack Egghead from behind and slap the cuffs on him. Afterwards, we destroy the robots in the city and then all that's left is to put the Egg-shaped Doctor behind bars."

She put the data pad in her pocket and looked at the others. "What do you think?"

"Hmmm..." Xavis contemplated for a moment. "That might work. We'd have to get approval from the police, though. Cars are expensive."

"Agreed," Jayda-Su spoke. Her ear twitched slightly.

Isaac gulped down his mouthful of food before saying, "I like the sound of trashing Egghead's bots."

"How about we go to the police, like Xavis said, and let's see what they think?" Chloe-Su told them.

"I'm in," the sky-blue hedgehog blurted. He tossed a piece of bacon into the air, catching it in his mouth.

"Er... me too," Jayda-Su replied, watching Isaac toss the bacon and catch it. 

The group entered the Mobotropolis Police Department, and they immediately walked up to Emily, who was in the lobby.

"Oh, uh, hey guys," the female raccoon said upon noticing them, "I see you found one of your friends. Did you need something?"

"Yes, actually," Xavis responded, "We have a plan to stop Eggman, and we're gonna need the Department's help if we're gonna pull it off." He then turned to Chloe-Su. "Chloe, if you would elaborate?"

Emily looked to the purple echidna attentively.

"I was thinking that- by using several police cars with their lights flashing, some dummies to put inside the cars, and a recording device that says something like 'Halt, surrender now' inside one of the vehicles- we'd be able to create a distraction for Eggman," Chloe-Su told Emily. "Xavis and I would attack Eggman from the right, Isaac would attack from the left, and the police would attack from behind and slap the cuffs on him."

"And what will I do?" Jayda muttered. She felt pretty useless right about now.

"You could be with me and Chloe," Xavis said to Jayda-Su.

Emily gave the pyrochaotic a confused look. "...who are you talking to?" she asked, being unaware of Jayda's presence.

Isaac raised an eyebrow, confused to why Emily couldn't see Jayda-Su. He looked between said echidna and Emily. Guess this might be because of Jayda-Su being stuck in the void, he thought. The hedgehog shoved a peice of bacon into his mouth.

"Er..." Chloe-Su didn't know what to say to Emily.

"Wait, you can't...?" Xavis tried to ask, but was unable to think of a proper wording.

Emily could tell from their reactions and looks- which were even more confused than hers- that something was up.

Chloe-Su finally decided to take a chance. Somehow she knew Emily would know that she was telling the truth. So Chloe-Su whispered to Emily, "I may sound crazy by saying this, but Xavis was talking to a 'ghost' named Jayda-Su. She came from the future to undo some of the damage caused by the Genesis Wave, but her body got stuck in a void. And she's promised to help us capture Doctor Eggman."

The raccoon could tell that the echidna wasn't lying. She looked to Xavis, who nodded in conformation. All of it was true. "Well," she said, taking a step forward, "Please forgive me, miss Jayda-Su, for not knowing of your presence." For those who could see the crimson echidna, it turned out Emily had stepped straight into her.

Jayda-Su frowned and stepped back. That was... unexpected. "I know you can't hear me, but it's alright. Only those connected to the Chaos Force can see me because of my current state."

Chloe-Su turned to Emily and said, "She says it's alright and that only those connected to the Chaos Force can see her, due to her current state."

"Huh," Emily said, looking to the floor for a second. "Anyway, it sounds like a good plan to me, but I'll have to run it by the chief. I'll be back in a moment." With that, she quickly walked out of the lobby and out of sight.

Isaac tossed another piece of food into his mouth, watching. He didn't know what he was suppose to do at the moment, so he just stood there awkwardly.

Chloe-Su frowned and asked Isaac, "How much bacon did you eat anyway?"

"Eh, I dunno. Maybe about five to six pieces," Isaac replied with a mouthful. He gulped down the food in his mouth, scratching the back of his head, "Sorry, I can be a bit of a glutton."

