Chisiki is an extremely intelligent ninja of the Chi Branch within the Panda Clan. He seems to commonly break a forth wall by knowing many attributes of characters he meets. This is because of the information he is contstantly gathering. He has cards for each character he studies and/or comes across, which takes note of their abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and name. Chisiki has no extraordinary abilities other than his intelligence. He has awakened his Anagami Eye.


Chisiki was raised on the outskirts of the Chi Branch. There he lived with his extremely dimwitted parents. Their stupidity would eventually leave to their deaths, as they were killed by a herd of elephants while exploring the savanna in Mazuri. Chisiki was orphaned, but was taken in by his older sister. She was actually very smart, and was extremely smart. She lived a stable life in the Chi Branch capital and survived financially as a teacher. This is when Chisiki learned his main truth in lige...knowledge is power. With that he unlocked his Anagami Eye. This was an extremely impressive feat for some-one his age. Chisiki trained to become a ninja promising to become the smartest ninja in history. He studies all of the time, and is rarely seen without a backpack full of books. He studies architecture, sculpting, nature, fighting styles from around the world, heroes and villains, machinery, and a multitude of other things.





Abumi Anko the Panda

Sukimu the Panda

Michio the Panda

Zhanshi the Panda

Riya the Panda

Izumi the Panda

Saki the Panda

Kokoro the Panda

Sora the Panda

Kasumi the Panda

Keiko the Panda

Shun the Panda



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  • A running gag with Chisiki is that he appears to rub people the wrong way. Most people think he is a snotty know-it-all, a stalker, a nerd, a weirdo, or a villain. He is often confused why he tends to get on people's bad sides.
  • Another running gag with Chisiki is that he is commonly injured by strong female characters.
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