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Chimico the Cat

Biographical Information
Age 16
Alias Pending
Romantic Interests Pending
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Cat
Gender Male
  • Fur: Neon green
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Has a near-permanent smirk on his face, and a short black beard
  • Brown long-sleeved shirt
  • Brown pants
  • Coppery trenchcoat
  • Black work gloves
  • A belt with a number of phials on it
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Poison Clan of Dantamu (Battle Mage)
Weaponry Phials of specialized poisons
  • Venomancy
  • Virakinesis
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Flashfire212

Chimico the Cat is a Battle Mage from the Poison Clan of Dantamu.

Physical Description

Chimico is an acid-green cat, who's fur appears to have a life of its own, forming spikes all over his head as if struck by lightning. His fur color and eye color he appears to get from his mothers side, because his uncle also has those colors, being the Troll scientist Bubonic. He has a black beard on his tan muzzle, skillfully kept in a goatee. He almost always has a smirk on his face, unless overcome with extreme emotion.


Chimico wears a dark brown long-sleeved t-shirt and pants, with a coppery-colored trenchcoat over the top. He also wears heavy-duty black rubber work gloves and black work boots, for unknown reasons.


Chimico was born into a reasonably quiet family, where he was loved by his mother and father. However, he was kidnapped after a schoolyard fight where he revealed his Venomancy skills. When he woke, he was inside a Troll base, being used as a test subject, where he was made to do things like poisons and viruses to see what they did to him. He proved to be immune to these poisons and even to all the disease chips, which confused Bubonic immensely, who tested Chimico's DNA to discover that he was Chimico's uncle. Astonished, and in one of the few signs of compassion he ever showed, he released his nephew back into the world, where he found his way to the Poison Clan of Dantamu, and joined immediately as a twelve-year-old. As soon as possible, he entered into the ranks of the Battle Mages. However, unbeknownst to him, Bubonic had cloned an entire army of his nephew, but has hidden it from everyone... for now.


Chimico is a skilled Venomancer and Venomkinetic, easily on par with his uncle. However, he stands out amongst the other Battle Mages with his ability to drink phials of specially designed viruses and poisons, then either exhaling them as toxic clouds which his allies are immune to, or removing his gloves to spray these poisons and viruses as liquids or solids.

Notable Abilities


Friends and Foes




  • The Trolls - For imprisoning him, even though all their tests didn't have any affect on him.


Chimico seems to have an ignorant and slow personality, but he actually is extremely intelligent. Whenever an outsider asks awkward questions, he always motions to people not to answer, or even holds a phial to his mouth in case it's one of those "I'll tell you, then have to kill you" questions.


His name means Chemical in Italian.