Chloe-Su wasn't sure how to reply. Neither was Xavis.

A laugh escaped Isaac's throat, "Dunno what to say, huh? I feel ya," he said.

After a moment of awkward silence between the four, Emily briskly returned to the lobby from the same direction as when she left, with what seemed to be a gleam of hope in her bright-blue eyes.

"So...?" Xavis asked upon the raccoon's return.

"I talked to the chief, and she likes the plan," Emily answered, taking a second to readjust her uniform, "She'll send out an e-mail to the rest of the force in a bit, and tomorrow we're gonna start setting up." She then turned to Chloe-Su and said, "Thanks for coming up with this."

"Alright then," Chloe-Su replied, grinning. "See you in the morning."

"Okay," Emily said with a smile. Just then a voice came through the walkie-talkie on her chest. "Officer Danvers, do you read?" it said. The raccoon looked between it and the rest of the group. "I should probably take that," she said sheepishly, moving to an empty hallway.

"We should get going anyway," Xavis said to the others.

Jayda-Su nodded in reply.

Isaac licked the grease off his fingers, then froze and glanced at Xavis, "Well, that was quick," he said as he turned to leave.

"Right," Xavis replied, putting his hands in his pockets as his body disappeared behind the folds of his cloak, "Well, we still have the rest of the day to ourselves. What else should we do?"

The hydrokinetic hedgehog shrugged, "we can't do much if we don't even know where Eggman is. I'm stumped," he answered to the cloaked hedgehog.

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"Well," Chloe-Su spoke as they headed for the exit, "we could either help set up the stuff needed for the plan, or do something fun to pass the time. Or maybe try to build some kind of wide-range scanner, so that way we aren't completely flying blind?"

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"Something fun sounds nice," Xavis said, catching up to the echidna. "What do you two think?" he asked, looking to Issac and Jayda-Su.

Jayda thought a moment. Something fun would be nice- it could take their minds off the attack and then when the time comes, they would have fresher minds. Maybe even feel less stressed out.

"Sure, why not?" Jayda replied. "Though I'm not really sure what we could do..."

"Think there's a boardwalk on the east side of town. A nice view of the ocean," Isaac suggested. "And if we ever get hungry, there's a pretty good seafood restaurant."

Chloe-Su thought a moment. "Do they happen have sushi?"

As Chloe-Su asked this, Jayda and Xavis made a face, and the echidna muttered something incomprehensible.

"And maybe a beer?" Chloe continued, not noticing their expressions.

"What's a seafood restaurant without sushi?" The light-blue hedgehog laughed, "and I'm sure they have a bar there."

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"Well, regardless, I think the boardwalk's a good idea," Xavis said after clearing his mind of certain seafood, "At least we'll have a nice view of the ocean."

"That, I'm all in for," Isaac added, "I love the ocean. It's much bigger than that lousy pond next to my vay-cay cabin."

Chloe-Su then remembered the waffle incident, as well as few other humourous moments, and laughed. "Let's just hope we don't have a repeat of last time."

The Boardwalk

The boardwalk was beaming with activity. Mobians of all ages walked to and fro from the buildings. Gift shops, tourist posts, and several restaurants were among them. Carnival stands were laid out here and there and people, mostly kids and their parents, even more so.

Xavis took a deep breath, taking in as much of the seaside air as he could. It was very calming. "You know, with the Eggman threat looming ahead, I'm surprised this place is this active," he commented, looking at the various buildings and stands, "But I guess that's just the power of the boardwalk."

"This boardwalk is where I go to take my mind off things. Besides, we got about, what, three days till Eggman attacks?" The hydrokinetic asked, then shrugged it off, "I guess these people are just here to calm down too. Might as well play a few rounds of apple diving before the entire city gets blown to space," he chuckled, then immediately stopped. It wasn't exactly that funny.

