Chinokawa Shin-Ha
Exact birth date unknown, said to be between 20 and 28
Endurance, agility, strength, access to Rage Gene, demonic abilities
Sabitsubasa the Rabbit, Dragon Lord Araki, Demonic Legions, Armies of Hell, Sanguine the VampHog
Kenpachi (father), Kaede (mother), Soren (nephew), Hincho (nephew), Hachiman (brother)
His body, Shinigami Finger
"I am the bringer of despair!"
"I shall purge this Earth of insolent mortal scum, and all Hell shall rise to challenge the reign of the Celestial Realm!"

Chinokawa Shin-Ha, or simply Chino, is a demonic entity and the older brother of Hachi. Born under the Shin-Ha clan as the direct heir to the throne before Hachi's birth, Chinokawa was known for his infamously sinister nature, and his love for fighting. Whereas his brother Hachi was more moderate with his nature of conflict, Chinokawa believed violence was the only answer and would fight many countless battles before his death.

Before his transformation, Chinokawa was a quiet soul, only sharing his thoughts with his lifelong friend, Sabitsubasa. His personality was rather aggressive, violent and conflictive, though he had a fear of becoming useless if anything, he never feared a stronger enemy because he had no such belief in one. Outside of battle, he was quiet amongst the public but was rather abusive to Hachi, who had ruined his chance of the throne. He had a hate for Hachi due to this, and this hate was what resulted in his resurrection as a demonic brawler.


Chinokawa stands at 6'2ft tall in height, and has long, brass-coloured hair descending down his back, a lot longer than his brother Hachi's hair. His fur is covered in hot blood, giving it a red appearance, while his fluff and hair are the same colour. Unlike Hachi, he has large claws on his paws and a chunk taken out of his right ear. Out of his left wrist, he can summon a large, long, organic appendage known as the Finger of Kosen, a Shinigami that resides inside Chinokawa's body. Chinokawa's are brass and gold.

In attire, Chinokawa wears a long pair of blood-stained trousers, and two rings around the bottom of his right leg, revealing mangled flesh between the rings where the trouser leg disconnects.


Early Life

Chinokawa Before

Pre-Incident Chinokawa

Chinokawa Shin-Ha was born to the Shin-Ha royal family, as the first of Warlord Kenpachi's children. Chinokawa was raised the imperial way, with his father wanting to teach him standards and morals. However, as time grew on, it became apparent that Chinokawa was a very mentally unstable individual, and would be openly hostile to those who upset him. Chinokawa's hostile personality made Kenpachi place him under the teachings of his Samurai elite, where Chinokawa would train how to use swords and other weaponry, although he noticeably trained without armour, which he could punch through with ease.

Seeing him as a useful war asset, Chinokawa was sent to fight against the Shino-Tsubasa Clan, with much success. Almost single-handedly, he rushed into the battle and took out a large amount of soldiers, some of them hardened veterans of past battles, and displayed his amazing strength by repeatedly getting slashed and stabbed at, and was only slightly fazed by his injuries, which he would recover from. He would treasure his many scars gained during this battle and more, as he had won the war for the Shin-Ha clan simply within his teens.


His ever-decreasing sanity made him vulnerable to the taint of demons, although there was one vital piece of Chinokawa that stopped any demon to dare enter his body; the fact that inside Chinokawa resides a Shinigami, a Japanese god of death. The Shinigami Kosen had taken up residence within Chinokawa, turning him into a very angry and very powerful soul, though tainting him with darkness and making him feel more emotional. Chinokawa also gained a love of seeing people die, especially by his own hand.

Chinokawa was confident he would inherit the throne, until the fateful day where Hachiman Shin-Ha was born, and proclaimed prince of the clan, while Chinokawa was made head commander of the clan's military. Chinokawa had never felt more angry in his entire life, having the chance of the throne torn away from him. This event made Chinokawa bully Hachi throughout his life, and was so fuelled with hate he forgot his liking for his father and his best friend, Sabitsubasa, too.

The day eventually arrived where Hachi unintentionally unleashed the Dragon Lord Araki, causing Hachi to lose most of his limbs, and when Araki arrived at the Shin-Ha clan village, Chinokawa was the only resident who did not feel fear in his heart. He welcomed the dragon, before he realized that Araki would spare nobody. Chinokawa was not going to back down easily. An intense battle enraged, and Chinokawa stood more of a chance against Araki than Hachi did. However, Chinokawa was also defeated, and did not survive. Taking off another of Araki's hands, Chinokawa's blood was fused with Araki's, before he was crushed between his jaws.


Chinokawa, as well as his best friend Sabitsubasa, were resurrected by the demonic dragon Araki, the one who destroyed their clan, and the Shinigami Kosen, who wanted a more powerful body to reside in, thus Araki resurrected Chinokawa at his request. Chinokawa gained the ability to use the Shinigami Finger, which means one of Kosen's fingers burst from his wrist and he can use it as a blade. Chinokawa lives only to hunt down and kill Hachi, the one who took his hope away from him and also had him killed.


Before his resurrection as a demonic being, Chinokawa was an aggressive, violent and conflictive person, itching to fight somebody or something nearly all of the time, only sharing his calm time with his friend Sabitsubasa. Despite his vile, aggressive personality, he was a quiet individual around a majority of people, even his father. When at home, he would often pick on slaves and servants, until his younger brother arrived, who he continuously bullied. Although, despite this bullying, Chinokawa would stick up for his brother if anybody else tried to lay a finger on him outside of fight training.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Abilities

Chinokawa has always had enhanced abilities, ever since he was born. His main abilities are his incredible strength and endurance, and his agility, which he uses often in battle. He fights with a strong balance of strength and agility, which makes him a somewhat difficult foe to counter or hit. However, due to his consuming rage, Chinokawa does not rely much on his other senses, mostly relying on sight or smell. This makes him weak to ambushes, although he is good at getting himself out of them.

Shinigami Finger

The Shinigami Finger is the long appendage that can be summoned out of Chinokawa's left wrist. The Finger acts mainly like a blade, and if used right, can slash up multiple enemies in a single go. The Finger belongs to the Shinigami Kosen, who resides inside Chinokawa, giving him such awesome rage and power. The Finger is an indestructable weapon, as it is linked to a god, although this does not make the rest of Chinokawa invulnerable.


  • Chinokawa possesses the power of a Shinigami (死神), a Japanese god of death in folklore.
  • Chinokawa's name means River of Blood in Japanese (血の川 chi no kawa).
  • Chinokawa was created to replace an older nemesis of Hachi, called Sanguine.
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