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Full Name
CPR Unit 04
Field Medic
Healing Before Hurting

Modeled after a mobian squirrel, Chipper is a mechanical automaton who is specialize in healing and repairing. He is the third party member in Sonic and the Steel of Darkness, who is the medic of the expedition team. Chipper can also repair machines and equipment when needed. However, he cannot create his own machinery and can only reassemble from memory alone.


Chipper is modeled as an orange anthropomorphic squirrel with a light-weight body. His body consists of cogs and pistons that are powered up by circuitry and customized steam units. He has pivotal eyes that neither move nor blink. However, his head can fully rotate in all angles for his optic sensors. He has two ears that acts as sirens and alarm bulbs. He has a case of overheating himself, thus having two steam vents from his sides. Chipper has a thin skeletal mainframe. He has no outer shell to cover his endoskeleton. Instead, he wears a white long-sleeved coat to hide it. He has a storage unit to store medical supplies, in a shape of a tail. Chipper doesn't have an open mouthpiece. Instead, he has a hidden speaker to communicate with people.


He is equipped with a personality chip with a high level of artificial intelligence. Despite being called chipper, he has no physical expressions. He is more conveyed and understandable in his words. He has a stacked medical knowledge and was able to memorize predetermined machine schematics. He has a difficulty in socializing and interacting. However, he seems to be in a "friendly" mood when he is contented with familiar faces. 


Chipper is not designed for offensive capabilities. Instead, most of his skills are based around on support or defensive strategies. He has prepared a wide ranged of medicines that can put you back on track. Although, he is very fragile with his body structure. He is endangered to be a primary target from his opponent, thus requiring heavy teamwork to keep the team alive.

  • Regen Potion - Comes in different potencies. Heals anyone who uses it.
  • Memory Reconstruction - Repairs machines based on what he knows. This is limited but may improved if a schematic is shown to him.
  • Walking Alarm - If someone or himself is in caught of danger, he will set two alarms from his ears, alerting anyone nearby. 
  • Chemical Spray Sprays any type of chemical. Can be used outside from battles.



  • Chipper's original name was Cipher in the early works.
    • This was later changed, due to the fact that code breaking and hacking wasn't fully implemented in the game.
    • Another reason is that it doesn't bode very well to his role as a supportive character.
  • He was supposedly wore a hood and scarf in his old design. He also has cross-shaped iris in his eyes, in which it can also blinked and moved.
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