"'Apple?'" Chloe-Su repeated, absentmindedly fingering her gloves. "What game is that?"

"My bad, it's called apple bobbing. It's where you grab apples out of a water-filled bucket. The catch is that you have to grab it with your mouth. Trust me, is more difficult than it sounds," Isaac explained.

"Bet you ten dollars I can do it on one try," Chloe-Su replied, grinning slightly. She liked games like this. "Speaking of games, do they have any dart boards or pool tables?"

Jayda shook her head with annoyance at the two of them and looked at the ocean. It was a beautiful blue, with a hint of green. No, not beautiful. It was radiant. More radiant than anything else in the world.

"Isn't it wonderful?" Jayda-Su asked no one in particular.

Xavis noticed this and approached. "Hey, is uh, is something wrong?" he asked somewhat awkwardly, "O-other than the whole Eggman situation, but... still."

"I'm okay," Jayda replied, looking at Xavis. "I just haven't seen anything so pretty for so long."


"Think there's both of them in seafood restaurant I mentioned," Isaac replied to Chloe-Su. "Think I played a few rounds of darts with some drunk fox woman," the hydrokinetic chuckled, then grinned, "Also, you're on!"

Chloe-Su grinned and said, "Alright then. Let the odds be... in either your favour or in mine." Suddenly she heard something. Like a whisper, almost. A very faint whisper that no one else would hear. "Did you hear that?"

But the sound was gone now. Chloe-Su shook her head slightly and said, "Never mind." She looked back at Xavis and Jayda-Su and asked, "Are you two okay? You're lagging behind a little."

"Yeah, we're fine," the pyrochaotic answered, then looking back to Jayda. "C'mon."

Isaac jumped into the air, shapeshifting in midar into a seagull before flying high above the boardwalk.

Jayda followed Chloe-Su and Xavis. "Okay."

The hydrokinetic seagull squaked, doing a couple of flips on the air just to show off. A group of normal seagulls flew up to him, confused to what this strange bird was doing. They ended up following them everywhere he went.

"Uh..." Chloe-Su just frowned. She didn't want to know.

Isaac flew down to Chloe-Su, landing ontop of her head. Unfortunately, the seagulls did the same, each finding a perch on the echidna. A total of five seagulls and Isaac was ontop of her.

"Hey! Get off of her!" Xavis yelled, trying to shoo the birds away, "If you're gonna land on someone, make it me, not her!"

Jayda's jaw dropped at the sight. "Crazy birds," she thought.

"I'm okay, Xavis." Chloe-Su shook off the seagulls quickly. "Sorry, Isaac, but the last time a bird perched on me, it did not end well." She pulled Isaac off her head, finally, and set him on a boardwalk post. "Birds never really liked me." She shivered slightly at the memory. Suddenly a question came to her.

"Were you always a shapeshifter?" Chloe-Su asked. "Like, ever since you could remember?"

Isaac shapeshifted back to his original form, balancing on the boardwalk post. "I remember discovering I could shapeshift when I was....Eleven, I think. I don't know if it's connected to my hydrokinetics or not," he said hopping off the post. "If it is, I guess that's why I can only shapeshift into animals related to the ocean."

"And why you pretty much turn into water when you do," Xavis added, putting his hands in his pockets.

"Interesting," Chloe-Su commented. Suddenly she heard another whisper that no one else could hear. It sounded something like, "...too dangerous... don't let him leave... universe..."

Chloe frowned and asked, "Did anyone else hear something? Because I could swear I did. It sounded like a whisper."

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"No, but you might've just overheard someone else talking," Xavis said. "There are a lot of other people here, after all."

"It didn't sound like anyone here," Chloe-Su replied, frowning again. "It too faint... and it sounded like a warning of some kind. But I don't know what for." Chloe-Su then shrugged. "Maybe I'm just dehydrated."

"And beer is not gonna help that," Isaac pointed out, then pointed to the seafood restaurant he mentioned.

Chloe-Su rolled her eyes, then looked at the seafood restaurant. "That restaurant is bigger than I imagined."

Jayda-Su looked at the restaurant as well.

"It's pretty popular around here. Usually takes a while just to get a spot," Isaac explained, approaching the restaurant. It was apparently called 'The Snapper House' judging by the massive sign built into the building.

Chloe-Su just shrugged and started walking faster to the restaurant. She didn't care any for popularity. She'd decide for herself if she liked the restaurant or not. But the outside looked pretty nice. So far so good.

Jayda followed behind, uncertain as to what to do. She couldn't eat or touch anything (other than the boardwalk and the floor), instead, she'd go right through them. "This is going to be torture for my stomach," she muttered. Then sushi came to mind and she shuddered. "Then again, maybe not."

The place wasn't too crowded, much to Isaac's relief. He didn't like crowded places too much. The place looked ever bigger on the inside, a spiral staircase leading to the dining area. The receptionist smiled as they entered.

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Xavis took a deep breath, taking in the smell of the restaurant. There were many aromas of different fish, crustaceans, and other aquatic life cooked in various ways. On a deeper level, he could smell the different sauces and seasonings used in each dish, and the near-sensory-overloading scent almost caused his mouth to water.

"Table for three, please," Isaac said, then looked over at Jayda-Su and frowned, "actually, make that four."

"In case you forgot, I'm a 'ghost,'" Jayda replied. "The only solid matter I can touch without over-exerting myself is the matter beneath my feet." Jayda-Su then muttered to herself, "Now I know how holograms feel."

"Three," Isaac corrected himself, much to the receptionist's confusion. She shrugged and grabbed three menus and lead them to a booth. Xavis scooched into the left side of the booth, sitting against the wall.

"Just give me some water, please," Isaac requested to the waitress.

"I'll take a whiskey," Chloe-Su said to the waitress, then sat down next to Xavis.

Jayda just stood next to the table and didn't say anything.

"Um, I'll have some coffee," Xavis said, already flipping through the menu in front of him.

The waitress wrote down their requests and shipped off to the kitchen. Isaac looked over at Jayda, suddenly feeling very sorry for her. 'Being a 'ghost' must suck,' he thought. He wished he could do something for her, but unfortunately, he couldn't.

Jayda shifted uncomfortably, sensing Isaac's pity. 

Chloe-Su flipped through the menu, eyeing a few particularly appetizing dishes on one page.

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Xavis folded up his menu, having found what he wanted. 'Fish & chips. Simple, but effective,' he though, then looking to the others. He noticed his future daughter's discomfort, and this upset him. "Jayda, seriously, is something wrong?" he asked quietly, leaning into the table a bit, "You know you can talk to us about it if there is."

Jayda shrugged. "Being able to telepathically sense other people's emotions isn't what it's cracked up to be," she said. "Mom was training me to be able to use my powers, back before this all started. I never got the hang of it. I still have trouble. That's all. It's not exactly fun knowing what everyone else is feeling, though."

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Chloe-Su looked up at Jayda-Su and replied, "Welcome to the club. I'm still trying to control my negative emotions."

Jayda nodded. "Your future-self mastered that ability. So you've got something to look forward to."

There was a pause and Chloe said, "You never know. Maybe someday you will be able to control your telepathic powers."

Xavis chuckled. "Yeah, I'm certain of it."

Jayda smiled slightly.

Chloe-Su looked back at the menu. There was "Sushi with caviar" and there was also "Pasta with shrimp and cheese sauce". She decided to try the sushi. This restaurant seemed like the kind of place they'd come back to.

The waitress came back to the group's table and gave them their drinks, as well as a basket of chips. "Are you all ready to order?" She asked. "I'll like to have swordfish," Isaac requested.

"Fish and chips," Xavis added.

"Sushi with caviar," Chloe-Su told the waitress.

The waitress nodded, taking their orders and walking away. Isaac took a chip from the basket in the middle of the table, dipping it into the cheese dip, tossing it into his mouth.

Chloe-Su took a chip and dipped it in the salsa and ate it. "Good salsa."

"Never was one for salsa," Isaac said. "So...has anything happened since we last met?"

"Well, Chloe-Su and I have been on a couple dates and are living together in the apartment, and I've had varying degrees of success trying to find a good job," Xavis said, pausing for a moment to sip at his coffee, "It's kinda hard when you don't have any proof of your own existence, 'ya know?"

"Existence?" Isaac titled his head slightly to the side, a few crumbs dropping to the table.

"You know, like birth certificates, medical records... any officially recognized form of identification, really," Xavis answered, dipping a chip in the salsa and eating it. "Hm. A bit mild, but otherwise not bad."

"Huh. Have you two smooched yet?" The hydrokinetic hedgehog grinned cheekily.

Chloe-Su burst out laughing.

Xavis let out a light chuckle.

Jayda-Su just wrinkled her nose. The last thing she wanted to think about was people smooching. Even TV character smooching made her uncomfortable. But that was the last thing they needed to worry about.

Isaac snickered, trying not to choke on a price of chip as he ate. "Still didn't answer my question, though," he joked.

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"I don't know about smooching," Chloe-Su replied after a moment. "But we have kissed a few times. What about you? Anything interesting happen to you in the past three months?"

"Not really, honestly," Isaac admitted. "My life is about as boring as a rock. Actually, I did get to swim with dolphins. They're a pretty rad animal."

"'Rad?'" Chloe-Su repeated. "What's 'rad?'"

Jayda frowned slightly at Chloe's question.

"Cool," Isaac translated. "Sorry, I don't normally use that kinda lingo."

"Oh," Chloe-Su replied. "It's fine. I don't normally do small talk, so I don't always know what people are talking about. Sometimes, but not always." A sudden question came to her. "What's it like, to be a different animal?"

"Honestly, its kind of weird. My body transforming into something alien to us. I also have to adjust to breathing, movement, weight, etcetera. It's really disorienting the first time around, but I got used to it," Isaac said, chomping down on another chip.

Chloe-Su nodded in reply. "I feel similarly whenever I use astral projection. The first time I tried it, I went unconscious." She glanced at Jayda-Su, who seemed rather quiet lately... "Is everything okay? You haven't said much since we got here." Then she paused and continued, "And you haven't said too much either, Xavis..."

"Hm!?" Reality cracked around the pyrochaotic for a split second as Chloe-Su grabbed his attention. "Oh, sorry. There just... isn't much on my mind to talk about right now." His eyes and tone told otherwise, however.

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Chloe's attention was suddenly diverted by the sound of... something. Another whisper.

"Close... prolonged... broken... don't let..."

Chloe-Su frowned, just as the whisper stopped. "I think I had too much whiskey," she said uncertainly. "Or..."

Isaac raised an eyebrow in curiosity, "somethin' wrong?" He asked, shoving another chip into his mouth.

"I don't know," she replied.

Jayda-Su, for a split second, had sensed reality fracture around Xavis. "He's already dying," she thought. At the same time, she vaugely wondered if her powers were getting stronger. She shook her head of that. Even those were too hard for her to focus on right now.

"Huh," Isaac frowned slightly, "maybe you just need some rest," he suggested. The hedgehog noticed the waiter approaching them with their food, "AFTER we chow down."

As soon as Chloe's plate was on the table she started eating. "Mm... good sushi. Thanks."

Jayda and Xavis wrinkled their noses in disgust at the sushi. Jayda never really liked seafood, but neither especially liked raw seafood.

Isaac licked his lips, salvating slightly. He seasoned the swordfish with some lemon juice before he dug in.

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Once his plate was in front of him, Xavis grabbed some ketchup and poured it over his fish and fries. Then he dug in. "Mmm, this is good," he said after a few bites, "Certainly better than those cheap, microwavable TV dinners." A thought then occurred to him. "Though, don't you find this weird, Isaac? You know, considering you've probably turned into most of these animals?"

Chloe-Su almost choked on her food, but managed to get it down.

"No, not really," Isaac simply replied between bites. "Unless they are serving hedgehog as a delicacy, I don't find it weird at all." He reached for the butter to put on his fish, "though, I did once get caught in a fishing net while swimming around as a tuna. Boy, the look on the fishermen's face when I transformed back was priceless."

Jayda chuckled at the thought.

"It was great," the hydrokinetic laughed. "Though, I sure don't want to end up on a silver platter being served at a restaurant."

"Hm. Alright," Xavis said, then continuing to eat.

Chloe took a sip of her whiskey, then ate some more. Then she asked, "How's your friend? I forget her name... the purple hedgehog chick. Not Trivia. The other one."

"Uhh..." Xavis took a moment to scan through his database. "Hecate," he answered.

"Yeah, her," Chloe said. "Thanks, Xavis."

"Hecate's been doing great," Isaac replied. "Heard she's learned a new spell. She said it could make mirages that are actually real. She didn't tell me HOW she learned it, but I didn't really care much to know how she learned it."

"Oh," Chloe-Su said. "That's good, thanks."

"What about her arm? She do anything about that?" Xavis asked.

"Oh, yeah," Chloe-Su said. "She got her arm cut off at some point. All that chaos back on Galaxia's ship made my memory a little unreliable."

Jayda-Su began wandering around the restaurant, watching people eating. There was one little girl, a blue hedgehog with dark hair, who slopped waffles on her lap. Her parents gave her a good scolding, and Jayda couldn't help but chuckle. "Oh, the joys of being solid."

Then she walked back over to the table her future parents and family friend were sitting. 

"It grew back, good as new," Isaac piped up. " think the whole Shadow Galaxia fiasco only happen a few months ago." The hedgehog leaned back in his seat.

"That's good, and yeah, it does feel like forever ago," Xavis replied.

Jayda-Su looked confused, as though she didn't remember. "What? Huh?"

"You don't remember?" Xavis asked, turning to Jayda, "I know you were there with us. Though, you might not've..." He suddenly stopped.

"Everything okay?" Chloe-Su asked, frowning with concern.

The wall suddenly collapsed, kicking up dust and sending a lot of people into a panic. The gleaming of crimson metal could be seen as Eggpawns swarmed into the restaurant like flies to a rotten carcass.

Xavis was startled out of his daze, and quickly jumped up onto the table. "EVERYBODY GET OUT OF HERE!!!" he yelled to the other patrons.

Chloe-Su jumped out of her seat, looking at the robots in astonishment. "I guess I shouldn't be surprised Doc Eggshell didn't keep his word."

Jayda-Su stared, confused for a moment. Then she got into a battle stance. "Here we go..."

Xavis noticed one of the robots approaching the family Jayda had been watching and dashed towards them, practically tearing through the pawn as he punched it away. He looked to the family. "Go, we'll handle this." The parents nodded and scurried away towards an exit with their kid. Xavis then turned and launched himself at more of the robots.

Fighting broke out very quickly, innocent bystanders struggling to escape the chaos. Isaac helped keep the robots at bay while the citizens got out of the crosshairs with concentrated spheres of water to knock the attacking hostiles back.

Chloe-Su pulled out her sword and slashed the nearest robots. The blade slashed open the thin metal, exposing sparking circuits. The robot fell backwards.

Isaac jerked his head to look at the nearest weakened egg pawn, blasting it with water. The moisture immediately fried the robot's circuits, shutting it down. The hydrokinetic hedgie continued to assault the attacking foes, switching back and forth between using standard balls of water to concentrated spinning projectiles that slice through the automatons' metal carapaces with the effects of a power hose.

Jayda-Su formed a ball of energy and launched it at an Eggpawn. The pawn was hit, and it fell backwards, stunned. Electricity sparked around it as it twitched on the ground.

The light blue hedgehog continued to send barrages of H20 at the bots. Isaac's heart surged with excitement as he brutally incapacitated the attackers.

Xavis was in the center of a crowd of them, right in front of the hole in the wall they came through. He punched and kicked the pawns to pieces with ease as they uselessly tried to grab him.

A siren could be heard approaching in the distance.

Isaac's ears perked and twitched. He froze for a moment, "Whazzat?" He tilted his head to the side. This was enough time for an egg pawn to sneak up behind him and catch the hydrokinetic in a choke hold. "Urk! Ack!" He struggled to breath, the robot being dangerously close to crushing his windpipe.

A torrent of water generated from his hand grabbed the egg pawn, tearing off its arms and then the main body into two.

Chloe-Su leapt onto a robot and stabbed its head with her blade. She pulled out her sword and jumped away as it fell to the ground. Suddenly a second blade poked out of the handle. Chloe-Su spun the sword around, slashing to robots on their sides.

Jayda-Su smashed a ball of energy into a robot, vaporizing it instantly. She stood there a moment, exhausted, then continued the battle.

After about a minute of fighting, the swarms of robots stopped coming. Isaac breathed heavily, surveying the results of the fight. His fur was messed up, and his clothes were torn and singed. He had cuts in several places and his left ear was torn a bit. "Well," he said in between gasps for breath, "it's over."

Chloe-Su's fur was ruffled and she had multiple bruises and cuts. And she was sweating up a storm. Panting heavily, she sheathed her sword. "I should work out more often."

Xavis walked out from the pile of broken machines, panting and a bit scuffed in places, but otherwise fine. He placed a hand on Chloe's shoulder. "Everyone okay?"

Jayda-Su, obviously, looked unscathed due to her condition.

"I'm okay," Chloe-Su replied, smiling. "You?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Xavis answered. "Isaac?"

"Ugh... I need some water... feel awful," Isaac panted, putting a hand on his forehead. His shirt suddenly went up in flames. The hedgehog panicked, ripping it off and throwing it on the floor. Xavis quickly stuck his hand out towards the burning shirt and tensed his fingers, causing the fire to cease.

The noise of the sirens grew closer. They were unmistakably those of emergency vehicles...

"Thanks, Xav," Isaac breathed, picking up his shirt and putting it back on. "Ugh..I'm gonna have to change. This thing is totaled," he sighed.

Jayda-Su let out a sigh, approaching the duo. "At least you weren't fried yourself."

Chloe-Su frowned, sticking her hands her pockets. "Eggman broke his promise. He had no intention of sparing anyone in Mobotropolis. We have to get back there first, before he can continue his attack."

"That lying snake... when I get my hands on him--" Isaac coughed, breathing heavily. "Ow... everything hurts..."

Chloe-Su looked at Isaac. "I can heal you if you want, it'll just take a minute."

"Please do," the wounded hog panted. He ran his hand down his leg, feeling for any serious injuries. He flinched and grabbed ahold of something: a sharp fragment of metal that made itself at home in his leg.

Chloe-Su focused on her powers. Tendrils of green and black energy twirled from her hands to Isaac's leg. The metal was pulled out and his cut flesh began to heal. Within moments, the cut was gone.

"Thanks, Chloe," Isaac said. He surveyed the damage around him, "we should probably help get this cleaned up."

"I wouldn't worry about the mess right now," Jayda said, walking up to them. "If Eggman decided to attack this place today, it's logical to assume he'd do the same to Mobotropolis."

"Then let's get over there!" The hydrokinetic hog exclaimed. "For all we know, it could be under attack right now."

Xavis had been standing off to the side, thinking while Chloe helped heal Isaac. "Right," he said, adjusting his cloak and walking forward, "Let's go!"

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